TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 290

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 290

 The Witch and the Dragon.

The story of a witch who raised an evil dragon to capture and devour people began with Merlin, who was right in front of me.

Hundreds of years ago, Merlin betrayed humanity and allied with monster forces, causing a war and ultimately devouring an entire kingdom.

When Merlin was known as the "Betrayal Witch," he had a blue-scaled dragon by his side. 

Records of the evil dragon that froze hundreds of knights in an instant have been passed down to this day, and it seemed that this helmet was made using the dragon's soulstone.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the helmet in Merlin's hand.


That dragon in the story.

The sharp blue scales and the sky-blue mane fluttering on the helmet clearly indicated that it was the dragon Merlin had raised at the time.

"It must be."

He had wondered why the elixir was filled only with coldness, and it seemed that it was a gift given in advance to this dragon.


He hadn't even put on the helmet yet, but trying to pull up coldness using the elixir showed a tremendous dedication.

"But wouldn't this be dangerous if it's a dragon?"

The story only mentioned the evil dragon Merlin had raised. 

While it could be a weak dragon like a wyvern or a drake, it could also be dangerous if it were a full-fledged dragon.

"No matter what anyone says, dragons are the strongest on the continent."

The nickname for dragons is the strongest race and the arbitrator of the continent. 

If the soul embedded in this helmet is that of a dragon, it would be dangerous regardless of any unjust power it possessed.

"Hah! What's a mere lizard going to do!"

Wrath snorted as he looked at the dragon helmet.

"The king roasted, boiled, and deep-fried those lizard bastards."


"That's right! The king is the Demon of wrath! A dragon is just something you can easily step on!"

"Sure, sure."

"Hey, listen!"

Raon nodded slightly as he looked at Wrath who was vigorously waving his fist.

It wouldn't be a lie.

Wrath didn't lie. 

Judging by what he said, it meant that he had captured at least three dragons.

"It might be easier than I thought."

Raon looked at Wrath, who was exhaling smugly, and raised his head.

"Is this a helmet made from a dragon's soul?"

"I don't know."

Merlin lightly chuckled and closed his eyes.

"You'll find out tomorrow."

he didn't give a proper answer, saying that he would know if he tried it on himself.

"Then let me ask anothis question."


"Are you really Merlin?"

Raon stared into Merlin's eyes behind the mask. 

his eyes of a mysterious color sparkled with fervor.

"How does it seem to you?"

"I've been unsure until now, but seeing this helmet, it seems like you really might be."

Merlin had said he prepared a helmet that would perfectly fit him in their second encounter.

Seeing his obsessively pursuing it, including using legendary consumables and kidnapping him to put on the dragon's helmet, it made him think that he might really be Merlin.

"But thise's something strange."

The skin visible outside the mask was smooth and pale, without a single wrinkle, resembling someone of Encia's age.

"Moreover, Lohengreen said he personally strangled Merlin."

Lohengreen had said he destroyed the witch's castle and strangled Merlin himself.

The idea that the dead could come back to life doesn't make sense, so the fact that the woman in front of him was Merlin didn't make sense eithis.


Raon swallowed his dry saliva as he blinked his eyes.

I also came back to life.

Just like how the assassin Raon became Raon Zieghart through reincarnation, Merlin could have also been reborn due to something.

"The possibility is..."

Raon opened the lid of the vial. 

He smirked as he looked at the elixir that emitted coldness.

"Once I consume this, The probability of winning will be certain."

Since a larger amount of soul essence had entered yesterday, it was clear that it was meant to break down the barrier that protected the soul, allowing him to fully utilize the power of the unjust circle and the resonance.

-Instead of interfering with this demon bastard, you're helping him!

Wrath snorted, sticking his tongue out as he looked at the door Merlin left through.

-He acts all clever, but he's an idiot.

"That's right."

Raon nodded. 

Merlin might have prepared the soul essence to assist the dragon inside the helmet, but it inadvertently strengthened the unjust circle and the resonance that would aid him in his battle against the dragon.

As Wrath had said, Merlin's help was practically no different from aiding the enemy.

-Hah. The King would never does anything that would help the enemy. Wisdom lies in knowing what results your actions will bring.


Raon widened his eyes, staring at Wrath, who looked like a freshly made cotton candy. 

He burst into hollow laughter because it was unbelievable that he still didn't realize he was the Demon Lord.

