TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 284

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C 284

Raon drove the Blade of Requiem into the neck of the Seventh Apostle with his left arm, wrapped the man's throat, and stepping back.

He glanced at the man who had been obstructing him while holding the Seventh Apostle hostage.

Dressed in a white coat with ten beads engraved on his left chest, gray lines forming in the middle of his black hair, the man appeared to be a fierce middle-aged figure with the gaze of a wild beast.

"Indeed, he was the Tenth Apostle."

The aura that approached from behind felt just like the Tenth Apostle's right before he tried to kill the Seventh Apostle back in the Porvan City.

Although this man had obstructed them for the second time, this time Raon had been faster.


The Tenth Apostle's gaze gradually intensified.

A dry gaze, as if bracing for a drought. 

Even though the Seventh Apostle could be killed at any moment, his pupils remained steady.

Raon clenched his teeth inside his cheek.

"So powerful."

Perhaps due to ascending to the rank of Grand Master, the Tenth Apostle's power was transmitted directly. 

The pressure was overwhelming, to the point where it was difficult to breathe solely from his momentum.

"Is it still impossible?"

Even if he hadn't used Aura or depleted his stamina, it wouldn't change much. 

The Grandmaster above him was an opponent he couldn't defeat even if he were to die and come back to life. 

It wasn't about fighting, but finding another way to survive.

"But there is one way."

Raon shifted his gaze to the right.

"Why are you staring at me so arrogantly?"

Wrath, who was yawning inappropriately given the situation, furrowed his brows.

"No, it's not that."

He shook his head.

I can't use it now.

If he accepted Wrath into his body, he might be able to survive even if the White Blood religion Leader came instead of the Tenth Apostle.

Now that the Ring of Fire had reached the Seventh Star, he might regain his body later.

However, as soon as Wrath took over, he had said he would go berserk 100%, which meant there was a high chance that others above might be dragged into it as well.

"Well, I need to assess the situation first."

Raon smirked and turned his head asked.

"I didn't know the White Blood religion was generous."

Mocking the White Blood religion, he resonated the Ring of Fire to keep it in sync with the Tenth Apostle's movements.

"Even though he is an Apostle, you're still following him around. Isn't this overprotection? Do you feed him as well?"

"Release him."

The Tenth Apostle lowered his gaze as if he were in a superior position.

"Don't give orders."

Raon chuckled coldly and twisted the Blade of Requiem embedded in the Seventh Apostle's throat. 

The flesh tore, and gray blood oozed out in clumps.


In response to the energy emanating from the Blade of Requiem, the Seventh Apostle let out a pained groan.

The Seventh Apostle reached out towards the Tenth Apostle. 

He appeared to be begging for mercy.

"Even if the White Blood religion is not afraid of death, filling the position of an Apostle isn't easy, right?"


Raon tightly grasped the hilt of the Blade of Requiem. 

Just the vibrations alone made the Seventh Apostle's entire body tremble.

"The seat of the Fourth Apostle is still vacant, just like before. But..."

The Tenth Apostle slowly raised his head. 

His dry gaze fixed on Raon and the Seventh Apostle.

"The strength of the main branch doesn't solely rely on the Apostles. The reason Apostles are important is not just because of their strength, but because they convey the light and truth of the Leader to the people."

His voice was dry as he spoke slowly. 

Despite his stern expression, a surprising devotion shone through.

"There are those in the main branch stronger than Apostles."

Raon had never seen or heard of this before, not in his previous life nor in the information he had received from the Council.

"Whether his words are true or not, it means they can't easily discard this guy."

Before being a paramilitary organization, the White Blood religion was a religious group. 

The fact that a higher position than that of the Apostles existed within the organization meant that the Seventh Apostle, held hostage as he was, had significant value.

"I don't care if he begs for food. What I want..."

The Tenth Apostle's gaze was fixed only on this side, without even bothering to reply. It was his chance to speak.

"Burren! Runaan! Take everyone in the city and leave this place!"

Raon shouted at the ceiling, using the only way he knew everyone could survive.


"What are you planning to do?"

"You trained with us to fight together!"

