TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 147

C147 - Just a Swipe, How's That?" (1~)

Evaluations of Sima Pyeong, the Evil Alliance Leader, varied drastically.



A strong sense of pride.

Lacking self-esteem.

The records of Sima Pyeong that Cale had been able to uncover through reports from the Imperial Family contained many diametrically opposed opinions.

However, one thing was clear, there was an assessment of Sima Pyeong recorded in all the reports.

<Someone who fits more in the Evil Faction than anywhere else>

The Jegal Family. It was the family that produced the most complete General Commanders with extraordinary brains in the Righteous Faction. However, very few had made a name for themselves as Martial Artists. Usually, in the cases of the Jegal Family, physical abilities were not on par with their brilliant minds.

The family that was comparable to that was the Sima Family in the Evil Faction.

And the man who had become the Evil Alliance Leader despite his origins in the Sima Family was Sima Pyeong.

"Although he's currently known to be in a power struggle for leadership with the current head of Nokrim (Green Forest)..."

Therefore, the assessment of Sima Pyeong had dropped a bit compared to before.

He could be said to be like a toothless tiger.

However, regardless of that, Cale felt a strange feeling when he saw Sima Pyeong.

"Haha. I greeted you too roughly, didn't I?"


When Cale stepped back, Sima Pyeong stepped closer by one step.


Two steps closer.

"Aw, I was so excited to see you that I couldn't hold back, haha!"

He took three steps and stopped in front of Cale.

Then he extended his hand.

Martial Arts Alliance, Demon Cult.

There was no leader like him anywhere.

Honestly, it seemed like a vassal flattering an incompetent king. Especially because of his goatee, that impression was even stronger.

"...My name is Kim Haeil. It is an honor to meet Sima Pyeong, the Evil Alliance Leader."

"Oh, my goodness!"

Sima Pyeong took the hand that Cale extended and shook it vigorously.

Is the Evil Alliance living by a different philosophy?

For a moment, Cale even thought about that.

But it didn't seem like he was going to think about it any further.

Suddenly, the Heavenly Demon approached and looked at Sima Pyeong with his hands behind his back.

And then he spoke.

"How strange."

It was the Heavenly Demon who evaluated Sima Pyeong as strange after seeing him. But what was funnier was that nobody refuted that evaluation.

"Greetings, Father."

"How have you been?"

His children, Sima Gong and Sima Dan, even greeted Sima Pyeong without any special reaction. In fact, the atmosphere turned sharp.

For now, Cale's group was divided by factions and they maintained a certain distance as they advanced.

Righteous Faction, Evil Faction, Demon Cult, and Cale's group.

With Cale in the center, the three groups alternately advanced and fell back, except for occasions when they had matters that required advancing together. Furthermore, they hardly had any conversations among themselves.

The strange tension continued. But that tension increased even more when Sima Pyeong appeared.

'It's not the Demon Cult.'

The Brain and Heavenly Demon. And even Pavilion Master Gong. These three people were looking at Sima Pyeong as if he were something fascinating.

So where was the source of this tension?

There were two places emitting a hostile aura.

Of course, one of them was the Righteous Faction.

'Surprisingly, the other one is.'

The other place was Ha Mun, Nokrim's Second-in-Command.

The man who had acted like a brother to Sima Jung and Toonka, now openly defied Sima Pyeong.

This alone was already strange, and even General Commander Jegal Miryeo, who was smiling, seemed to be setting limits on her smile.

"Evil Alliance Leader. You arrived faster than I thought."

"Of course, I had to arrive quickly. I haven't seen General Commander in a long time, so I was excited."

Sima Pyeong casually exchanged greetings with Jegal Miryeo.

The problem was that he didn't let go of Cale's hand.


Cale tried to withdraw his hand quickly.

"Aww, Young Master, now that I see you up close, your skin is like a baby's, and your hair is so shiny. As expected of the Imperial Family's lineage that rules the Central Plains. You are full of nobility from birth, haha!"

Although Cale had been eating and sleeping well, he still didn't look very good. He was still a bit thin. His appearance had more of clumsiness and untidiness than nobility.

-Human, this human knows how to flatter people.

