TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 296

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 296

 A subterranean training ground where the sun never reaches.

A fierce sound, as if shouting out on the fine sand, resonated through the air.

The ones behind this clamor are the members of the Light Wind squad. 

Except for Raon and Dorian, the swordsmen of the Light Wind squad were gathered in one place, undergoing training.

Not much time had passed, and despite all of them bearing various minor and major injuries, the momentum generated by the Light Wind squad was different from before.

It wasn't just an increase in strength; their energy now seemed sharper and more savage, as if emitting an endless torrent of fierce swordsmanship.

"20 minutes of rest."

Burren instructed the swordsmen to take a break after their training.

"20 minutes of rest!"

Despite the order to rest, the Light Wind squad swordsmen remained standing. 

They began individual training a bit away from others.

Even during their break time, all that could be heard in the training ground were the sounds of swords swinging and the chanting of incantations. 

The expressions on the swordsmen' faces were not that of training, but as if they were facing enemies right before them, fierce and relentless.

Burren extended the Searing Wind Sword five times in a row and then straightened his back.

"Darn it…"


Just for a moment. 

Even if he didn't concentrate on the sword, unfavorable thoughts crossed his mind.

Had Raon worn Eden's Mask, or had Dorian turned into a bloodsucker vampire, drinking blood? Or perhaps something had gone wrong, and both of them were dead, worst-case scenarios seeping into his mind.

"Please, let them both be alive."

He had received so many favors from Raon that he couldn't express them all in words. 

Not only his life but his soul had been saved, so even if he died, he hoped Raon would live.


Burren bit his lip and prayed for the safety of the two while Martha approached him.

"It's time."


Nodding, he looked at Martha. 

Her complexion was pale. 

In reality, it wasn't a time for training, but a time to tend to her wounds, so her condition wasn't great.

But the word "rest" didn't come out. 

It wouldn't be heard, and he couldn't fathom her feelings, having her comrade abducted by her enemy.

"Forget about me and focus on that."

Martha frowned, as if she had read Burren's thoughts, pointing behind him. 

There, Runaan was releasing a chilling energy, swinging her sword with icy intent.

"That crazy girl. She hasn't slept and has been swinging her sword all this time. She might really collapse if she keeps this up."


Burren sighed deeply and looked at Runaan.

 Despite sustaining injuries as serious as Martha, she was engaged in intense training.

The girl who used to enjoy gazing at the sky absentmindedly was gone, replaced by a female swordsman brimming with determination.

"I can't stop him."

Burren exhaled heavily and raised his head.

Not only Runaan and Martha, but the others were also wielding their swords relentlessly, their minds likely filled with thoughts of Raon and Dorian.

Trying to restrain them was futile when he understood how they felt.

"Assembly! We'll resume training from now..."


Just as he was about to gather everyone to resume their battle formation training, the door to the training ground opened smoothly, and Rimmer entered. 

His gaze was calm, unlike usual, and bone-chillingly dry.

"We've located Raon."

The swordsmen of the Light Wind squad froze at Rimmer's hoarse voice. 

The weariness in their pupils was replaced by a glimmer of hope.

"Is, is that true?"


"Is Raon still alive?"

"And, what about Dorian..."

The members of the Light Wind squad rushed towards Rimmer, bombarding him with questions they had wanted to ask for a long time.

"The location is near the Cameloon area, but I don't yet have precise information."

"The Black Market is preparing for a large-scale dimensional transfer. They'll probably go through a dimensional gate to reach Cameloon. We still have some time, so if anyone wants to back out, speak now."


No one answered his question. 

It was clear that they all meant to go, together.

Contrary to their appearances, their eyes are filled with tension.

Rimmer smiled lightly as usual.

"I wonder if you will be of help in the battle. If Raon is alright. How many enemies there are and how strong they are. Various thoughts will cross your minds. But if you don't go today, you'll regret it for the rest of your lives."

The swordsmen clenched their fists with such conviction that their voices could be heard.

"I can't alleviate your other anxieties, but I can assure you of one thing. It doesn't matter who the enemy is, or how many they are."

Facing the fervent gaze of the Light Wind squad, Rimmer smiled eerily.

"Because the Continent's Best (Glenn Zieghart) has taken up his sword once again."

*  *  *

Raon looked at the red crocodile mask in his hand and licked his lips.

"Seems to be of the crocodile variety."

Judging by the large, sharp teeth and the rough, saw-like skin, it resembled a crocodile-like monstrous creature, most likely a Crocodylus species.

"I wonder what kind of creature this is."

Crocodylians appeared all over the continent, and seeing that the mask was red, it was likely associated with crocodiles from deserts or hot regions.

"Probably a king, too."

Eden wasn't an ordinary monster; they crafted helmets like these using the crystals left behind by leaders or kings. The soul contained within this helmet was undoubtedly that of a Crocodile King.

