TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 334

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C 334

 Raon sipped on his wine and gave a faint smile.

'He said he would personally fix Cardis's arm?'

It's going according to plan.

Derus had thought of several ways to mend Cardis's shoulder and shared the most prioritized one. It meant finding an exceptional helps like the Saint of the Horse Tribe or seeking a remedy. This was to keep Derus away from the house Robert for a while.

'I had to cut Cardis's shoulder to the very end to induce that behavior.'

The reason for cutting Cardis's arm, twisting his meridians and mana channels, was partly for revenge, but also to make Derus treat him, thus buying time to enter the underwater dungeon.

Raon turned around quietly. Derus was sharing a conversation with approaching individuals, wearing a benevolent smile.

"Thank goodness."

You're still as snake-like as ever.

Knowing both Derus with his mask and without it made predicting his actions easy.

Knowing the true face of Derus would be the best weapon against that monster in the future.

Hey! The pizza's all getting cold!

Laughing contentedly, Raon noticed Wrath pointing frantically at the plates.

"Oh, sorry."

Nodding, Raon picked up the pizza on the plate and began eating. The combination of the salty cheese, crispy crust, and spicy sauce complemented the distinct flavors of the beef, creating a harmonious taste.

This place makes good pizza. Not as good as Pineapple Girl, but certainly satisfying!

Wrath touched his cheeks with delight.

"That's true."

Raon smirked and finished the remaining pizza in one bite.

'Derus is resolved, so now we just need to figure out how to enter the underwater dungeon.'

After the Six Kings Assembly and the duel, I heard we'll return to Zieghart the day after tomorrow.

I've thought about various ways to escape without returning to the family, but I haven't come up with a satisfying plan.

"Something good..."


While Raon was thinking, Wrath burst out in excitement.

It's not the cheese, the pizza's melting in my mouth! What a fantastic bite!

He pointed to the empty plate and wiggled his body like a chick.

Next! Next is meat and shrimp! Presenting the Galbi and Grilled Shrimp I was drawn to as soon as we got here!

"Stay calm."

Raon put his hand on Wrath's excited face and stood up. He had brought Garlic Butter Shrimp and Galbi from the buffet, as Wrath wanted.

Shrimp. You should start with the shrimp!

Wrath tapped the table with rounded hands, pointing at the shrimp.

This is the Demon King?

Seeing him only in front of food, he still looked like a child under ten. It was hard to believe he was the Demon King, and not just any Demon King, but the Demon King of Wrath.

He still looks like a parasite...

Raon suppressed his appetite and began peeling the shrimp. The plump shrimp meat, the smooth butter melting into a savory and sweet flavor, the garlicky aroma - it was so delicious he felt he could keep eating.

My mouth is full! This is what cooking is!

Wrath mumbled, his nose twitching in delight.

"Next, the Galbi!"

"Yes, yes."

Smiling, Raon tore into the Galbi. The succulent juices burst out, spreading a savory richness throughout his mouth. The tender meat went down easily, needing little chewing.

It's melting in my mouth. It's like warm ice cream!

"That's right."

While Wrath reveled in joy, Raon looked around the surroundings.

"He's still over there."

Runaan hadn't moved away from the ice cream corner. She was hanging around, enjoying several ice creams.

"She must have had a whole bucket."

Even a rough estimate suggested that Runaan alone had consumed a significant amount of ice cream. Her passion for ice cream seemed to rival Wrath's.

"Burren is still the same."

He's building connections even here.

Burre  was conversing with other members of the Yellow Dragon Tribe. They were lightly tapping each other's shoulders, indicating that they had become quite friendly.

"What about Martha...?"

Martha was stacking her plate high with meat until it was overflowing. Her appearance was nothing out of the ordinary for her, except for one thing.

"Why is the Third Prince over there?"

Owen Kingdom's Third Prince, Greer, was sitting dumbfounded in front of Martha, watching her eat meat with gusto. He wasn't eating or drinking, simply gazing at Martha.

"Aren't you eating? Why are you just staring like that?"

Martha frowned as if his stare was bothering her.

"Just looking at you eat makes me full. Oh, there's sauce on your lip."

