TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 316


N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 316

"I, I might die... We might all die...."

Dorian trembled, resting his chin on the floor of the training ground. His pupils were devoid of focus.

"The sun's already up. Kehehehe!"

Burren lay sprawled on his back, laughing mockingly at the rising sun. His usual composure seemed to have abandoned him, replaced by a manic expression.

"Damn it. Damn it. Sh-shit!"

Martha cursed rhythmically into the air, her voice gradually fading as if she were getting tired.

"Raon is the ugliest...."

Runaan pounded his head on the training ground floor, repeatedly saying that Raon was ugly. He occasionally murmured about missing last night's ice cream.

"Why is this human training so damn difficult?"

"It's hard to adapt. And just when you think you've adapted, the intensity increases. It's like we're really going to be crushed...."

"Well, partly because of the black ring."

"I told you to crush that thing!"

"Even if you crush it, it's no use. They say Dorian can copy it from his belly pouch..."

"Then let's crush Dorian."

The members of the Light Wind squad all lay prostrate on the training ground. They were all babbling nonsense, seemingly lost in their thoughts.

Raon stood in front of the fallen Light Wind squad members, looking no different from when he began the training.

"Take a break."

"What, what are you trying to do again..."

Dorian trembled, his eyes filled with fear.

"From now on, it's theoretical education."

Raon straightened his posture like the instructors who taught trainees and sighed.

"Let's start with the Kingdom of Owen. The distinctive feature of Owen Kingdom's swordsmanship is its sharp and precise sword strikes that aim for openings. It doesn't miss even the tiniest gaps, just like poking through a needle hole."



"Plus, they have great senses. Their eyes are the sharpest for sensing weaknesses and flows in the opponent. You can't afford to let your guard down even for a single moment."

At the mention of having the sharpest eyes, the members of the Light Wind squad swallowed hard.

"Next, the Beast Union."

Raon raised his second finger.

"The fighters of the Beast Union possess the best physique among the Six Empires. They can withstand well-honed swords even without using armor. They're known to have the strength to tear through steel-like bodies and rocks, coupled with their wild instincts. They're more dangerous than the unarmed warriors who wield weapons."


"So, aren't they just monsters?"

"You said it well. Monsters."

He nodded in agreement with the member who called them monsters.

"The Beast Union is known as monsters on the continent. They're not only powerful physically, but also possess monstrous strength that can tear through steel, as well as combat skills honed through their animal instincts. They're more terrifying than unarmed warriors who wield weapons because they charge like wild boars, deflecting sword strikes with their bodies."

Raon laughed coldly and raised his fist above his head. The fiery fist swelled to the size of a boulder. It wasn't just the level of injury if it landed, it seemed like his body would burst.

"This is how the Beast Union uses their Fist Aura."


"It's, it's frightening."

"If that hits, we'll... die..."

The Light Wind squad members shivered as they remembered the unarmed fighters of the Beast Union they had seen at the banquet.

"It's scarier because it looks simple. Ignoring strategies and just receiving sword strikes with your body while charging like a wild boar... It'll be hard to handle."

"The third is the mages and knights of Balkar. The Balkar mages are known for their rapid spellcasting. Their spellcasting, blessed with mana, is both fast and accurate. Trying to finish them off quickly like you would with ordinary mages will only leave you open to a counterattack."

Raon raised three fingers and briefly stuck out his tongue.

"Conversely, the Balkar knights are primarily tasked with protecting the mages. They focus on defensive swordsmanship and aura manipulation. Breaking through their steel-like defense won't be easy, even for the warriors of other Six Kings."

"Lastly, house Robert."

Raon spoke Robert's name, using the ring of fire to control his excitement.

"Doesn't their swordsmanship resemble the southern sea?"

"Isn't the southern sea clear and calm?"

Dorian raised his eyes, questioning.

"Yeah. It's even calmer than the Gazelle River we visited. Their swordsmanship is soft and graceful like that calm sea, erasing the opponent's swordsmanship flow and aura."


"They erase the flow and aura of swordsmanship?"

"Then are they invincible?"

The Light Wind squad members were taken aback when they heard about erasing the flow of swordsmanship.

"That's not all. In the south, there's a time when the waves rise up to the sky for about a month each year. Just like those waves, house Robert's swordsmanship remains calm and flexible, but when the opportunity arises, it creates a surge. At that moment, their attack power becomes stronger than that of other families. You need to be careful."

Raon explained the swordsmanship of the house Robert and then let out a sigh.

'I wish I could teach more than just the basics.'

He wanted to teach a method to completely counter the house Robert's swordsmanship, but doing so would raise suspicion from Derus. For now, he needed to defeat the opponents with the skills the Light Wind squad members already possessed.

"But how does young master know all this? You've never meet any of the Six Kings."

Dorian cocked his head with a puzzled expression.

"...I learned it from the squad leader."

After a moment of hesitation, he used the commonly used Rimmer Pass.


"Can we really defeat those monsters?"

"They're all older than us."

"Uh, suddenly feeling queasy."

