TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 409

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 Chapter 409

Raon and Wendy headed to the reception room together. Raon's steps, leading the way, trembled delicately as if he were intoxicated.

'It must have been difficult.'

Even with a strong resolve, witnessing one's family members die would have mentally taken a toll. Enduring such a situation is not an easy task.

People don't change easily, but this girl is a little different.

Wrath remarked that the soft-spoken person had turned into a rock.

'Her core has always been strong.'

Wendy is the only martial artist in this family who has inherited the will of the ancestors.

She was able to reach the master level by practicing the sword alone while others enjoyed leisure, so she was a promising talent from the start.

'That core has sprouted in this opportunity.'

She fought the undead and grew not only in martial arts, but also mentally, and even overcame the pressure from her family.

Now that the shackles called family have been broken from Wendy, she will be able to reach even higher heights.

"Please sit here."

Wendy opened the door to the reception room and gestured. Raon followed her into the reception room.

'Did Wigen make this?'

Despite the lack of signs of heavy use, the room was filled with luxurious items, more extravagant than the house Zieghart reception room.

"Thank you."

As soon as Raon sat down on the soft sofa, Wendy Arian bowed her head.


"I could never have killed them on my own. Thank you for making the decision first."

Wendy shook her shoulders with her lips tightly closed.

"It was something I had to do as the Supreme Commander (Commander-in-chief) of this war. Don't do this."

Raon shook his head. The execution of the executives was not only for Wendy, but also necessary to save this family.

'Because they did things that shouldn't be done as the head of the family.'

When the news of Wigen and the executives' escape spread, the morale of the city walls plummeted, and the undead who were waiting for the opportunity rushed in.

The precise defense was broken and the first casualties occurred.

Having lived as Raon Zieghart, he learned what a family is and what kind of mindset a person in a position of power should have, so he was truly enraged at Wigen and the executives who abandoned the family and fled.

'This was my job.'

It was by no means an act that Wendy could be thanked for, as he had intended to cut their throats even if he had to search the entire continent.

Raon sighed as he looked at Wendy, who was still bowing her head.

"Wendy-nim, are you okay?"

"It would be a lie to say I'm okay."

Wendy raised her head. Her pupils, which were shaking like rough waves, slowly calmed down.

"But I know it was essential to save this family."

She said it was something she had to do and bit her lip.

'You know it well.'

If Wigen and the others had survived, they would have divided the family by sowing discord among the kind-hearted Wendy and others. To save the ruined Arian family, it was necessary to erase their influence and create a new foundation.

Since all the traces of the previous generation have disappeared, it will be a little difficult at first, but Arian will be able to soar much higher than before.

"It will not be easy to erase the shadow of the previous executives, so the head will have to make efforts in various ways."

"I will do my best."

Wendy bowed her head and said to believe in her.

"Let's leave the greetings behind now…"

"It's not just about today."

She continued to speak with her head bowed.

"If it weren't for Raon, this war would have ended early. Thank you for fighting together, even risking your life."

Wendy had wanted to express her gratitude since the end of the battle, and she still didn't straighten her hunched back.

'I guess she'll be like this forever if she doesn't get her thanks.'

He knew her stubbornness, so he smiled and nodded.

"Alright, I understand. I will accept your thanks, so please, get up," Raon nodded, but Wendy didn't rise. Instead, she knelt as if she were a sinner, with her head touching the ground.


Has she finally lost her mind?

She is not unconscious. Her breathing is rough, but her aura is so pure that it is chilling.

"I have something to say to you, Raon-nim."

"First, please stand up and..."

"No. I have to do this in this position."

Wendy raised her forehead, which she had slightly raised, and bowed her head to the ground again.

"I want to serve you as my lord. Please allow me to."

She raised her voice, saying that she wanted to follow him as her lord, not just herself, but this family as well.


Raon opened his eyes wide as he looked at Wendy.

'What is this?'

The Arian family is already a vassal family of house Zieghart. He didn't understand what he meant when he said he wanted to follow me.

"What are you saying right now...?"

"It's just as I said. Raon Zieghart. We want to follow you."

"Isn't Arian already a vassal family of Zieghart?"

"That's right."

"Then why do you want to follow me...?"

Wendy raised her head a little. A determined light appeared in her eyes, as if she was sincere.

"Because I want to support you, not only Zieghart."


"Yes. It is not always the case that vassal families follow the entire Zieghart family. Each vassal family has its own supporting faction, and our Arian family wants to walk with you, the benefactor, and the Light Wind squad."

She said that she wanted to support the Light Wind squad even if Arian family is a vassal family of house Zieghart.

"Why would you think that?"

"I watched you and the Light Wind squad closely during the war. They were like a storm when they fought together while respecting each other's individuality."

Wendy smiled slightly, as if she envied them, and continued.

"I want to be a family that cherishes each other like the Light Wind squad, while also taking care of each other's lives. That's why I want to be with the Light Wind squad. And..."

