TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 326

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 326

 Raon's power falls like lightning. A fierce rotation contained in his strong energy sweeps like a storm.


Raon doesn't step back this time either. He plants his feet on the shattered training ground, channeling the flames of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation with his polarity, and unleashes his spiral force.


Violent energies collide countless times, giving rise to a strange, red whirlwind.


Raon exhales a breath mixed with a hint of blood. Amidst the swirling energies that could tear his skin apart, he gazes at Garona preparing his next move.

"My mastery of martial arts is complete."

Colliding head-on with Garona, he has fully grasped his martial techniques. He knows he could unleash the same level of power right now.


That's not what I desire.

No matter how well I follow, I can't surpass the original. Temporarily breaking Garona's spirit might be possible, but such a victory holds no meaning.

"What I seek is not victory."

A stepping stone to reach greater heights.

Through battles with Matis, Borini Kitten, and Garona, I've assimilated their strengths to ascend higher.

Enduring the pain that makes my head throb, the only reason I stand here is for that purpose.

"The smile has vanished from your face."

The intense energy in Garona's fists contorts as it compresses.

"At last, you've reached your limits, you stubborn brat."

Contrary to his words, a smile graces Garona's lips. It might be a misconception, but he seems pleased with himself.

"All beginnings have an end."

"You're the man recognized by Garona. Show me the fitting end."

After dampening his right fist across his shoulder, Garona seizes his right wrist with his left hand. All that's visible are his back and pupils, yet his determination radiates as if it could reach the heavens.

"I don't need your recognition."

Raon adjusts his Heavenly Drive sword. Assuming the fundamental stance of a swordsman, he channels the power of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation.

From the torn-up training ground, flames erupt, covering the area like a blazing inferno.

"This is the end!"

Garona charges, demolishing the training ground. In an instant, his fist is so close that it obscures Raon's vision.


In that state, Raon's outstretched fist carries the power of a sky-piercing impact. Unprotected, it could shatter bones throughout the body.


Raon resonates with the Ring of Fire. Seven rings emit a clear resonance, elevating his presence and focus.

In the slowed-down time, Raon extends his left foot forward. Rotating his ankle joint and muscles, he digs into the ground.


The rotation shooting up from the ground is drawn up to his thigh and calf muscles, then through his arm and wrist. Once slender like a mountain breeze, the rotation transforms into a typhoon, extending above the sword's edge.


Bone, joint, muscle. Three consecutive twists converge in the same direction, releasing intense heat.

Unlike the previous rotation, the flames of the comic sphere now concentrate into a rounded intensity on the sword's edge, creating a powerful spiral force.

"That is..."

Garona opens his eyes wide as he sees the sun-like sphere above the sword's edge.

"If you don't want to die, give it your all."

Raon clenches his teeth and strikes down with the Heavenly Drive sword. The fierce rotation and explosive power of flames of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation rain down upon Garona's power.

"Enjoy it till the end!"

Garona's eyes flicker with determination as he punches toward the flames.

Strength against strength. Just like the battles before, Raon and Garona unleash their full power towards each other, without considering evasion. 


The formidable clash of power between Raon's mastered martial techniques and Garona's strength met head-on. The condensed and then explosive shockwave swept the area, causing the ground to sink and the sky to clear of clouds.


Amidst the impact, Raon and Garona pushed their sword and fist against each other. The force of their sword strikes and punches was tremendous, but Garona still had one weapon left.


Garona's lightly clenched fist gained strength. Following the first, a second burst of power surged forth. A robust energy surged like a wave.

"It's over!"

Garona smiled confidently, convinced of his victory.


In that instant, a gleam appeared in Raon's eyes.

'I can't forget that.'

Raon twisted the Heavenly Drive sword, forming a wry smile. Unable to add impact like clenching a fist, he created the phenomenon by maneuvering the blade's movement.


Two similar attacks. Yet within them, there was a difference. While Garona merely extended his strength, Raon rotated his wrist joint and muscles.

Though a slight rotation using different joints and muscles, it was enough.


The fiery flames of the second burst of the flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation overcame Garona's power, cutting into his chest.


Crimson blood spurted from Garona's chest, staining his wounds. He knelt on the shattered ground, unable to withstand the shock, gripping his chest and gasping for breath. Though it hadn't penetrated deep, the intense force seemed to overwhelm his body.

"You, you... Did you mimic my final attack?"


Having indeed observed Garona's power and replicated it, Raon nodded. He refrained from mentioning the rotation of his muscles, fearing the shock it might cause.

