IBRV (Novel) Chapter 79

C 79

 He slowly adjusted his glasses and quickly wiped his expression.

"I don't know what you're talking about, my lady."

"I-I'm a dragon, so I can see what others desire!"

I quickly opened my mouth in an attempt to ease the cold atmosphere, but it became even colder.


Suddenly, he tilted his head.

The gentle smile on his lips vanished, and his expression turned cold, making him seem like a completely different person.

"Is that why you want to become a friend who won't abandon me? Is that my desire?"

"Yes, I won't lie to you if you say you'll be my true friend too."

He raised the corners of his mouth like someone who had heard something quite amusing.

"... What can I do? I don't know anything about you."


I said emphatically. To be honest, there's much more you don't know.

I must hide one or two things.

"So, what does the miss want if she has me as a friend?"

He leaned in and asked me in secret, as if whispering.

"Do you want to play house?"


His pupils trembled slightly.

"I hate going around in circles."

When that happens, the heroine suffers, the grandfather suffers, Callan and Silian suffer, but above all, Dad suffers.

"I hate it more than my dad suffering."

I wanted to protect my father.

"Haha, do you know all this when you wake up as a dragon?"

Hill Rosemont laughed. However, instead of responding, I chose silence.

He didn't respond immediately, as if he didn't dislike my suggestion.

I showed no signs of impatience and waited for his response.

Only Hill Rosemont, the king of the underworld and the dark side of darkness, could quietly prevent this drug from circulating.

"This 'Hatar' incident is actually something that happened in another empire."

There were so many kingdoms seeking an empire.

There have always been attempts to wreak havoc in the empire and gain financial profit, but this 'Hatar' incident was particularly meticulous.

It took a long time to discover that this liquid, distributed throughout the empire as a beverage, was so addictive that it ruined people.

Of course, that was only within <Adopted>.

"Because I've already finished reading the novel."

Initially, the price was cheap, so anyone could buy it, and eating something sweet made you feel a little better.

No one doubted this liquid because even without eating, it was simply a feeling of hunger or a memory of the drink.

However, the longer you take it, the more you'll think about it, and if you don't drink it for more than a week, you'll start experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

But it's still a work in progress.

They're probably only working on the bottom part right now. And judging by the reaction, Hill Rosemont must be aware of it.

"I'm curious, but honestly, I really don't want to get involved in this matter," said Hill Rosemont. Those words were more like a gentle refusal.

The words he spoke with a docile face were surprisingly calm, making it hard to believe he was feigning stupidity.

"Or else..."

He abruptly leaned his head towards me.

"What if you imprint me? I heard that if the imprinted parents die, you can do it again."

Hill Rosemont's eyes gleamed with madness. I kept my mouth shut.

It was because I didn't know why he was interested in the "imprint."

I can't do it.

The call to be friends also went unanswered. Although it might have worked if Hill Rosemont were younger.

It's already too big.

So, I decided to give him the prey he wanted to keep until the end.

—Red-colored... some kind of winged lizard.

Hill Rosemont's eyes slowly met mine.

A genuine reptile lover, he moved his fingertips as if recalling something from my brief words.

—Yellow eyes with vertical pupils...

Hill Rosemont changed his arrogant posture and leaned forward.

—Scales that can withstand any flame...


His eyes gleamed.

I crossed my short arms and tried to cross my legs. Arrogantly, I sat on the couch and continued speaking.


But before I could finish my words, Hill Rosemont was a step ahead.

Excitement shone through his glasses.

—... I know where the eggs are. I will inform the professor. He knows that Wyverns can also be recorded, right?

Originally, there was a scenario in which the female protagonist accidentally picked up, and imprinted on, a Wyvern that hatched from its egg unknowingly and took it as a pet.

And Hill Rosemont in <Adopted> was extremely envious of that.

Honestly, he searched extensively, including the place where the female protagonist picked up the egg and various markets around the world, but in the end, he couldn't find it.

In fact, there are many rumors that Wyverns also live in the depths of the "Black Monster Forest."

And that black monster forest was filled with poison, so no one could enter.

So, the egg that was in the storage of the abandoned house was a big surprise for the heroine.

"Still, I wonder if it's right to give it to this person..."

They say people become docile when they have pets...

Is there a chance that Hill Rosemont will change a little? I think so, but I'm not sure.

"I'm sorry, Sharnae..."

I feel like I'm taking everything that will be useful to you in the future...

It was a moment when tears ran down my face, covering my mouth with a fist from the inside.

—Do you know where there are Wyvern eggs? Hasn't it hatched yet?


It's an egg stored in an old warehouse, but the heroine discovers it later by accident.

Wyvern eggs can only hatch in warm places.

If the environment is not prepared, it will sleep for a long time and wait for the right moment to hatch. It didn't die because it didn't hatch for a long time like an egg.

—... I need to see the real thing first.

—Alright, I'll bring it for the next class. Then, Professor, give me information about Hatar.

Hill Rosemont looked at me in confusion and smiled.

—Do you know who I am, miss?


—Can you tell me who I am?

He said, slowly taking off his glasses. As he brushed his bangs back slowly, I opened my mouth.

—The leader of the Bright Moon Guild.

He barely combed his bangs back, but the atmosphere changed.

When he took off his glasses, his round eyes looked fierce.

—Did that High Priest candidate tell you?

High Priest candidate?

Is he talking about Lucilion? Why did his name come up here?


—... Then, is this also one of the virtues of a dragon?

He murmured softly.

—Let's make a deal. Do you only need information about Hatar?

Hill Rosemont interlocked his fingers and rested his chin on them, asking calmly.

I slowly shook my head. Where are you trying to sneak off to?

—I want to stop the circulation of Hatar.

When I said that with a wide smile, he furrowed his brow.

—That's not something I can do. What can I do to change the market?

Hill Rosemont shrugged.

—And just one egg isn't a good deal.

—It's a Wyvern.

No matter how much you search the world, there won't be a second Wyvern egg.

Unhatched Wyvern eggs were hard to come by even until they died.

—And the professor can.

Upon my words, Hill Rosemont just rolled his eyes and looked at me.

—The professor can do it. I believe.

With my firm words, he closed his mouth.

Hill Rosemont's information network was so famous that it was said to be among mere beggars.

The spiderwebs he had been weaving until he came of age were enough to know how many hairs were on an aristocrat's buttocks, as described in <Adopted>.

Although he had many strange nicknames like "crazy psychopath" and "the devil's return"...

"Even that emperor expressed that he couldn't keep up with the amount of information Hill Rosemont had."

When it came to information, there was nothing that Hill Rosemont didn't know.

—As expected, I shouldn't have given up on the kidnapping. It would have been good if I had imprinted on the miss.

After a long silence, Hill Rosemont moistened his lips.


—How many kidnappings and assassination attempts were made after it was revealed that the lady was a dragon?

After saying that, Hill Rosemont shook his bangs and put his glasses back on.

—Is that so...?

—Yes. Even though 80% of them were me.

He added with a smile on his face.


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