Her hand, which she raised carefully, pointed to Raon.

"Because the person who made the current Light Wind squad, and who is still leading the Light Wind squad, is my benefactor, I want to follow you as my lord."

Wendy said that she wanted to run this family like the Light Wind squad, where everyone would lay their lives down for each other, and bowed her head again.


Raon looked at Wendy and touched his lips.

'What should I do?'

If she had mentioned talents or exceptional martial skills, he would have refused. But Wendy talked about the relationship within the Light Wind squad. He could sense her sincerity in wanting their family to operate like the Light Wind squad, valuing each other while also fighting together.

"I am just the vice-squad  leader of a single squad."

"That squad is the Light Wind squad. I am confident that it will become the strongest military force in Zieghart."

"I'm not even a direct line member."

"Do you think I would care about something as trivial as bloodline?"


Raon let out a sigh.

'Why do people keep coming forward to pledge their allegiance these days?'

From Mark Gorton to Wendy Arian, it seemed like there were people pledging allegiance everywhere he went, which felt a bit overwhelming.

 That's right? Some inexperienced folks, and The King of Essence doesn't sure what they see in him.

Wrath clicked his tongue as if he didn't like it.

Hmm? Wait,  it's not like that. Isn't that girl is the family head now?

'That's right.'

Good, then! Accept her and immediately order their specialty dishes, ten portions each... Squawk!

Raon slapped Wrath on the back for talking nonsense.

'It's certainly burdensome, but...'

It didn't make him feel bad. Maybe it was because of his previous life, spent in solitude. To be honest, he felt a burning warmth in his chest.

"I understand."

When Raon nodded, Wendy kneeled on one knee and placed her fist on her left chest.

"Wendy Arian greets Lord Raon Zieghart. Just as my ancestor followed the ancestor of Zieghart a thousand years ago, I will protect your back for the rest of my life."

Wendy's oath reminded him of the scene where the ancestors of Zieghart and Arian achieved perfect harmonization.

Because he fought with Wendy like that time, her oath struck him deeply.

'In addition to recreating history, she herself will be a great help.'

During this war, Wendy had reached the intermediate master level. Her dedication to the basics meant that there was plenty of potential for her to go furth

"I will accept your oath."

Raon smiled gently and grabbed Wendy's shoulder.

"Wendy Arian, as a follower of Lord Raon, I will follow you even if you say you will destroy the continent!"

Wendy bowed her head again with an expression of gratitude.

"There will be no such thing as destroying the continent."

Raon wiped the sweat on his forehead with his thumb. It was shocking to hear about the destruction of the continent from the beginning, and it sent shivers down his spine

"Instead of destruction, I will give you your first order."

"I understand the order."

She knelt on one knee as she had when she swore, and placed her hand on her left chest.

"Make Arian a greater family than it was a thousand years ago. A place where all the people can laugh without any wrinkles."

"I will complete the order even if I die!"

Wendy nodded as if it was a matter of course.

"And now, please get up. You're kneeling so much that you're going to get a hunchback."


Wendy finally got up and sat down on the sofa opposite.

"Oh, by the way..."

Raon licked his lips. As the situation stabilized a bit, he remembered what Dorian had said earlier.

"There's a guest who brought in the executives, right? Who is that?"

"Oh, didn't you hear?"

Wendy's eyes widened in surprise, as if she couldn't believe the Raon didn't know.

"It's Sword Demon."

"Sword Demon? You mean...?"

"Yes. It's Sword Demon, one of the Five Great Swordmasters."

Sword Demon, who is at the top of the Five Great Swordmasters, is considered to be a super-powerful being who can even rival the Ten Heavenly Kings. (대륙십천) (Daeryuk Shipcheon) (They should be Glenn, Derus, Tacheon, WBR leader, and so on)

Raon was amazed that Sword Demon, who is unaffiliated and in a neutral position, would bring the executives to them.

"Where is he now?"

Wendy pointed to the Land of Death.

"He went to the Land of Death with the Light Wind squad, where we ended the war."

*   *   *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian:


Rimmer yawned so wide that his mouth split open, and rubbed his eyes.

"How much longer are we going to watch? I'm dying of boredom. Let's stop already."

He waved his hand at the back of the tall, muscular white-haired old man.


The old man, who had been inspecting the battle traces, stood up. The red sword hanging from his waist shook slightly.

“Are you saying that these traces were really made by that White Sword Dragon kid?”

The old man turned around. He was a swordsman with a sharp gaze and broad shoulders that did not match his white hair.

“Yes, that’s right. I’ve told you this a few times.”

Rimmer waved his hand impatiently.

“I can’t believe that a twenty-year-old kid could create these traces. It’s absurd.”

The old man muttered to himself as he examined the traces carved into the ground, saying that a monster had appeared.

“Master, is this really that amazing?”

The red-haired youth who had said that he was Sword Demon’s disciple approached him.

