TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 315

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C 315


Wrath let out an excited sigh.

"This is amazing. A symphony of flavors is unfolding in my mouth!"

"Thank goodness for that."

Raon smiled, placing his fork on the empty plate.

"This is food, and this is art! Nowadays, they just make things according to recipes. They don't know how to infuse them with care and philosophy."

The idea of adding philosophy to cooking seemed challenging for chefs these days.

"More! Bring more! The king is still hungry!"

Wrath tapped his already bloated cotton candy-filled belly and gestured toward the buffet at the outskirts of the banquet hall.

‘Is that a plate with 10 servings?’

Merely 10 servings!

"sigh, there's no end to this."

Raon moved toward the buffet, noticing Martio's gaze behind Derus.


Raon turned to look at Martio naturally. He looked embarrassed and lowered his head.

'It's better this way.'

Pretending not to notice when someone stared was like shaking hands. It was the best response, showing curiosity about why they were looking.

'Merlin was a big help.'

If it hadn't been for Merlin, he might have made a mistake due to Martio's gaze. Even if it meant attributing his escape from suspicion to Merlin, it wouldn't be an exaggeration.


Wrath grumbled, looking at Derus, who was enjoying wine on the platform.

"Even the fact that you're not eating much is because of that distant guy! The arch-nemesis of food is unforgivable!"

He growled at Derus, making his stance clear. It seemed the offer of help was genuine.

"So, this time, grab some of those pies over there. The blueberries are tempting the King."

Raon chuckled and, after taking some food, returned to the table.

"Can you manage this? Eat up."

"These are 11 servings."

"Just 11 servings."

Martha frowned upon seeing the plates of food, making a similar sound to Wrath.

Runaan remained rooted to the ice cream corner as if nailed there, while Burren was engaged in conversation and laughter with Owen's knights.

"They'll manage on their own."

Raon gestured playfully and took a bite of the pie. The sweetness of the blueberries, seeping between the crispy layers, filled his mouth.

"Ugh! This is amazing! A taste infused with the dedication of a pastry chef! I'd love to take this to the King's castle."

Watching Wrath's contentment, Raon closed his eyes.

Even after 20 years or even after reincarnation, whenever he closed his eyes, those times came flooding back.

Being treated worse than a human, learning assassination techniques, spending over a month in training without proper sleep, being chased by hunting dogs and senior assassins, wielding a dagger instead of receiving parental love—all of these were memories from his past life.

Although Derus Robert had given the orders, it was Martio, Eumji's assassin, who carried them out.

During his childhood, Martio had used violence to intimidate him. After being brainwashed, he had used his newfound freedom to coerce him. The mechanical-like face of Martio, reminiscent of a machine, came to mind.

"That guy can't be spared either."

The target of his revenge wasn't just Derus Robert. It also included the influence of Eumji. He was determined to obliterate everything they held dear.

"But for now, it's a stretch."

At present, Martio's skill level was nearly on par with Roenn's, making him a challenging opponent.

"For now, understanding his energy is crucial."

Using Martio's gaze as a guide, Raon focused on sensing his energy. He utilized the ring of fire to attempt to feel his energy. Just as he was about to sense it, Wrath's gaze suddenly turned toward the back.

"The two of them have arrived."

With a muttering from Wrath, the outside became busy.


A moment later, the sound of knights pounding the floor as they lowered the window covers outside the banquet hall could be heard, and the door opened.

[The Archmage, Chamber, and the Heroes of Valkar are entering!]

At that shout, everyone's gaze turned towards the entrance.

Arriving just now, the magicians wore robes, and the knights were clad in armor as they entered the banquet hall.

Though many people entered at once, what captured everyone's attention was the beautiful red-haired woman standing in the center. She strode confidently towards the center of the hall, her golden eyes sparkling.

Despite her youthful appearance, a massive mana, as if capturing the sea, surged from her.

"I'm here!"

With a wave to the leaders of the banquet from her podium, the red-haired woman smiled brightly.

"This woman is Chamber, the Grand Magician (Archmage) of Balkar Kingdom."

One of the three most powerful magicians on the continent, she was a transcendent being who held the position of Head Magician of the Royal Magical Corps of Balkar.

"She looks younger than me."

Normally, the stronger one is, the slower they age, but this was particularly extreme in Chamber's case. Despite her actual age likely being older than King Owen or Derus, she appeared to be in her early twenties.

"Old man, you are here too?"

Referring to Glenn as an old man, Chamber climbed onto the podium.

"That light-hearted demeanor is still there."

"Yeah, well."

Glenn frowned slightly, but Chamber paid no attention and sat down next to him.


Raon's mouth hung open. He couldn't have imagined someone calling Glenn an old man.

"These transcendents are all peculiar."

