TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 387

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 Chapter 387

Raon looked at Roenn, who was smiling faintly, and licked his lips.

'Is it finally here?'

Three months had passed since the first test, the team battle with Warring Steel division, but it seemed that the second test had finally been decided.

'It took too long.'

Originally, the test should have been scheduled within a month, but it seemed that the waiting time was extended due to the Black Tower targeting him and Rimmer not coming out from his seclusion.

It was boring, but also somewhat enjoyable.

Wrath giggled, rubbing his chubby cheeks. He had gained weight even in his spirit state because of how delicious Yua and Helen's food was.

"Do you know what kind of test it is?"

"I don't know either."

Roenn shook his head with the same face as usual. I don't know if it's true or not. He was the person in this house who was the hardest to read his expression 

"Are the kids keeping up well?"

Roenn looked down from the edge of the cliff.

"They are learning quickly thanks to your teachings."

Raon nodded and threw the dagger in his hand. The dagger, which was shot like a ray of light, aimed for Martha's shoulder, who was climbing up on the right.

"Damn it!"

Martha frowned and pushed her arms and legs at the same time to kick the cliff. She tried to dodge the sword by bouncing her body like an animal, but it was already expected.


The trajectory of the dagger flexibly rotated and struck Martha's waist, who was trying to grab the cliff again.


However, Martha did not let go of the hand she had planted on the cliff even though she was hit by the dagger. It was a strong endurance.

'Now she's holding on well.'

Martha, as the captain, built up the physical and mental strength to not be knocked down by a single dagger. It was admirable and a little creepy at the same time.

"Your flying dagger skills have become proficient."

Roenn approached and smiled.

"I've been practicing."

"Can I give you a piece of advice?"

"I'll listen."

Roenn was an assassin who had the nickname "King of Death." He must have been an expert in dagger skills, so he listened carefully.

"Young master is now throwing the dagger mainly with his arms. From the shoulder to the fingertips. If you use your whole body to throw it, the dagger will be stronger and you will be able to advance faster."

Roenn showed him how to throw the dagger.

"From the shoulder to the fingertips..."

Raon recalled Roenn's gesture and activated Mukgyeolbi. (Rain Dagger)

With the same level of aura as before, he shot the dagger out, taking Roenn's advice as a springboard.

The dagger, which went down without a sound, rushed towards Martha.


Martha couldn't even react and was hit in the right arm by the daggrt, and began to fall to the ground.

"How can you suddenly increase the difficulty! This damn bastard!"

As always, she blessed and disappeared.

"Oh, sorry."

Raon waved to Martha and looked at Roenn.

"It definitely changes. Thank you."

"I just reminded you of the basics you had forgotten."

"That's important. I think I understand why those kids grew up so quickly."

He smiled, looking at Yua and Yulius, who were far below.

"Yua, apart from her outstanding talent, she enjoys everything. Her personality is the best talent."

Yua has the talent to make people around her smile even when she is given the hardest training.

She was perfect for learning the intuition sword because she had a good sense of rhythm and a good eye for her opponent.

Hurk! It's not for nothing that she's my pineapple girl!

'Thist cotton candy does nothing and yet acts all high and mighty.'

"Unlike his stern personality, Yulius really hates losing. He'd do anything to complete a task, even if it's something he originally couldn't do, just to rival Yua."

In terms of talent, Yua might have had a slight edge, but Yulius, driven by his aversion to losing, managed to keep up with her.

"They're both interesting kids."


Roenn brushed his beard and chuckled warmly.

"You've been watching them closely. It was worth sending them to you instead of to Rimmer."

"Since I brought them, it's only natural that I take responsibility."

He felt responsible not only for Yua and Yulius but also for the children that he saved from the orphanage.

"When you have the time, could you teach the kids?"

"Of course."

Roenn smiled as he looked at Yua and Yulius.

"Then I'll take my leave... Huh?"

He turned around and saw Mark Gorton, who had come closest to the summit. Mark Gorton, who had remained at the lowest level of master level, had made a slight but noticeable improvement.

"You've grown up"

"As expected, you recognize me."

Raon nodded confidently.

"I've climbed up a bit, but I'll go even higher from here."


Both Mark Gorton, who was late to start, and Raon, who made him that way, were filled with pure admiration.

'A person who can change others…'

Roenn finally understand what Adis Sepia and Glenn said.

Raon Zieghart was truly a person who could have a profound and positive impact on others' lives.

He had initially felt sorry for him, but now Raon seemed simply admirable. His immense potential became more apparent.

'If a child like him becomes the head of this house…'

* * *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesians:

After asking Roenn for assistance in the Light Wind squad's training, Raon entered the audience chamber.

He walked through the chilly air that pervaded the entire audience chamber, knelt in the center, and bowed.