The Light Wind squad didn't back down and displayed their determination as if they were about to descend at any moment.

"Those guys...."

Despite feeling the overwhelming aura of the Tenth Apostle , it was satisfying to hear them say such things.

Feeling proud, but he couldn't afford to make a foolish move like breaking a rock with an egg.

"This time is an exception. I can survive, so don't worry save the citizen and get out without me."


"You little brat..."

Raon exchanged a glance with Runaan and Burren, who were showing concern, and gave them a faint smile.

"You know I've never lied, right?"

It was true. 

If the Light Wind squad were to take the people in the city and leave, there was a possibility he could use Wrath and turn the tables on the Tenth Apostle.

"See you later."

At that remark, the Light Wind squad who had been bowing simultaneously stood up.

"The Light Wind squad follows the orders!"

"Everyone, move!"

Without looking back, the Light Wind squad spread out in all directions. 

Although Runaan had been watching the longest, even she bit her lip and left.

"W.... Why are you just standing there? If you capture them as hostages, huff!"

Raon covered the babbling Seventh Apostle's mouth and looked at the Tenth Apostle.

'Something's strange?'

As the Seventh Apostle had mentioned, the current situation was an opportunity for the Tenth Apostle as well. 

If he were to capture the Light Wind squad as hostages, it could create a chance to turn the tide in their favor. 

Yet, the Tenth Apostle remained completely still. 

It was as if his sole purpose was tied to this place.

'Wait a moment.'

Come to think of it...

If it were a regular master, it might be understandable. 

However, if the Grandmaster, the Tenth Apostle, had genuinely intended to take advantage of the situation, it would be impossible for Raon to stop his assault. 

To be honest, if the Tenth Apostle had been serious, Raon's life would have already been taken.

As Raon reviewed the events that had unfolded until now, a spine-chilling thought crossed his mind.

'Could he be...'

Is he targeting me?

If the intent wasn't to capture the Light Wind squad, if he wasn't particularly interested in the Seventh Apostle , and if the assault wasn't meant to kill but to capture, then this was a possible assumption.

'And he wouldn't needlessly explained about the Apostles.'

Thinking back to the unnecessary explanation the Tenth Apostle had given about the role of the Apostles, it felt like a show of arrogance.

Considering the Tenth Apostle's personality, it seemed there was intent behind that explanation as well.

"Is he planning to make me an Apostle?"

At Raon's murmured words, a change appeared in the expression of the Tenth Apostle for the first time. 

His wide-open eyes revealed his astonishment.

"I finally understand why she told you to come with me. Indeed, she's someone who observes the world from his seated position."

The Tenth apostle slowly closed and opened his eyes. 

His previously trembling pupils now settled like the depths of a winter marsh.

"That's right. I came here to take you, Raon Zieghart."

"W-What are you talking about? This, this person is my enemy! To become an Apostle?!"

The Seventh Apostle spat out his grievances until the end, even with a blade through his neck.

"As per the instructions of our Leader."


The man shut his mouth at the mention of the leader's orders.

"Raon Zieghart, you have no choice. If you refuse, not a single one of your subordinates will survive."

"Can't you see the Seventh Apostle?"

Raon twisted the Blade of Requiem embedded in the Seventh Apostle neck again. 

With a sound as if flesh was being torn, blood flowed down.

"Killing is fine."


"For an Apostle who has lost twice to an enemy, it would be more helpful not to exist."

The expression and voice of the Tenth Apostle were cold.

His demeanor was so icy that it made one wonder if he intended to kill the Seventh Apostle himself.

'is the hostage not working?'

Thinking back on the explanation about the Apostles, it felt like bluffing, but the disadvantage had fallen on his side.

'I need time...'

Light Wind squad and the people hadn't yet escaped the city. 

He needed to stall for time, even if it meant talking nonsense.

"If I become Apostle..."

While nibbling her lips slightly, Laon looked at the Tenth Apostle.

"Can I directly receive the teachings from the White Blood religion Leader?"

"Of course. Becoming her disciple is the first step to becoming a ln Apostle."

"To receive the teachings from one of the strongest on the continent, it's not a bad deal."