He tilted his head and observed those who followed Chamber. A familiar face caught his eye.

"As expected, they came."

Princess Jaina Ruin of Balkar was, of course, in attendance at the banquet.

"I didn't expect her to come."

"If she had known, she would never have come. It seemed she hadn't anticipated Raon's attendance."


Jaina, who had been walking with the same confident steps as Chamber, let out a short scream when her eyes met with Raon's.


"Your Highness?"

People around them stopped walking and looked at Jaina.

"Oh, it's nothing."

Trembling, she shook her hands, and unlike before, she walked with her back slightly hunched.

"Another advantage gained."

Raon smiled, considering what he might gain from the seemingly haughty princess.

While Raon was thinking about that, a fierce and powerful aura surged from the entrance.

"Come to think of it..."

Wrath had clearly mentioned there were two. He hastily turned his head.

"Ah, I haven't introdu…"

"I don't need such formalities."

With an unsettling vibration, a figure clad only in a coat entered. Standing at over 2 meters tall, with eyes like a wild beast and an unyielding presence, he exuded an unshakable force as if not a drop of blood would flow even if pricked by a needle.

'Beast Union's Head, Beast King Ogrem!'

With the ferocity of a wild animal, a disregard for pleasantries, and the lion emblem embedded on his dragon-patterned coat, it was undoubtedly Ogrem, the Beast King who had united countless tribes in the west into the Beast Union.


A primal energy exuded from him, causing the banquet hall to fall into silence once again.

"Glenn Zieghart."

Ogrem approached the table without looking at anything else, standing in front of Glenn.

"It's been a while, Ogrem."

Glenn nodded calmly, his gaze composed.

"Is that arrogant expression still the same?"

"Your audacious gaze is just the same."


Ogrem laughed heartily and nodded in agreement.

"Your personality hasn't changed either. Even when others have grown weaker, I never believed it."

He leaped onto the table and took a seat beside Derus.

Despite Chamber's and Ogrem's peculiar entrances, there was little reaction from Glenn, Derus, and King Leckross. It felt as if that was the expected response.

'The five leaders of the Six Kings.'

With five Transcendents gathered in one place, even if only one moved, it seemed like the entire continent was stirring. 

This is amusing.

Wrath chuckled as he looked at the five Transcendents.

To think you humans could amass such power, your potential is admirable compared to your short lifespans.

He nodded as if in admiration.

'Potential, huh…'

Raon mused while observing people from both the Kingdom of Balkar and the Beast Union.

 'The Twelve Stars of the Continent came one by one.'

From the Kingdom of Balkar and the Beast Union, geniuses representing each of the Twelve Stars of the Continent had come.

'Opportunities have expanded.'

With the introduction of these new figures, there were more gains to be had at this gathering. Especially, he was curious about the Beast Union's martial expert, said to possess the strongest physique.

Bring more food! With more people, you won't last long!


He turned his head at Wrath's shout. While the mages and knights from the Kingdom of Balkar sat, enjoying a leisurely meal, the warriors of the Beast Union were indeed devouring their food, just as Wrath had predicted.



Since he had promised to let him eat to his hearts' content, he headed towards the buffet. But just as he was about to move, he heard voices from the direction of the table where the Transcendents sat.

"Ah! This should be interesting. I'm in favor."

As Derus spoke, Chamber raised her hand and cheered in agreement.

"It doesn't matter. Our kids will sweep away all your treasures."

Ogrem chuckled, chewing on a whole pig's leg.

"Then it's settled."

Derus clasped hands with relief and nodded.

"Let's hear from King Leckross."

He smiled at King Leckross, who was seated in the center.


King Leckross stood from his throne and positioned himself at the end of the table. Without uttering a word, all eyes in the banquet hall were drawn to his presence.

"Are you all enjoying the banquet?"


Everyone in the hall answered, bowing their heads respectfully.

"Gathering all five leaders of the Six Kings is a rare occasion. So, we are preparing a special event for this occasion."

"If you say it's a special event…"

"A duel tournament will be held for the young warriors and magicians who stand tall on the continent."

At the mention of a duel tournament, the eyes of everyone in the banquet hall shimmered.

"It will be divided into Expert and Master levels, and winners will receive not only the honor of being called the strongest among young warriors but also prizes awarded by us. Starting the day after tomorrow, preliminary rounds will be held, so participants should register by tomorrow."

King Leckros smiled softly as he surveyed the warriors in the banquet hall.

"We will also be in attendance for the finals, so we wish for favorable outcomes."

With those words, he returned to his seat.

"A duel tournament!"

"And the Six Kings will witness it too?"

"And they'll be giving out gifts too!"

"This is insane! I have to participate!"

The warriors from the five factions gathered and began discussing the tournament.

"This should be fun."

