Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 56



'No way. How could this be? Ms. Siena, the symbol of integrity, is…?”


The shock was great as they trusted her character.


Nade tried hard to think positively.


'Yeah, no. This will benefit us. We can save our research group with this. We have an excuse to make a deal…'


Then, they heard Siena's voice.


“Not wearing it today?”


“I just have this feeling. Raise your lower back a little more.”


“Like this?”


“Yes. And your legs slightly this way. Yes, that's good.”


Shirone and his friends' faces flushed red.


It was common knowledge that adults expressed their affection… This way. But this was an affair.


'I can't let this be.'


Nade bit his lips, and when he turned back to look at his friends, they nodded their heads as if to agree.


“Then I'll begin.”


As soon as they heard the male's voice, Nade, whose eyes were on fire, turned the doorknob and barged through.


“Ms. Siena! We're so disappointed!”


Shirone and Yiruki followed behind, with one of each eye shut closed.


There was silence.


Shirone slowly turned his head and looked, beginning with the corner of the room, and he was surprised to see what he saw.




He saw Siena sitting upright on the bed, while a large canvas was standing on the other side.


“Huh? HUUUH???”


Shirone's companions could only open and close their mouths repeatedly.


The same thought crossed their minds.


'We're in deep shit now.'


They weren't the only ones surprised.


“What? How did you guys…?”


Nothing could be more embarrassing than running into your students while in a personal situation.


“Don't tell me… You guys followed me?”


“Yes? No, that's not… Well, what happened was we were just sitting in the park, you know? Then you passed by us real suddenly. So…”


“That means you did tail me!!!”


“EEEEK! I'm sorry!”


Shirone and his partners in crime closed their eyes tightly.


Knowing Siena's personality, things wouldn't end with just a harsh scolding.


However, contrary to their expectations, no burning meteors or snow the size of baseballs fell on them.


When the three slowly opened their eyes, they saw Siena lost in thought.


'How did they follow me?'


She had kept her guard up to the fullest on her way here.


She had not entered the Spirit Zone, but her ability to perceive was not sloppy enough not to catch a few students shadowing her.


She was sure that the answers she was looking for would be behind the students.


“What are you hiding? Give it here.”


Nade had a fearful look on his face and violently shook his head.


But with one murderous look from Siena, Nade quickly held out the cloak he was hiding with an expression as if someone had kicked his puppy.


Though, his wit remained until the very end, so he didn't forget to turn the cloak inside-out.


“What is this?”


She saw a dirty cloak and wrinkled her face. But soon after, she saw what it truly was.


This was because the arm holding the cloak seemed to disappear the moment she turned the cloak right-side out.


When she wrapped it around her waist like a skirt, her lower body disappeared.


“Invisibility cloak?”

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