How on earth did he become the Demon Lord?

Who on earth made him do it? (lmao)

* * *

Raon opened his eyes. 

Looking at the faint moonlight coming in through the window, it must have been morning again.

"More than yesterday."

Feeling how he had grown stronger and sturdier than before he was captured, he smiled lightly.

"Growing this much in just two days."

Not only the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier, but even the ring of fire, which purified the soul essence, had grown.

To become stronger than before after being captured by enemies was something that couldn't be explained to strangers, but in reality, Raon had experienced it.

"I wonder if thise are a few more elixirs left?"

While the efficiency of the same type of elixir decreased as you consumed more, since he wouldn't need to consume soul essence again, he wanted to stock up a bit more.

-Ugh, you're the only one who's just thinking of picking off enemies from the enemy lines!

"That's exactly what being bold is all about."

Raon chuckled, raising himself from his bed.

As he stretched his tired body, the door opened, and Merlin entered.

"Did it go well?"


With pupils much clearer than yesterday, he nodded his head. 

Having seen Runaan a lot, he was confident in reading smoky eyes.

"Not bad."

Merlin nodded as he looked at those eyes with satisfaction. 

he slightly lifted the mask, and his lips, twisted like vines, curved upward.

"Unfortunately, I can't play with you today. I need to prepare for the night."

he laid down the meal he had brought on the table and let out an eye that sparkled with a subtle reddish hue.

"I'll come to pick you up in the evening."


Raon just nodded his head with smoky eyes.


Merlin patted his head before leaving the room.

Raon immediately got up and sat at the table.

After finishing his meal quickly, he left his room.

As he walked through the corridor to leave the palace, he felt quite different gazes compared to yesterday. 

The Edens  greeted him more politely.

"Are they finally accepting me?"

It seemed that today's helmet was confirmed, so it felt like he was now truly considered an Eden executive.

"I'm sorry, but it won't be according to your thoughts,"

-You still don't feel any unease?

Wrath raised his chin on his shoulder and frowned.


-Aren't you alone in enemy territory, with the possibility of even losing your body?

"Not at all."

Raon shook his head.

I defeated you. 

Should I be scared?

As soon as Wrath mentioned that he defeated the dragon, the tension disappeared as if the candlelight had gone out.

He had easily won the mental battle against the King of Wrath, and no matter who his opponent was, he was confident in winning.

He knew that mental attacks wouldn't work, and if the opponent applied pressure with physical strength, he could release Wrath and use his last resort, destroying this place and escaping.

Since thise was no one to protect.

While he couldn't recklessly bring out Wrath when the Light Wind squad was around, but hise all the humans hise were enemies. 

Strangely, he felt more comfortable hise than when he was with allies.

Since he had pulled out all the cards to pick them off, he felt nothing but enjoyment rathis than tension.

Wrath frowned, not realizing that he was being put at ease because of him.

"Whise are you going now?"

"You will know when you see it."

Raon calmly received greetings from the people wearing robes and masks, and left the palace.

Approaching the end of the barrier, he raised heis hand.


As he activated glacier and revealed the barrier, the energy he felt yesterday surged from behind.

"What's going on today?"

the man in the snake helmet groaned, tilting his head as if annoyed.



As Raon took out the Heavenly Drive sword and aimed it at the man in the snake helmet, he smiled.

"Shall we have anothis round today?"

Upon hearing that, both Wrath and the man in the snake helmet opened their mouths wide.

"This crazy person!"

-This crazy person!

* * *


the man in the snake helmet blocked Raon's sword strikes and furrowed his brow.

"What's this?"

It's a bit different from yesterday.

He couldn't easily deflect the sword techniques that he had bounced off lightly yesterday. 

Raon skillfully exploited the gaps like a predator aiming for its prey, thrusting his sword.


the man in the snake helmet clicked his tongue and immediately positioned his wrist upright.

he removed the softness from hhis sword and added strength and weight.

"Let me overwhelm you."

Just like yesterday, he gripped the sword with both hands and struck downward to overpower his opponent with strength and aura. It was a diagonal sword strike, a Chujeol Loi.


As the Chujeol Loi descended, it seemed as if it would split Raon's head in half. 

But in an instant, his movements changed drastically. 

he pulled his foot back and twisted his waist to the right, countering the center of the Chujeol Loi with his blazing sword.


The Chujeol Loi twisted and faltered, even losing its balance.


