TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 388

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 Chapter 388

Raon opened the lid of the wooden box and picked up the dagger inside.

'It's full of killing intent.'

The dagger had a sharp shape that was a combination of an arrowhead and a needle. It was hard to believe that a weapon that had never tasted blood could emanate such a poisonous aura.

'Is this a real dagger...?'

Originally, daggers were not made for subduing, but for killing. The purpose of a dagger is to pierce the enemy's vitals and cut off their breath in an instant, and this weapon looked like it had reached the pinnacle of that purpose.

'It has killing intent instead of coldness.'

Borgos seemed to have erased the coldness that was inherent in the drake's tooth and maximized the sharpness and killing intent.

Wrath frowned as he looked down at the dagger.

That dwarf bastard made a strange thing.

'Yeah. It's not an ordinary weapon.'

Raon nodded as he held the dagger in his hand.

"I thought he would just send a decent item, but I didn't expect him to send a dagger this special."

No matter what the outcome, he didn't expect a great item because the process of getting the dagger was through blackmail.

However, the dagger that Borgos sent was not far behind the Heavenly Drive or the Blade of Requiem.

"And there are two of them too."

He asked Borgos to make a set of daggers, but even at this level, he was satisfied with one.

The fact that he sent two of them meant that Borgos had also pushed himself.

That bastard idiot!

Wrath pounded his chest and gritted his teeth.

Why would he made you such a weapon after he got blackmailed by you! The King of Essence doesn't understand!

'It's because of the craftsman's pride, I guess.'

Borgos showed off his competitive spirit after seeing the Heavenly Drive sword made by Vulcan and the Blade of Requiem made by Kuberad.

It seems that the effect of showing those two swords was surprisingly good.

It's really strange! Why are there so many idiots around you! They stick to you like flies chasing shit!

'I wonder.'

Raon laughed as he looked at Wrath, who was in a rage.

It might be because the incarnation of an idiot is attached to him.

In his previous life, there were only people who tried to use him, but this time, there seemed to be many people willing to support him in any way.

Thank you, Monarch of Idiots.

Raon smiled at Wrath, who was floating in the air and complaining.

"It's an impressive weapon."

Gambling Monster gasped as he looked at the dagger.

"Yes. It looks like sir Borgos put in some effort."

"Craftsmen don't make things carelessly because of their pride."

He nodded slowly and handed over the paper that was in the wooden box.

Raon took the paper and unfolded it. There was a short greeting and the name of the dagger written on it.

"Cheonsalbi..." (Heavenly Killing Blade)

Borgos gave this dagger with a strong killing intent a terrifying name that means "killing the sky/killing the heavens."

"That's a scary name."

"That dwarf has been famous for making poisonous names since ancient times."

Gambling Monster shook his head, saying that he was just that kind of dwarf.

Raon bowed slightly to the Heavenly Killing Blade with gratitude to Borgos.

"I'll use it well."

He put the two daggers in his arms. It felt like they were weightless, as if they had become one with his body.

Raon smiled as he lightly tapped the chest where he had put the dagger.

"Now, there's only one left."

*     *      *

Raon returned to the annex building only at dawn after completing all of the Light Wind squad's training.

After taking a shower, Raon sat down on the bed and listened to Wrath's complaints about being hungry. Then, three knocks were heard.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Come in."

As soon as he said to come in, the door opened and Judiel entered.

She put a covered plate on the table and pulled out a book from her skirt.

"This is the material I've compiled on the Arian family and the Swamp of Death."

It seemed that she had come with the materials compiled into a book after being told that a new mission had been assigned.


"You're welcome."

Judiel shook her head and opened the lid of the plate she had placed on the table.

There were two egg sandwiches with ham, cheese, and scrambled eggs in between the bread.

"I thought you might have skipped dinner, so I brought it."

She put the lid aside and told him to eat comfortably.

As expected, the information girl! She always takes good care of even a snack!

Wrath grinned, saying that if she was like this, she would be good enough to be taken in as a subordinate.

Eat it before it gets cold!

He beat his shoulder like a small drum, urging him to put it in his mouth right away.

'Stop nagging.'

Raon sighed briefly and took a bite of the sandwich.

The combination of the crispy bread baked with butter, the salty ham and cheese, and the savory scrambled eggs made him smile involuntarily.

It's delicious! The King of Essence decided! From today, The King of Essence will also make the information girl a subordinate of the King of Essence!

'Yes, yes. Do whatever you want.'

Raon let Wrath play as he pleased and opened the book.


"Beginner master level?"

Raon knew that the Arian family wasn't particularly strong, but he didn't expect them to have only one martial arts squad, and the highest-ranked member was just a master beginner level. It was even weaker than he had anticipated.

It was an unexpectedly weak family.

"Originally, the Arian family was a family known for their strength. There is even a record that they were not inferior to Sullion family in the past."

Judiel began to explain as if she had read his thoughts.

