Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 75


Canis brought a dark green robe. Even though Arin was watching, Arcane changed clothes without hesitation.

Leaning on the table and taking a step, Arcane could finally catch his breath after sitting down on a chair.

"Whew, I could live a bit more now."

"Are you alright, Master?"

Canis asked worriedly. His pale skin and dark circles contrasted sharply, making it clear that he was a dark magician without even revealing it.

'He has great eyes. That's why I took him as my disciple.'

On the other hand, Arcane didn't like Arin very much. It was clear that she had talent, as seen by the changes in her black hair and black eyes, but she was emotionally weak and lacked sound judgment.

There was no trace of malice in her pretty face, and her emotions were clearly visible in her large eyes.

Looking at her trembling pupils since seeing the old man's naked body, Arcane clicked his tongue.

'Tsk tsk, what good is someone like that? She seems useless.'

He wouldn't have brought such a fragile girl if she wasn't Canis's close friend.

It was seven years ago.

Unable to move even with life support, he squeezed his last strength and entered the capital Bashka.

As befits the largest city in the Tormia Kingdom, the the streets were affluent and dazzling. However, on the other side of the light, the miserable lives of those who were abandoned in the city continued.

The slums of Radum.

As befits a highly polarized capital city, the residents of Radum lived a much more miserable life than the beggars of other cities.

The only way to obtain food in this place where people wouldn't even glance was rummaging through garbage cans. Even then, competition was so fierce that it was common for people to commit murder for fish bones.

Arcane found Canis and Arin there.

In Radum, where everyday life was a war, 10-year-old Canis had to become cruel to survive with Arin.

Canis's eyes were burning with resentment towards the world.

Arcane liked that look in his eyes. And so, he brought the two of them to the dungeon and taught them dark magic.

'I wasn't mistaken. That one is definitely a valuable asset.'

Arcane refused Canis' support and stood up. It was the day he would break free from the annoying aging, and he didn't want to show any weakness today.

"Watch closely, and witness the greatness of dark magic."

Arcane held the black crystal and closed his eyes. His hands trembled from lack of strength, but his face was filled with excitement he couldn't hide.


As he let out a yell, the crystal turned liquid and swirled around Arcane like a stream of water. Then it dispersed like dark clouds, covering his entire body.


Arcane let out a monstrous scream. Absorbing the power he had gathered over 40 years all at once would have driven an ordinary person insane.

The concept of dark magic is absorption and assimilation.

Arcane regained his former power by assimilating the dark power absorbed into the crystal into his own darkness.


The shadow cast beneath Arcane's feet flared up like flames and then detached from his body, scattering like fragments.

How much time had passed?

Canis and Arin slowly opened their eyes. There was no trace of the frailty Arcane had shown until now.

His appearance hadn't become younger or his back straightened. However, his complexion was rosy, and his pupils were full of vitality.

Feeling an unapproachable aura from their now-healthy master, Canis trembled with emotion.

'Is this the real appearance of our master? I've heard rumors, but he's truly amazing.'

Arcane smiled, seemingly satisfied. He was as powerful as before he was defeated by Alpheus.

"Let's go. From today, the history of Arcane will be rewritten."

Arcane, who had waited for this day for 40 years, left the dungeon without even feeling the aftereffects of his surging power.


The place where Arcane arrived was Bashka's western prison 'Inferno'. It boasted ironclad security, as it was where medium-level criminals between D and B ranks were incarcerated.

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