The Light Wind squad members trembled as they heard about the characteristics of the four forces.

"These cowardly brats!"

Martha staggered to her feet, glaring at the members behind her.

"They must have gone through a tougher path than us, right? Not everyone's a pushover!"

She taunted the others while pointing at the members.

"For once, you're saying something sensible."

Burren chuckled and nodded.

"We've faced the brink of death more than once. Even other families among the Six Kings wouldn't easily endure such experiences."

He smiled, his fist still clenched.

"Getting tired of just being protected."

Runaan also looked at Raon, not with his usual ferocious eyes, but with eyes that shone like stars.

"That's true."

"Yeah. Zieghart Light Wind squad can't be afraid before even entering the battle."

"Let's think of a strategy to defeat the enemy."

The members of the Light Wind squad gained strength from the team leaders' words and all stood up, taking their positions.

"Those are some determined looks."

Looking at the members of the Light Wind squad whose spirits were rising, Raon smiled.

"Now, what could be a way to counter the sharp and precise swordsmanship I explained first?"

"Strike first and win. Shouldn't we attack faster than the enemy?"

Krein raised his hand slightly and spoke.

"Or maybe a defense-oriented approach, enduring until the opponent's strength weakens and then attacking?"

Burren got up and wiped his mouth.

"Both aren't bad, but there's a better way."

"A better way, you say?"

Feeling a sense of unease, Martha's voice trembled.

"Yeah. Just don't create openings."


"Eliminate openings?"

"Is that even possible?"

"There's only one day left, you know?"

"Of course it's possible."

Raon's lips curled into a chilling smile. Though the sun had risen, his smile appeared darker than it did last night.

"Humans tend to make remarkable progress just before they're about to die. I know from experience."

"R-Right before they're about to die?"

"Push them to the limit?"

"His, his pupils are dilating! More than yesterday! He's going to pop them out at this rate!"

Dorian got down on all fours and retreated. He took rocks and sand from his pocket and started building a wall. (Dorianemon mode: on)

"It's because of his mood."

With a soft voice, Raon approached the Light Wind squad. He shattered the wall that Dorian had built using his blazing Heavenly Drive Sword.


Amid the falling rock fragments, Raon's red eyes flashed eerily.




Not just Dorian, but all of the Light Wind squad screamed in terror.

"Until tomorrow, I'll bring out your... no, your true abilities."

*   *   *

"Isn't he trying to bring out the abilities of a mad dog rather than true abilities?"

Rimmer secretly observed Raon and the Light Wind squad at the training ground, shaking his head in exasperation. He looked at Raon's eyes, which burned more fiercely than the sun, and trembled.

"Cough, it would be troublesome if the name Gwangyeondan spread even here."

"I like it, though."

Sheryl lightly chuckled while looking at the trembling Light Wind squad members who couldn't escape.

"Isn't it better to have mad dogs that tear you apart rather than cowards who cower before even a fight? Isn't that right?"

She turned to look at Glenn as if seeking his approval.

"I agree."

Roenn nodded slowly.

"Rather than losing while fighting, it's better to have your throat torn out and die. That's what I think."

He said with a kind face, but his words were chilling.

'Are there only mad humans here?'

Rimmer pointed his head at Glenn, who stood right beside him.

"What about my Lord?"

"Raon's training method is about bringing out the latent abilities stored in the bodies and minds of the Light Wind squad members. It's not about teaching them something new, but reminding them of what they've already learned but haven't adapted to yet."

Glenn nodded as he watched Raon push the Light Wind squad to their limits.

"To know such a training method... I can't fathom how he's so intelligent and wise."


"His warm-heartedness, thinking of his teammates and educating them right before the competition. Truly, he's an individual without any shortcomings."

"That's warm-heartedness?"

Rimmer frowned and turned his head towards the training ground.

'Is he warm-hearted?'

A devil, perhaps?

Raon's face was contorted in a wicked grin as he attacked the Light Wind squad. It was hard to understand where this warmth was coming from.

"If you look over there, his pupils are spinning..."

"Since training the kids last night, he must be tired."

"No, it's the kids' screams..."

"Their fighting spirit is invigorating. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves."

Glenn, who had already given up on his youngest grandson, couldn't be reached by any words.



"To think you'd be sharing knowledge about the Six Kings with Raon. You also have your moments when you work properly."

Glenn patted Rimmer's shoulder as if acknowledging his efforts before descending from the tree.

"You're not a complete scoundrel either."

"Heh heh."

Sheryl and Roenn smiled and followed Glenn.

"Ahahaha! I'm a bit like that."

Rimmer laughed softly, scratching the back of his head.

"But... "

He narrowed his eyes and looked at Raon.

"when did I say such a thing?"

*  *  *

The day of the preliminary duels.

Despite having about an hour left until the start of the preliminaries, the royal sparring grounds were already packed with onlookers, leaving no room to move.

"Ugh, to witness the duels of the Six Kings warriors with my own eyes... I won't shed tears for anything else from now on."

"Only at times like this can you see it even if you sprinkle gold."

