TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 285

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 285

 Raon savored the sight of the Tenth Apostle and Merlin.

"What are they up to?"

He pressed the Blade of Requiem and Heavenly Drive sword Sword together, signaling Merlin and the Tenth Apostle to start fighting quickly.

"Do we have time? Let's engage and finish it quickly."



The fierce, beast-like eyes of the Tenth Apostle narrowed, and Merlin let out a delighted moan, seemingly thrilled. 

"Now, what's going to happen?"

Raon smiled calmly, brushing off the gazes of the two Grandmasters.

"Of course, they won't fall for it! Don't they have any common sense?"

Wrath grumbled as if questioning whether that was considered talking.

"There's plenty of potential."

"Such foolishness! They might be as insignificant as dust to the King, but aren't they relatively strong in your world?"

"Well, that's true."

"Furthermore, they're allies, they say. Are these individuals, who have reached such heights, really foolish enough to fight to the point of madness because of you? I'm sure I'll find another way to take you with me!"

"That's unlikely."

Raon tilted his head while looking at the eyes of the Tenth Apostle and Merlin, each filled with different emotions. 

This method might not work with other party, but it would definitely work with Eden and the White Blood religion.


Both of them were insane.

Among the crazed five demon , Eden and the White Blood religion were even more deranged. 

Despite being allies or whatever, it's only natural for clashes to occur when the objectives of these insane individuals align.

"Merlin, you won't follow his words, right?"

The Tenth Apostle steadied their wavering gaze and looked at Merlin.

"Huh? Oh, of course… I have to listen."


"I mean, I've decided to do whatever that child wants."

Merlin giggled in a sticky manner and extended both hands. 

Magic circles of water and fire emerged behind her, causing the surrounding mana to boil.


The Tenth Apostle manipulated white energy.

With a gaze so intense that just looking at his eyes was nauseating, he glared at Merlin.

"Don't you get it? This is a test."

Merlin wagged her finger left and right.

"A test? What nonsense are you spouting?"

"If you want to take him, prove your strength in this test. Don't you really understand the child's intention to become stronger?"

She interpreted Raon's thoughts in her own way.

"If I have to kill you to take Raon with me, it's a simple matter."

A torrent of water burst from Merlin's right hand, while blue flames erupted from her left hand, shooting directly towards the Tenth Apostle.


Two lines of magic, growing in volume and power as they advanced, filled nearly half the sky.

"This crazy woman!"

The Tenth Apostle reached towards the sky.

The space split in half, and a white spear, like a snowflake, materialized and was grasped in his hand.

The intense energy emanating from the spear clashed head-on with Merlin's magic.


A tremendous shock occurred as the ground twisted and the ceiling collapsed like a sandcastle.

"If you don't want to fight, step back. I'll accept your defeat with generosity."

Merlin poured out four types of magic with one hand while letting out a mocking laughter.

"It's an order from the Leader. Even if there's reluctance to return to the embrace of the Blood Deity, I cannot stop."

The Tenth Apostle  gritted his teeth and aimed the white spear forward.

"Then it's settled."

The size of the magic circle behind Merlin grew twice as large. 

The mana she controlled had also amplified to an extent beyond comparison.

"Come at me with all you've got."

"I will Tear off that mask and enjoy the sight of a screaming face."

The gaze of the Tenth Apostle  changed. 

The wildness in his eyes flickered like a beast's unleashed restraint.


The clash of the spear and magic shook the entire Granseville.

"Well, well."

Wrath swallowed nervously while watching Merlin and the Tenth Apostle  fight, releasing an immense light.

"Why on earth are those idiots fighting?"

"A while ago, I mentioned it. Because they're crazy."

Indeed, that's the sole reason. 

Both Merlin and the Tenth Apostle  were so mentally unstable that their fighting was only natural.

"Especially since Merlin has become more obsessed with me."

Every time she saw him, that fanatical obsession grew. 

It was obvious that she would provoke a fight with the Tenth Apostle .

Although the Tenth Apostle  seemed composed, a vampire who tore into human flesh would not change. 

Once he started to have a seizure, it was only natural for him to go berserk.

"Shall I show them something more interesting?"

Raon smiled faintly and called out to Merlin, who was conjuring wind and fire magic simultaneously.

"Merlin. If I wear the Eden's helmet, will I cease to exist?"

Merlin laughed heartily as she turned around. 

The sight of a smile forming on the mask of a jester was eerie in itself.

Merlin laughed heartily as she turned around.

The sight of a smile forming on the mask of a jester was eerie in itself.

"No, you'll remain you. Just slightly different when wearing the helmet. You'd understand if you tried it once. You can become much stronger than you are now. I'll make sure of it."

She spoke in a gentle tone, suggesting that the mystical power imbued in the helmet would enhance his potential.

"It's a lie."

The Tenth Apostle  brushed away Merlin's magic and charged forward.

