TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 395

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :) 

 Chapter 395


Raon took a step closer. His footsteps, which crushed his heart, turned Wigen Arian's complexion pale.

"Who is behind you?"

He raised his chin, looking at his distorted eyes.

"I'm curious how great the name is that allowed you to ruin Arian family in this way."


Wigen couldn't bear the eerie energy and backed away, shaking his hands.

"It's a direct line!"

He screamed as if he couldn't die like this.

"Not somone like you, a collateral line!"

Wigen glared and said that he had the backing of one of the direct members of house Zieghart.

"Direct line?"

As soon as the word "direct line" came out of Wigen's mouth, Raon calmed down the momentum that dominated the audience hall.

"That's right!"

Wigen nodded, exhaling a rough breath. His belly rippled like waves.

"Now you can feel it, can't you? That you touched the wrong person!"

He laughed, revealing his broken teeth, thinking that Raon had lost his nerve after seeing him lose his momentum.

"How dare you hit me? That young girl will never die well!"

"What the hell is this little pig saying!"

Martha couldn't help it even after hearing the word "direct line," and ran towards him with her fists clenched.


Wigen didn't think that even the word "direct line" wouldn't work, so he sat down on his ass again. 


Raon raised his hand to stop Martha, and Martha frowned and backed away.

"Even you people are helpless against your positions."

Wigen got up with his cheeks puffed out, with a proud expression as if he had won a comeback.

"My lord!"

"Are you okay!"

"These savages!"

The Arian family's executives, who had noticed that Wigen had been cornered, rushed over and supported the stumbling Wigen.

"Foolish things. Did you think we would just sit here without any thoughts!"

"Who is behind you?"


Wigen felt something strange and rolled his eyes without speaking.

"Is it a lie?"

Raon lowered his hand that was blocking Martha, threatening to prevent Wigen from having time to think.

"B, Balder-nim, the True Martial Palace's master!"

Wigen immediately shouted the name of his backer as soon as he met Martha's eyes.

"True Martial Palace..."

He quietly muttered the name of True Martial Palace, which he had clashed with several times.

'As expected, people don't change.'

I thought it would be either True Martial Palace or Central Martial Palace because there were only a few direct line members, but it was as expected.

"Do you regret it a little now that you hear the name?"

Wigen raised his chin with a smug expression, his face even more arrogant than when he first came here.


The sound of Martha grinding her teeth could be heard from behind. It seemed that she was barely holding back the urge to run up and beat Wigen.


Raon sighed briefly and looked at Wigen and the executives surrounding him.

"Is there anyone willing to confess their wrongdoing and step back?"

Upon hearing his words, smirks appeared at the corners of Wigen and the executives' mouths.

"Don't talk nonsense!"

"What crimes have we comitted?"

"Not doing a reconnaissance missions shouldn't be a crimes!"

"We'll make sure to compensate you for this mission, so please, stay quiet..."

As the executives shook their heads and scolded, there was a sound of metal hitting the ground from behind.

Raon turned around, and the Imperial Sword squad leader Wendy Ariane was putting down her sword and removing her combat uniform.

"I have failed the mission of our family. I will step down from the position of Imperial Sword squad leader and withdraw."

Wendy released her armor and kneeled, bowing her head obediently. Once again, she proved to be the only one who truly lived up to the role here.


"Squad leader!"

"That darn...!"

The executives cursed while looking at Wendy. They muttered about adding insult to injury.

"As expected. Then..."

Raon was about to start speaking when one of the executives approached Wendy.

'Why did he kneel here as well?'

It was Bainder. The middle-aged man and the leader of the Ranger squad, whom he hadn't seen before, smiled faintly as he unfastened his armor.

"I'm Bainder. I also failed in my duty as the leader of the Ranger squad."

He kneeled and bowed his head, just like Wendy.


"You! What are you doing?"

"Get up quickly!"

Wigen and the executives shouted at Bainder, but he didn't get up.

'This guy...'

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Bainder.

''Is he good at sensing things?'

I deliberately lowered my guard and created an atmosphere that I was about to back down, but I didn't expect him to bow down first. He seemed to have sharp eyes, as he had lived as a ranger.

'Even so, I can still beat him up.'

Since he confessed his crimes himself, it was enough to hit him for that much.

Raon opened his aura as he approached Wigen and the executives. The heat that grew stronger with each step made their skin feel like it was about to boil.

"What are you doing!"

"Back off!"

"We have the True Martial Palace behind us! Master Balder is there!"


The executives tried to threaten Raon by mentioning True Martial Palace and Balder, but Raon trampled on those names and continued forward.

"You said it was Balder's True Martial Palace, right?"

"That's right! He is in a position that cannot be compared to you...!"

Raon punched Wigen's greasy mouth, who was still talking.