Martha twisted her fork, her gaze burning with excitement.

"Tasting victory over the elites will be satisfying."

She let her own identity as an elite slip and laughed.

"A chance to see the martial arts of other factions. It was a good decision to come."

Burren's eyes gleamed with excitement.


Runaan, more interested in what to eat first from the six-tiered pearl ice cream on her plate than the tournament, seemed lost in thought.

"Raon! Your Majesty! Look at that!"

Wrath stuck his tongue out like a puppy as he gazed at the mint chocolate stacked on the first layer of Runaan's ice cream.


Raon shook his head at Wrath's antics. He truly was a mischievous Demon Lord.

"Will the Frostfire Sword of Valor be participating as well?"

As he headed towards the buffet to get ice cream, a silver-haired youth blocked his path. He was Derus's son and ranked fifth among the Twelve stars of the continent, Cardis Robert.

"Having seen the might that swept through the Eden and the White Blood religion, I really want to witness your prowess firsthand. I hope you'll participate."

Cardis offered a soft smile. While it might seem amicable from the side, his smile seemed mocking and derisive when seen face-to-face.

"Will I be able to fill the Blue Sword's eyes?"

Meeting Cardis's gaze, Raon smiled mischievously.

"If the rumors aren't mistaken, that should be enough. It's bound to be an enjoyable time."

'Just as I thought, a mocking smile.'

Cardis was clearly ignoring me. His attitude was just as arrogant and conceited as when he was a child.

'It might be best to play along here.'

Cardis had a dual demeanor—arrogant and insolent, unable to bear being provoked by others. Raon decided to counter his provocation.

"I enjoy fighting opponents of similar caliber, so who knows if this time will be enjoyable?"

"You possess remarkable confidence."

"It wasn't much, but when recognized by the Blue Sword, it did give me a bit of a boost."


Using his own words against him, Cardis couldn't continue his sentence and swallowed his sigh.

"I hope we'll cross paths in the tournament."

His voice trailed off.

"If it's possible, and you can provide some amusement, anytime."

Raon smiled and passed by Cardis, his smile implying, "You can't satisfy my enjoyment."

Although his expression didn't break and his demeanor didn't waver, the calm atmosphere started to ripple.


Having come to provoke but instead being countered by someone much younger, Cardis was likely boiling with rage beneath his surface.


Raon froze as she was about to scoop ice cream onto heis plate.

Huh? What are you doing instead of scooping it?

Wrarh tapped his shoulder as if to say, "Hurry up and don't just stand there."

Staring at the ice cream with two colors mixed together, Raon offered a chilly smile.

"If I do this right..."

*  *  *

After the banquet, at Derus Robert's lodging.

Martio stood before Derus, who was seated with his legs crossed.

"How was it?"

"While it's not confirmed yet, based on what I've seen so far, it doesn't seem to be him."

Martio inclined his head as if in apology.

"Not him?"

"Assassins have a unique way of walking. They always walk on the balls of their feet instead of their heels, ready to assassinate their target at any moment. And they make it appear ordinary to the onlookers, as they shouldn't stand out."

He pointed at his shoes.

"But Raon Zieghart's shoes were entirely worn out, and his walk was the same as that of a common swordsman or knight."

"Even the shoes?"

Derus narrowed his eyes. While one can change their gait since people don't pay much attention to it, if the shoes are also worn out, it means he's been walking that way for a while.

"That's not all. Assassins maintain their guard against their surroundings while eating so as not to give away any hints, but he didn't exhibit such behavior. He made multiple round trips to the buffet, focusing solely on enjoying the food. He was quite the glutton."

Martio furrowed his brow in surprise.

"Lastly, even when I blatantly stared at him, there was no unnatural reaction. While I haven't seen him in combat, in his daily life, he's distant from an assassin."


Derus rested his chin on his fist as he sipped from his cup. His gaze, displeased with something, shifted outside the window, and then he nodded.

"If you observe Raon Zigheart's combat, will you be able to confirm?"

"Yes. In a battle where he has to exert his full power, he won't be able to hide."

"I've placed you as one of the judges in the tournament. Get a close look at his condition."


Martio nodded and disappeared from the room. A while later, a knock sounded at the door.

"Come in."

When Derus gestured, the door opened, revealing Cardis Robert.

"You called for me?"

"You came to provoke and ended up being provoked."

"You heard that too? How embarrassing."

While Cardis's facial expression remained unchanged and he maintained his smile, anger seethed in his eyes.

"You think you can win?"

Darkness flickered in Derus's eyes as he asked the question.

"I wasn't expecting the Beast Union to show up, but it doesn't matter. I'm prepared to defeat the top four of the Twelve Stars of the Continent."

"Then I'll add one more thing."

"Please, tell me."

"If you encounter Raon Zieghart, cut off his arm."


