SL:R (Novel) Chapter 47

C 47

”Let there be light in the future of the challenger.”

-Great Spellcaster Kandiaru

That was the phrase found by hunters.

It was a record that had never been found in Egyptian history.

Hunters were understandably outraged by the historic discovery.

The number of people who risked visiting this small city of Kamaru increased.

But Beru, who was silently listening to Esil’s words, made a strange expression.



Suho looked at Beru.

[It’s a known name.]

Beru rubbed his chin with a genuinely interested expression.

[Great Spellcaster Kandiaru. He is the architect who designed the level up system.]

”Architect? Why would someone like that leave a writing inside the pyramid?”

[I don’t know that much but isn’t that building considerably older?]

”That’s right.”

[Kandiaru was a shaman of the Hwan Tribe who dreamed of eternal life.]

Great Spellcaster Kandiaru.

He was originally a shaman who aimed for transcendence and eternal life.

And in the end, to achieve that purpose, he signed a contract with the ’Rulers’ and designed a level-up system.

The existence completed with that system was Suho’s father, Sung Jinwoo, the Shadow Monarch.

”So, what is he up to now?”

[His whereabouts are unknown after the War of the Outer Gods. Whether he really got eternal life or he died…]

Beru stared at the pyramid in the distance with a meaningful look.

[Perhaps there may be traces of Kandiaru in that pyramid.]

Suho nodded.

The content of the urgent quest is to remove the cause of the dimensional rift.

If it was Kandiaru who created the level up system, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to create a dimensional rift.

It felt like puzzle pieces were fitting in Suho’s head.

He turned his gaze to the pyramid.

”Let’s go right in.”

”Hey, wait!”

As Suho and Esil tried to move toward the pyramid, the guards urgently called them.


With the two glaring piercingly, the guards stopped with awkward expressions.

”I heard you have to be careful if you’re going to enter the pyramid right now.”


After that, Suho looked at Esil as the conversation continued for a long time, and Esil quickly translated.

”To summarize, there is a guild that recently monopolized the Pyramid by force.”


Suho looked confused.

* * *

Scavenger Guild.

It was one of the largest guilds in the United States founded by Thomas Andre, an S-Class hunter.

He was a UFC Unlimited Weight Champion even before his awakening and was unrivaled in the ring. He defended his title until his retirement.

After which, he suddenly awakened as an S-Class hunter, and now he has become one of the strongest hunters in the United States with no rivals outside the ring.

As a guild established by such a person, the reputation of the Scavenger Guild was unmatched in the United States.

Their symbol was strength.

Under the guild leader’s theory that those with power win everything, they had a lot of notoriety.

It was also a guild responsible for the safety of citizens by defeating so many demons.

”Still, I don’t think all the Scavenger Guild members came. The numbers are quite few.”

Esil, the walking translator, conveyed the words of the guards.

It was only natural that the guards were concerned about Suho and Esil.

Entering the pyramid monopolized by the Scavenger Guild meant that they would confront those people soon.

However, Suho must go on a quest, and had no other options.

Despite the guards’ dissuade, Suho and Esil entered the village.

They walked straight toward the pyramid.



Meanwhile, Arachne hid in Suho’s shadows after the hard work it did. That was the only way it could be free from the villagers’ gazes.

’Hmm. The village’s atmosphere…’

Suho crossed the street and looked around.

Hunters with big and small energy were living throughout that place.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary village.

But, their energy was enough to let Suho feel that all their nerves were focused on the pyramid. It was like they had the momentum to run towards the pyramid at any moment.

But why can’t they do that?

“… It’s them.”

Men with tough stance stood guard at the entrance to the pyramid.

* * *

The Scavenger Guild’s B-Class hunter Gerald was the head of the gatekeepers guarding the entrance.

He had been in a bad mood ever since he had been brought there a few days ago.

’Did they bring people all the way to Egypt because of some kind of prophecy or superstition?’

What’s more is making him simply guard at the door under the scorching sun.

Gerald’s already formidable face was further crumpled by the hot sunlight.

”Who are those guys?”

Seeing a man and woman slowly approaching the pyramid, he frowned even more.

Gerald asked the subordinate next to him.

”Huh? Didn’t you notify all the hunters in the village?”

”I did. Approaching the pyramid will be regarded as hostile to the Scavenger Guild members…”

”Then what kind of shitheads are those guys? Do they think they have multiple lives?”

There was a reason Gerald was intentionally talking loud to his subordinates.

Most hunters have good hearing.

This was a kind of warning or a threat to kill if Suho and Esil would continue to approach.

