Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 13


'One does not become a great swordsman with their eyes!”

Nevertheless, Rian made him endlessly look forward to something and made him support the kid with all his heart.

“Here, take this.”

Kite handed his sword to Rian.

Rian didn't know what his teacher wanted him to do with the sword in particular, but he understood his intentions.

Rian would have to risk his own life if he wanted to solve this situation.

“If you decide to go to the mansion with this sword, I'll let you go. But don't make a step if you're not determined enough. It will only make things worse. This situation is already out of your control.”


While looking at Kite with fierce eyes, Rian smiled.

As he bowed his head down politely, he held out his hands and grabbed the sword from Kite in silence.

“Thank you. I will never forget this favor.”

“Remember, abandoning a friend is equivalent to abandoning another you. Don't you dare half-ass this.”


With a stern nod, Rian ran to the manion with a sword strapped on his waist.

There was nostalgia in Kite's eyes.

'My part is over!

Although the time to say goodbye was short, he was happy he was able to leave his mark.

'May the future of my student be filled with good fortune.'

The atmosphere inside the mansion was cold.

All work stopped momentarily, and the male servants and maids kept their mouths shut.

Louis, the head butler, wiped his glasses behind the sofa where the immediate family members were sitting.

Next to him, Temuran, the deputy butler, was staring at Shirone, his stress plain for all to see.

He was kneeling under all the gazes of hostility and contempt.

He felt like he was standing in the middle of a Colosseum.

“Report, head butler.”

“Yes, my Lord. Shirone, a servant hired by Temuran, is accused of damaging the prestige of the Ogent family during his year-and-half-long stay here. The workers have witnessed the youngest young master and Shirone mingling, and I also heard Shirone talking to him carelessly.  Attached are the testimonies of the workers in regards to the case. Temuran wrote for them.”

As Bischoff silently raised his hand back, Louis passed the document into his hand.

Flap! Flap! While the papers were turning, Reina sneakily went up to Shirone.

“Shirone, don't worry too much. I'll try and convince my dad. Nothing's going to happen.”

Contrary to expectations, Shirone looked so calm that it gave Reina chills.

Not a speck of anxiety was seen in his eyes.

'He was not pretending to be calm! He really is looking at the situation calmly!'

Shirone was not afraid.

This was because the future was just full of possible outcomes. Nothing had been decided yet.

After looking through the file, Bischoff spoke.

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