Accompanied by a loud sound like a ball bursting, Wigen's yellow teeth were pulled out by the roots.


Wigen writhed in pain, unable to even cover his mouth from the blood that was gushing out.


"This, this bastard...!"

"What are you doing! We have True Martial Palace behind us...!"

Raon smiled and approached the executives. He threw punches at their faces, which were trembling.


Despite properly controlling his strength, the executives were either knocked to the ground with their teeth pulled out or their cheekbones and jaws crushed.




They were crying and struggling, as if they had never felt such pain before.


Martha shouted from behind.

"Leave some for me! You'll ruin everything if you hit them all! You little shits!"

She jumped in and started stomping on Wigen and the executives.

"I'll hit them too!"

Krein also ran out and whipped the executives next to Martha.

"I, I don't think you'll be safe even if you do this!"

Wigen trembled and let out a deflated voice.

"Master Balder will not let you go...!"

Raon bent his knees and met the eyes of Wigen, who was wagging his mouth.

"I wish he would."


Wigen trembled all over at the cold gaze that seemed to have frozen an ice cube.

"He'll end up the same as you."

"Crazy! Are you saying you can beat him?"

He shook his eyes in disbelief.

"No. I can't beat him."

"Then why...?"

"Because you're not the only one with a backer."


"I told you who gave me the full authority, didn't I?"

Raon grabbed Wigen's head and smiled eerily.

"…The head of house Zieghart!"

Wigen's jaw trembled. It seemed that he finally remembered what he had said at first.

"But that doesn't apply to this, does it? This is our family's business! It's a clear abuse of power..."

"This is also included in the mission that he gave me full authority to do."

Glenn would not be unaware of the situation of this family. It was clear that he wanted to not only cleanse the swamp, but also to get rid of these pigs.

"It's the most important waste disposal."

Wigen and the executives had never fought for their lives since they were born. They had never experienced a crisis, so they did not read the opponent's psychology, but showed an immature appearance that only trusted the sword they had prepared.


"The Destructive King of North..."

"I, I'm doomed..."

Wigen and the executives, who had their last hope shattered, fell to the ground with a dazed expression.

"D, damn it..."

Wigen fell to the ground with a dazed look.

"Where are you lying down!"

Martha rushed over and kicked his head up. With a sound like the wall breaking, Wigen soared up to the ceiling.

You are really....

Wrath popped out and narrowed her eyes.

You are an evil man!

After giving hope, and then delivering despair and pain, isn't that what the original demons used to do?

He came up to the side and squeezed his shoulder tightly.

'It can't be helped.'


Your talent is for the Devildom! Let's conquer the Devildom together with the King of Essence...

'No, I'm not going.'

* * *

[Advance chapter:]

[For Indonesian:]

Three stone pillars at the end of the Swamp of Death.

A man wearing a black robe descends onto the swamp, which is as calm as if the battle between Raon and Death Knight was a lie. It was Manghongwi, wearing an Arch Lich mask with blue eyes burning. (Manghongwi (망혼귀) (skull mask) (ghost with a skull mask) (skull ghost) (reapers translated him as 'skull mask' in early chapters)

"Was I too late?"

Manghongwi spat out his tongue as he looked at the calm Swamp of Death.

"It seems that Raon Zieghart really came here."

There were too many things to prepare, so even two bodies were not enough. The Death Knight he had placed here was also part of his plan, but he disappeared too quickly.

"No, it's actually a good thing, isn't it?"

Manghongwi snapped his gray fingers. With that clear ringing sound, the swampland under the stone pillar began to boil like lava.


The swampland that was about to explode split in half. From within it, an orb with a clear color like a lake rose slowly, unlike this dirty land.

"Come here."

Manghongwi walked slowly and reached out. The orb that rose from the swampland naturally fell into his palm. He looked at the ordinary glass orb that seemed to have no energy at all and smiled faintly.

'The purification was faster with the death of that child.'

The original purpose of spreading the undead here was to purify this orb, and the speed was accelerated by the death of the Death Knight. It seemed that he could leave with it as it was without dragging on any longer.

'No, that's not it.'

Manghongwi looked up at the east, where the Arian family was located.

'This is also an opportunity.'

According to the informations he had received, there was not only Raon Zieghart in the Arian family at the moment, but also the Siren's vessel (Yua) and the Lizardman King's vessel (Yulius) that the foolish Merlin had missed.

It was an opportunity to kill Raon, who was a nuisance to Eden in many ways, and to take the two vessels that they had not obtained.

"And I can even experiment."

He injected dark mana into the orb in his palm. Black lines penetrated the orb. The orb, which was as clear as the sky after a rain, began to turn a dark light.