"I greet the Lord."

"No need for unnecessary greetings. Rise."

Glenn waved his hand dismissively, as if chasing away a fly.

"Thank you."

Raon raised his head and stood up.

"You're still undergoing that insane training, I see."

To his right, ragged saint Federick, leaning against a pillar, shook his head.

"It's not insane, just a bit challenging."

Raon replied with a faint smile.

"Light Wind squad vice-squad leader."

Glenn spoke with a deep, resonant voice, as if interrupting the conversation between Raon and Federick.

"I've summoned you because the Light Wind squad leader has not yet emerged from seclusion."


Raon lowered his gaze.

'It seems to be taking longer than expected.'

After the duel with the Warring Steel division, Rimmer suddenly entered seclusion within the cave behind the lord's mansion and hadn't come out for over three months. Everyone was shocked, as they had expected him to come out within three days.

"Normally, we should wait for the Light Wind squad leader to come out, but we can't postpone the second test indefinitely," Glenn said, his gaze cold and determined.

"Considering the current state of the Light Wind squad, I believe it's time for you to undertake the second test."

"Understood," Raon replied, not surprised since he had expected this when he was called here.

"May I inquire about the nature of this test?"

"We will assess how you handle one of the actual missions of the house."

'Of course'

Raon put his fingers together. It was the same as the way Gambling Monster had told him before.

"Do you know about the Arian family?"

"I only know that it is one of the vassal families of house Zieghart."

"Arian Family shares its origins with the house Zieghart and has been guarding the Death Swamp, which has recently seen an increase in undead creatures and a rise in water levels. They have requested assistance to investigate the cause."

Upon hearing this much, Raon could predict what Glenn was going to say next.

"Your second test is to go to the Death Swamp, ascertain the reason behind the increased number of undead creatures, and resolve the issue."

Glenn clenched his fist and lowered his eyebrows.

"If you think you cannot handle it, speak now."

'Is he being considerate?'

Without Rimmer and after performing well in the battle against the Warring Steel division, Raon figured that the second test might be relatively easier.

"I will do it."

Raon nodded confidently. He had no choice; this was the path he had to take to progress further.

"For this mission, you must resolve it using only the Light Wind squad strength, without the Arian family support. If you request assistance from the Arian family to guard the Death Swamp due to the Light Wind squad's insufficiency, the mission will be considered a failure."


Raon replied calmly. It was a given, and he accepted it without hesitation.

"When should I depart?"

"That is entirely up to you."


Raon was momentarily taken aback by the unexpected answer.

"A division has more freedom than a squad in terms of missions. As long as you complete the mission, you can leave whenever you want."


Freedom is not always a good thing. It meant that if there was a problem, they would be held more responsible.

'I have to be careful.'

It seemed that I would have to think and plan much more than before and move.

"I understand."

Raon bowed his head and looked at Glenn. He thought he would be told to go back, but he did not move with narrowed eyes.

"Raon Zieghart."


"...Do you like alcohol?"

"Yes? Uh..."

Raon was stunned for a moment at the question that he didn't expect from Glenn.

'What does that mean?'

He couldn't understand why he asked if he liked alcohol.


'Of course, I couldn't drink it in my previous life, and I didn't really enjoy it in my current life.'

I drink only twice, with Gambling Monster, it was a bet, and the first time I really drank was with Rimmer.

"I'm not bad at it, but..."


Before Raon's words were finished, the coldness in the audience chamber seemed to melt slightly, as if a breeze had blown.

"I don't really like it."

He nodded, thinking that it was the right answer for a warrior to stay away from alcohol.

As soon as those words ended, the atmosphere that had softened a little sank down several times colder than before.

'What is it?'

'It seemed like there was a problem, but I had no idea why.'



He couldn't understand the meaning as he stared at Glenn in silence.



He shook his head with dry eyes.

"Go ahead."


Raon left the audience chamber with a dazed expression on his face.

'Suddenly alcohol, what's on your mind?'

He scratched his chin and rolled his head.

'Does the head of house like alcohol?'

Idiot! That's not it!

Wrath came out of the bracelet and scoffed.

If that cold-hearted old man suddenly asks about alcohol, it's obvious, isn't it!


That's right! He wants you to buy delicious alcohol and snacks from around there!

He shook his finger, saying that he didn't know that.

I'll find out what the most delicious snacks are, so first, go to the famous restaurants there...

'Just go away.'

*     *      *

Glenn bit his lip as he looked down at the center of the audience chamber where Raon had been standing.

'He doesn't like alcohol?' thought Glenn. He had been hoping to have a drink with Raon on their next meeting, considering the previous one had been a bet with Gambling Monster, and the one with Rimmer was his first proper drink together.