He muttered such words when he needed to stall for time.

He sensed a faint flow of mana, like an aura of injustice, rising from the air.


Raon captured that flow of mana with his eyes and swallowed her dry saliva.

'If I handle this well...'

Could I survive without having to summon Wrath?


Burren spread the false information among those who had escaped that the Tenth Apostle appeared and destroyed Granseville, prompting everyone to leave the city.

Throughout the city, remnants of the White Blood religion, and with buildings collapsed like sandcastles, persuading people wasn't very difficult.

"What about team 1?"

"Everyone is supposed to gather where Martha is! Don't worry about them, just run!"

"And you..."

"I'll finish checking and then go."

Together with Runaan, Burren confirmed the last remaining people in the city and then looked at the pit where Raon and the Tenth Apostle were.

He  wanted to help, but he knew he would only be a hindrance if he went, so he bit his lip and left the city.

When they arrived where Martha was, all the members of Light Wind squad were gathered.

"What the heck is going on? Why is everyone coming out?"

"The Tenth Apostle appeared."

"The Tenth Apostle..."

Martha, holding a child, trembled and stood up.

Tremendous energy surged from her previously empty body. 

It wasn't an aura but rather an energy that seemed to ignite life.

"That jerk is here, and why are you all here?"


"Are you just going to leave him? We need to kill him together!"

As she explained the situation, Martha clenched the handle of her sword, as if she would dash forward any moment.


Runaan tightly grabbed Martha*s wrist.

"Let go of this! I have to kill the Tenth Apostle! Raon can't handle it alone!"

"Raon said he would come back. He asked us to believe him."

Even as Martha swung her hand roughly, Lunan didn't let go of her wrist.

"Let go!"

"Martha. I know the Tenth Apostle is your enemy, but now is not the time. Going there would just be a hindrance."

Blood flowed from Burren's lips.


Seeing the bloodstained lips of Burren, Martha stomped her foot in frustration.

"Why does the situation always... Argh!"

As she tried to sit down while cursing, Runaan suddenly hit her at the back of her head with a clenched fist.


Coming to her senses, Martha rolled on the ground from Lunan's unexpected attack.



All the members of Light Wind squad looked at Runaan with wide-opened mouths.

"What the hell is this crazy woman doing right now?"

Martha wiped the dirt off her face and cursed angrily.

"You tried to stop me by doing this?"

"Who else would stop you like this?"

Runaan pointed at Martha.

"When have I ever... You couldn't be...?"

Martha frowned. 

Back then Runaan had a seizure and she knocked her out by hitting her neck from behind. 

It seemed like she was referring to that incident.

"Is this about revenge?"

"It's not revenge, but to stop you."

"That's revenge!"

"No, it's not."


Martha was about to throw a punch at Runaan but stopped.

'This guy...'

Runaan's eyes, usually dazed more than anyone else, were shaking intensely, unlike her usual self. 

It was clear that she was worried about Raon, left alone.


Looking at Runaan's eyes, the urge to dash forward disappeared.

"There's nothing we can do."

Martha bit her lip and turned away. 

Martha bit her lip and turned back. 

The children rescued by the first team were all trembling in fear, their shoulders shaking.

"Hey. What about feeding these kids...?"

Martha scrutinized the members of Light Wind squad and furrowed her brows.

"Why isn't he here?"


Raon pretended not to notice the newly revealed flow of mana and offered a faint smile.

"If I become an Apostle, can I receive elixirs as well?"

"It's not just simple elixirs, you can even receive her blood. Since you're so favored by Her, you'll surpass your current state in an instant."

"That guy also grew stronger due to that blood, I assume."

Raon shifted the Blade of Requiem and pushed Seventh Apostle slightly forward.

"That's right. If you follow the Leader and believe, you'll also receive such blessings."

The Tenth Apostle slowly raised his hand. 

From his hand, a pure and almost ethereal aura of smoke rose.


The pinnacle of blood energy, often referred to as the highest state.

"Come to the White Blood religion. With your potential, you can attain glory higher than even me, standing before a deity."

"A deity? Deities..."

Seeing the white flames rising from the Tenth Apostle's grasp, Raon let out a cold laugh.

