Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 14


Suddenly, a loud voice from the second floor was heard.

“HAHAHA! Such a masterpiece! I didn't expect to see this kind of a spectacle in my later years! Being young is indeed the best!”

The startled maids screamed, while the family members sighed as they looked behind.

There, an old man with blue hair stood, leaning against the balcony of the second floor.

Shirone stared absent-mindedly.

Even if Shirone were to consider this man as what Rian would eventually become, he couldn't imagine Rian having muscles that looked like they were about to explode.

The old man was Rian's grandfather, Klumph Ogent.


Reina stood up with a look of happiness.

Considering Reina and Rian were definitely not enough to persuade the black-haired Lord, he came at the perfect time.

'It's all good now. If it's grandfather…'

Turning a blind eye to his daughter's expression, Bischoff asked.

“I see you've arrived, father. I heard from Reina that it should have taken a few more days.”


“I came early because my friend ran away with a young maiden. Anyways, this place is as noisy as ever. As expected, youth is a fine thing.”

“It's not exactly a good thing in this case. The face of our family has fallen to the ground.”

“Let's not jump to conclusions here. I've been watching behind the scenes for a bit now, and it's evident that everyone here has a lot they want to say. So, why don't we decide after hearing each other's opinions about whether we have lost face or not?”

Reina screamed inside, 'Grandfather is the best!'

Although Klumph left the position as the Lord of the house to his son, his voice as a Grade 3 swordsman was still influential.

Reina gained courage and stood up.

“I'll go first. Although I only met Shirone for the first time yesterday, I noticed he was a smart and talented child. Also, Shirone has completed all the contract requirements and was supposed to leave the house today. Given these circumstances, it's quite difficult to say that Shirone approached Rian with particularly malevolent intentions. Furthermore, I do not believe his actions have tarnished the family's reputation.”

With her attitude packed with conviction, she sat down proudly.

Though it was only now that the two opposing sides balanced, the tide still did not turn.

Compared to those with black hair, it could be said that the bonds shared between those with blue hair was stronger. So Klumph, who was a previous Lord, was fair.

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