Cale ignored Raon's serious comment.

"Indeed, it is a pleasure to see you as well, Evil Alliance Leader, but as I have just returned from the Demon Cult, would you be willing to have a conversation later?"

Cale tried to pull his hand away again.

But he failed.

"Oh, of course! You should rest in your lodging first, right?"

Sima Pyeong pointed to the side.

It was the opposite direction of the Kunlun Sect village.

"I have bought the best house in the village, haha!"


"I have prepared a feast for you there, so you can eat and rest there. No matter how important and urgent your work may be, don't you think a person should at least take a break?"


Is this guy actually quite decent?

-Human. I like Toonka's friend's father.

Raon's comment went unnoticed.

Sima Pyeong let go of Cale's hand and then approached the Heavenly Demon, extending his hand toward him.

When the Heavenly Demon looked at that hand with his hands behind his back, he also reached out to the hand that was extended toward him.

"Wow, I had heard that the current Grand Heavenly Demon was at the peak of his cultivation, but I can also feel the strength in your eyes, haha!"

That guy, he's the type who would easily defeat the Crown Prince. His tongue is as slippery as if it had been greased, his tongue is simply oil.

"Well, for those of the Demon Cult, I have also prepared a place for them to gather. Haha!"


Cale was a bit impressed.

Sima Pyeong had arrived here not too long ago, maybe yesterday. Yet, he had not only found a place for himself but also prepared a place for the Demon Cult members to gather. His ability was amazing.


At that moment, the Kunlun Sect Leader took a step forward.

"Although I believe it would be appropriate for Young Master Kim to be attended to on our side, given that he is the guest of honor."


Sima Pyeong laughed and firmly shook the Kunlun Sect Leader's hand.

It could be seen that the Sect Leader was genuinely surprised.

"We have also prepared lodging for those who have come from Kunlun! Haha!"

"...For us too?"

When the Sect Leader unconsciously asked that, Sima Pyeong responded naturally.

"In Kunlun, the Demon Cult and the Evil Faction. Could we include ourselves as well?"

Sima Pyeong asked while smiling, and the Kunlun Sect Leader stiffened.

Cale crossed his arms and looked at Sima Pyeong with a puzzled expression. A moment ago, Sima Pyeong had grouped the Demon Cult and the Evil Faction as "us."


The Heavenly Demon seemed interested. Cale saw the General Commander laughing and standing between the Kunlun Sect Leader and Sima Pyeong.

"Do you have lodging prepared for me?"

"Of course! I would love to have a private conversation with you, General Commander, although I would have no desire if I could have the honor of speaking to Young Master Kim more than anyone else."

Sima Pyeong praised Cale excessively. As Cale stared at him, he heard a strange voice.


It was Raon.

-Human, isn't there something strange about this Evil Alliance Leader?

Cale looked at Dust in surprise.

At that moment, Priest Dust caught Cale's gaze as he breathed deeply and vigorously with "fuu ha! Fuu ha!" repeatedly.

There were no Living Jiangshis here.

At least the Evil Alliance Leader was fine.

"Young Master."

Jegal Miryeo said softly.

"I think it would be appropriate to follow the Evil Alliance Leader's suggestion and stay (우리) there for the time being, don't you think?"


The Heavenly Demon exclaimed in admiration, and Sima Pyeong smiled cheerfully at the General Commander.

The General Commander had grouped Young Master Kim and the Righteous Faction as "us (우리)."

Cale picked up all those details with his eyes. Suddenly, he felt Byuk Sun looking at him with a penetrating gaze. Strangely, under that intense gaze, Cale pretended not to notice and opened his mouth.

"Well, let's do that then."

"Excellent! Then please come! Haha!"

Sima Pyeong laughed cheerfully and led them down the path.

Following him, Cale could hear the words of the Heavenly Demon approaching his side.

-Is Sima Pyeong acting alone?

As the Heavenly Demon had said, Sima Pyeong had been acting alone from the beginning until now. There were no subordinates nearby. Of course, there were people who were accompanying his sons, but he didn't seem to be paying much attention to that.

The corners of Cale's lips curled upward.