Raon approached as if waiting, swinging his sword like a flash of light. 

A powerful energy surged above the silver-white blade.

"You fool!"

Perhaps in his haste to seize the opportunity, a slight opening was revealed in Raon's swordplay.

"Get lost!"

the man in the snake helmet sneered and released a wave of Jukseong Yu towards Raon's opening. 

It was a fiercely sharp blade that shattered openings without mercy.


Just as the Jukseong Yu was about to hit Raon's opening, a flash of red light crossed his eyes.


As the red light penetrated like young light infiltrating a blade, Raon's sword strike solidified.

The dense Aura he had infused perfectly blocked the flow of Jukseong Yu and countered with a sinister retaliation.


Two flames, like young sparks, rotated fiercely as they aimed for the neck and chest.


the man in the snake helmet quickly swung his sword and unleahed the defensive technique Huigon Cheom against Raon's opening.


The two powerful swords collided, and a strong shockwave erupted. 

The ground crumpled beneath them as Raon took eight steps back and the man in the snake helmet took six.

It was a collision similar to yesterday's, but Raon's disadvantage had decreased by two steps, and the man in the snake helmet had increased by one.


the man in the snake helmet looked at Raon with bewildered eyes.

"How is this happening right now?"

The man in the snake helmet had displayed his swordsmanship with even more determination than yesterday, yet Raon effortlessly deflected the sword strikes and counterattacked. 

It was hard to believe, and his lips trembled with disbelief.

"Is it possible to become this strong in just one day?"

Since Merlin had given him elixirs, it was only natural for him to become stronger.

But what had accumulated wasn't solely due to it. 

The difference in the man in the snake helmet's swordsmanship from yesterday was like night and day.

Even with an epiphany, it was impossible for swordsmanship to advance this much in just a day. 

he couldn't fathom what kind of magic was involved.

"If he progress at this rate..."

It would be dangerous.

the man in the snake helmet swallowed dryly. 

If he progressed at this rate every day, by the tenth duel, he might be standing on equal ground with him.


the man in the snake helmet lowered his sword and straightened his back.

"Too bad."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean it's regrettable that you have this talent. It would've been fun to fight a few more rounds."


Raon lowered his sword and looked up.

"If I wear Eden's helmet, will I no longer be myself?"

"To be precise, it's called assimilation."


"Yes. Your soul will be absorbed by the presence inside the helmet."

The man in the snake helmet tapped his snake helmet as if poking it, smiling.

"Assimilation could happen immediately, or it could happen gradually. It depends. Once your everyday behavior naturally changes into actions you wouldn't normally take, that's when it starts."

"So, from that moment on, I can use Tugi (maybe tugi refers to eden helmet special aura) instinctively?"

"Are you thinking about becoming stronger even though you'll disappear? You're really crazy. I can understand why you have such powers at your age."

He laughed, touching his forehead as if finding it amusing.

"That's right. You can use Tugi instinctively from the moment assimilation begins. Because that's how it works."

The man in the snake helmet stared at Raon for a moment and put his sword into its sheath.

"Let's stop here for today. My enthusiasm has waned."

He turned around and stretched his hand.

"I'll come find you tomorrow as well."

Raon muttered quietly as he the man in the snake helmet's retreating figure.


The man in the snake helmet laughed dryly and vanished like smoke.


Even though the man in the snake helmet had left, the golden glow of the Blade of Requiem still stood there, looking in his direction.

The emotionless golden gaze seemed to be saying something, but its meaning couldn't be discerned.

"You are..."


As Raon was about to approach the Blade of Requiem, Merlin suddenly appeared, popping out of thin air.

"You fought that idiot again?"

She looked at the crumpled ground with a displeased expression.

"Don't play with that filthy snake. You're getting dirty just being around it."

"I have nothing else to do. Swinging my sword helps me feel a bit more at ease."

Raon replied with slightly relaxed pupils. 

When his mind was muddled, his instinctive movements took over, so suspicious glints weren't visible.

"Once today is over, You will able to easily step on that snake."

Merlin held Raon's hand with a soft smile. 

She warmly grasped Raon's back of the hand with hands that were oddly hot, wrapping her lips around the back of his hand as if blowing it.

"Preparation is complete now. You'll be reborn stronger."

Raon met Merlin's eyes burning with anticipation and savored her words.

"I'm ready on this side too."

Ready to consume your dragons.


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