'If I had known he doesn't like alcohol, I wouldn't have let Raon drink with Rimmer…'

The idea that his precious grandson had fallen under the influence of that Elf troubled Glenn, and his grip on the throne's armrest tightened. 

He wanted to go into that cave and pull Rimmer's ear.


He couldn't control his strength, and the armrest of the throne was crushed. Sparks began to fly in the air.



As Glenn took a deep breath, Federick climbed onto the stage.

"If you want to drink that much, just say so."

Federick clicked his tongue as he looked at Glenn, who was scowling.

"You only scold him all the time. How would Raon understand what you mean if you ask him if he likes alcohol?"

If Glenn had been kind to him from the beginning, Raon would have understood that he was asking him to have a drink, but he didn't know what it meant when someone who always looked at him with a fearsome expression asked him if he liked alcohol.


Glenn cleared his throat and shook his head.

"That's not it. In the first place, alcohol is something that should be learned from an adult. I was just a little worried because he drank with Gambling Monster, a drunkard, and Rimmer, a gambling addict."

He quickly waved his hand, saying that it was nothing.

"That's true," Frederick admitted. "Neither Gambling Monster nor Rimmer are exactly role models when it comes to drinking."

"If you really want to share a drink with Raon, how about I arrange it?"

"Is that possible?"

Glenn stretched his neck like a giraffe, unlike his claim that he wasn't interested.


"Before departure?"

"It might be difficult due to mission preparations. I'll see if I can arrange something when he returns."

"Cough, very well."

Glenn finally seemed content with the plan. He nodded, and Frederick left to arrange the details.


Raon, on the other hand, was lost in thought as he exited the audience chamber room. He couldn't understand why Glenn had suddenly asked about alcohol and why the atmosphere had grown tense.'What was that all about?'

He scratched his head, puzzled by the situation.'Could it be that the head of house enjoys drinking?'

But then Wrath interjected, Just go already!

*     *      *

Raon didn't leave for the Arian family immediately, but taught the Light Wind squad how to walk through the swamp at the indoor training ground with a swimming pool.

It was right to go with some preparation in case something happened when they arrived at the Death Swamp.

"The trick to walking through the swamp is similar to walking on water. It's about maintaining your body's balance by making the aura emitted from your feet the same as the flow of water."

"Is that as easy as it sounds...?"

Burren frowned with a pained expression as he sank in the water.

"Only you can walk on water at the expert level!"

Martha shook her fist angrily.

"The water feels good...."

Runaan fell asleep while doing backstroke instead of stepping on the water with his feet.


"Hey! Show some restraint!"

Yua was gleefully swimming around, and Yulius was busy trying to stop her.


Raon clapped his hands to gather the attention of all the Light Wind members.

"As you said, walking on water is a master-level skill. However, since the swamp has a mixture of water and mud, all of you can walk on it quite comfortably."

The swamp's water froze at a slower rate than regular water, making it easy for Light Wind members of their level to walk on.

"Let's start from the beginning."

After giving training instructions to the Light Wind members, Raon stepped back. They seemed to be coping better with the external energy now, holding their balance for a bit longer before falling into the water.

'They should be able to handle the swamp after about three days of training.'

After a few more days of practice, it appeared they would be well-prepared for walking on the swamp.

'Mark was able to do it from the start.'

Master level Mark Gorten could naturally walk on water, so walking on the swamp felt as easy as strolling on land to him.

'We can depart next week.'

Raon nodded in satisfaction. It seemed like he would be ready to leave for the swamp soon.

"Good job, everyone!"

Satisfied with their progress, Raon clapped his hands and began giving instructions for the next training session.

However, as Raon was about to proceed with the training, Gambling Monster entered the training area.

"I've brought something for you."

Gambling Monster placed two wooden boxes on the ground.

"Thank you."

Raon smiled as he saw the gray hammers engraved on the outside of the boxes. These were gifts from Borgos, the head of the Gray Hammer Guild, and his apprentice.


Raon called Dorian, who was floating upside down in the water.

"This is yours"

He handed Dorian the first box.

"Wow! Oh, wow!"

Dorian immediately took out the sword from the box. It was a powerful weapon, emitting a vibrant azure energy.

"It's heavy, and it fits perfectly in my hand! But it feels a bit cold..."

"Your feeling is correct. They used a drake that naturally possessed cold energy as the material."

When crafting weapons with materials that had inherent attributes, those attributes could be transferred to the weapon. Dorian's sword had a strong chill running through it.

"Thank you very much!"

"It's not me you should thank. It's the Gray Hammer Guild."

"But I received this sword because of you, vice-squad leader!"

Dorian expressed his gratitude once more, bowing his head.

"That's fine. Just make sure to contact... Hmm?"

As Raon was about to open the second box, he suddenly stopped.

'What is this...?'

Inside the box was something completely unexpected.


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