TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 297

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 297


The the man in the snake helmet sat on the roof, sticking out its tongue briefly.

"Not to my liking."

Normally, he wouldn't care if someone wore a helmet or if someone died, but the fact that Raon Zieghart had become a half-dragon irritated him strangely.

"Is he the first lunatic of his kind?"

Raon Zieghart had gone so far as to challenge him to a duel as a captive in enemy territory.

He was truly a deranged individual.

Although he had a certain liking for such lunatic tendencies, his mood sank when the presence disappeared in an instant. 

The reason for refusing the duel against the guy with the blue dragon helmet was also because his energy had waned.

"I had some expectations."

When Raon had confidently said they would meet again, it had expected something, but as expected, there was nothing. 

There was no human capable of defeating the soul of the helmet and mask. (lol, are you sure?)

"It'll be boring for a while."

The duel with Raon was a trivial pastime in the midst of its monotonous duty of guarding the boundary, and now that was gone, it felt a little regretful.

"No, what am I even thinking."

The the man in the snake helmet chuckled and tapped its own cheek.

"He was going to disappear anyway."

He had known from the beginning that Raon's essence would disappear. 

Thinking such thoughts was bizarre."


He let out a light sigh and closed his eyes. 

He was trying to let his body rest for a moment, not to enter the Taeyum boundary but to give himself a break from sensing the boundary, as there was no one there to sense.


The sensation of someone making contact with the Taeyum boundary could be felt.

"What is this!"

The the man in the snake helmet jumped up and rushed toward the direction where the problem had occurred in the boundary.

"What's that..."

People of all ages. 

Four ordinary-looking individuals held red cauldrons as if they were covered in blood, and from the cauldron's spout, white hands emerged, touching the boundary.

"I couldn't sense their presence?"

While those four had formidable power, there was no way he couldn't sense their presence.

This body was specialized in sensing presences above all else.

"In that case, the woman..."

The man in the snake helmet swallowed dry saliva and looked at the center of the cauldron.

There was no visible energy, yet its presence reached the sky. 

It seemed like a monster that had turned human skin inside out.


The White Blood religion Leader. 

Although she looked quite different from when it was seen before, that crazy woman was unmistakable.

"It will pierce through."

Even if it was the Taeyum boundary, it was impossible to stop that monster. 

Time was the issue; it was a fact that the boundary would be breached.


The the man in the snake helmet gritted its teeth and activated the boundary. 

The inside of the boundary thickened, and a bell rang within the Great Hall.

"It's useless."

A sweet voice that felt like tickling the ear flowed from the red cauldron. 

Before that voice faded, the boundary opened like waves, creating a gap through which the cauldron could pass.

"Wait, it's open?"

It hadn't broken the boundary, yet it was open; it couldn't have imagined such a thing.

"Don't worry; I have some acquaintance with it."

At the gesture of the White Blood religion Leader, the Tenth Apostle stepped forward and entered the boundary. 

Afterward, the cauldron moved forward, and the Fifth Apostle followed from the rear.


The Archbishops, Bishops, and Inquisitors lined up and entered the boundary.

"So, you're willing to break the oath and start a war?"

"No need to worry about that."

The White Blood leader raised her red lips slightly.

"I've only come to find what belongs to me."

*   *   *

Raon frowned as he looked at Merlin's room.

"I have to make a choice."

Knowing the Death Knight Helmet's personality, he would likely not pay attention to anything happening outside and instead focus on protecting Merlin here.

What was important to him was not Eden, but Merlin.

However, that would mean he might be slow to respond to external situations if he stayed here.

"Who could have come?"

With a dominant presence like that, it was impossible to tell who had barged in.

"Don't you sense anything?"


Wrath groaned in response, his shoulders slumping.

"I've used too much power. I don't know anything."

Having manifested and pierced through dimensions twice, he had exhausted all the accumulated power, he rambled.

"You are not helping at all like this..."


Since he wasn't responding, it seemed like he was fatigued.

"Then I have no choice but to go myself."

In this situation, there was no other option. 

As long as Merlin was unconscious, he needed to go there in person to assess the situation.

Raon suppressed his presence and slipped through the spirits of other Edens, making his way out of the battlefield.

As soon as he stepped out of the door, he saw a red cauldron.

From the shadow cast by the woman's pink foot covering the cauldron's seat, an overwhelming presence could be felt. 

Her gaze seemed to be fixed as if she had driven nails into his pupils, endlessly absorbing his attention.

Not just him, but the spirits of Eden couldn't look away from her either.


Raon grabbed his chin with his hand, forcefully turning his gaze away. 

Among the men and women holding the cauldron, there was one that caught his eye.


It felt like they weren't just holding the cauldron for show. 

Although it was difficult to sense due to the cauldron's owner, none of the four had a lower level of power than him.

Raon sent his gaze to the side of the cauldron and squinted his eyes.

"The Tenth Apostle? And the Fifth Apostle?"

The Tenth Apostle had ten beads drawn on his coats, and the Fifth Apostle had five beads.

