Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 7


After that day, the back of Shirone's head itched almost daily. But Rian did not show up.

According to the rumors, he got caught by his instructor and was taken to the mountains.

It wasn't until a month later that Shirone relaxed.

Humans were oblivious creatures. As long as nothing big or significant occured, it would soon be forgotten.

'No way he has a grudge simply because of that.'

With a light heart, Shirone started reading about the founding of the Kingdom of Thormia, his country.

The number of books he had read over the past four months was 82.

Though not a large number, his reading speed gradually sped up as the number of completed books increased.

'My prediction wasn't wrong!'

The first book took 20 days to complete.

However, after fully understanding the first book, many things got easier for Shirone.

No books he read, following the first, had any completely new information.

There was only a difference in degree of complexity, but the same information would repeatedly appear.

'No need to be scared. It's only hard the first time!'

If he were to lay the foundation with about 200 books first, the remaining 650 books would be much easier to take in.

Shirone's favorite part of history was definitely the mages' active role in it.

If a scholar studied a theory, the mages were the ones who implemented said theory.

According to this relationship, the occupations of mages were as diverse as the many fields of study.

Nevertheless, the reason why all scholars were not mages was because they could not enter the extremely sensitive state of mind: Spirit Zone.

In addition to the variety of knowledge, a mage must have sensitive senses.

Therefore, Shirone, who had already mastered the Spirit Zone, was even more frighteningly immersed in building up his knowledge.

He suppressed his curiosity towards more miscellaneous subjects, and dug through only history.

'I have to hold myself back!'

Shirone suppressed his urges in order to gain the endless efficiency that would come with the Core of Knowledge. 

When that efficiency finally arrives, just what kind of mage would Shirone become?

It was a waste of time to think about stuff like that.


After reading the last page of the founding history, Shirone closed the book with a satisfied expression.

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