His words reached Suho’s ears. Of course, he couldn’t understand the meaning because it was English.

Esil didn’t even think of interpreting those words.

”Are they still coming up?”

Suho and Esil were going up the stairs of the pyramid one step at a time, and when they got closer…


As Gerald winked at his subordinates, the Scavenger Guild members rushed at Suho without any warning.

”Get out of here, you bastards!”



Looking at them, Suho tilted his head.

‘This is how they attack?’

”Well, we couldn’t understand each other anyway.”

Suho smiled brightly and drew out his twin swords.

Sometimes fists are a more effective way to communicate than a hundred words.

”Blade Storm.”

[Use ’Skill: Blade Storm’.]



There was a sudden sandstorm.

As a result, the members of the Scavenger Guild who had already stepped on the outer wall of the inclined pyramid, stumbled down.

* * *

Meanwhile, a fierce battle was taking place inside the pyramid.

Because of the disintegration, the pyramid inside turned into a labyrinth.

There were other hunters who were exploring the labyrinth even before the Scavenger Guild arrived.

The latter were very coercive dealing with other hunters.

”You guys have two options. Go out or die.”

”Crazy bastards! We came here first!”

The hunters whom the Scavenger Guild confronted were enraged.

’Rio Xing’, a B-Class hunter from the Asura Guild in India, had been exploring the labyrinth for a week.

However, the guys who came in later are trying to kick them out by force.

There was no hunter who would quietly withdraw from a situation like that.

”Everyone, get ready for battle!”

The Asura Guild, like its name, was by no means easygoing.

All of them had twin swords, and the red swords coming out of each of their weapons was like that of Asura in mythology.

As soon as they were ready to fight, a terrible killing spree engulfed the area.

The Scavenger Guild, who looked down on them because of their small number, became more serious.

Rio Xing raised his twin swords and aimed at them.

”I can’t come this far and go back empty-handed. You better not take us too lightly.”

Rio Xing was a rising star in the Asura Guild.

But due to the nature of India, a class society, one could never rise to the top without a clear criminal record.

In particular, this incident was of utmost interest within the Asura Guild.

Rio Xing volunteered for this job to enhance his status.

’If I go back empty-handed, I’ll be kicked out of the guild.’

”W-What’s with these guys?”

Randolph, who was leading the Scavenger Guild members, was a little taken aback by the response of the Asura Guild. Unlike the other hunters, they did not intend to back down.


”These are the ones who have to see blood.”

Randolph’s lips curled up into a wicked smile.

”A murderer who commited a crime that took place in a dungeon cannot be held guilty. Kill them all!”


At that moment, the whole body of the Scavenger Guild members was wrapped in Giant’s Armor.

If the Asura Guild’s avant-garde consisted of dealers, the scavenger guild’s avant-garde consisted of tankers.

’It didn’t feel good.’

For a moment, Rio Xing felt an instinctive sense of danger.

The well-organized tankers’ sense of intimidation reminded him of a huge monster.

A battle between spear and shield.

However, in such a narrow space where it was difficult to wield a weapon, the shield was overwhelmingly advantageous.

”Knock them all down!”


The Scavenger Guild members rushed forward with their excellent defense.

”Make space!”

At Rio Xing’s command, the Asura Guild members mercilessly swung their twin swords and broke down the wall that was blocking them.


A space was created.

”Attack everyone!”


The spear and the shield- No, swords and shields clashed.


Randolph crushed his opponent with overwhelming force.

He was a little taken aback as the opponent struggled quite a bit, but the result didn’t change anyway.

”Your petite blades will never pierce our armor!”

In the end, what determines the outcome of the fight is overwhelming power!

All the guild members that Randolph had brought were proud of their strength.



The Asura Guild members were thrown helplessly by the brutal force.

”Cut the seams of their armor!”

Rio Xing’s plan worked.

No matter how hard the tanks were, they were not invincible, and there were definitely gaps that their armor couldn’t protect.

However, the Scavenger Guild themselves knew better.

They tried to press the opponent while filling the gap with each other.

”Hahaha! Feel free to come at me!”

Randolph shouted and ran like a truck throwing Rio’s body off.



Rio Xing flew backwards and crashed into a wall.

Blood gushed out of his mouth.

’Is this the end…!’

Right then.


The sound of a wall collapsing could be heard in the distance.

A man and woman quietly intervened in the fierce battle.


Suho, who reached this point by destroying the walls of the labyrinth, met Rio Xing’s eyes.

Then he looked away, and this time his eyes met Randolph’s.

Suho silently nodded and turned around.

”Well. Keep going.”

[To be continued…]

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