They stood on either side of the cauldron, gathering their hands.

"In that case, the woman is..."

He looked back at the cauldron. 

While observing the woman making licentious gestures with her hand in the red cauldron, he bit his lip tightly.

"White Blood religion leader!"

There was only one being among the White Blood religion Apostle who showed such respect.

No, leaving everything aside, just seeing how the woman inside the cauldron radiated Glenn's aura made the answer clear from the start.

The woman was the owner of the White Blood religion, the White Blood religion leader.


Wrath glared at her feet and narrowed his eyes.

"Quite discerning."

Wrath, who had only acknowledged Glenn besides him, saying such a thing upon seeing the White Blood religion leader, meant that her power was like Glenn's, reaching the sky.


Why did the White Blood religion leader come here?

Although she hadn't broken through the boundary to enter, judging by Eden's reaction, she hadn't come with a prior arrangement either. 

She appeared wherever she wanted, and why she came here was unclear in the presence of that terrifying monster that could shake the continent.

"Could it be to capture me?"

It might sound like an exaggerated sense of self-importance, but the White Blood religion Leader had sent the Tenth Apostle to try to abduct him before. 

Although it sounded crazy, the possibility wasn't zero.

"Stupid fool."

Wrath chuckled and waved his hand dismissively.

"A being with such power isn't common, even in the Demon Realm. Why would she bother coming for the likes of you? This is why you... idiots suffering from the protagonist's syndrome..."

"Where is Raon Zieghart?"

As Wrath was chuckling, a soft voice flowed from the red cauldron as if melting his ears.



Raon pushed Wrath aside and widened his eyes. 

It seemed like that monstrous being had really come to capture him.

"He is not here."

the man in the snake helmet answered with a voice that sounded parched and cracked.

"Who are you lying to right now?"

The Fifth Apostle glared at the man in the snake helmet with a rising intensity, clenching his fist as if he were about to strike at any moment.

"Kneel, all of you. Before the noble presence that stands before you..."

"That's enough."

The White Blood religion leader waved her hand lightly.

"Raon Zieghart isn't here? Why?"

"That, that guy is dead..."

the man in the snake helmet hesitated until the end, then spoke in a humble tone. 

Seeing that he didn't raise his voice even in this situation, he seemed to be a prideful individual.

"Dead, you say..."

The White Blood religion leader let out a faint chuckle.

"So, it means he used your helmets."

"That's right. He could pretend to be Raon Zieghart, but the real Raon Zieghart is no longer in this world."

the man in the snake helmet nodded his head, his lips trembling.

Raon continued to suppress his presence, slightly lowering his posture.

"Why do they want to make me an Apostle?"

The White Blood religion leader was a monster worthy of Wrath's acknowledgment. 

Even if she heard stories of his geniuses, he had already reached the level of a Master. 

He couldn't understand the reason she would personally come to take him away, rather than sending someone else.

"Well then..."

The White Blood religion leader leaned against the cauldron's seat and flicked her finger.

"It seems I'll have to take that child as well."

She said that she would take Raon as if she was casually picking up something she had left behind.

"That, that's impossible."

the man in the snake helmet furrowed his brows and shook his head.

"Eden doesn't just let anyone they lets in go freely. If you've already used the helmets..."

"You don't understand the situation."

The Fifth Apostle emitted a threatening aura and stood in front of the man in the snake helmet.

"Bring Raon Zieghart here before I break that mouth of yours."

"What I'm saying isn't about you."

the man in the snake helmet challenged the Fifth Apostle and then turned his gaze back to The White Blood religion leader.

"Your intend to take a member of Eden with you, you're not planning to fight. What's your intention?"

"That's up to you. If you obstruct my path, then I have no choice but to remove you."

The White Blood religion leader narrowed her eyes slightly. 

Her voice was infinitely relaxed. 

This place was not an Eden branch; it felt like the main headquarters of the White Blood religion.

"Tsk, you're willing to break the oath?"

the man in the snake helmet pulled away from his thoughts and opened his mouth. 

The White Blood religion leader radiated an overwhelming presence without even raising her voice. 

Even though he was a Master-level, he couldn't speak properly in her presence.

"If you hand over that child, there's no reason for the oath to be broken."

"You're spouting nonsense..."

"Shut your mouth."

The Fifth Apostle, who had been standing aside, stepped forward. 

His eyes emitted a chilling aura as he stared down the man in the snake helmet.

"The likes of you have no right to speak recklessly."


As the Fifth Apostle aimed a strong energy at the man in the snake helmet, the death knight helmet stood in front of him.


The Fifth Apostle and the death knight helmet faced off. 

The man in the snake helmet and the Fifth Apostle confronted each other, causing the ground to shake.

"I don't have much patience."

The White Blood religion leader flicked her finger lightly, as if she was amused. 

The intense energy competition between the two sides momentarily subsided. 

the man in the snake helmet kneeled down.



