SL:R (Novel) Chapter 48

C 48

“Where are you going?!“

Randolph wouldn’t just leave him who was about to sneak past them.

He had his men chase after Suho with a loud voice.


The scavenger guild members rushed toward Suho like rhinos.

[How dare they?]

Twin wicks flashed in Beru’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Suho looked at them calmly as they rushed towards him.

’Are they really just tanks?’

The ones guarding the entrance were all tanks, so Suho thought it just happened to be that case, but it seemed like they were really all tanks.

In general, raiders are composed of an appropriate number of dealers, tanks, and healers in a well-balanced manner.

Although, it was not always that significant.

For instance, if the tank had the attack power to replace the role of the dealer as it is now, there would be no particular problem.


If the balance was broken, there was bound to be a disadvantage.




A giant shadow spider rose from Suho’s shadow.

In accordance with Suho’s will, it began to move.


Black spider webs were scattered throughout the narrow labyrinth.


“W-What’s this?!“

The bodies of the Scavenger Guild members who were running vigorously, were stuck in the spider web and they slowed down.

Suho and Esil moved.


“Summoning hunter? A guy with some tricks!“

Randolph sneered and put his entire energy into his whole body.

It was only natural that he laughed at Suho since the Scavenger Guild is known for their strength.

’Summoning hunters are the ones who just obsequiously hide behind their summoned beasts and follow them!’

The guild members’ confidence was enough to make them ignore the summoned beast and kill the hunter behind it instead.

The spider’s web was ripped out by their overwhelming power.

However, Arachne’s web is a type of skill made of magic.

It can be spewed as much as the monster would want.

And that web had a very annoying quality attached to it.

[Arachne uses ’Skill: Puppet Show’.]


One of the guild members who ran in the lead, tearing off the spider’s web, swung his forearm and knocked down a colleague next to him.


“Hey! Are you crazy?!“

The one who had been hit by the fist and had a nosebleed, shouted.

However, his leg suddenly bent at a strange angle.


He tripped over another colleague passing by.


“What are you doing?!“

The Scavenger Guild members fell and rolled on the floor.

Randolph’s face flushed red in that truly messy situation.

“What the hell is happening?!“


He stamped his feet and the floor cracked as if there was an earthquake.

He’d rather get tricked by overwhelming force, than be tricked by such skills like that!

“Stand up! Catch that bastard right now!“


The guild members got back to their senses at Randolph’s loud voice.

They cautiously surrounded Suho.

“I guess you forgot me?“

Esil rushed towards them with her spear.



It was not easy to dodge the javelin flying in a straight line in that narrow space.

Esil’s weapon caused an explosion of magic.

Even though they managed to avoid the attack, the wall behind them exploded and collapsed on the other guild members.


The spear returned to Esil’s hand before she knew it, and she threw the spear again towards them.

In the meantime, Suho…

’I’m after their leader!’

Randolph’s eyebrows twitched as he watched Suho rush towards him.

“Ha. You dare to go after me? Did I look that easy to you?“

Randolph smirked and looked at Suho who was charging at him.


Randolph’s attack, imbued with extreme magical power, aimed at Suho.

Right then.

’Ruler’s Power!’

Suho stepped on the air and jumped up and went back behind Randolph as if he were performing aerial acrobatics.


“Well then, we’ll pass by.“

Suho chuckles at Randolph and raises his hand with a grin.

The smile enraged Randolph.

“How dare this bastard!“

’He’s the type that easily gets provoked.’

In an instant, a strange light appeared in Suho’s eyes.

Through his senses stats, he figured out that Randolph was an A-Class hunter.

A level of strength he cannot dare to face with his own.

However, if he had a simple ignorant personality like he appeared, there would be infinite ways to deal with him.

’First, teasing.’

With the Ruler’s Power, Suho lifted a brick that had fallen near him.

He hit the back of Randolph’s head!

“… What a brat.“

There was no way Randolph would be damaged by a brick that just slightly touched the back of his head (?).

But the effect was very good.

“I will kill that bastard myself.“

He ignored his subordinates and rushed towards Suho.

Even with that terrifying aura, Suho only grinned.


[Arachne uses ’Skill: Puppet Show’.]

At that moment…


“… Huh?“

The ceiling exploded above their heads.

Then, through the gaping hole, a giant centipede appeared.




Everyone inside was horrified.

[Poisoned-Tooth Sand Centipede]

The grotesque and repulsive colossal monster that should have been in the red desert suddenly invaded the place!