“Look at these traces.”

Sword Demon pointed to the thin sword marks left on the spot where the three pillars had been planted.

"A single sword, no, with two swords, he created over thirty sword marks in one stroke. He may be inexperienced, but the power in his swordsmanship is not something even a Grandmaster can't easily defend against."

He helped his disciple to realize the danger of Raon’s swordsmanship.

Rimmer watched the old man and licked his lips.

‘So he can tell that? He’s just as expected of Sword Demon, the strongest of the Five Great Swordmasters.’

Since the Land of Death had been submerged beneath the swamp, there were hardly any traces of the swords left. It was difficult to tell whether it was the work of insects or simply sword rust. Just the fact that he could discern Raon's swordsmanship in such a challenging place hinted at the extraordinary nature of his skills.

'I heard that Sword Demon is comparable to the Ten Heavenly Kings of the continent, and it is certainly not a lie'

I have no idea how strong he is.

It is said that the Five Great Swordmasters are inferior to the Ten Heavenly Kings, but that Sword Demon seems to be able to reach the Ten Heavenly Kings.

'I wonder how a wanderer could become so strong.'

Sword Demon did not say it with his own mouth, but he is a neutral who does not belong to any faction.

It was strange that he had become so strong from a position like a mercenary or a wanderer.


Rimmer frowned as he scanned Sword Demon's face and figure.

'That old man. Why does he feel familiar?'

It was the first time they had met, but he felt strangely like he had seen him before.

'It's strange... Ah, I don't care.'

Rimmer shook his head after trying to find the reason for the familiarity and becoming bored.

'I probably saw him at a gambling den. Whatever.'

* * *

Raon returned to his lodgings after his conversation with Wendy.

He had to thank the support forces of Milland and other factions, but it was late, so he decided to do so tomorrow.

'She's still doing this, I see.'

Runaan was still sleeping on the bed, face down. He could hear her snoring like a dog.

'I guess she didn't sleep here because of me.'

It seemed like she just wanted to sleep here since she hadn't woken up yet. He smiled and sat down at the table.

When are you going to eat, you fool! My belly is about to stick to my back!

'Your belly's quite plump, so you're fine' Raon said with a mischievous grin, patting his soft belly.

Don't touch me! How dare a human lay hands on the King of Essence's majestic body!

The King of Essence is not a cat, for crying out loud.

Raon finding it amusing how he reacted.

'I'll just check this, and then we can eat' he said, dismissing his protests.

Check? What are you...

"This", Raon said, giving his head a gentle tap, summoning messages he hadn't seen before.

What is this?

Staring at the messages that appeared, Wrath staggered back, looking as surprised as a sandwich.

Raon pushed aside Wrath, who had fallen onto the table, and checked the messages.

[Impossible Feat Achieved.]

[Soul level greatly increased.]

[All stats increased by 20 points.]

It seemed that defeating Manghongwi and cutting the Sphere of Deception (black sphere) was considered an impossible feat, as all of his stats suddenly increased by 20 points. His doul level also increased significantly, reducing mental anguish and fatigue.

However, there were still more messages to come.

[Skill <Mental Resistance> created.]

[Rank of Skill <Backstab> increased.]

[Rank of Skill <Concentration> increased.]

[Rank of Skill <Divinity that Bloomed from the Darkness> increased.]

The second set of messages related to his skills. After six days of battle, the newly created <Mental Resistance> skill allowed him to resist the aura of death. The ranks of all the skills he had used in this battle increased, with the most satisfying being the increase in the rank of <Divinity that Bloomed from the Darkness>.

'But that's not all.'

Although it didn't appear in the messages, his mastery levels for the Ring of Fire, Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, and Glacier mastery also significantly increased, along with his proficiency in swordsmanship.

A smile involuntarily spread across his face due to his growth beyond enlightenment.

Is it... finally over... or is there more?

Wobbling as he looked at the additional messages, Wrath was shocked by what he saw.

For heaven's sake! Why won't it end!

Raon stared in amazement at the additional message that appeared.

<The One Who Leads Victory in War>

A title given to someone who paves the path to victory in an unwinnable war.

This was a title. It was the first new title he had received since <Survivor>.

Effect: +5 to all stats, a slight increase in the concentration and physical abilities of all allies during battles fought together. 


An increase in the concentration and physical abilities of everyone?

That meant this title didn't just benefit him but also boosted the abilities of the Light Wind squad members when they fought together. It seemed to forcibly raise their morale, a crucial factor in group battles, making them perform above their actual capabilities.

Is... it finally over?

Then can we finally...

As he was about to say that he was finally going to eat, another message appeared.

[Exhausted all stamina and fell into a deep sleep.]

[The quality of sleep, pushed to the extreme, enhanced the efficiency of <Sloth>.]

[All stats increased.]

[Effect of <Sloth> enhanced.]

Wrath finally collapsed, foaming at the mouth, after seeing this message.

Sloth, this fool...


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