TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 278

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C 278

Raon narrowed his eyes as he resonated with the Ring of Fire.

"It's not just about the quantity of numbers...."

There are strong ones too.

The believers of the White Blood religion tear apart the flesh and blood of others, nourishing themselves with their life force.

Amidst the flow of mana, the presence of blood energy seeping through felt like oil floating on water, indicating that many skilled individuals had perished here.

"I can't trace them."

He attempted to trace the origin of the blood energy, but he couldn't go all the way. 

Like a stretched rubber band snapping, the aura of the Blade of Requiem split in the middle.

"I need to be careful."

Seeing the faint stench of blood energy wafting and the inconspicuous blood fiends who didn't reveal any signs, it seemed best to stick to the plan and investigate undercover as mercenary recruits without revealing their true identities.

"The buildings are quite interesting."

Burren whistled as he looked at the peculiar buildings of Granseville. 

He seemed intrigued by the different shapes compared to the angular and cold structures of Zieghart.


Runaan remained as usual, seemingly disinterested in the buildings and focused on the direction of the Molbe Lake beyond Granseville. 

It was evident he found it a good place for daydreaming.

"Wow, the interiors must be even more splendid, right?"

"Wh- What's with all this glittering?"

"It's like this during the day, and they say it's even more vibrant at night?"

"This place is insane."

Other members were busy looking around, unable to sense the blood energy.

Raon's faint smile deepened as he observed the subdued reactions of the Light Wind squad.

"It's good that it's not acting."

Since they were genuine mercenaries arriving in Granseville for the first time, their reactions were realistic and not bad. 

No one would think they were inspectors from Zieghart.


Martha exhaled sharply, clenching her fist. 

It wasn't a conscious grasp of the blood energy; rather, it seemed like she instinctively caught the scent of the blood of the White Blood religion believers within Granseville.

"Is it because of vengeance?"

Vengeance wasn't just in the mind; it resided in the heart, they said. 

In a way, Martha seemed to have found the White Blood religion believers through her soul.

In some aspects, it felt similar to the Blade of Requiem.

"It's irritating. Stop acting like bumpkins!"

Raon gestured mockingly at the bewildered Light Wind squad.

He intentionally adopted a rough manner to portray himself as the leader of the mercenaries.


"The leader's getting worked up too."

"Yeah, he's the one who came from the most rural place."

"Heh, heh, heh...."

The Light Wind squad played their roles as a small-scale mercenary group as they had been trained upon arriving here.

"So rustic."

"Well, if you're from the countryside, it's only natural."

"More suckers have arrived."

"They'll probably be penniless by the time they leave."

"Some might even turn into ghosts here."

Seeing the passing people and the gatekeepers behind them sneering, it seemed the act was successful.

"Shut up and follow me! I'll arrange lodgings and let you have your fun, so just do as you please!"

Raon chuckled lightly and headed towards the lodgings where he had stayed in his previous life.


Raon called the team leaders Martha, Runaan, and Burren into a room. 

After making them comfortable, he began to speak.

"The predictions from the Vian Assembly were accurate. The individuals here are the blood fiends of the White Blood religion."

The energy he detected with the Ring of Fire and the Blade of Requiem was the residual aura left behind by the formidable members of the White Blood religion after absorbing a significant amount of skilled swordsmen' energy.

Considering the size of the energy, it seemed likely that there were experts at least on the level of Grand Bishops within this city.


Martha let out a heavy breath. 

Now that the presence of the Baekhwa Sect was confirmed, the restrained energy within her boiled with anger.


Raon looked at Martha with cold eyes.

"If you can't control your emotions, withdraw."

Burren's voice was colder than usual, surprising enough to make Martha turn to him.

"In this mission, there's no one watching our backs. If we encounter someone equivalent to a Master or above, or a Grandmaster, we might not fight; we might need to withdraw. If you lose control and your reason, it won't just be you who dies, but the other members as well."

