Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 74


"You should've kept pushing! Don't you know that the error decreases as the number of trials increases?"

"But you need chips for that! If we followed your strategy, we'd have had to bet even our house deed!"

"See! That's right! There is nothing in the world that can be consumed infinitely! Same goes for energy!”

"Why are you bringing that up all of a sudden!"


Shirone burst out laughing. Everyone chasing their dreams is the same. That's why success and failure are secondary issues.

Even if the world points fingers at their useless endeavors or laughs at them as dreamers who can't even support a family, it's because someone was doing it that humanity has been able to develop this far.

'It's okay even if it's not me. I don't mind... even if I become someone else's fertilizer.'

Shirone didn't worry any longer. He would continue to be grateful for all the luck that made him who he is, and keep moving forward towards his dream.

Iruki asked curiously.

"Shirone, why have you been giggling since a while ago? Did you eat something weird?"

Shirone shook his head without answering. Then he took another step, making a resolution.

"I'm back, guys."


There are two days left before the suspension is lifted.

Nade and Iruki had arrived at the 4th training ground since early morning, waiting for Shirone.

Although it was early, the summer sun was already bright, and the two kept yawning and staring at the entrance.

Nade rubbed his sleepy face and said.

"Ah, what's this? Calling us out so early in the morning."

"Didn't he say he has something to show us?"

"What's he going to show us all of a sudden? What we've seen so far is already mind-blowing."

"Well, maybe he got a tattoo on his pepper."


Imagining what Iruki said, Nade burst into laughter. In the meantime, Shirone entered the training ground.

"Oh, you're already here. But why is Nade like that?”

"I don't know. Maybe he's just a pervert."

"Puhahaha! A tattoo! A tattoo there...! Puhahaha!"

Shirone, who became anxious, didn't ask any further. It's probably because the two of them were exchanging silly jokes and doing that.

“Anyway, let’s begin. Because I want to show you quickly.”

"What are you showing? A tattoo? Puhahaha!"

Iruki said as if he was pathetic.

"Enough. It's not funny anymore. So why did you call us here? What do you want to show us?"

"Wait and see. I'll do it right away."

Shirone walked to the center of the training ground and reached out towards the pile of rocks.

"What's this? Photon Output? Did you increase the output?"

Shirone cast the Photon Cannon. The white flash quickly swept past Nade and Iruki's eyes.


With a dull roar, the rocks exploded.

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