"Eden's helmet and mask are imbued with the spirits of high-level monsters. The moment you use them, you'll lose your sense of self!"

He thrust forward with his spear, forcing Merlin back with the surging energy.

"We're different. Our Leader can make you stronger while keeping you yourself. You just have to accept the energy. Come with me. Become the strongest among the Apostles..."

"That's not possible."

Merlin created a semi-transparent space that absorbed the spear strike of the Tenth Apostle.

She grinned.

"While there are monster spirits in the helmet, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll be consumed by them. You can also win. Besides, when you take off the helmet, you'll be the same Raon as always. Nothing will change. Think of it as gaining a new powerful force called 'Tughi.'"

She blew on her finger, conjuring a small gust of wind. 

The tiny wind fragment transformed into a massive dragon and descended upon the Tenth Apostle.

"Once you accept the energy, you'll have to live as a monster that tears into human flesh for the rest of your life. Are you okay with that? Moreover, the White Blood religion Leader is a human..." 

"Shut up!"


The Tenth Apostle advanced through the storm and swung his spear downwards. 

Merlin blinked away and then fired a barrage of magic that emitted numerous lights.


Merlin and the Tenth Apostle resumed their attacks, targeting each other's throats with fierce aggression.


Raon narrowed his eyes as he recalled the words exchanged between Merlin and the Tenth Apostle.

'Monster spirits are imbued in the helmet...'

This might be useful.

In hus current state, he had gained valuable information. 

Both of them being insane was truly a blessing.

"What did you see?"

Raon shrugged his shoulders and looked at Wrath.

"I can extract information as well."


Wrath stared at Raon with his mouth agape.

"Is this guy really a human...?"

Despite being much weaker than the opponent, he wasn't intimidated. 

He instigated the fight using the opponent's psychology, even gaining information from it.

Such an approach was beyond his imagination.


In this place, Raon was the weakest, yet he dominated the situation. 

Even though he was the weakest, he stood his ground confidently against a stronger opponent, making him look small for the first time.

While he was still relatively inexperienced in terms of power, his mental strength and strategic thinking had reached a significant level.


This could be quite useful.

Wrath cleared his throat and began jotting down what had happened today on the palm of his left hand using the index finger of his right hand.

"The King of essence has had an astonishing experience today. The weak challenging the strong..."

"What are you doing?"

Suddenly, Raon raised an eyebrow as he saw Warath writing something on his palm and mumbling.

"I'm taking notes."



"What notes?"

"I'm writing down the method you used to manipulate those two fools. I should acquire it and make the arrogant Pride and the despicable Grid fight each other."


Initially, Wrath didn't believe it was possible, but after seeing it himself, he seemed to get absorbed in this method.

"The King of essence has even come up with great lines already."


"Yes. 'From now on, kill each other!' Isn't it impressive?"

Wrath proudly puffed up his chest, even when speaking about his own thoughts.

"Please continue to provide guidance in the future. You need to pass this on to the young demons of the Demon Realm..."

He repeated that line again, as if he was regretful that he couldn't use it again.

"Is that really that easy?"

The reason this scheme succeeded was mainly because Merlin was genuinely insane. 

Unless someone was as deranged as she was, it would be impossible to achieve this.

"That aside..."

Raon frowned, watching Wrath happily revel in his newfound knowledge.

"Have you truly given up now?"

After more than ten years of being exploited, he seemed to have partially given up taking control of bodies. 

At this point, he was like an illegal tenant, occupying one side of a body.

He was abundant in his own right, immature, and a Demon King of Wrath who enjoyed the grotesque. 

He truly was an absurd fellow.


As Raon mused about Wrath, a tremendous noise erupted from the Granseville skies.

Merlin and the Tenth Apostle  were fighting above, far away from the narrow grounds.

Even at a considerable distance, the impact of the mana they generated caused the ground to tremble.

"What's the next plan? Are you going to run?"


Raon shook his head. 

Escaping would be futile; he would be caught quickly, and it would lead to her becoming a hostage. 

That wasn't the goal right now.


Placing his hand on the ground, he conjured a magic circle. 

Flames followed the path of dried blood, spreading outward and enshrouding the bodies of the fallen individuals.

"Do you intend to put on makeup in this situation?"

"Exactly because of this situation."

Since those who died here had all been torn apart by the Seventh Apostle, Raon decided to comfort and send them away so they wouldn't turn into ghosts or negative entities.


Raising the the Blade of Requiem, he fueled the flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation.

"So it's like this."

The clear resonance of the Blade of Requiem seemed to be wishing that these souls would not become like him.


High-purity heat and spiritual energy merged, turning those who had died without closing their eyes into ashes. 

Their remains scattered into the sky.

"May you find peace there."

Raon closed his eyes, joining her hands together in a prayer gesture.

