RDM (Novel) Chapter 414

C 414

Jang Sacheon's face contorted in shame.

Gwak Nosaeng's accusation made him feel humiliated. Although he felt indignation inside, if they had really brought someone trailing behind them, there was no excuse.

"How dare you!"

Jang Sacheon unsheathed the half broken Sword from his waist.

The sword energy shot straight into the ventilation shaft.


With a loud explosion, debris flew in all directions.

As the ventilation shaft was destroyed, Pyo Wol and Yong Seol-ran jumped out.

Gwak Nosaeng glared at them and said,

"Ha! Quite good-looking youngsters you are. How did you get in here? Of course, you must have followed these fools. You seem quite skilled; you'll make useful materials."

Gwak Nosaeng had no intention of listening to Pyo Wol and Yong Seol-ran's answers. He spoke, answered, and drew his own conclusions.

Jang Sacheon spoke up on his behalf.

"If you're going to sneak into someone else's house, reveal your identity first."

"If we wanted to do that, we wouldn't have snuck in like this."

"Did you really follow us?"

"That's right!"

"I'm surprised I didn't recognize you when you were tailing us. Where did you come from?"

"Ever since your subordinates killed the young man from the village who was interested in the Fire Heart Herb."

"I see."

Jang Sacheon turned to look at the three who caused the accident.

The faces of the three men who had killed the villager after toying with the villager turned white.

"That, that's wrong."

"We definitely covered our tracks well..."

"We're, we're sorry."

The men hurriedly tried to explain themselves, but no excuse would be enough to appease Jang Sacheon's anger.


Jang Sacheon's half broken sword slashed through the air.

In an instant, the men's movements stopped.

Blood flowed from their throats as they collapsed.

There was no resistance, no screams.

It happened in the blink of an eye.

The atmosphere in the room quickly turned icy.

Everyone was astonished by Jang Sacheon's decisive actions toward his own followers.

Pyo Wol was surprised for a different reason.

He recognized the extraordinary skill Jang Sacheon had just demonstrated with the half broken sword.

Not many swordsmen in Kangho could wield such power with the half broken sword.

If someone possessed that level of martial skill, their name would certainly be known, but Pyo Wol had never heard of a swordsman who could wield a half broken sword like that.

No matter how well a sharp spear is hidden, it will eventually pierce the sky.

Similarly, a martial artist with that level of skill would inevitably become known to the world, like Pyo Wol himself.

Yet the fact that such a person had not been known meant that someone had deliberately concealed his identity.

"Could it be... Guryong?"

For a moment, both Jang Sacheon and Gwak Nosaeng's eyes wavered, and Pyo Wol didn't miss it.


Jang Sacheon pretended to be calm and said,


"I don't know what you're talking about."


"It's okay if you don't know. Because I do."


"Stop talking nonsense and reveal your identity. Otherwise, you'll never leave this place alive."


"You're not going to let me live if I answer anyway."


"I'll kill you painlessly."


"No thanks! I'll pass on that offer."




Killing intent burst from Jang Sacheon's eyes.


Ignoring his gaze, Pyo Wol looked at the people lying on the stone beds.


There was barely any sign of life from those lying on the stone beds.


If they were alive, there should be a regular rhythm of breathing, but it was hardly noticeable.


They were undoubtedly alive, but it felt as if they weren't.


Pyo Wol asked Gwak Nosaeng,


"What are you doing to them?"


"Hehe! You foolish child. This place is the residence of this old man. Whatever happens here is none of your concern."


"An elder? Are you talking about a physician?"


It was a casual remark by Gwak Nosaeng, but for Pyo Wol, the two characters were enough.


A physician, especially one associated with the character 'ma'(魔), meaning demon.


What such a physician did couldn't be normal.


"Are you toying with the lives of these people?"


"Toying? This old man is transforming them into something else. Soon, you will be like them too."




Pyo Wol's expression turned cold.


Transformation meant a significant change in form, like when insects or animals grow and change their appearance.


It was not a word to be applied to humans. Yet, unconsciously using such a word meant that the old man had used some forbidden medical technique on them.


"What have you done?"


"Hehe! You're quite a curious one. If you want to know, come and get through them first."


He sneered at Pyo Wol and turned away.


With his back turned, he spoke to Jang Sacheon.


"Make sure no more problems arise. If you mess up again, I'll report it to the master."


"Such a thing will never happen."


As Jang Sacheon replied, he stepped forward.

His followers followed behind him.

Jang Sacheon spoke to his followers.

"Capture him. You may even sever his limbs, just keep him alive."


With their response, the followers charged at Pyo Wol and Yong Seol-ran.

Jang Sacheon watched the two with narrowed eyes.

He planned to first send his followers to gauge the abilities of the two.



The followers attacked the two with strange laughter.

Unlike the elder or Jang Sacheon, they didn't seem to perceive Pyo Wol and Yong Seol-ran as significant threats.


Sword and blade Aura’s rushed towards Pyo Wol and Yong Seol-ran.

Yong Seol-ran moved first.

"Phew! You people are truly unforgivable."

She couldn't let go of those who had not only killed the villager but also conducted horrifying acts on people.