Literally, Sima Pyeong was an interesting person.

The Heavenly Demon who had reached the Profound Realm. Byuk Sun, one of the Five Saints. And the Fist King, a member of the Imperial Family.

Along with them, Cale's group, who possessed an unknown power.

He came alone where all of them were gathered. Even through the main entrance of the Kunlun Sect. Even though there were many people from the Kunlun Sect waiting on the other side of the main gate, he was not fazed and continued flattering.

That's why no one despised Sima Pyeong, even if they found him interesting or funny.

Instead, there were those who respected him even more for standing up like that.

"Very well, let's go."

Cale followed Sima Pyeong at a leisurely pace. Following him, the others advanced, except for those heading to Kunlun.

-Is there something strange?

At that moment, Cale heard Raon's voice in his ear.



Cale looked around.

Sima Pyeong had only brought two of his subordinates. Despite the small number of people, the house they had found was quite pleasant.

It wasn't ostentatious, but it was suitable for privacy and located a bit away from the village, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

"Young Master."

Eunuch Wi opened his mouth. Beside him were the Fist King and Mok Hee.

The Fist King, whose gaze met Cale's, spoke.

"It seems I need to speak with the Golden Guard."

It was a reference to obtaining the Divine Medicine.

"Please go ahead."

The three of them left, and the Heavenly Demon, who was by Cale's side, asked indifferently.

"Will you also purify the Living Jiangshi of the Righteous Faction and relocate them?"

To that question, Cale also responded indifferently.

"That would be best. And on the way, we'll also resolve the situation on the side of the Evil Alliance."

"After that, we'll head directly to Yunnan and Nanman to search for the Blood Cult."


As Cale moved with a small group of people in search of the Blood Cult, the Blood Cult would appear in the Central Plains to investigate the purified Living Jiangshi.

"We have a long road ahead."

The Heavenly Demon responded without enthusiasm, then turned his head to the side and spoke.

"Is that the Sword Demon?"

Choi Jung Soo stopped at the gaze directed at him and looked at Cale. Cale nodded, and Choi Jung Soo lifted the handkerchief covering his face.

"Hello," he said.

Cale frowned at the stupid greeting, but the Heavenly Demon responded indifferently.

"Yes, hello."

What's going on with these two?

In any case, the Heavenly Demon shifted his gaze to Choi Han next to Choi Jung Soo.

Currently, Sui Khan and Beacrox had left, leaving Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo sitting beside Cale. The two Chois had oddly become close since their last duel.

The Heavenly Demon looked at Choi Han and spat out.

"Do you trust the Demon? (마)"


For a moment, Cale's ears rang upon hearing that.

He could see that Choi Han responded with a kind expression.

"I don't."

"I see."

The Heavenly Demon spoke indifferently.

"Your constitution suits the Demon (마)."

Choi Han stared at him. The Heavenly Demon continued speaking.

"How about we have a duel next time?"

"Of course."


Cale looked on in incomprehension as the two casually made plans to fight. Just at that moment...

"Young Master~"

A very cheerful voice rang out.

It was Sima Pyeong.

"Could the two of us have a private conversation?"

Sima Pyeong requested a private meeting with Cale.

In response, the two Chois and the Heavenly Demon retreated from their spot without hesitation. The reason was simple.

-Human! I've found something! 

Since Raon was always invisible by Cale's side, the Heavenly Demon and the two Chois couldn't see him.

Soon, Cale found himself face to face with Sima Pyeong. As if it were natural, Sima Pyeong served tea and treated Cale kindly.

Tak, tak.

While pouring tea into the cup, Sima Pyeong spoke softly.

"I was able to hear in detail what happened in the Demon Cult, and even the details of the Blood Cult."

He was as calm as someone describing tea.

"So I gave an order right away and came to see Young Master."

"What was the order?"

Cale held his tea cup and looked outside for a moment as the wind blew in through the window.

The sky had clouded over in the distance. It seemed like it was going to rain.

They had said they would have a banquet in the courtyard, but it seemed difficult now.

It was then that Sima Pyeong spoke softly.