“W-Why is that here?!“

“How did it come close this way?!“

Everyone’s eyes turned to Suho.

Coincidentally, he is a summoning hunter.

Most of all, he was the one who was able to summon the spider-like monster!

“No way…“

However, it was not the time to worry about that.


“Ahhh! Run away!“

The hunters were startled and scattered at the scream of the sand centipede, which tried to enter the labyrinth.

Esil went to Suho and asked.

“Suho, did you do it?“

“What are you doing? Aren’t you running away?“


* * *

Meanwhile, the village is in an uproar.

Sand centipedes suddenly attacked the village.

“T-These things got crazy all of a sudden!“

The time has come at last.

Sand centipedes, who had only been wandering around the village so far, invaded the village.

But, the attention of those who they thought would attack the hunters in the village was focused only on the pyramids.

“The centipedes are flocking to the pyramids!“

“Get out of the way!“

“We are not their purpose!“

The hunters quickly stepped back and cleared the way for the centipedes.

Those were not the kind of monsters they could deal with in the first place.

The sand centipedes each clung to the pyramid and began to gnaw through the stone walls to get into it.

“What the hell is going on…“

The hunters couldn’t keep their mouths shut at that bizarre sight.

“There really must be something in there.“

“No, more than that…“

“The hunters in there must all be dead.“

Hunters who couldn’t even get into the pyramid because of the Scavenger Guild anyway were even pleased.

They decided to watch it all for now.

After the situation is over and all the scavenger guild members die, they would enter the pyramid afterwards.

Kamura hunters’ eyes lit.

* * *

The sudden intrusion of sand centipedes made the situation a lot messier.

Suho and Esil retreated in the opposite direction from the Scavenger Guild.

They met other people eventually.

Asura Guild.



They met Rio Xing who then asked Suho.

“My name is Rio Xing of the Asura Guild. Which guild do you belong to?“

“What did he say?“

Suho’s eyes looked at his interpreter, Esil.

Esil sighed and answered Rio Xing instead.

“Independent. We are from Korea.“

“Korea? I see. Now that the situation is like this, would you like to team up for a while?“

Rio Xing tried to read Suho’s mood with a sharp gaze.

’He didn’t reveal his affiliation, but I’m sure he’s from a promising guild.’

Rio Xing watched all of Suho’s moves against Randolph.

His quick judgment and fighting sense were never below him.

Suho had no reason to reject Rio Xing’s offer.

Since the sand centipede had appeared, it wasn’t a situation where humans would grapple with each other.

“Well, let’s do it.“

Seeing Suho nod, Rio Xing let out a sigh of relief.

’Great. I had a lot of questions.’

Suho talked to Esil.

“What happened here?“

Rio Xing continued to move away from the sand centipede and answered Suho.

“This pyramid wants us to prove ourselves.“


Suho and Beru’s eyes lit up at the same time at the word they had heard many times.


Watching Suho’s expression, Rio Xing was impressed deep inside.

It was natural to worry about your life first when you were told to prove your qualifications in a dungeon like that.

A cataclysm suddenly occurred two years ago.

Since then, numerous scientists have questioned the said phenomenon, but no one has yet been able to uncover the mystery behind it.

Fear of the unknown.

However, Suho’s reaction was different from what was common.

’Smiling? This young man is genuinely enjoying this difficulty. He was born with the natural disposition of Asura.’

That’s what Rio Xing thought.

“Is this right?“

[It seems to be right.]

What they remembered was the King’s Trial at Magok Field.

The test to prove the king’s qualifications was taking place right there as well.

’If this is a test.’

There was only one way to prove oneself.

Go deep within.

The problem was the hunters blocking their way.

’In the end, I’ll have to deal with the Scavenger Guild members first before I can move forward.’

Suho stared intently at the corner where the guild members ran away from the sand centipede.

Perhaps that is the deepest part of the labyrinth.

They would still be exploring there to prove their qualifications.

“Suho, what are you thinking?“

Esil asked Suho.

“Do you think it will be difficult for us to deal with all of them alone?“


Suho agreed.

It seemed that it would be difficult with Arachne alone on their side.

’I think we’ll have a chance to win if we have more soldiers…’

But those soldiers had to be at least of Arachne’s lever or higher.


“Ah, right.“

Just in time, Suho’s eyes twinkled as he heard the sand centipede’s scream coming from afar.

Maybe it was different in an open desert, but wouldn’t it be possible to deal with them one by one in that isolated space?

[To be continued…]

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