Rimmer and Sheryl were absent from this place. 

With the Light Wind squad handling everything alone, retreat was always a viable option to consider.

"I know..."

Martha gripped her fist tightly and exhaled slowly. 

The turbulent energy that had risen with anger began to settle.

The training she had undergone during her time here helped her gain better control over her emotions. 

Her eyes, once clouded, were now clear. 

It seemed the training had an effect.

"Then let's start again."

Raon nodded in satisfaction and looked at the three leaders.

"Our first objective is reconnaissance. Given that even the Blade of Requiem can't detect their movements, it's unlikely that the leader of the White Blood religion here will reveal themselves easily."

If even the Blade of Requiem detection ability couldn't track the movements of the White Blood religion believers, it was evident that they were concealing their energy using advanced methods like the art of formations or the power or martial arts.

"In other words, we need to work our way up from the bottom. Even if we find members of the White Blood religion, we can't attack them outright. Pretend not to know and track their movements to find the leader."

Since the White Blood religion believers were fanatics, torture wouldn't work on them. 

To reveal their identities, they first needed to identify the White Blood religion's leader and then trace their actions.

"That sounds like a plan. I'm on board."


Burren and Runaan nodded their heads, showing their readiness to follow the plan.


Martha closed her eyes without saying anything.

'Will this ever be erased?'

Even now, when she closed her eyes, she could see that day. 

The day when the Tenth Apostle and the White Blood religion tore apart the people of the village, took her mother away, and created that living hell.

She might never forget that experience.

Even if she killed the Tenth Apostle and rescued her mother, she might never escape that nightmare.

'Up until now, I've been making excuses for myself.'

Because she had experienced such a traumatic event. 

She dreamed of that scene every day.

She believed it was inevitable to lose control in front of the White Blood religion belivers. 

It was natural for her to lose herself, her hands acting on their own, and her mind going blank.

'I can't keep going like this.'

She wasn't a child anymore.

She couldn't live like the helpless child she used to be forever. 

Just as she promised to Raon and the other members of the 1st Team, it was time to move forward.

'That aside, he's truly a monster.'

Less than an hour had passed since arriving in Granseville, yet he had identified the presence of the White Blood religion and formulated a plan of action. 

Every time she felt it, she realized that he wasn't just strong physically, but his perception and experience seemed to rival that of a High Master.

'I need to learn from him.'

While there were many things she could learn, what she needed right now was to maintain a calm rationality. 

She wanted to emulate Raon's composure, which always remained steady even in the most dire situations.

Martha regained her calm after suppressing her emotions. 

With her eyes now steady, she looked at Raon 

"It's fine."

Raon smiled slightly at Martha's composed gaze.

"Pass the same message to the other members. Also, have the team operate in groups of three, as previously planned."

Operating in groups of three allowed for reporting and responding simultaneously if something happened to one member.

In situations like these, where Rimmer and Sheryl weren't around, moving in threes was the most efficient approach.

"If there are no further questions, you're dismissed."

Raon gestured for the members to leave.

"Are you going alone?"

Burren turned his head as he was leaving.

"Are you worried about me?"

"Well, it's not about worrying about a monster."

He chuckled playfully and scratched his cheek.

"What about you?"

This time, Martha narrowed her eyes.

"I'll find out when I meet him."

With a faint smile, Raon stood up.

"Let's meet with the client who called us here."


Raon ventured alone.

He wandered around like a vagabond, eventually entering a curio shop nestled in a narrow alley.


An old man with oval-shaped glasses looked at him with a hint of annoyance.

Raon strolled slowly, observing the assorted trinkets, until he approached the counter where the old man was stationed.

"What are you gawking at? Buying something? Selling something?"

The old man scrutinized him from head to toe before furrowing his brows.

"I'm here to borrow something."


"A large wood-cutting axe."


The old man rose from his seat slowly. 