-"Aren't you afraid someone else might come in here while you're using that? Won't you get caught?"

Wrath pointed at the entrance to the cave, his face scrunching up in disapproval.

"That could be possible."

As Wrath said, he had claimed to come here to find armor and weapons, but if he used this helmet, anyone would suspect him.

"I won't use it, and there's a way to contact the Spirit Realm."

With a light smile, Raon slipped his hand into the helmet.

-Wait, that's nonsensical! You're a human. Controlling spirits with your mind is impossible!

"Right. I can't do it alone."

Nodding, he gazed at Wrath, who was raising his eyebrows with a teasing expression.

"But you have your anger, don't you?"

Wrath' anger was currently attached to his own soul. 

If he provoked that anger, he could collide with the soul of the monster inside the helmet, without even wearing it.

-You've got to be kidding!

Wrath widened his eyes as if he hadn't thought of that.

-"Impossible! Why would my anger, which should be a minus for you, become helpful? Why are you using it like it's your own?"

As if his temper had reached its limit, he swung his fists in frustration, though they were so weak they might as well have been marshmallow bats.

"Thanks for your ongoing support."

Raon smiled wryly as he pushed Wrath away.

-"You little..."

Seeing the sulking cotton candy, he stirred up his tightly held anger in his soul. 

Sparks flew from his right hand inside the helmet, and his vision flashed white.


When he opened his eyes again, the world had changed.

The serene cave was gone, replaced by a volcanic region with spewing lava. 

The scorching air filled with heat and dryness made it hard to breathe.

"Got caught properly."

Smiling at the boiling lava, Raon felt a surge of satisfaction. 

He had thought it was a desert, but it turned out to be a volcanic region. 

The owner of the mask was probably the Lava Crocodile King.


With a content smile, as he surveyed the volcanic area, an enormous eruption of lava occurred at the center of the volcano.


A massive shadow emerged from behind the spewing lava, casting a shadow that almost reached the sky. 

The Lava Crocodile King. 

This Crocodylian, unlike anything seen before, exuded an intimidating aura.

Though the power it possessed was far less than what Raon possessed, in terms of size, it was comparable to Rockta's main body.

[Are you the human who will become my vessel?]

The Lava Crocodile King lifted its jaw, gazing down at Raon.


Raon chuckled and tilted his head.

"You are the one to be devoured by me"

[Seems like you've lost all sense of fear.]

The Lava Crocodile King let out a scoff.

[The faces of humans who come to hunt me have always been like that. Of course, they've all ended up in my belly without exception.]

With an air of arrogance, the creature shook its head.

[Humans are nothing but prey. They were in the past, and they are now.]

The Lava Crocodile King confidently swung its tail.

"Seems reasonable."

Walking through a volcanic area would leave even the most skilled knights and mages gasping for air and drained of energy. 

Even for someone as mighty as Rockta traversing a lava zone like it was its home wouldn't have been easy.

"But it's different here."

This place wasn't a genuine lava zone; it was merely a mental realm. 

The lava here could easily be blocked using psychic power.

[Seeing you, I long for the tender flesh of humans. Once I devour your soul and exit your body, I'll have a feast. Don't bother resisting, just quickly—]

"Sure. Let's finish this quickly."

Raon nodded and drew his Heavenly Drive sword.

"Before the more annoying one arrives."

[Arrogant fool!]

The Lava Crocodile King opened its mouth wide. 

Lava spewed forth from its throat.


As Raon swung his Heavenly Drive sword down, it clashed with the erupting lava, creating a grand wall of icy frost that collided with the lava.


The immense ice barrier held strong against the lava expelled by the Lava Crocodile King, maintaining its original form. 

It wasn't heat versus cold but a difference in psychic power.

"What, what is this? Why would ice—"

The Lava Crocodile King widened its eyes in astonishment.

"It's not a simple piece of ice."

Raon smirked and stepped forward. 

His frosty aura surged from the Heavenly Drive sword.

"You seem to know little about this place."

Perhaps because he hadn't properly explained after creating the helmet, the creature seemed ignorant of the battle of psychic powers.

Raon gently pounded the ground.

"You're digging your own grave. Fool!"

As soon as the creature emerged into the air, the Lava Crocodile King lunged at Raon, lava shooting forth from the fractured ground.

"That's your idea of an attack?"

Raon resonated with the Ring of Fire. 

Raising his power, he unleashed the Silver Gale Flow of the Zephyr Sword Style.


The storm of frost radiating from the blade clashed with the five streams of lava spewed by the Lava Crocodile King, freezing them all in an instant.

"What, what is this!"

The Lava Crocodile King staggered back, its mouth agape. 

The physic resonance caused by the Ring of Fire overwhelmed it, making its jaws tremble.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Raon kicked away the frozen lava and unleashed the Silver Gale Flow again. 

