Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 10


Shirone, with a history book in hand, returned to Rian.

“Get up, and bring a book to study.”

“Ugh, the training these days is too harsh.”

After shoving Rian from the study, Shirone sat down and opened a history book. 

As the fieldwork finished faster than the paperwork recently, plenty of time was used leisurely.

Once he was able to focus on the book, the pages were flipped over in a flash.

He already knew most of the contents, and even the rest of the book was predictable to him. 

This meant that the level of knowledge contained in his head exceeded the level of books.

Since he understood the 650 historical books, the remaining two hundred books would probably be easy to take in.

“Hey, Shirone. I found an interesting book.”

After finding a book to read, Rian was amazed at the speed Shirone was turning the pages.

Once upon a time, Rian had taken over 10 hours to turn a page.

He was definitely reading a book, but by the time he blinked, it was morning.

Rian sat quietly beside Shurone to avoid disturbing him and opened his own book.

Swordsman vs. Mage was the title of the book.

“Introduction. You may have asked this question at least once before, but if a swordsman and a mage were to face off, one-on-one, who would win?”

Shirone's hand paused as Rian read aloud.

It was also an interesting topic for aspiring mages. 

“I have traveled all over the world to find an answer. Even now, when I close my eyes, those thoughts flicker in my head. On the Artusna Mountain, 6,000 meters above sea level, there are carnivorous trees that eat wild birds…”

Rian closed the book.

“How terribly boring.”

“What? I was having fun!”

Rian jumped at the sudden shouting.

He pretended not to be interested, but he must have kept his ears perked up.

“What do you mean 'fun'? There are no pictures, and there's no mention of swordsmanship.”

“You didn't even finish a single page! What are you even talking about?”

“A writer should be considerate of his readers. He should start with a fun beginning and a touching conclusion.”

“This is not a novel. Give me the book. So, who's going to win?”

“What's the point of knowing who wins or who loses? For what absurd reason would a mage and a swordsman need to face off? If it's favorable to one side, they would want to fight and if it's disadvantageous to the other, they would flee.”

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