The Third Prince offered a fresh smile and took out a handkerchief. As he reached out to wipe the sauce from Martha's lip, her fist flew at him.

"You crazy bastard!"


The Third Prince's forehead met Martha's fist, and he ended up crashing onto the floor.

"Ouch, that stings! My goodness, it's numbing! My face feels like it's gone to sleep!"

Shivering, Martha moved her shoulder and continued chewing her meat at another table.

Watching the stumbling Third Prince, Raon let out a chuckle.

"He'll never learn."

His background, appearance, and skills might make such actions effective on others, but Martha would never fall for it.

His favorability probably plummeted to rock bottom after this incident.

"Huh, forehead this time, after the chin."

The Third Prince got up, his jaw trembling. Despite having taken a hit, his eyes were bright. No, he looked even happier.

"The first person to punch me in the forehead is you! I've fallen for you..."

"Get lost!"

Martha muttered an unbecoming phrase as she approached him, only to deliver another blow to his neck, sending him tumbling down again.

"He's relentless."

Raon shook his head with a smile.

Are you going there on your own?

"Is it dessert?"

Now, after the King's guidance, it's finally sinking in!

Wrath chuckled and nodded approvingly.

If you grovel a bit more, you might even become one of the King's subordinates!

"That's enough."

As Raon stood up with his head held high, Runaan swiftly turned his gaze.

"Are you really going to eat all of those?"

Runaan's plate was stacked high with bead-like ice creams, forming a foam-like arrangement. Various flavors of ice cream filled the plate, suggesting he had thoroughly enjoyed the mint chocolate.

"Ice cream for Raon too?"


"Mint chocolate is recommended,"

Runaan blinked her stern eyes and pointed in the direction where the mint chocolate was.

"It's even tastier today."

Mint chocolate! Indeed, that's what it means to be the King's subordinate!

Wrath nodded contentedly and leaned in, bringing his face closer.

As the Ice Cream Girl recommended, indulge in mint chocolate. No, you should just take the whole container!

'Then Runaan might cry.'

Ahem. In that case, just five pieces…

'They'll all be gone, and there won't be any mint chocolate left.'

You taste-challenged child! It's pitiful that you don't know the refreshing taste of mint chocolate!

'Fine, I'll pitifully eat only cookies and cream.'

Raon nodded and scooped only two portions of cookies and cream ice cream onto his plate.

Ra... Raon?

After a long while, Wrath called out his name and approached cautiously

"Raon? Did you eat a lot of greasy food today? If you finish with mint chocolate, both your mouth and your insides will feel as cool as the scent of pine!"

His voice rolled like a smooth jade bead on silk.

"Is that so?"

Indeed! Surely, your stomach will feel so comfortable that you'll sleep soundly…

"Yeah, I have training to do today."

Ugh, you ghost-like guy!

Wrath couldn't persuade him, and in his lack of strength, he crumpled like paper.

Seeing his slightly pitiable state, Raon walked over to where the mint chocolate was.


Wrath turned his head as if confused.

Yes, what on earth is up with you today? It's nice, but it's unsettling!

Raon intended to relieve Wrath's mood a bit, which might have been soured by the loss of his abilities while eating.


As Raon was about to scoop some mint chocolate, he stopped mid-action. Unlike the other ice creams, the mint chocolate container was completely empty. There seemed to be barely half a spoonful left.

"It's gone?"

Runaan had eaten more than half, and others who had witnessed the scene also spread the word, leaving very little remaining.


With both hands raised, Wrath let out a shriek.

Ice Cream Girl!

"So this is Wrath?"

Raon chuckled. Could she really finish it? It seemed fitting for her to be in despair because she couldn't eat like that.


When Raon was about to serve the cookies and cream ice cream, a red-haired elf passed by like a shadow.

"What kind of mischief is that elf up to again?"

The person wandering around like a zombie was Rimmer. Although he smelled of alcohol, his expression seemed less like he was drunk and more like his soul had left his body.

"Squad leader?"


When called by his name, he turned his head blankly. His focus seemed to be absent.

"Oh, it's Raon. Our little chunk!"

"What's happened?"


Rimmer approached, his voice choking as he came forward and bowed his head deeply.

Hey. Let's eat the ice cream first…

"Come this way, please."