"However, since the monsters that come out of the Swamp of Death, which the Arian family guards, are only weak zombies and skeletons, they gradually neglected their martial arts training."

As soon as he heard that, he started to understand a little.

"Also, they have been cultivating the valuable swamp grapes for centuries, so they have not faced financial difficulties and have led a leisurely life."

"I see what you mean."

Raon laughed coldly. Even if he hadn't seen it, he seemed to know how the Arian family was going.

"Are there only zombies and skeletons in the Swamp of Death?"

"It is recorded that only undead at the level of zombies have appeared since the Arch Lich, who was born in that swamp hundreds of years ago, started a war and was annihilated by the first head of house Zieghart and the first head of the Arian family."

Judiel had no trouble answering questions, as if she had grasped all the information in such a short time.

Raon nodded and read the book from beginning to end. Thanks to the ring of fire, he had all the contents in his head in one read.

"So, this Wendy, achieved the rank of master beginner level amidst all of this?"

"She's the one shouldering the Arian family. She may not have real power, but she's considered the one most followed by the people there."

"I can see how I should move in."

Thanks to Judiel's detailed investigation, he was able to imagine how to move in the Arian family.

"How are the Central Martial Palace and True Martial Palace these days?"

He asked as he handed the book back to Judiel.

"They're busy building up their accomplishments."



Judiel nodded.

"It seems that they feel threatened by the accomplishments that the collaterals line and external force like the Light Wind squad, have built up. They're scrambling to quickly resolve multiple missions in order to maintain their dominance."

She gave a faint sneer, saying that the direct line seem to be feeling a little threatened.

"I like that."

It made him smile to hear that the direct line, who had been acting like they were the head of house, were finally moving their heavy butts around. He only liked Kane, Trevin, and Denier, who was Martha's father, so he hoped they would suffer even more.

"Is there anything else?"

"This is information that came from the black market..."

Judiel put the book back in her skirt and lowered her hand.

"A man called the Pirate King has appeared."

"Pirate King?"

"He claims to have traveled all over the continent and calls himself the Pirate King. He is not an ordinary warrior, and he is recognized by many forces."


There are many who call themselves kings, but it is rare for them to be recognized by others. It means they have some skill.

"It's far away from us, so you don't need to worry about it."

"I understand."

"Then please rest comfortably."

"Thank you for the information."

"You're welcome."

Judiel bowed her head and left the room.

"The self-proclaimed Pirate King."

Raon nodded with a faint smile.

"There's always something interesting happening on the continent."

*    *    * 

Advance chapters:

Advance chapters (Indonesian):

A gray wall rises above the land dominated by a yellow-green swamp.

This land, which is both mismatched and somehow harmonious, is the home of the Arian family and the Swamp of Death.

There were rangers on the top of the wall, their eyes dull as if they had had a drink.

When the rangers were yawning with boredom, people in work clothes climbed onto the wall.

They tied safety ropes around their waists and then jumped off the wall.


The workers used the safety ropes to walk around the wall, applying mud and inserting stone pieces into the old, broken parts.

"Oh, this is annoying."

"I know. I don't know why she's making us do this when it's just low-level undead."

"The zombies can't even get close to the wall anyway."

"Wendy is really worried, that's her problem."

"Just do it. Just make it look neat on the outside."

They were repairing the wall, but they had a look of dissatisfaction on their faces as they filled in the insides carelessly and just smoothed out the outside.

There were a lot of places to repair, but they worked so carelessly that they finished everything in no time.

When the middle-aged workers climbed back up to the wall and the youngest young man was making his final inspection, a small tremor occurred in the swamp.


The young man turned around and frowned.

"It's a zombie."

A corpse with melted flesh was slowly walking towards the wall.

"Altel hyung!"

When he shouted towards the top of the wall, the head of a yawning archer appeared.

"Aren't you playing too much? A zombie is coming!"

"Oh, sorry. I was thinking about dinner today."

Altel, who was called that, licked his lips and put an arrow on his bow. He lightly pulled the bowstring and turned his back without even checking.


The arrow that flew through the wind pierced the zombie's head and stuck in the swamp.

However, the zombie staggered for a moment, but did not fall and began to approach the wall again.


"Altel hyung!"

The young worker frowned and shouted again.

"Can't you even shoot a bow now? It's not dead!"


Altel tilted his head and raised his bow again.

"I'm sure I hit it?"

"It flew in a trajectory that couldn't miss, but I don't know how that zombie is alive."

He put the bow on again and aimed at the center of the zombie's forehead and pulled the bowstring.


The zombie that was hit in the center of the head sank into the swamp.

"It's annoying."

"If you had hit it from the beginning, that would have been enough."

"No, I hit it! That zombie was weird!"

"Hmmm ..."

"It's true!"

Altel shook his head and then put his hand on the wall.

"Don't worry about useless things, how about a beer tonight?"

"Are you even shooting?"