As Manghongwi spread his hands, the gradually darkening orb naturally rose up and vibrated in resonance with the swampland.

On the clean swampland, gray bone-made Death Knights and Arch Lich began to rise.

Manghongwi watched the high rank undead being slowly formed and smiled dryly.

"Let's try to change the history."

*     *      *

Raon had locked Wigen and the executives in the corner of the audience chamber, and he called Bainder. Unlike his unruly appearance, he bowed his head politely.

"Why did you say you would step down?"

"I'm a bit quick-witted."

Bainder scratched the back of his head and smiled awkwardly.

"I heard that you were given full authority by the head of house Zieghart when you first came to Arian. I thought this was not going to work, so I gave up right away."

He smiled, saying that he was confident in judging people because he had lived on a tightrope.

"If you knew that, why didn't you tell them?"

"A person who will have to take the blame for the failed operation to deviate from the route is needed."

Bainder licked his lips as he watched the executives being hit on the back of the head by Krein.

"That means you admit that you ordered the Rangers to change their route in the swamp."

"Yes. Of course I was with them."

Raon narrowed his eyes as he watched Bainder raising his hands in surrender.

'Something seems fishy.'

It was the typical behavior of a slippery person that Wrath mentioned every time. He was an unreliable man who always found a way out whenever and wherever.

"I know my mistake and...."


Martha couldn't stand it and ran over to kick Bainder in the mouth.


Even though she controlled her strength, Bainder's mouth was filled with white corn.


"After being so annoying, is it over if you say you're wrong?"

She hit Bainder on the forehead, who had fallen to the side.

"This leech-like bastard!"

Martha kicked Bainder harder than the executives who had fought to the end, as if she didn't like Bainder who had used them.

"Don't kill him."

Raon patted Martha's shoulder and approached Wendy Arian, who was kneeling.

"Why did you say you would step down?"

"Because I'm also an Arian executives."

Wendy answered with her head down.

"I realized after hearing Prika's story. If the Death Knight had entered with the undead, the Arian family would have been wiped out."

She trembled her fist that she had placed on her knee.

"I should have gone to the swamp alone, but I'm so ashamed of myself for not acting because I was afraid of the lord and the executives."

"But still, you called us, didn't you?"

"That was my last bit of courage. If I couldn't even do that, I wouldn't be here."

Wendy sobbed, saying that she was ashamed of herself and that she would never be able to hold a sword again.

Raon didn't speak to Wendy, but he drew her sword. The handle was stained with handprints, and the blade was neatly maintained so that it could be fought at any time. It was a world apart from Wigen's sword.

"You took good care of it."

The only warriors in this family who could fight the enemy were Wendy and her sword.


Even the fact that the villain detector Martha, who had knocked Bender unconscious, was just standing there showed that Wendy was a different person from the others.

"Take it."

Raon returned the sword to Wendy and put the uniform on her shoulder. He smiled faintly and brought her the round orb that was the symbol of the Arian family hanging on the stage.

"Ra, Raon-nim?"

Wendy was surprised to receive the family crest and shook her shoulders.

"Only you can run this family right now."

"But I'm no different from them..."

"If everyone is guilty, it would be right for the most conscientious person to take responsibility."


Wendy bit her lip at Raon's calm words. She closed her eyes with the family crest tightly in her hand.

"I, I dare..."

"The only warriors I liked when I came to this family were the Imperial Sword led by you. They were all well-trained in body and mind."

They were warriors who had trained their bodies and minds following Wendy, even if they were weaker than the Light Wind squad.

"That doesn't mean I'm handing it over right away. I need to explain it to the head of house Zieghart, so I'm planning to stay here for a while to see how you run this family."


"If a manager is sent down from Zieghart, Arian could become a branch instead of a vassal family. If you want to save this family, you have to use your power."

Wendy squeezed the handle of the sword that was stained with handprints at Raon's gentle threat.

"...I understand."

Wendy raised her head. Her eyes were no longer shaking, as if she had made up her mind.

"I'll try."

"If the family is properly reorganized, I'll talk to the the head of house."

I thought I knew what Glenn was thinking, so I was confident that I could persuade him if Wendy just did her part.

"I understand. I'll express my sincere gratitude later."

"I'll be waiting."

Wendy bowed her head politely and left the audience chamber.

Raon smiled faintly and turned around.



Dorian stuffed the cookies he was eating into his pocket and nodded.

"Take care of the skull and head on the stage."


He showed an expression of disgust as he took out a sack and put the head of the dullahan in it.

"The skull is a bit better."

As Dorian took a shallow breath and climbed onto the stage, a fierce flame flared up from the eyes of the skull.


The skull of the Death Knight, which seemed to be about to revive, cracked from the crown and then turned to gray dust.

Raon swallowed dryly at the sight.

'That one...'


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