Raon led Rimmer to a corner and then ingeniously blocked the sound from escaping.

"What's the matter?"

"My money! My retirement fund! My 5,000 gold coins have gone!"

He slammed the floor in frustration.

Can't you eat while we talk? Kuank is fine too…

"5,000 gold coins?"

While he might have won those 5,000 gold coins through gambling, it didn't make sense why they had disappeared.

"Take a look at this."

Rimmer pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket that was blackened from burning. It seemed to be a gambling ticket, and judging by its size, more than half of it seemed to be burnt.

"The part with the stamp is burnt, so they said it can't be exchanged..."

He collapsed backwards, sobbing that his life was ruined.


Raon unfolded the gambling ticket and nodded.

"It's ruined."

It wasn't a different section; it was the part where authenticity was checked. Since that was burnt, it was natural that he couldn't receive the money.


There might still be a chance to get it back.

Anyway, there's no harm in trying. He made up his mind and nodded.

"Let me give it a shot."

"Can you?"

"I'm not entirely sure. I might not be able to get everything back."

"But that's okay! At least it's better than nothing! Please!"

Rimmer grabbed onto his ankle, willing to accept even 100 gold coins.

"Let's go right away!"

"Ah, but before that, let me find my wallet."



After finishing all the ice cream, Raon took Dorian and headed to the treasury that managed the gambling for this tournament.

They conducted gambling directly in the kingdom?

The ship was filled, but Wrath, feeling somewhat out of sorts since he couldn't have mint chocolate, sat on Raon's shoulder.

'Of course. Considering the amount of money involved in this gambling, it's no surprise.'

Gambling is a popular pastime on the continent. There are numerous gambling establishments both in the countryside and in urban areas, and they are operated legally.

In this tournament, a gambling event was naturally held, and the responsible organization was the financial department of Owen Kingdom, a place that could be trusted not to take the money and run.

"Excuse me."

Raon entered the office of the administrator who managed the gambling for this tournament. The man in his thirties looked up and then quickly stood up, startled.

"Oops! Whote Sword Dragon! Oh, I apologize, Young master Raon!"

He lowered his head in a fluster.

"That's all right."

Raon gave a faint smile and stood in front of the administrator's desk.

"I've come to exchange my winnings."


Saying that, Rimmer extended the partially burnt gambling ticket towards him.

"Oh, this is..."

The administrator frowned as he looked at the gambling ticket.

"I apologize. I've explained it to Lord Rimmer as well, but since the stamp portion is burnt, we cannot exchange it for money."

"Other than our squad leader, there can't be anyone else who's asking for 5,000 gold coins, right?"

"That's correct. However, according to the regulations, a gambling ticket with a burnt stamp cannot be used."

The administrator took out a gambling ticket from his desk. He pulled the slightly singed section on the top of the ticket to the sides, making it into two pieces.

"Originally, gambling tickets are designed to be split into two pieces like this, with us and the guests each holding one piece. And..."

As he combined the two gambling tickets, a faint light in the shape of a sword emerged.

"You need to combine these two pieces to verify their authenticity, so we cannot provide the gold coins without that."

The administrator bowed apologetically.


Raon nodded his head. Everything up to this point was as he expected. The real challenge would start from now.

"What is your name, sir?"

"I am called Kyroos."

The administrator indicated his nameplate and lowered his gaze slightly.

"Administrator Kyroos, you must be aware that our squad leader purchased this gambling ticket, right? Considering the price, you must have verified his identity, and many people around have seen our squad leader with the gambling ticket."

"Yes, that's true."

"Then, that means you acknowledge his status."

"That's correct. As I mentioned earlier, if only the stamp part can be verified, we can immediately provide the gold coins."

Kyroos nodded his head.

'He seems to be halfway there.'

Acknowledging his status meant there was a considerable chance.

"I was at the banquet hall until a little while ago."

"Oh, as I thought."

Kyroos nodded his head as he looked at Raon's fancy attire and the black dragon insignia on top of it.

"It seems that due to this tournament, the friendship among the leaders of the Six Kings have become stronger."

"That's true. I was moved several times watching the duels. Especially when the Black Dragon of the West leaped into the sky during the duel to save others, that was an unforgettable sight."