Cardis' lips curved into a drawn-out smile.

"Glenn has come, is that alright with you?"

"If someone else put those words in his mouth, he might have shattered your jaw, but it's different with Glenn."

Derus nodded and chuckled lightly.

"I've already read his thoughts. He won't move for him, but as for cutting off his arm... he won't be able to move much. Even if a healing spell reconnects his arm, I want to make sure he can't move it like before."

"I will follow your command."

Cardis bowed politely, contrary to his usual tone, then left the room.

"If you're unsure of the answer..."

Alone in the room, Derus gazed out the window, where moonlight spilled, wearing a chilling smile that was cold enough to send shivers down the spine.

"Erasing the problem itself is a solution."

*  *  *

After the banquet, Raon led the Light Wind squad toward the outskirts of the royal palace.

"Where are we going? why are we outside?"

Burren looked around with an anxious expression.

"Tomorrow is the friendly match. We should rest a bit and train."

Martha frowned, saying she needed to rest for the sword inspection the next day.


Runaan hummed a tune, seemingly lost in thoughts about the ice cream she had earlier. She seemed to be in a very good mood.

"We've arrived."

Raon reassured the apprehensive Light Wind squad members as he stood in front of a door near a small garden. Opening the door, which was locked with a sturdy latch, they stepped inside, revealing a well-maintained training ground.

"What's this place..."

"A training ground?"

"Did you arrange this for us to practice?"

The expressions of the Light Wind squad members seemed to say that everything had gone well, as they needed a space to train before the friendly match.

"I asked Prince Greer for a favor and got permission to use this empty training ground."

Raon smiled as he looked at the satisfied Light Wind squad.


"Just as expected from squad vice-leader!"

"He truly thinks of us!"

"It's so spacious, we can use the whole area."

The Light Wind squad members wandered around the training ground, wearing expressions of contentment.

"Since it's already late today, we'll start from tomorrow, right?"

"Yes, let's start training at dawn."

"We should prepare our training clothes and equipment..."


As the Light Wind squad discussed training for the next day, the door closed abruptly with a rough sound, causing them to startle and turn to look.

Raon was locking the door to the training ground.

"Ra... Raon?"

"Why are you locking the door?"

"Why would you lock it?"

The Light Wind squad members looked at Raon, their expressions a mixture of surprise and unease.

"Tomorrow? There is no tomorrow."

With those words, Raon raised his head, a fierce gleam in his eyes that resembled a wild beast.

'I might not care about other things, but I can't afford to lose to the Robert family.'

Revealing the techniques of the Robert family's swordsmanship could potentially expose my identity. Therefore, just like before, the best approach is to awaken the mind and body with a strong sword technique.

"Why is he acting like that again?"

"Why is he suddenly going crazy?"

"Tho, those are the same eyes you have during intense concentration training!"

Martha and the members of Light Wind squad stepped back, their jaws trembling.

"Oh, no, training is a good thing, but let's rest for a moment. We just had dinner."

"Yeah, it's late at night now. Let's start from tomorrow."

"We didn't even bring our training clothes or practice swords..."

On the other hand, Burren and some of the other members extended their hands in an attempt to persuade him.

"Don't worry."

When Raon flicked his finger, Dorian quickly approached from the side. (yep I fu**** know it)

"Got it?"

"Uh, yes."

Dorian sniffled and put his hand into his bag. From within it, rows of Light Wind squad members' training clothes and practice swords came out.

"There's one more."

"Sob... "

The guy surreptitiously wiped away tears and took out a black crystal from the bag, placing it on the ground.

"Black ring!"

"Isn't that going to break?"

"What the hell is this!"

The Light Wind squad recoiled in terror at the sight of the black ring. No matter how determined they were, the black ring seemed to be something they were all afraid of.

As Raon looked at the black ring, he tilted his head.

"Oh, I made a bit of a mistake."

Upon hearing those words, the pale faces of the Light Wind squad brightened slightly.

While they were willing to train, nobody wanted to go through the hellish training with Raon.

"Yeah, that's right. I was too hasty!"

"Training is good, but right before the duel, doing it too rigorously isn't the best."

"Yeah, let's take it calmly."

The members of the Light Wind squad wiped off their cold sweats and approached Raon.

'No, that's not it. Since five out of the Six Kings are participating. The possibility of encountering the others before meeting the Robert family is high.'

The force emanating from Raon cut through like thorns as he spoke.

"In other words, we need to be prepared for all four of them."



The members, now realizing their colossal misconception, were left speechless.

"But don't worry too much. Two days should be enough."

While the faces of the Light Wind squad grew tense, a sinister smile appeared on Raon's lips. He held the Sword in his hand and snapped his fingers.

"Let's begin the training... I mean, killing, from now on."


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