Although the death knight helmet didn't kneel, his body swayed as if he had been hit by a strong impact. 

He stared at The White Blood religion leader with eyes twice their normal size.

"Raon Zieghart, I will take him with me."

The White Blood religion leader nodded her head, and the cauldron moved forward. 

With steps that no one could stop, she headed forward. 

The death knight helmet struggled to regain his balance and stood up forcefully.


The death knight helmet still didn't speak, but he gathered energy as if he was pulling it together. 

An aura of fierce determination surrounded him.


The White Blood religion leader sighed as if she found this interesting.

"Fascinating. You think you can block my way when you're out of balance."

"I don't need you to step forward, Master."

The Fifth Apostle stood in front of the death knight helmet, his gaze icy.

"I will handle this."


The Fifth Apostle and the death knight helmet emitted even more intense auras, as if they were about to kill each other.

'I can't run away from this.'

Raon bit his lip. 

If the balance of power between Eden and the White Blood religion were more equal, he could potentially use this situation to escape. However, at the moment, the scales tipped heavily in favor of the White Blood religion.

Escaping was simply not an option.

"Right in front of us."

The White Blood religion leader pointed with the finger she had been twirling in the air, directing it towards the spirits of Eden. 

The spirits fell one by one, as if falling asleep, revealing Raon's presence.

"Raon Zieghart."

She gestured towards Raon with a wistful smile.

"I've been wanting to see you."

There was a warmth to her tone, as if it came from her very core. 

Despite the burning intensity, it was comforting, as if he wanted to embrace her as soon as he heard her voice.


Raon halted his movement as his foot was about to step forward. 

He used the Ring of Fire to erase the sound of the White Blood religion leader's voice echoing in his mind.

"Who are you?"

He acted out the role of Rockta, who knew nothing about this world, while his voice trembled nervously.


The White Blood religion leader raised her chin slightly, looking in his direction. 

A gaze as hot as a burning fire could be felt even from her gaze.

"It's complicated."

"What's so complicated?"

"The aura of the helmet spirits has weakened slightly. Could it be that you've managed to overcome them?" (caught in 4k, lol)

Her gaze pierced through the red barrier that appeared before her, as if it were a sharp blade.

"I don't understand what you're talking about."

Raon chewed on the inside of his cheek to keep his surprise from showing.


How on earth was he going to deal with this situation?

"Whether you were devoured ny the helmet or not doesn't matter."

The White Blood religion leader flicked her finger gently.

"Come with me. I will show you a new world."


As he saw the shadow of her finger in his peripheral vision, he felt momentarily dazed.

However, he resonated the Ring of Fire, clearing his mind.

"You have quite a strong will."

The White Blood religion leader smiled as if she found his method to be enjoyable.

"Interesting. I find it more to my liking. Just the right amount."

"Prepare yourself."

Though his voice trembled slightly, entrusting himself acting as Rockta seemed to be the only option. 

Everyone here was an enemy. 

Even if Rockta went berserk and killed them all, it wouldn't matter.

"Moderate your actions."

Raon took a deep breath, and the man in the snake helmet stepped forward.

"This is Eden's territory. No matter how much you may be the leader of the White Blood religion, there are things you shouldn't do."

"You're as bold as the number of your wrinkles. I like that."

The White Blood religion leader's words widened the eyes of the man in the snake helmet.

"However, your words are incorrect."


"I am essentially the White Blood religion."

She extended her hand. 

Just that single motion caused a reddish aura to swirl around her and the White Blood religion followers around her.

"Bring Raon Zieghart to me. You're welcome to kill anyone who stands in your way."

The White Blood religion followers emitted their energy and advanced, the spirits of Eden couldn't move. 

The mysterious and pure energy the White Blood religion leader radiated enveloped them, rendering them powerless.


First to clash were the Tenth Disciple and the Death knight helmet. 

The intense energy from their sword and spear collided, raising the tension between them.


Just as their weapons were about to meet, the sky opened up.

The sun, which was sinking below the western mountains, rose once again, casting a brilliant light upon the world.

Amidst the magnificent light, a man appeared.

He wore a mask that covered a handsome face, so handsome that it seemed unreal. 

The lips and eyes that were visible were tender and alluring.

His gray attire bore engravings of angelic wings and devilish horns, while above his head, a halo mixed with the patterns of the sun and the moon shone.

Both holy and impure.

The heavens sang for him, and the earth celebrated him with sinister excitement.


Raon heard the eerie sound, a mixture of an angel's and a devil's scream, and bit down hard on his lip.


A monster bearing both divine and dark qualities. 

He was one of the two pillars of Eden known as Tacheon.


With an immense energy comparable to that of the White Blood religion leader, Tacheon descended slowly.

Raon clenched his fist.

"This could be an opportunity."

Tacheon's appearance had brought balance between Eden and the White Blood religion. 

If he played his cards right, he might be able to escape.

-That guy....

While Raon devising an escape plan, Wrath frowned enough to furrow his forehead as he looked at Tacheon.

-He's mixed…


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