Her bloodline still contained the blood of the Emei Sect, a righteous sect.

Although diluted due to the disaster, the spirit of Emei Sect, known as demon extermination, still remained.


Yong Seol-ran's unfolded the Boundless Lotus Sword (無量蓮花劍), a secret skill of the Emei Sect.

It was a unique technique that could only be learned by direct disciples of the sect. Its power was far from ordinary.



The sharp sword strikes that tore through the darkness brought down the warriors who had charged at them.

The rough tree branch in Yong Seol-ran's hand had been reborn as a peerless sword.

"Boundless Lotus Sword? You must be a disciple of the Emei Sect."

Jang Sacheon recognized Yong Seol-ran's technique in an instant and was astonished.

According to his knowledge, the Emei Sect had closed its doors and no longer allowed disciples to be active outside.

The Boundless Lotus Sword was one of the top techniques in Emei Sect's martial arts.

It was not a technique that anyone could learn.

The appearance of someone who had mastered such a technique here was not a good omen.

At least from Jang Sacheon's point of view.

Yong Seol-ran's attack was sharp, hard to believe she hadn't wielded a sword for a long time.

As white lotus flowers bloomed, someone screamed and fell each time.

Jang Sacheon muttered as he watched those who fell.

"Her swordsmanship is sharp, but her hand is slow. Or maybe she has a weak heart."

There were many who fell, but none who died.

It was evidence that Yong Seol-ran was holding back in her attacks.

A wicked smile appeared on Jang Sacheon's lips.

The most difficult people to deal with in Kangho were those who had strong martial arts skills with a ruthless heart.

It was best not to turn them into enemies unless necessary.

On the contrary, the easiest to deal with were those who were strong in martial arts, but their hearts were too soft and unable to kill easily.

Those who grew up in a gentle environment often had such traits.

Jang Sacheon thought Yong Seol-ran belonged to that category.

"What are you doing? Overwhelm her all at once. She won't kill any of you."


At least, among those present, there were none who feared getting hurt.

Jang Sacheon may not have trained them personally, but he trusted their martial skills and fortitude.


The warriors increased their momentum and charged at Yong Seol-ran.

At that moment, a puzzled look appeared on Yong Seol-ran's face.

Having been away from Kangho for a long time, it wasn't as easy as she had thought to draw blood. If possible, she wanted to inflict only minor wounds and subdue them. That was her intention.

The enemies took advantage of her lenient mindset.

As soon as they realized that she couldn't bring herself to kill, they threw themselves at her even more aggressively.

As a result, despite her outstanding skills, Yong Seol-ran was forced to retreat.

Pyo Wol indifferently watched Yong Seol-ran struggling.

Everything was her choice.

Following him here was her choice, and fighting with them was her decision.

Pyo Wol had clearly warned her, but she ignored the warning and followed him anyway. 

Everything that happened from that point on was the result of her decisions.

Regardless of her emotions, she had to bear the consequences.

That's when it happened.


Without warning, Jang Sacheon launched an attack at Pyo Wol.

He didn't earn the nickname Ghostly Demon sword for nothing.

The nickname was given to him for his stealth, akin to an owl snatching its prey in the night sky.

His Ghost Demon Sword swiftly approached and slashed at Pyo Wol's neck.


The sound of cutting echoed in the darkness.

Jang Sacheon's sword had sliced Pyo Wol's neck.

"Hehe! Impressive."

Gwak Nosaeng clapped and laughed, watching the scene.

To him, it looked as if Pyo Wol's neck had been severed. However, Jang Sacheon, who had slashed at Pyo Wol's neck, wore a somber expression.

'I don't feel anything in my hand.'

It was clear that his sword was sharp.

It could cut through rock when imbued with internal energy, but it shouldn't have passed through without any resistance.

Jang Sacheon instinctively sensed that something was wrong.

At that moment, the image of Pyo Wol, whose neck he had slashed, vanished without a trace.

'An illusion? Damn it!'

Jang Sacheon instinctively unfurled his shield to protect himself.


At that moment, a faint sound erupted as something collided with his blade.

The sound was as small as a pebble hitting it, but the impact exceeded his imagination.


Pain shot through the hand holding the blade, and Jang Sacheon let out a faint groan as he was pushed back.

"What is this?"

Jang Sacheon's eyes wavered.

He had instinctively blocked the opponent's attack but couldn't figure out what had attacked him.

That's when it happened.


Another faint sound rang out.

Jang Sacheon again unfurled his shield, retreating even further.


Despite deploying an iron-like defense, something pierced his thigh.


He unwittingly groaned in pain from the searing sensation.

He focused his energy on his eyes to see what had pierced his thigh.

'A thread?'

It was a thread so fine that it would have been invisible without concentrating his energy.

At that moment, an unbelievable scene unfolded.

The thread that had pierced his thigh vanished without a trace.

It was then that he realized the thread was not a real object, but rather a condensed form of energy called Qi Thread.

There were many martial artists in the world, but only one who used Qi Threads as a weapon. 

Jang Sacheon let out a scream-like sound.

"Reaper, you're the Reaper."

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