"Truly a frightening talent."

Garona took a deep breath and raised his head. Though his chest was bleeding, the flow of blood had ceased.

'He's not just an ordinary human...'

It was a fearsome regenerative ability and endurance. He seemed more like a troll than a human.


Garona shook his head to regain his senses and got back on his feet.

"I've lost."

Without hesitation, he grabbed Raon's hand and lifted it up.

"You're the winner! Raon Zieghart!"

At Garona's proclamation, the previously quiet arena ground erupted with cheers.


"Raon! Raon! Raon!"

"The best duel ever!"

"I've never felt my heart race like this!"

"Garona! You were impressive too!"

"Truly a clash of titans!"

The spectators released their voices in unison, creating an endless wave of cheers.

"Brother, hearing your name being cheered feels great."

Garona slapped Raon on the back with a grin.


Raon's eyes widened in surprise. He couldn't fathom what this troll was saying.

Our Black Sable tribe (Black fur tribe) has a custom of recognizing those who clash their body and mind with full force as brothers. Your power resonated with my heart. From today, you are my brother! Raon Zieghart!"

Garona thumped his own chest while smiling. Watching the guy who had just been struck by a sword thump his chest left him flabbergasted.

"I never thought I'd become a brother with you..."

"What kind of bitter words are those! My feelings must have reached you too! Our bond will become even stronger than blood brothers! Once the Black Sable tribe designates someone as a brother, we never abandon them!"

With a hearty laugh, he grabbed Raon's shoulders.

"Brother! Since the duel is over, how about a meal..."

"That's enough."


Raon sighed and bowed his head, making his way down beneath the training ground.

"Not a single one is unscathed..."


Ogram (Ogrem change to Ogram, I am tired of constantly changing ogram to ogrem, hhaha) broke the armrest of his chair and burst into laughter.

"Good! Excellent!"

He was pleased that Garona had lost, and he even found joy in seeing Raon imitating the Black Sable tribe's secret technique.

"The kid showed a fight worthy of our tribe! He's worthy of being recognized as a brother!"

Ogram shook his hand, as if content that Garona had become a brother to Raon.

"Old man. You've raised a fine descendant. Among the Ziegharts, he's the first one I've found likeable!"

"Ahem, quiet down a bit. Your noise is unbearable."

Glenn gestured and turned his head towards the empty space. Unnoticed by anyone, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly.

"Watching those kids' duel makes my heart race. It makes me feel twenty years younger."

King Leckros also seemed excited, with a flushed face as he nodded.

"Indeed, it exceeded all expectations. I'd love to see it again."

Derus smiled as if amazed, though his eyes remained fixed.

"So, this is what they call a real man these days."

Chamber whistled and twirled his finger.

"Sir, you're lucky to have a great descendant. Everyone's just chanting our handsome kid's name, aren't they?"

She grinned upon hearing the name "Raon" erupt from the audience.

"What's the significance of that?"

Without turning his face, Glenn snorted. Right now, he was desperately holding back his rising smile, like someone trying to hold in a laugh.

From behind, Roenn watched Glenn's cheek trembling and shook her head slightly.

'He should admit it by now...'

After receiving treatment in the infirmary, Raon returned to the arena ground. It seemed that repairing the arena ground took quite some time, as the quarterfinals of the second round were only just beginning.

In the neatly restored training ground, Cardis and his opponent, the Demolisher Mage Ron, were already on the field.

Raon first observed Ron on the right.

'The Demolisher Mage.'

Although Ron had risen to the Twelve stars of the continent, he ranked lower than Cardis and Borini Kitten, who were mid-ranking members. He was in the ninth position among the Ziegharts.

While undoubtedly a skilled magician, the gap in skill was evident. Hence, the outcome of this battle was already determined.

'I hope Ron can't do anything and loses...'

What did you say?

Wrath stared, shaking his head as if incredulous.

Isn't he the son of your arch enemy?


Your condition isn't good, so it might be better to rest down there and recover before coming up.

"That's not the case."

Raon shook his head.

"I need him to defeat Ron easily and then take down Cardis, who is in top shape. I can't just win against him. I need to break his pride by defeating Cardis when I'm injured and my strength and aura aren't at their peak."

Truly, your way of thinking is neither human nor demon-like. You're a filthy being from the filthy heavens...

Wrath shook his head, clearly frustrated.


Raon narrowed his eyes at Cardis.

"Seems like someone's in a foul mood."