The irritability he had displayed just moments ago disappeared in an instant, and his eyes now looked as serene as beads.

"Follow me this way."

Raon followed the old man behind the counter.

They passed through several rooms with obscure purposes until they reached the innermost chamber, where a grayish window was mounted low on the wall.

"Here it is."

As he opened the window, an area of darkness with a white staircase came into view. 

It was a magically treated secret passage.

Raon nodded and descended the stairs. 

He sensed a few individuals' presence in the darkness but continued downward, ignoring them.

"Human always hides underground, even though they can face the sun. Pitiful creatures."

Wrath clicked his tongue in dissatisfaction.

"What's this place for?"

"It's where the client for this mission is."

"Why's the client underground?"

"Because this is where the types who like to remain hidden gather."

Raon chuckled. 

The place he was heading to was an information hub spanning the entire continent – a shadow market that managed Granseville's numerous gambling dens and taverns.

"Why did they request this mission?"

"Because the city's wealth is flowing out."

Even though they enjoyed entertainment, it wasn't worth risking their lives for. 

With the increasing number of disappearances, those who frequented this place were decreasing, leading to a decline in the black market's profits.

"Heh, so the suckers are vanishing."

"Indeed. Suckers need to be taken care of too if you want them to keep bringing money."

Raon exchanged a glance with Wrath.

"I'm not looking at our king in that way."


He smiled and shrugged.


After descending all the way down the stairs, dim lights illuminated a narrow corridor. 

It was a signal to follow. 

As Raon followed the light, an old-fashioned door appeared.


As shehe opened the door and entered, a woman dressed in a violet robe with a hood pulled low sat behind a round table. 

She inclined her head slightly in invitation.

"Please, have a seat."

The woman nodded subtly and gestured toward the seat opposite her.

"I am Dening Rose, the head of the Granseville Black Market."

As Dening Rose introduced herself, she removed her robe. 

She had short red hair that contrasted with her one-eyed black rose eyepatch on her right eye.

"I am Raon Zieghart, the Light Wind squad's vice leader."

Raon sat down across from Dening Rose and lowered his head slightly.

"Are you in disguise as a mercenary?"

"Yes. It's more comfortable to investigate as a mercenary."

Mercenaries were known for their free-spirited nature, rarely conforming to orders. 

Even in his previous life, the profession she had disguised herself in the most was that of a mercenary.

"It's a shame. I wanted to see the face that captured the youngest artisan of the Yonaan family."

Dening Rose smiled lightly and placed documents on the table.

"The situation has changed slightly since we last met."

With a more serious expression, she pushed the documents forward.

"The White Blood religion. It appears that there are high-ranking Blood White religion members present."

"How did you...?"

Dening Rose squinted her left eye.

"When I arrived here, I sensed faint traces of blood energy. It seems that notable experts have been involved."


Her eyes widened in surprise.

"Recently, individuals who could be considered strong have been dying every day. It's highly likely that there are Archbishops or Apostles among them."

Dening Rose pointed to the bottom of the documents. 

There, the names of people who had gone missing recently were listed. 

While there were many in their Expert and High Expert phases, there was even a Master.

"All of these...?"

"Yes. These are the people who disappeared recently, after sending the request as well."

"Even a Master vanished without a trace..."

The situation seemed even more dangerous than he had anticipated.

"Do you know how many Apostles or Archbishops are involved? Do you have any information about who the Archbishop might be?"

"Not at all. We managed to catch a member of the White Blood religion a few days ago, but they took their own life without revealing any information."

Dening Rose sighed, a hint of disappointment in her expression.

"He was captured by our members while secretly proselytizing, so we won't be able to expose their identities any time soon."

"The Black Market can't find them either."

Raon munched on the documents, looking unimpressed.

He expected something more, but the information he gained here wasn't significantly different from what he had discovered on his own.

"It's an embarrassing admission, but the White Blood religion is our natural enemy."