He thanked him for the rescue and bowed his head again. Warmth emanated from his gaze.

"Among them, it seemed that our squad leader and King Leckros have become particularly close."

"I also noticed that the two of them exchanged many conversations."

Kyroos agreed and smiled warmly.

"So, if this incident were to be brought to their attention, they would likely instruct to handle it quietly. Eventually, that money will flow back to our squad leader."


"However, even if we handle it quietly, there's a possibility that some noise might leak, resulting in unfavorable rumors."

"That's true."

"To erase even that noise, they have sent me from above."

Raon raised his finger and pointed at the sky.

"Th-that means..."

Kyroos heard the word "above" and nervously swallowed his dry saliva.

Above? Are you saying that it's that irritating guy they sent?

Wrath tilted his head, seemingly finding it strange.

The face that infiltrated the administrator's mind was probably either Glenn or Sheryl, considering that Raon had presented the stories about Glenn and King Leckros before. That was the plan.

Did you go as far as to think about that? This wicked...

Wrath seemed to raise his head with a strange expression.

Wrath clicked his tongue as if he couldn't believe it.

"I want to handle this quietly so that it doesn't cause any trouble for those higher up. After all, it's the money that will eventually go to our squad leader."

"B-but, this gambling ticket..."

Kyroos wiped sweat from his forehead and pointed at the gambling ticket. Of course, he was prepared for that as well.

"Could you provide a genuine gambling ticket and a pen?"

"Ah, here you go."

Kyroos took out an empty gambling ticket and a pen from a drawer.


Raon held the pen and copied the exact handwriting of Rimmer's gambling ticket onto the new one. He slightly crumpled the paper to match the appearance of the original ticket.

It was a document manipulation technique he had developed during his time as an assassin.

'It's truly coming in handy.'

Experiences from his past life were continuing to be useful in his current one.


Kyroos saw what he did and his jaw dropped. His expression seemed to say that he had no idea such a thing was possible.

"Now all that's left is for you to stamp it here. Dorian."

Wrath extended his hand towards Dorian who stood next to him.


Dorian replied as usual and took out a clean white cloth from his bag. It was a cloth that had been prepared with gold coins inside.

"Since you might be tired, I hope you can quench your thirst with this."

He placed the cloth with the gold coins on Kyroos's desk. At the jingling sound, Kyroos's shoulders flinched.

"This, this is..."

"This is my sincere for your effort to handle the matter quietly."

Raon smiled and waved his hand.


Kyroos couldn't tear his gaze away from the pouch of gold coins. His trembling eyes showed that he could tell just from the sound how much was inside.

Observing Kyroos's trembling jaw and narrowing his eyes, Raon thought, 'This is hitting the mark.'

His words were gentle, but it was a threat. It was a form of pressure that used his status, reputation, and money to bear down on him.


Kyroos clenched his lips and lowered the pouch of gold coins. He took out a circular seal from his drawer and stamped the gambling ticket. He then pulled the ticket apart to create two pieces for the guest and confirmation.

"I've v-verified the g-gambling ticket."

After setting aside the gambling ticket and the confirmation, he slightly lowered his gaze.

"Would you like to take the gold coins with you now?"

"That would be convenient."

Raon nodded his head softly.


Kyroos walked towards the right safe and opened the door. He took out ten pouches of gold coins and placed them on the table. The table shook slightly due to the weight.

"There are 500 coins in each pouch."

"I've confirmed it."

After quickly scanning each pouch, Raon nodded his head.

"The currency exchange is complete. Have a pleasant evening."

Kyroos's expression reverted back to what he was when he first saw Wrath.

"Thank you. Dorian."

"Ah, yes!"

Upon Raon's call, Dorian absentmindedly placed the gold coins into the pouch, his expression somewhat dazed.

"This... Is this really happening?"

The man trembled his head as if he couldn't believe Raon's words.

"As I mentioned before, I hope everything goes by quietly as if nothing happened."

"What did we do? Weren't you here just to exchange currency?"

Kyroos smirked as if nothing had happened. He was someone Raon liked.

"That's right."

Raon nodded and turned around as if nothing had happened. He opened the door and went outside, as if there were no special events.

"Ah, huh..."