His expression was icy, as if he were encased in ice. His displeasure with the current situation was evident from his face.

"Of course he would be."

Cardis, even more concerned about his reputation than Derus, enjoyed being in the spotlight. Just like yesterday, today Raon and Cardis were stealing all the attention. Cardis must be getting irritated at being reduced to a sideshow.

"Don't worry."

Raon chuckled coldly, clenching his fist.

"In just a little while, that irritation of his will turn to despair."

He was already curious about the expression Cardis would make when Raon defeated him in the final match.

"And now, let's begin the Master level 4th round 2nd match!"

The announcer descended from the platform and lowered his hand.


It wasn't Cardis who moved first, but Ron. As he spread his hands, crimson mana unfolded around him.

Demolisher means obliterate. Ron was a mage who used bloodline magic to manipulate crimson mana imbued with the power of obliteration, not just affecting objects but even erasing auras.


As Ron's hands moved, the obliteration mana transformed into sharp spears that shot towards Cardis.

Unfazed, Cardis calmly drew his sword. The young aura above the blade gently undulated, dispersing the obliteration energy.


The sword he wielded was the house Robert's proud weapon, the Dual Sword Blue Cloud Abyss Sword. (what a long ass sword name)

With a graceful movement, the surging aura emanating from the sword effortlessly repelled Ron's assault. It seemed like the obliteration energy was naturally avoiding Cardis.

"Heavenly Abyss Sword, mastered perfectly."

Cardis' combat prowess was indeed different from other mid-tier members of the Twelve Stars of the Continent. The flowing aura from his blade was both solid and fluid.


Ron rapidly chanted, both hands together with his fingers spread out.


The obliteration mana that had been pushed back by Cardis suddenly surged with movement.


Raon moved as if he were alive, observing the obliteration aura with keen interest.

"Seems like he's getting desperate."

Cardis' attempts to use obliteration mana against Cardis' blade seemed ineffective and futile, but now it looked like he was preparing for a surprise attack.

Hundreds of obliteration mana threads, small and large, transformed into blades and rained down simultaneously. Even for Cardis, dealing with such a number wouldn't be easy.


Cardis swung his sword downward, rotating his ankle to lift the blade upward. The flow of strong aura he generated led the rain of obliteration mana blades, as if guiding them like magnets.

"He's just attempting to cancel out the diffusion effect from my sword using this."

No matter how powerful the river, the annihilating energy consumed by Cardis' strength ultimately turned into waves and returned to Ron as if being swept into the sea.

"What, what's this!"

Ron tried to resist forcibly, but there was no way to stop the already surging waves. He was thrown out of the arena and slammed onto the ground.


Ron spat out blood and lowered his head in defeat.

"I, I've lost."

"T, the winner is Cardis Robert of the Blue Sword!"

At the announcer's declaration, Cardis raised his hand triumphantly. He descended into the arena and bowed his head while checking on Ron's condition.


"Overwhelming! Overwhelming!"

"As expected of the Twelve Stars of the Continent! I guess rankings are inevitable?"

"This is impressive as well. Truly a swordsman of the future."

"This duel had no dull moments at all."

"Kyaa! The sight of the victor looking after the defeated is nice too!"

The spectators applauded Cardis, who had defeated Ron and was now tending to the fallen opponent.


While looking at Cardis' back, he turned around and locked eyes with Ron. He let out a smile similar to Derus. Outwardly warm, but with a smirk hidden in the smile.

Raon, unlike the others, smiled up to his eyes and lifted the corners of his mouth.

"That smile will disappear soon."

*   *   *

After the players' rest time ended, the audience gathered once again in the arena. Despite having four hours of rest to recover from injuries and fatigue, more than half of the people remained, not wanting to miss their prime seats.

The announcer, feeling a shiver in the fervor, ascended to the arena.

"You've waited a long time!"

With his arms outstretched, the announcer bowed his head to the audience.

"We will now begin the finals of the Six Kings Assembly Tournament!"


"We've been waiting!"

"We've endured four hours without even eating!"

"Start already!"

The audience shook their hands frantically, urging the start. If more time were wasted, they might have stormed the announcer.

"Ahaha. The heat is so intense it feels like it's going to cook me. Very well."

The announcer wiped his cold sweat and nodded.

"Then, let's start with the Expert-level finals! Martha Zigheart vs. Greer de Owen! Please come up to the arena!"



"Prince! Please win!"

At his shout, another resounding cheer erupted in the arena. While the cheers for the Third Prince were expected, the applause for Martha was no less.