Unbeknownst to him, a peculiar light emerged from the ashes, gently resting upon the Blade of Requiem. 

For a long while, he comforted the spirits of the departed without noticing the ethereal light that emerged within the ashes.



From the cloud-filled sky, a massive spark flashed. 

Countless lightning bolts poured down from the sky, intertwining like a yellow chain within the grand spectacle.


Waves of energy surged from Tenth Apostle' halberd, shooting up from the ground to the sky, covering the entire area of Granseville.


The clash of extreme magic and martial arts caused the city to crumble like mud. 

The aftermath of their collision sent mana fragments flying, flipping lakes and sinking mountains.


Observing Merlin, who was gathering red and blue mana in both hands, Tenth Apostle furrowed his brow.

"Don't you already know? If we keep clashing like this, both you and I will die. Are you really going to go all the way?"

"Since when did your Leader, start targeting Raon?"

Without answering the question, Merlin spouted nonsense.


"When the Fourth Apostle died at the hands of Raon, right?"


Tenth Apostle responded with silence.

"I've known from the very beginning. I fell for him the moment I first saw him. And the second time I saw him, I was certain. We are destined for each other."

As Merlin's smile deepened, the density and fragrance of mana flowing around her intensified exponentially.


Watching the madness dripping from Merlin's eyes, Tenth Apostle squinted.

"As soon as I sensed you appearing here, I prepared for this battle. Victory will be mine. Just know that Raon will come with me."

As Merlin's pupils glowed with a shimmering yellow, an indistinct magical formation emerged behind her.


The magic raining down was a cascade of individual overpowering forces. 

It poured from the sky, enclosing Tenth Apostle completely.


Though Tenth Apostle' halberd sent a fierce surge of energy, as if shattering the sky, the torrent of magic quickly filled the void, as if it were a dam breaking and a new magic taking its place.

"Enjoy yourself, I've prepared ten thousand magics just for you. Have fun."


Ignoring Tenth Apostle' enraged roar, Merlin descended back into the city.


Raon narrowed his eyes as she watched Merlin descend.

"This is unexpected."

Seeing the level of preparation, it was clear that the woman was not just crazy; she was solidly insane.


This is more favorable.

Dealing with Merlin's magic was much more convenient than clashing with Tenth Apostle in terms of pure strength.

"Especially with the Blade of Requiem."

The ability of the Blade of Requiem, he obtained after absorbing the longsword at Lohengreen's dungeon, was crucial. 

With its magic absorption, he could withstand Merlin's magic while Tenth Apostle struggled to break through.

"You've got a plan!"

Hearing Wrath's admiration, Raon aimed the Blade of Requiem.


Merlin clapped her hands with a grin.


"It seems you've grown and prepared something again."

Her laughter deepened as she slightly lowered her chin.

"I would love to see that, but we don't have the time right now."

"Sorry, but I have plenty of time. I really want to witness the bond between you two."

"That won't happen."

A hexagonal box appeared above Merlin's hand. 

From the box, a black gem emerged, radiating an ashy glow with intricate patterns.


Raon swallowed dryly. 

Even just looking at it, the box emitted an ominous aura.

"Did you know there are consumable items even among legendary artifacts?"

"Legendary consumables?"

"This is one of them. It's called 'Shadow Prison.'"

Chills ran down Raon's spine. 

He instantly activated the ring of fire with an elemental resonance, prepared for whatever might happen.


Merlin, disregarding everything, channeled mana into the box.


Eighteen holes formed in the hexagonal box, spewing a dark vapor.

"What's... Oh?"

As he tried to raise the sword, his body wouldn't move. 

When he looked down, he saw thick chains of shadow emanating from his own shadow, binding his entire body.

"This, this is..."

"Shadow Prison is an artifact that can imprison beings with lower mana levels than its user. The shadow chains are binding your soul, so you won't be able to move."

It was true. 

It wasn't his body that was immobilized; it was his soul. 

Even if his body could move, his soul, the one that allowed him to move the body, was completely paralyzed. 

In this state, he couldn't even let Wrath enter to help him.

"It won't take long."

Merlin smiled slyly and shook the Shadow Prison. 

Darkness started to cloud Raon's vision.

-Your abundant mana well is preventing even the King from moving. But this is your plan, isn't it? Fine. Let's go wherever you want, puny human!

Wrath desperately struggled.

"Damn it..."

"Young master!"

As he was about to prepare himself mentally, a familiar voice echoed through the hole in the ceiling. 

Raon barely lifted his eyes to see strands of green hair fluttering in the wind.


The guy threw something from his pocket in Raon's direction.

"You idiot... you'll get killed if you..."

With his vision fading, Raon looked at Merlin one last time.

Merlin softly laughed, her fingers drawing an intricate pattern in the air. 

As the finger returned to its original position, the world turned pitch black.

(R.I.P Raon lol)

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