"I don't believe in deities."

It wasn't just now. 

Even in his past life, Raon had never believed in gods or deities.

"Whether it's the Lord or the Holy Spirit, I have no interest. Talking about a Blood Deity is quite amusing."

Even though he ridiculed his god, the Tenth Apostle remained unfazed.

"I only believe in myself."

Raon thumped their chest with their right hand.

"Such as it is, I made a promise a little while ago."

"A promise?"

"A promise with them."

With a sunken smile, Raon lifted his head.

Countless bodies, stacked like mountains, came into view.

Numerous corpses, their original faces unrecognizable due to pain and terror, stared at this place as if filled with resentment.

"I swore to kill this guy. Gods who don't keep promises aren't very popular. I have no intention of leaving behind the grudges of these people."


The Seventh Apostle sensed the changing momentum and felt a tremor mixed with fear.


The Tenth Apostle's eyes trembled in response to Raon's ominous aura.

Raon's gentle smile abruptly halted.


With those words, Raon forcefully pulled the Blade of Requiem from around Seventh Apostle's neck. 

Contrasting with the gray blood, fierce flames tore through Seventh Apostle's neck.


With a bone-chilling sound of flesh and bone tearing, a brutal amount of blood spewed from Seventh Apostle's neck.


Seventh Apostle's voice was cut off as his throat was split open. 

His hand trembled uncontrollably, and he collapsed to the ground. 

Death was reflected in his bulging eyes, which were filled with excruciating pain.

"Raon Zieghart!"

The Tenth Apostle, fueled by anger in his intense gaze, approached. 

Explosive power emanated from his grasping hand, surpassing imagination.


As Raon exhaled softly, he gripped both swords. 

When he attempted to use the remaining aura to raise all the Ohr, the space twisted diagonally, emitting a brilliant iridescent light.


As he blocked the Tenth Apostle's attack, a rift opened in the space. 

A woman wearing a black robe turned inside out appeared.


Seeing the crumpled old woman's mask, the Tenth Apostle frowned.


Merlin's sigh was not directed at the Tenth Apostle but was aimed at Raon as she looked at him.

"Of course, it's you. You're the only one who can wear that helmet."

Desire gleamed in her pupils hidden behind the mask. 

The longing was stronger than when they first met at Habun Castle or even during her fight with Sheryl.

"Come with me, Raon. Devote your life only to me..."

"Eden's Merlin."

The Tenth Apostle aimed a different level of blood energy at Merlin. 

The space she created melted into the burning smoke aura of the Tenth Apostle.

"This isn't the time for you to interfere. Leave."

"You've come between me and Raon."

"Are you violating the Oath?"

"Oath? Did we even make such a thing?"

Merlin floated leisurely in the air, spreading her hands. 

Unyielding mana surged from her hands in response to the Tenth Apostle's blood energy, and she smiled.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Merlin's back.

"As I thought, it's him."

When he pretended to be interested in the Apostles story to buy time, the mana wave that the Unchained Circle detected was indeed coming from Merlin, just as he had expected.

"He's been after me from the beginning."

From their first encounter in Habun Castle, Merlin had shown her desires, and on their second meeting on the battlefield, she displayed obsessive fixation.

Raon thought that she would prevent the Tenth Apostle from taking him away.

So, when the situation became truly dire, he killed the Seventh Apostle, who might have been spared under different circumstances, and it played out exactly as he had foreseen.


The energy emanating from the Tenth Apostle and Merlin, two monsters beyond Grandmasters, caused a mana surge that reached from the depths underground to the heavens above.

"They won't fight to the death against each other."

The Oath of Alma. Even if it was just a name, high-ranking officials wouldn't directly aim to kill each other.

"I need to twist this situation."

Both of them desired him.

He decided to do what was only possible at this moment.

He swiftly moved backward, leaning against the wall.



"Fight each other."

Raon looked at the two bewildered monsters and pressed his fingers to his chin in a puzzled manner.

"I'll follow the winner."

Is he really...?

Wrath twisted his lips in disbelief as he looked at Raon's confident smile.

Is he insane?

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