TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 325

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 325

 Garona and Raon exerted increasing pressure towards each other in the arena, creating immense tension throughout the entire space.

The five protective magic barriers guarding the arena shattered, and the solid ground was being torn apart, yet neither of them budged an inch, firmly planted on the ground.

"You...," Garona exclaimed, his eyes narrowing in disbelief as he glared at Raon.

"What have you done?"

"What have I done?"

Raon replied with a serene smile.

"You're not relying on aura but holding your ground with sheer physical strength!"


"With that petite stature of yours, it's unbelievable that you're holding back my strength!"

Garona roared with a force that seemed to rupture eardrums, pressing down on Raon from above, using his towering height of over 2 meters.

"Hmm...," Raon grunted, channeling strength into his trembling lower body.

"It's definitely a force I've never experienced before."

Without using martial techniques, merely resisting with strength, he felt a pain akin to his bones shattering. It was a sensation of standing against ogres and their brute force, not humans.

"Ease off and step back."

Garona's eyes grew fiercer as he intensified his downward pressure.

"If you keep resisting like this, you'll be crushed before you even get to deal with that brat."

"So, is this your full power?"


"If this is all you've got, it's disappointing."

Raon didn't lose his laughter, even as his body trembled under Garona's pressure.

"Calling me a brat when you're about to get crushed yourself!"

Garona's gaze turned more ferocious.

"Is it because of this cheering?"

He looked around at the spectators who were shouting Raon's name and raised the corner of his mouth.

"Let me offer you some advice as a senior. Reputation and popularity are poisons that kill one's integrity."


"Getting lost in people's cheers and praises makes you unable to distinguish between what you should and shouldn't do. Just like you are now."

Amidst the fierceness in Garona's eyes, a hint of wisdom shone through.

"Unfortunately, your end will be here."

The power emanating from his formidable grip exploded once again. Skin tore, and the shock felt like his bones were shattering.

Garona pressed relentlessly, an image of imminent defeat, yet Raon's red eyes remained as clear as sunlit springs.

"This power alone is impressive."

Garona's power was straightforwardly potent. It was a pure, crushing force that felt like his entire body might burst from it. It wasn't just ogre-like; it was comparable to the strength of an ogre lord.


This isn't what I want to see.

He wanted to witness not just overwhelming strength but the utilization of that power in movement.

"If it's just raw power, I'm stronger."

Raon chuckled coldly and exerted force on the ball of his left foot. His oblique and thigh muscles swelled as the arena floor buckled, and the five protective barriers exploded simultaneously.

Raon pushed with his right leg, engaging his lumbar muscles. As the power surged from his lower body to his upper body, Garona's massive hand was pushed back for the first time. Confusion flickered in his fierce eyes.


"We're still far from the end."

Raon harnessed the stored physical strength and agility in his body as if unsealing them.


The blade of the Heavenly Drive sword pressed down on Garona with a weight like that of a mountain.


Garona's hands, nearly twice the size of an average adult male's, trembled noticeably. His knees were about to touch the ground.

"This, this can't be real!"

Garona bit down on his disbelief until it nearly shattered.

"Why does such strength exist in those thin arms and legs of yours? No matter how skilled you are with manipulating aura, this should be impossible!"

"Impossible, you say..."

It wasn't impossible; it was only natural. His current physical strength and agility were close to 300, transcending the boundaries of humanity. Even a top-tier member of the Beast Union with the strongest physique wouldn't have been able to withstand this, not even an Ogre.

"I've mentioned this before."


Raon chuckled coldly and released one hand from the Heavenly Drive sword. Even with just one hand, Garona couldn't push the sword away.

"My muscles are compacted for practical strength, while yours are inflated for show, like balloons."


As Raon pointed at their respective biceps with his finger, a fiery anger ignited in Garona's eyes.

"In simple terms, my muscles are practically condensed for combat. Yours are superficial muscles, just for display."

"Shut up!"

Garona couldn't hold back, raising both his arms. His previously linear force twisted into a spiral, generating a powerful shock.


With a massive explosion, Raon and Garona were pushed to opposite ends of the training arena.

"I don't know what kind of trick you've used, but I admit your body is superior to mine."

Garona bit his lip, lowering his stance by placing his left arm forward and right arm back.

"But your method is clumsy. Show that it's not just about brute force."

"Of course."

Raon smiled and nodded.

"This is how it should be."

He had come here to witness how to wield the ultimate physique, and Raon was pleased that it was being demonstrated naturally.

"Even that annoying laughter stops here!"

Garona slammed the ground. His massive body, previously extending in a straight line, now twisted into a spiral, looking like three people merged into one as it charged forward.

"Is this the essence of the Hwan geom blade?" (Phantom Sword)

It all seemed genuine.

With the terrifying speed of his charge, there wasn't much time to think.


He activated Supreme harmony steps. As he tried to move backward, Garona's movements suddenly changed.