Dening Rose let out a deep sigh.

"We are a faction that the common people established to protect themselves. If you look at it from the perspective of Granseville, we have gamblers, thieves, courtesans, servers, maids, and countless others gathering information for us. However, we can't find information on the White Blood religion believers through those means."


"Yes. Unless someone believes in their deity, they won't reveal their true identities. It's also difficult to differentiate lower-ranking members, as their blood energy is similar to that of ordinary people."

"Thanks to that, Granseville's revenue must be plummeting."


"Not many crazies are willing to enjoy entertainment to the point of death."

As he had mentioned to Wrath, most people wouldn't risk their lives just to have fun. 

With numerous cities like Granseville known for entertainment, if not more, people wouldn't go that far.


Dening Rose swallowed a dry laugh while looking at Raon's composed gaze.

"Definitely different."

The difference was clear. 

Upon arriving in Granseville, he immediately sensed the blood energy and detected the presence of the White Blood religion. 

It was something no one else had done so far. 

He was different from ordinary Masters she had met before.

"He won't fall short of the Twelve Stars of the Continent".

She had never felt such awe-inspiring emotion from the Twelve Stars of the Continent she had encountered thus far. 

It seemed that Laon Raon, too, could stand against the Twelve Stars of the Continent who were many ranks higher.

"How can someone who hasn't even reached the age of twenty be like this?"

What was even more astonishing was his character and demeanor.

She had assumed that someone at such a young age who had both power and fame would be arrogant, but she felt none of that. 

He was reasonably polite, focused only on the mission, and absorbed information at an astonishing speed.

"A dangerous man."

While the world only saw Raon's power, what was really worth noting was his judgment and insight.

"If there's anything we can assist with, please let us know. You don't have to deal with the entire White Blood religion; if you just eliminate the high-ranking members here, we'd be grateful."

Dening Rose straightened up her thoughts and lowered her head. 

Granseville generated considerable revenue for its size. 

If they could just expel the White Blood believers, they were willing to do almost anything.

"Anything, you say..."

Raon smiled and stood up.

"I'll remember those words."


After meeting with Dening Rose, Raon wandered around Granseville and then headed to the Molbe Lake.

As there were many people who had come for a boat trip with courtesans, he tried to be discreet and walked along the lake.

Climbing the hill on the opposite side of the lake, he looked down at Granseville.

"What are you up to again? Are you skipping dinner? They call this a city of gourmands!"

'But first things first.'

"Dressing up nicely while starving to death, this demon!"

'You need to work to earn money for food.'



Raon tossed away the yelling Wrath, who was screaming about food, toward the lake and observed Granseville from above. 

The longer he procrastinated, the more dangerous it became with the Light Wind squad and ordinary people. 

He needed to grasp the city's secret as quickly as possible.

"Excessively glamorous."

As night fell, the dazzling lights illuminated the city with a splendor different from daytime. 

The thoughts of disappearances, murders, and blood sects seemed far away, and only enjoyment overflowed.

"There's something here."

In the nighttime Granseville, a sinister odor different from the day permeated the air.

Especially, the flow of blood energy became more discreet, and the aura of the Blade of Requiem weakened as if it were being suppressed by something. 

It was clear that the White Blood religion had done something in the entire city.

"It should be possible here."

Since it was the time to look at the forest, not just the trees, Raon left Granseville and climbed a hill from where he could observe the entire city.


With closed eyes, Laon exhaled deeply, allowing his breath to sink into his lungs.

Feeling the frustration dissipating, he opened his eyes.


The seven rings of fire, which had now increased in number, resonated. 

His heart raced as he felt the world's flow slow down.

Ripples in the river, movement of air, drifting clouds—all of it flowed like sluggish water.


Raon put even more strength into the rapidly spinning rings. 

The clear sound of the rings resonated in his mind as he grasped the Blade of Requiem.

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