Martha climbed up to the arena and clenched her fist.

"This should be enough."

The aftermath of her injuries remained, but she was not in a state where she couldn't fight. Thanks to Raon, she had grown enough to wield her usual strength.

She lifted her head and looked at Owen, the Third Prince, in front of her. When they first met, he seemed like an unlucky fellow, but now he exuded a gallant aura.

"I wanted to fight you from the moment we first met."

The Third Prince let out a faint smile and shrugged his shoulders.

"I remember. You said you'd fight me after defeating Raon."

When Owen Kingdom's envoy arrived at Zieghart, he had looked down on Raon and immediately named himself as the next opponent.

"That's right. I suffered a devastating loss to youn master Raon. Even now, I could kick the blankets off in my sleep just thinking about it."

The Third Prince awkwardly scratched the back of his head, as if embarrassed.

"But because of that experience, I was able to become stronger. My personality has changed. It's sharp, yet dignified, typical of a knight of the Owen Kingdom. There was a certain keen energy in his eyes as well.


Martha tightened her grip on her sword and nodded.

"I also regained my senses after being humbled by that guy."

"Both of us have risen to this position thanks to young master Raon. It's quite amusing."

The Third Prince grinned and then subdued his gaze.

"While we couldn't see young master Raon, he has risen to the sky during that time. I'm going to win this match to get a little closer to him, even if just for that."

"That goes for me as well."

Martha looked at the Third Prince with a cold expression.

"I have things I need to do, so I can't afford to lose. Absolutely not."

The two of them faced each other, slowly building up their energy. While not as intense as the masters' battles, the atmosphere was charged, and their energies clashed like they reached the sky.

"Are both of you ready?"


As Martha and the Third Prince nodded their heads, the announcer exhaled and descended beneath the arena.

"Then, let's start the Expert-level finals!"

The moment his hand dropped, Martha pushed off the ground and charged forward.

With lightning speed, Martha dug into the Third Prince's space and unleashed a flurry of sword strikes. Powerful and swift sword techniques extended from left and right.


The Third Prince opened his eyes narrowly and lowered his center of gravity. His counterattack struck through the gaps in Martha's sword strikes.

Martha narrowed her eyes.

"As expected of Owen's eyes."

To break through the gaps in her sword strikes in an instant, the Third Prince's current self and the one that appeared in Zieghart were undeniably different.

"But still!"

Martha aimed for the moment the Third Prince's sword extended forward from the right and swung her sword from the left.

However, the Third Prince seemed to anticipate it, stepping back and parrying with his sword after showing a moment of ease.

While power was on her side, the precision and sharpness of technique favored the Third Prince. At this rate, it seemed it would turn into a drawn-out battle.


Martha sighed and stepped back. Since she wasn't in top condition, she had no choice but to resort to "that" technique.

"Is it already over?"

"No, it's just beginning."

Black breath flowed over Martha's red lips as she exhaled. Her black eyes glowed like burning embers, and a fiery orange aura covered her entire body.


With a tremendous roar that seemed to shatter the ground, Martha's body disappeared. She lunged at the Third Prince at more than twice the speed from a moment ago.


The Third Prince rapidly formed a barrier of sword strikes, but Martha shattered the barrier and charged through.


The Third Prince bit his lip and twisted his sword's edge, deflecting Martha's attack.

"Has she gone berserk?"

Considering Martha's changed eyes, heightened physical abilities, and the increased aura, it was clear that she was undergoing a state of berserk rage similar to the warriors of Cyan Gorge when they faced monsters.


Just parrying felt like his shoulders would be dislocated. He gritted his teeth through the pain and followed his training.

"I can't face her head-on."

He wasn't Raon Zieghart. Trying to directly block that immense power and speed would be a futile effort.

"Still, I can't hold out for long."

The berserk effect of the Cyan Gorge warriors enhanced their abilities by about 1.5 to 2 times. Considering Martha amplified her power to nearly 2.5, maintaining her current strength wasn't sustainable for even a minute. Her movements had become straightforward, so he could endure for a while.


Martha let out a roar as she swung her sword down. The arena floor dented under the impact of her attack, which didn't resemble that of an expert level. Her strike was tremendously powerful, but as expected, her sword technique was quite simplistic.

"If I endure a bit longer... Huh?"

As the Second Prince turned his body to evade Martha's second strike, her face suddenly appeared before him.


The Third Prince looked into Martha's eyes and swallowed hard.

Why is her gaze so clear…?


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