The version of Garona that appeared to be three people merged into one instantly consolidated from the left, quickly joining together on the left and adhering in an instant.


Suddenly, Garona's fist was in front of him. Raon reacted instinctively, a culmination of ingrained reflexes. The blow was rapid yet brutal.


Raon swiftly jerked his waist backward. The gust produced by Garona's fist felt as if it was tearing his facial skin apart.

"You fool!"

Garona didn't waste his advantage, driving his left elbow down as if determined not to lose his upper hand.

"I expected as much."

Raon withdrew his left leg quickly. As he straightened his waist, he lifted the Heavenly Drive sword behind him.


The sword, charged with tremendous energy, clashed with Garona's fist, producing a fearsome shockwave that swept everything aside.


As Raon was pushed back, he let go of the Heavenly Drive sword in his hand. Even though he had drawn on his aura with intense focus, the impact wasn't confined to his hand alone; it reverberated through his entire arm. If he had eased up even slightly, his bones might have been compromised.

"A rotation, perhaps?"

There had been a distinct and forceful rotation in Garona's punch a while ago. However, it was distinct from the regular technique of a warrior or the force of a spiral.

"And furthermore..."

What set Garona's strike apart wasn't just the rotation—it was the fact that his punch struck twice.

After enduring the first impact, he immediately had to brace for the second, and the pain resonated through his bones.


Raon raised the ring of fire with fervor and savored the sensation. From the expanding incantations to the enigmatic rotations of three figures, all the way to the dual strikes, there was an abundance of lessons to be learned.

"Now, does that composed expression disappear... and do you smile?"

Seeing the smile form on Raon's face, Garona's lips contorted in response.

"Let's finish this in one breath!"

With a deep inhalation, Garona shifted his weight and lunged forward. He surged through the arena, causing the ground to tremble as if from an earthquake. His colossal fist shot forth, guided by the conjured patterns of expanding incantations.

Narrowing his gaze, Raon stepped back, his steps akin to the flow of water with the footwork Supreme harmony steps. In that moment, the three Garonas converged, piercing the space at an unfathomable speed.

"The reason for the transformation into three forms isn't singular."

It was an instinct fused with reason, designed to react no matter which direction the adversary moved.

"And what facilitates that..."

Flexible ankles.

Raon observed Garona's ankles. They swayed back and forth, generating a fluid rotation.

Garona's approach wasn't just about manipulating aura; it involved leveraging the joints and muscles within his ankles to the maximum, enabling him to execute these astonishingly swift movements and transformations.


Suddenly, Garona was right in front of him, his fist extending. Blood erupted from the back of Raon's hand, unable to withstand the rapid and forceful impact.

"The optimal course of action now is..."

Raon swung down the Heavenly Drive sword , conjuring the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation : Yeomju Wall (Flame Barrier). The crimson flames clashed with Garona's fist.


The potent rotational force in Garona's punch twisted the flames of the barrier, and the second impact pierced through the gap.

Unable to endure the second impact, Raon was propelled backward, his legs wobbling as he exhaled heavily.


Despite the overwhelming impact, a smile appeared on Raon's face.

"This was rotation as well."

While the mana circuit within aura rotated through a warrior's sword and a spiral's force, what Raon perceived wasn't just that. He had not only withstood the initial impact, but also the second, head-on.


Blood dripped from Raon's lips as he was pushed back to the edge of the arena ground. It was only natural that blood would flow, considering the penetrating power of the force he had been continuously blocking head-on.

"So that's how it is."

The secret behind the two impacts was the fist itself.

When Garona delivered the punch, he held his fist lightly as if holding an egg. But at the moment of impact with the opponent, he clenched his fist tightly and triggered his aura explosion, creating the second impact.


Raon wiped away the blood flowing from his lips and straightened his back. He had sustained injuries, but all of Garona's secrets were now revealed. A satisfied smile naturally formed on Raon's face.

You. Why haven't you put on that ring yet?

Wrath emerged from the Ice Flower Bracelet and perched on Raon's shoulder.

'The Cheonghong Ring?' (Cheonghong = azure red/green red)


'I didn't put it on because I wanted to win with my own abilities.'

Hmph. Normally, you're more shameless than a devil, but in strange places, you act honorably.

Despite Wrath's teasing words, he emitted a snort that seemed to indicate he liked it.

The King has that side too. Equipment? Artifacts? Fine. Good. But what you truly need to take care of is your own power, while the King King was in the Demon World…

'I'm busy right now. Later.'

Raon brushed Wrath, who was starting a conversation, off with the back of his hand and focused on Garona.

'The fight isn't over yet.'

He had understood the secret of rotational power, but acquiring that technique was a different matter. He had to keep clashing with it and learn its intricacies.

'There's a swordsmanship that's perfect for imitation.'

Ten thousand flames cultivation technique Hoecheon.

Hoecheon (Lake of Blood) was a sword technique of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation that rotated both the wrist and aura to create a spinning flame-like blade. It was perfect for Raon to learn since he was already adept at the Beast Union's martial arts.