"The weight of being part of the Six Kings, isn't it overwhelming? Even though they're still promising, isn't there a lot of tension?"

"The time isn't passing fast enough. Can't we start already?"

The spectators in the arena seats laughed with anticipation for the upcoming duels.

"Where do you think the victory will go?"

"Of course, it's going to Owen Kingdom. In such hastily arranged matches, the organizers have the upper hand."

"But there are so many strong contenders."

"Among the experts, it's likely that Prince Greer will win."

"That's not certain. Balmorran Kyrin, ranked 7th in the Twelve Stars of the Continent, supposedly tore apart the bishop of White Blood religion with his bare hands."

"Princess Jayna of Balkar also participates. Her magic is unstoppable even when seen upfront."

"The house Robert's swordsmen are all exceptional as well."

The spectators savored the thought of who the winner might be today. There were already gambling tables set up secretly, away from the knights' notice.

"So, what about the master-level duel?"

"That's predetermined to be Cadis Robert, ranked 5th in the Continent of Twelve."

"Well, 1st to 4th place didn't participate."

"No, Borini Kitten, ranked 7th, has improved his skills a lot too."

"While he's not in the top twelve, there's the Beast Union's Dragon Master Garona, who is said to be on par with the upper master level."

"Ah, I'm trembling. I wish it would start already."

The spectators clenched their fists, imagining the battles of the masters that would follow the experts.

"How about Raon Zieghart?"

"Well, he's not bad, but it's a bit difficult for him to win."

"Experience and age are different from other places, after all."

"There's a two-year gap between peers. It's still a challenge."

"To be honest, he's not to be underestimated."

"Raon Zieghart the Frostfire Sword of Valor is here."

"He's been doing well, but he was kidnapped by the enemy."

"That's right. He eventually had to seek help from his family because he couldn't escape on his own."

"Regardless, he's still young. It would be challenging to face Spearblade or Blue Sword, which are at the master level."

The spectators shook their heads, believing that Raon, being still young, wouldn't achieve a good result if he entered the master-level match.


Everyone was lost in their thoughts, anticipating the upcoming preliminary round when the main gate of the arena opened.


With the harsh sound of metal meeting metal, Owen's knights, clad in silver armor, entered the arena. The knights directed their noble gaze and headed to the central area.


"Owen! Owen! Owen!"

"It's the Pure Water Knights!"

"The Young Luck Knights are here too!"


Since it was Owen's domain, the spectators in the training ground shouted Owen Kingdom's name at the top of their lungs.


A cool breeze, like crashing waves, blew through. Next to enter were the house Robert, wearing blue uniforms. The Robert swordsmen took their places on the right side, wearing gentle smiles.


"The house Robert!"

"The Gireun Swordsmen have arrived!"

"It's the Blue Sword! Blue Sword Cardis Robert!"

Though not as much as Owen Kingdom, the house Robert's reputation also prompted cheers.


The ground trembled with just the sound of footsteps. The unarmed members of the Beast All entered the arena, generating a bestial aura as they made their way into the dueling ground.

"It's the Beast Union!"


"Chamryongsu is leading!"

"The Akan Tribe isn't just one or two members!"

"Today won't be a joke!"

Bare bodies and bare hands. The popularity of the Beast Union, engaging in violent combat with their mighty bodies, was second to none in the Owen Kingdom.


With the resonance of refined mana, the Balkar mages entered the arena. The mages, dressed in robes as smooth as silk, were surrounded by the vivid blessings of mana.



"As expected, Salaman squas is here!"

"Princess Jaina! I'm going to die!"

"The Annihilation Mage!"

As Balkar was an adjacent kingdom to Owen Kingdom, their fame was also sky-high due to their proximity.


A resonance unlike before spread through the arena.

It wasn't as majestic as Owen Kingdom, as smooth as house Robert, as heavy as the Beast Union, or as mysterious as Balkar Kingdom.


It was just the sound of rough footsteps, yet it was a peculiar resonance that forced one to prick up their ears and compelled them to turn their gaze.


With footsteps that demanded focused attention, Raon and the Light Wind squad crossed the threshold of the arena. From their eyes, as deep as the sea's abyss, a fiery yellow madness glinted.


"This, this is..."

"House Zieghart?"

"Well, the atmosphere is different."

"...Are they really that weak?"

The spectators were subdued by the savage frenzy exuding from the Zieghart swordsmen, unable even to raise a cheer.


"Those guys..."

"What's that..."

Even the other warriors and mages swallowed their unease facing the eerie intensity of the Zieghart swordsmen.


The Zieghart swordsmen, who silenced the arena, took their places on the left side and exhaled a heavy breath. Gray smoke seemed to envelop them like a shroud.


Once everyone had taken their positions, Raon turned around. Looking into the eyes of the swordsmen, ablaze with fervor and chilling madness, he formed a satisfied smile.

"You've followed along well for the past two days."

Seeing the Light Wind squad silently cursing with their eyes, he metaphorically broke the invisible leash.

"Now, it's time to tear them apart."


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