Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 55


“How can you do this to us so suddenly? And disbanding a research group doesn't happen with the snap of a finger, you know?”

“That's right, but wouldn't the result of the research presentation clear things up? If it turns out to be a mess to the extent your laboratory is confiscated, I'm sure the Management Committee will think differently. Of course, I'll be the one to propose the idea.”

Nade shouted.


“You want to go back to base one? Isn't this a much better proposition than placing Shirone's withdrawal as the condition?”


Nade held his head.

Even though they were given a month, the fact that the faculty wanted to disband the research group could not be ignored.

The Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group had never done an official presentation, even in the past. How could they logically explain ghosts or gods? They didn't even know if those things existed.

Driven to a corner, Nade chose to throw all his pride and honor away and clung to Siena.

“Ms. Siena! Please, give us a chance. Is there any other option other than the presentation? I know that this research group's existence alone is significant. We are the only research group that can strike a blow at the mage society that only believes in logic.”

“So I'm telling you to please do something special. We've been lax with you so far. Now it's your turn to prove yourselves. This has already been mentioned to the Instructor's Committee, so I hope you guys make the right decision.”

As Siena stood up abruptly, the three followed suit.

“Ms. Siena! Wai—”

The iron door closed with a bang, and with that Shirone and his friends plopped down on the sofa.

Their minds were blank as if they had woken up from a dream.

“We're doomed.”

Clank. Clank.

Estas' engine system started to return the laboratory to its original position.

A peaceful holiday.

Shirone typically stayed in the library, even on his days off, but today he was holding a drink and looking forward in a daze.

It was the same for Yiruki and Nade, who were both sitting next to him, sandwiching him.

“Hey, what time is it?”

“Don't know. I know it's not night though.”

“Wow. Amazing. Didn't know we had a genius sitting next to us.”

Then silence.

Shirone sighed. Then two others sighed shortly after.

Shirone, who could not handle it, leaped up and shouted.

“What are we gonna do about our research group? Shouldn't we be using this time to at least come up with a topic to present?”

Yiruki spoke.

“Yeah, let's think. What research project would be approved by the academy?”

Nade shook his head.

“From what I know, the research group has never done a presentation. Ever. We have done unique, unusual things, but there's no way the academy will acknowledge that as 'official' anyways.”

They didn't know how to get supernatural psychic science acknowledged as a legitimate field of study.

The three were in a daze.

They turned their heads back and forth to follow the movements of students passing by, but their heads were actually blank.

“Hey guys, look at her.”

Nade was pointing at the beauty who was heading to the front gate.

She had a trench coat on and wore heels. She had purple hair that fluttered down to her waist.

“Looking through a biological viewpoint, those are some good designs. Who is sge?”

“Is she an Advanced Class senior? Kids our age don't typically wear that kind of stuff.”

While his friends continued chatting, Shirone squinted his eyes to have a better look at the woman. She looked familiar.

“Wait… Isn't that Ms. Siena?”

“What? Ms. Siena?”

Yiruki and Nade stared at her.

It certainly was. Her hair was neatly tied up, and she wore no glasses, but it was no doubt Siena Olifer.

“Wow, how can a person change so much?”

“I know, right? She's a completely different person with makeup on. But Shirone, you have a good eye for girls.”

The reason why Shirone recognized Siena was because he had seen her with untied hair before.

But Shirone knew better than to expose the fact that she had visited him late at night to his friends.

“Haha! I just have good eyesight.”

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