He stepped forward and drew the Zephyr Sword once more. 

The sharp gust of frosty wind cleaved through the Lava Crocodile King's hide, tearing away at its flesh.


The Lava Crocodile King let out a pained scream.

"At least he's not like Rockta. Thankfully."

If that crocodile resembled Rockta and behaved like a knight, Raon would have hesitated to kill it. 

However, this creature was nothing but a beast that saw humans as food. There was no remorse in killing it.


The Lava Crocodile transformed into a mass of lava.

"I will erase you entirely without leaving a bone behind!"

As a mass of lava, it charged at Raon. 

It was an all-encompassing strategy.

"Unfortunately, that won't work."

Raon stepped on his Advance. 

Extending his Heavenly Drive sword, he extended the Thick Ice Blade, still chilled from resting on the ground.


The razor-sharp edge of the silvery blade cleaved through the thick lava. 

Following the blade, the frosty edge of the Zephyr Sword sliced through the Lava Crocodile King's head.


The Lava Crocodile King was slammed into the ground, releasing a groan.

"Why, why was I defeated as a loser in the volcano...?"

The creature fell without even realizing what had befallen it. 

The light in its eyes gradually faded.

"Is this guy weak? Or...Have I grown stronger?"

Upon absorbing Rockta's soul and witnessing the growth of his psychic power beyond his expectations, Raon felt significantly empowered. 

Unless it was someone like Wrath, it seemed unlikely that he would lose easily.


The lava zone collapsed, and the body of the Lava Crocodile King vanished. 

It signaled the end of this world.


As Raon awaited the time to return to reality, a blue dimensional rift opened in the air.

"The Great King has come... Why is it already over?"

Seeing the collapsing lava zone, which indicated that the world was ending, Wrath, who had been about to cross over the dimension, widened his eyes in surprise.

"Hey, you little brat! You're too fast..." 

Before Warth could even finish speaking, his line of sight abruptly cut off.

Why did he come here again?

*  *  *

Raon opened his eyes.

The helmet of the Lava Crocodile King, which he had placed his hand inside, was in view.

'The color seems a bit faded.'

Perhaps because the soul of the Lava Crocodile King inside had disappeared, the helmet's red glow appeared slightly dimmer.


Raon flicked the Ice Flower Bracelet that Wrath was in.

'How much time has passed?'

Gruuh, even the Great King doesn't know.

Wrath turned his head with a slightly tormented tone.

'Why don't you know?'

I was concentrating on piercing through your mental realm…

Really, he was not of much help.

'Why did you even come there when you're this useless?'

Be, because I was curious…

'Really, is there nothing for you to do?'

Raon looked at Wrath and shook his head slightly. 

He carefully placed the helmet of the Lava Crocodile King back where it belonged.

What nonsense are you spewing! Why does everything work out for you so easily! Why does the world only help you!

He scolded, even comparing the ease of using the system to Raon's situation.

You, you're the worst among all your forms and natures! There's no one like you in the Demon Realm!

'Maybe that's how the Demon Realm is?'

Having heard so many stories about the Demon Realm, it had become quite familiar. 

At that level, it didn't seem bad to consider visiting the Demon Realm someday.


Raon looked at the exit of the projection while savoring the moment.

'Time probably hasn't passed too much.'

Sensually, it might have felt like less than an hour had passed, but since the axes of time in the mental realm and reality differed, the feeling might not have been accurate.

'For now, let's retreat.'

Looking at the other helmets, he tilted his head.

'If I linger too long, I might raise suspicion.'

For now, it might be better to grab the sword and come back later to consume the souls of the other helmets.

Raon picked up a longsword of a similar style to the one Rockta had used from a table lined with swords.


As he fastened the sword to his waist and attempted to leave the room, the ground beneath him began to shake.

'What's going on?'

It wasn't just vibrations, but rather, he felt that the entire projection was growing busy.

As Raon frowned and turned around, the floor of the projection opened up, revealing a goblin-masked figure from the outside.

"We have a problem. We need to seal the projection. Please come out."

"A problem?"

"Intruders have entered the Taeyoung Boundary."

"Intruders? Who?"

"Even I do not know."

'Could it be...'

The term "intruders" made his heart beat faster.

As Raon stepped outside the projection, he expanded his senses to the maximum. Even before he stepped into the battle, his previously bright eyes turned dark.


The overwhelming presence emanating from outside the battle made his steps come to a halt involuntarily.

'What's this?'

Though he thought it might be Sheryl or other high-ranking swordsmen from Zieghart, it was definitely not that.

The mysterious presence that was radiating was on par with Glenn's, if not stronger.

Raon swallowed a dry gulp and headed towards the exit of the projection.

What kind of monster could possibly have come?


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