"An order has been issued that all key members of the Evil Alliance must attend a meeting that will take place soon. My sons, the leaders of each faction, and also those from Nokrim will be present."

Cale's gaze shifted to Sima Pyeong.

Sima Pyeong smiled and asked.

"Won't there be Living Jiangshi in the Evil Alliance as well?"

Cale nodded firmly.

"Of course."

It would be natural for there to be Living Jiangshi in the Evil Alliance as well. It would be strange if there weren't any.

"Since Young Master mentioned that you have a method to detect Living Jiangshi, can we invite you to the meeting?"

"Of course."

He already intended to do so anyway.

So Cale shared his plans.

"It would be good to continue with the purification afterward. Of course, depending on the quantity, it may not be possible to do it all at once, but since the Heavenly Demon knows how to prevent self-destruction-"

"Oh, you don't have to do the purification, I heard that puts a lot of strain on your body, right?"


Cale paused and looked at Sima Pyeong, and even then, he was smiling gently.

It was a friendly smile, seemingly flattering.

"Anyway, those who challenged the Evil Alliance under the orders of the Blood Cult so far deserve to be punished."

"...Evil Alliance Leader-nim."

Cale began to doubt his ears.

"Even if they did, it was not of their own free will. We could consider them as victims."

"And what does that matter?"

Sima Pyeong let out a shallow laugh.

"Young Master, until now, they have caused harm and interfered with the Evil Alliance. Regardless of whether you see them as victims or not, what they did is a fact. They deserve to be punished."

Cale finally spoke.

"Didn't you say you were going to invite your sons to that meeting?"

"That's right. Is there a problem with that?"

Suddenly, Cale remembered an assessment about Sima Pyeong.

Sima Pyeong. He was someone who adapted more than anyone else to the Evil Faction. There was written information about him.

<Bandits and gangsters, as well as underworld thugs, gave up in the face of Sima Pyeong's cruelty, which seemed docile.>

<In the Evil Faction, a world ruled by the powerful, a man from the Sima Family, known for being a braggart who relied only on his brains, first established himself quietly in the position of the Evil Alliance Leader.>

<And in his generation, he resurrected the fallen Sima Family.>

One corner of Cale's mouth curled up.

Seeing Sima Pyeong looking at him as if asking what the problem was and as if suggesting that it was actually beneficial for Young Master Kim, Cale opened his mouth.

"It's not possible."

He couldn't access Sima Pyeong's thoughts.

At that moment, the corners of Sima Pyeong's mouth curved upward. It was a smile like he had never seen before.

"So, Young Master Kim is a believer in righteousness and cooperation after all."

No, it's not that.

Even if he only purified one person, it would be beneficial to fight together.

Cale always said it; he liked overwhelming fights.

And for that, they needed to be on the same side.

It was simple reasoning.

"It's not about good and evil."

Cale was about to explain that.

But Raon spoke up.

-I get it now!

What is it?

Cale suddenly felt uneasy.

-Human! I think I know why that human is strange!

-That human, he knows how to manipulate mana!

What? Manipulate mana?

Cale's expression hardened.

'Isn't that what Mages do?'

Is this human a Mage?

As Cale stared at Sima Pyeong, Raon continued.

-Sima Pyeong, this human smells like Gashan!

He was the Chief of the Tiger Tribe and a Shaman.

They were similar to Mages but different. They used nature as it was.

And in the world Cale lived in, the closest thing to nature was Mana.

Moreover, in the Martial Arts Novels he had read, Shamans were quite common.

Of course, this was the first time he had seen one.

<Sima Pyeong's martial arts are mysterious, and we don't know what kind of training he received. Therefore, it is still impossible to comprehend his true identity>

Recalling the records from the Imperial Palace, Cale sighed.

"Is the Evil Alliance Leader using witchcraft? (Are you a Shaman, Evil Alliance Leader?)"

Sima Pyeong, who was holding a tea cup, froze in his tracks.

At that moment, Sima Pyeong opened his mouth.

"As I thought, even Young Master Kim has walked the path of shamanism. I knew you would recognize it."

The laughter and expression disappeared. Sima Pyeong's face, which showed no emotion, stared fixedly at Cale.



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