"I lost all my salary this month, so you have to shoot."

"What is that!"

While the two men were having a light conversation, a piercing gaze appeared from the swamp where the zombie had just sunk.

That gaze shone with a terrifying light, as if looking at everything in the Arian family in the darkness.

*     *      *

Raon finished his preparations for departure and left the annex building.

Sylvia and the maids were standing in a circle in the garden, with Yua and Yulius in the center.

"Yua, you should eat well wherever you go."

"I dried the beef jerky, so take it all."

"Did you bring all the cooking ingredients?"

"Be polite to the seniors."

The maids, worried about Yua, who they thought of as a younger sister, gave her all sorts of things. By now, her backpack was bulging like it was about to burst.

"Thank you, sisters!"

Yua, with a backpack bigger than herself, smiled brightly. She hugged each maid tightly and said goodbye.

"Always watch your surroundings." 

"Since you're the youngest, you need to act before the seniors."

"You often get bitten by bugs. When you sleep outside, be sure to light bug-repelling incense."

The maids gave Yua lot of advice as if she were their little sister.

"If a battle breaks out, watch how the other seniors move and act behind them."

The maids put on Yulius's coat, their eyes brimming with tears.

"I will return and uphold the honor of the annex building!"

Yulius pounded his chest like he was already a knight and put on a confident expression.

"Oh, these cute things!"

"It seems like it's too early to go!"

"Let's stay here for another year! Okay?"

The maids pouted with worry that the children they had raised like siblings were going to a dangerous place.

"It's not a very dangerous place, but you should always be careful."

Sylvia smiled as she stroked Yua and Yulius's heads.

"Hide behind Raon when it's dangerous."


"As a warrior, I cannot hide behind my benefactor!"

Yua nodded her head vigorously, and Yulius refused firmly.

'You are quiy ambitious.'

Raon laughed and walked to where Yua and Yulius were.

However, Sylvia, Helen, and the maids did not pay him any attention and only took care of Yua and Yulius.

"No matter how much food you pack, it's never enough... Hmm?"

Sylvia raised her head as she checked the two people's bags.

"What is it?"

"That's it. I will Keep an eye out."

She continued to check Yua and Yulius's condition and luggage, giving no attention

"It seems like It's time, I guess."

"Have a good trip."

"I keep saying it, but run away if it's dangerous!"

The maids also did not pay attention to Raon, only to Yua and Yulius.

Raon stood awkwardly and licked his lips.

'This is a little...'

He didn't like it when Sylvia and the maids were paying attention to him normally, but he felt a little heavy in his heart when they didn't pay any attention to him at all.

You're annoying.

Wrath snorted, saying that he had a strange personality.

"Young master!"

"We're done!"

Yua and Yulius approached after finishing their goodbyes with the maids.

"...Let's go."

"Raon! Take good care of Yua and Yulius!"

"Young master. Please take care of the children!"

"You have to feed them well!"

Sylvia and the maids were only worried about Yua and Yulius until they left.

"Don't worry."

Raon nodded slightly and walked to the place where the training ground was located. The two children followed behind, chattering.

Just when he thought he was leaving without even getting a proper goodbye, Sylvia and the maids' voices could be heard from behind.

"Raon! You be careful too! Don't overdo it!"

"Yua! Make sure young master Raon eats well!"

"Yulius, don't let young master Raon train too hard!

"This time, it was voices worrying about Raon rather than the two children.

"I'll be back."

Raon turned around slightly and nodded his head much bigger than before, and headed to the fifth training ground.

"Take care!"

"Be careful!"

"Look after them, Young master Raon!"

Seriously, what a bothersome guy.

Wrath sighed as he watched Raon's back.

Raon repeated the travel precautions for Yua and Yulius and headed towards the fifth training ground.The two children followed closely behind.

As they entered the training ground, the sight of the members of the Light Wind squad greeted them, lined up neatly before the stage.

Raon placed Yua and Yulius at the back and ascended the stage.

Standing at the edge of the stage, Raon gazed at the Light Wind squad members.

"It seems like the preparations are all done."

The members' gazes were as sharp as well-honed blades. They had not only honed their bodies and skills but also their minds.

"They say it's not a very difficult mission, but in reality, we don't know. There's no room for complacency when it comes to the Light Wind squad. Always give it your all."


The Light Wind squad roared with a battle cry that shook the ground as if it were trembling.

Raon nodded in satisfaction.

"When we return here next time, we won't be known as the Mad Dog squad anymore; we'll be called the Mad Dog division ."


The Light Wind squad erupted in cheers once again.

"Ohhh! Mad... what?"

However, Burren froze in his tracks, his face contorted in confusion.

'Don't they notice something strange?'

Despite Raon clearly saying "Mad Dog" twice, the members kept cheering.

"This is insane!"

Burren slapped his forehead in frustration.

"It's not Mad Dog squad, it's Light Wind squad!"

Why do I keep ending up with crazy people!


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