RDM (Novel) Chapter 415

C 415

Although Jang Sacheon barely participated in the martial world activities, he frequently checked its trends.

As a result, he had a grasp on most of the renowned martial artists in the martial world.

Pyo Wol was one of the most dangerous martial artists he knew.

He wouldn't have rated him so highly if it was simply because of his martial arts skills.

Pyo Wol possessed top-notch martial arts skills and knew how to utilize them perfectly.

More importantly, he was a ruthless individual, an assassin who wouldn't hesitate to resort to stealth tactics to achieve his goals.

People like Jang Sacheon considered Pyo Wol to be a more challenging opponent than martial artists from prestigious sects.

This was because Pyo Wol didn't possess any of the usual weaknesses of martial artists, such as morality, honor, or family ties.

Facing someone like him was not an easy task, even for the most accomplished martial artists.

Moreover, Pyo Wol's martial arts skills were formidable.

Among them, the technique of using Qi Threads, called the Soul Reaping Thread Technique, was a source of fear for many.

In reality, simply being able to imbue one's sword or blade with Qi was enough to be treated as a master. However, Pyo Wol compressed his Qi into fine threads and used them as a weapon.

It was a martial art that defied the common sense of the martial world.

Above all, Pyo Wol had constantly interfered with their actions, making him unforgettable.

"Phew! What a terrible fate, the Reaper!"

Jang Sacheon's eyes darkened.

The moment he realized that his opponent was Pyo Wol, his mindset changed.

Pyo Wol was not an opponent who could be easily defeated.

He was a formidable enemy who couldn't be guaranteed victory even if he gave his all. 

In order to face him, Jang Sacheon needed to be prepared to risk his life. And he was indeed someone prepared to do so.


A streak of light covered Jang Sacheon's blade.

It was the Sword Qi.


Recently, he had gained enlightenment and could now unleash his powerful energy. However, he had not yet fully mastered his internal energy, making it incomplete.

Under normal circumstances, he would have relied on his Sword skills or his early-stage cultivation techniques instead of the Sword Qi. However, Pyo Wol was not an opponent he could confidently defeat with such leisure.

Jang Sacheon lunged towards Pyo Wol.

There was no sound or trace as he sprinted through the underground space. He was like a ghost.

It was a movement technique called the Ghost Step.

This technique allowed one to move like a ghost when mastered.

Especially in dark underground spaces, the power of the Ghost Step was doubled.

Jang Sacheon suddenly appeared in front of Pyo Wol as if he had pierced through the darkness, swinging his sword imbued with Sword Qi. However, the next moment, he could only be shocked.

Pyo Wol, who he thought would be in his place, was nowhere to be seen.

Jang Sacheon felt a shiver down his spine and quickly looked behind him.

Pyo Wol had already occupied the space behind Jang Sacheon.

If Jang Sacheon had the Ghost Step, Pyo Wol had the meandering steps.

The Ghost Step was powerful in the dark, but the power of the meandering steps was even greater.

Soundless and traceless combat was what Pyo Wol excelled at.

Without a sound, the Soul Reaping Thread was unleashed.

Two threads of the Soul Reaping Thread attacked Jang Sacheon's neck and heart like venomous snakes.

Both were vital points that could cause instant death even with a small injury.

Instinctively, Jang Sacheon swung his Sword Qi to defend both vital points.


A faint metallic sound rang out as the Soul Reaping Threads were deflected. However, he couldn't relax.

The deflected Soul Reaping Threads twisted in mid-air and flew back at him.

They were so thin that they were difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, and their speed was as fast as light. It was too late to judge with the eyes alone.

He had to sense and defend against them.

Jang Sacheon swung his sword like a madman.

Ting, ting, ting!

Metallic sounds echoed repeatedly.

He was Jang Sacheon, known as the Ghostly Demon Sword.

To those who faced him, he was called a ghost and brought nightmares.

Now he was experiencing the nightmare his opponents must have felt.

Pyo Wol was stronger, stealthier, and more venomous.

In the past, Pyo Wol used the Ghost Blades along with the Soul Reaping Thread.

Back then, there was at least the sound of the blades cutting through the air. However, the Ghost Blades  had been destroyed, and Pyo Wol only used the Soul Reaping Threads.

The lightweight Soul Reaping Threads didn't even make the usual sound of cutting through the air.