"For you to withstand a head-on clash with me to this extent is a first."

Garona's expression was ambiguous. It seemed to mix anger with a faint hint of a smile.

"Clashing power against power like this is unexpectedly fun. I'm curious how long you can hold out."

He released his fingers and a broad smile formed on his face. His expression seemed to suggest that he believed he would ultimately be the last one standing.


Garona spread both of his hands and pulled all of his aura upward. The overwhelming energy rose endlessly to the point where a red aura could be seen above his shoulders.

"From now on, it's the real deal!"

He charged forward at a terrifying speed and struck with his fist.


Raon activated Supreme harmony steps and raised the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: Flame Barrier. Through the Ring of Fire, he simultaneously rotated Garona's movements, body, aura, and muscles exactly as he had done.


While Garona retreated three steps, Raon was pushed back seven steps, his hands trembling.

'It's still not that easy.'

It wasn't the movement of the aura, but the movement of the body. Moreover, it was the movement of the muscles. That's why it wasn't easy to replicate.


The method became clear.

The first attempt had failed, but Raon felt like he understood how Garona was moving his muscles.


Garona was using the aura to create precise muscle movements.

"I'm not there yet!"

Garona charged again. The fist he extended carried a fierce force that crushed his entire body. The joints, muscles, and energy combined in the same direction, producing a fearsome shockwave.

"Very well."

Raon clenched his teeth and ignited flames on the blade of the Heavenly Drive once more.

"Let's see this through to the end."

*   *   *

The collision between Raon and Garona tore apart the arena field's ground as if it were a drought-ridden rice paddy.

Despite the wizards continually casting protective spells, it was but a moment before the ground fissured, rendering the spells nearly futile.

"Is this... human combat?"

"Well, a battle like this..."

"Why are they fighting like this? They possess techniques to exploit openings after dodging attacks!"

"Why are they directly confronting each other within Garona's realm?"

The spectators gazed at Raon and Garona's head-on clash with confusion and exasperation.

"Weren't there any weaknesses to exploit?"

"Look at him, he's smiling. Absolutely not."

"He's insane. I've never witnessed such a reckless duel before..."

"My heart is racing. This is what a true battle among men entails!"

"Raon! Hold on till the end!"

"Garona! Don't give up!"

The crowd cheered and shouted with all their might, observing Raon and Garona extending their swords and fists towards one another.

"I didn't anticipate this turn of events."

Chamber leaned forward, peering down at the training field.

"Did anyone foresee a fight unfolding in this manner?"

She turned around to inquire, yet no one had a response.

"Who could have predicted this?"

King Lekros commented, shaking his head as he observed Raon directly blocking Garona's punches.

"I assumed it would be a battle involving exploiting weaknesses, not confronting Garona head-on..."

He emitted an incredulous, hollow laugh.

"The physical prowess of Frostfire Sword of Valor far exceeds my expectations. I cannot fathom how such power emanates from muscles of that form and size."

Derus Robert also raised an eyebrow in astonishment. However, his pupils remained icy and detached in comparison to other Archons.


Ogrem swept his hand over his head and erupted into laughter.

"That young one. The more I observe him, the more I favor him!"

He gestured towards Raon, who utilized Flaming Strikes to counter Garona's approaching fist.

"Harnessing all that strength and directly clashing. It's not as straightforward as it sounds. Not just anyone can achieve it. That lad is a true warrior!"

Ogrem extended his finger, appearing to mock Raon's actions.

"Drawing out all that strength and colliding head-on. It's simple, but not something everyone can manage. That brat is a genuine warrior!"

Ogrem turned his head, glancing at Glenn.

"He's brimming with the power of a true beast. I'd like to have him in the Union if I could."

"By doing that, the Union of Beasts might very well be eradicated from the world."

Glenn fixed Ogrem with a cold look, his gaze unwavering.

"You've become quite the jester!"

Ogrem seemingly interpreted Glenn's words as jest and burst into even louder laughter.


Sheryl shivered, sensing Glenn's chilling aura, as she regarded his back.

'That probably wasn't a jest…'

While Ogrem might have taken it as a joke, Glenn was serious. Provoking Raon could potentially result in the complete disappearance of the Union of Beasts.

Ogram pursed his lips and leaned against the chair again.

"The moment they collide head-on, the winner is already decided. He's enduring it with determination, but he won't hold out for long."

"Your eyes are still as sharp as ever."


"Look at that kid's sword."

Glenn pointed a long finger toward Raon.


Raon's waist, arms, and wrists performed a peculiar rotation. The flames that were previously blazing like saw blades condensed on the edge of the sword, forming a crimson sphere akin to the sun.

"That, that is..."

Ogrem's jaw trembled in disbelief as he watched Raon's movements.

"Black Fur Tribe's…"

"Although that lad's beginning may be slow..."

Glenn's lips curled upward in satisfaction.

"His ending is always directed towards victory."


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