Only then did Dorian let out a deep breath.

"Is, is this really happening?"

"People only see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear."

Raon chuckled and looked at Dorian.

"Later, when I gesture, take five pieces of gold coins from the ones we received."

"F-five pieces? That's less than half...."

"It's okay."


Taking a bewildered Dorian with her, Raon stepped outside the treasury department.


Rimmer, who had been waiting near the garden, rushed towards them on all fours, his mouth full of alcohol.

"It didn't work out, huh? Those damn bastards! My money! Sob...!"

He threw an empty bottle and held his head in frustration.

"Yes. Unfortunately..." 

"Damn it!"

"Could only bring back half."

"Huh? Really?"

Rimmer's eyes widened so much they seemed like they might pop out.



Trembling, Dorian took out five pouches of gold coins from his bag and placed them on the ground.

"H-How did this..."

"We negotiated. If you leave some on that side, it can be used as part of the royal budget. It was difficult, but we managed to get half."

"Where is it? I almost couldn't get anything!"

Rimmer looked at the pouch of gold coins and jumped in joy.

"However, this is something you shouldn't tell anyone about..."

"Of course! It's only you!"

He stood up and hugged Raon.

"You are the light and salt of my life, the beacon, and the savior! I'm really grateful!"

"No, it's not like that."

Raon patted Rimmer's back and tried to avoid his embrace.

"I should be thankful."

Every time he automatically offered the gold coins, she had to express gratitude.

He smirked and looked at the side, where Dorian and Raon were huddled together, their pupils trembling with fear.


The king is now afraid of you...

Overjoyed, Raon left the bewildered Rimmer behind and headed to the lodging with Dorian.

As she he about to open the door to the lodging, a middle-aged man approached from the right.


Dorian's eyes widened as if he recognized him.

"I greet the White Sword Dragon."

The middle-aged man bowed respectfully.

"I am Tetkal of the Yeonam Commerce Association."

"Ah, I am Raon Zieghart."

He responded to his greeting, but he had no idea who this person was.

"I'm sorry, but could I borrow this friend for a moment?"

Tetkal pointed at Dorian. Their reactions suggested they knew each other from before.

"Oh, he's a friend of my father's."


"Just a moment, we'll have a talk."


He nodded, and Dorian followed Tetkal into the garden beside the lodging.

A while later.

Tetkal left first, and much later, Dorian walked out of the garden. His steps seemed drained of energy.


Raon smacked his lips. It wasn't just Dorian's steps; his expression was darker than usual.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing..."

He waved his hand as if it were nothing important.

"It's not just a 'nothing' expression, though."


Dorian jingled his coin pouch. It was something he did when he was anxious.

"Well, if it's a secret, I can't force it out of you."


After hesitating for a moment, Dorian raised his head.

"My father told me to visit the association..."

"You mentioned you came from a merchant family."

Dorian had mentioned that he was from the western part of the continent, originating from a merchant family.

'Merchant association...'

This should be fine.

Raon smacked his lips. He had been pondering how to get to the underwater dungeon in house Robert, but using Dorian as an excuse to take him home seemed like a valid reason.

'Quite feasible.'

As a vice squad leade, if he took a cherished teammate home, both Rimmer and even the head of house would understand.

"Well, then let's go."

Raon gave a faint smile and nodded.

"Since you didn't go when you were kidnapped, let's go now. I'll talk to the people above."


Reluctantly, Dorian nodded as if there was no other choice.

'What could the situation be?'

He had thought before that it was troublesome to go, but judging from his expression now, there seemed to be some circumstances.

"Your house was Apisae, right?"

He had thought of a shop or association named Apisae, but nothing came to mind. It appeared to be a relatively small shop, as he had thought before.


"W-Well, I apologize for mentioning it just now, but that's fake...."

Dorian slowly raised his head.

"My real house is not Apisae, but the opposite, Sephia...."


Raon muttered Sephia and then widened his eyes.

"The Sephia Commerce Association?"

"Did you know?"

"That's what you call a revelation!"

Sephia wasn't just a local association; it was one of the five major commerce associations that extended not only to the western part of the continent but throughout the entire land.


Raon's tone softened for the first time.

"You were a young master?"


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