It was even more challenging for the opponent.


Jang Sacheon's face became more and more distorted.

Trying to block the Soul Reaping Threads with only his senses was increasingly exhausting.

As soon as one was cut down, another thread would fly at him in an instant. It was maddening.

'At this rate, I'll be the one in trouble.'

While Pyo Wol was far away, merely flicking his fingers to control the Soul Reaping Threads, Jang Sacheon was dancing with his sword like a madman.

Their energy consumption was different.

If things continued this way, he would undoubtedly collapse from exhaustion without even putting up a fight.

'Sacrifice the flesh to take the bone.'

Gritting his teeth, Jang Sacheon executed the Ghost Step.

There was no defense

All he trusted was his single sword.

He charged forward at a terrifying speed, like a fish swimming upstream.


The thread-like attacks penetrated his left shoulder and waist.

Although it felt like his mind would fly away due to the intense pain, he clenched his teeth and endured it.

Thanks to that, he was able to close the distance between him and Pyo Wol to just about half a yard. It was close enough to strike with his sword.

"Ha! Ghost Soul Destruction!"

The strongest sword technique unfolded at a close range to Pyo Wol.

The darkness was momentarily pushed away by the intense sword energy, which exploded towards Pyo Wol.

Jang Sacheon's sword was just about to touch Pyo Wol's neck.

Suddenly, a ray of light bloomed around Pyo Wol's neck.

It was the thread-like qi shield, threaded serpent qi.

The power of the threaded serpent qi was on a different level compared to the thread-like attacks.


Not only did the sword energy send Jang Sacheon's sword flying far away, but it also caused a great shock to his insides.


Jang Sacheon's face contorted with shock. However, he didn't have time to complain about the pain.

Pyo Wol had shifted from defense to offense.

Pyo Wol's fist, riding on the darkness, struck Jang Sacheon's chest.


A loud explosion sounded as Jang Sacheon was sent flying backward.

He didn't succumb helplessly. In the midst of it all, he extended his unarmed palm to block Pyo Wol's fist. However, as a result, his fingers were bent backward, broken like a pile of straws.


Suddenly, Jang Sacheon let out a stifled groan.

Something had coiled around his neck.

'What is this?'

The invisible, thin silk was none other than the threaded serpent qi.

Pyo Wol exerted force and pulled the threaded serpent qi.


In an instant, Jang Sacheon's head floated in mid-air, separated from his body.

Looking down at his own body from the air was truly horrifying.

'Damn it...'

That was Jang Sacheon's last thought.

Gwak Nosaeng was greatly surprised to see this.


Although Gwak Nosaeng always treated Jang Sacheon casually, he acknowledged his martial arts skills.

Jang Sacheon was a formidable expert, but Pyo Wol defeated him effortlessly. In Gwak Nosaeng's eyes, it seemed as if Pyo Wol played with Jang Sacheon before killing him.

After Jang Sacheon, it was Gwak Nosaeng's turn.

Pyo Wol approached Gwak Nosaeng. Despite this, Gwak Nosaeng showed no signs of fear.


"You! You're really amazing. Jang Sacheon was a pretty great expert, but you killed him so easily. Did he say you were the Reaper?"


"I have a proposal for you. It won't be a bad offer for you either. Come under my command. Then, I promise you unprecedented wealth and honor."


Pyo Wol didn't even respond since the offer wasn't even worth considering.

Gwak Nosaeng's face twisted at Pyo Wol's attitude.

"You're refusing? You'll regret it."

"I'd rather bite my tongue and die than become your servant."

"You're really cheeky. Fine! If that's your choice, don't regret it."

Gwak Nosaeng chuckled.

Pyo Wol aimed his soul reaping thread at Gwak Nosaeng's neck. However, the soul reaping thread didn't reach Gwak Nosaeng's body.

Someone had blocked it in between them.

The soul reaping thread pierced the chest of the person who blocked it.

An ordinary person who was pierced by the soul reaping thread would have screamed or shown some reaction. But the person standing in the middle didn't show any physical response, silently standing like a wooden statue.

Pyo Wol realized that the person who was pierced by the soul reaping thread instead of Gwak Nosaeng was one of those lying on the stone beds.

When pierced by soul reaping thread, a person experiences extreme pain.

It's a mistake to think that smaller holes cause less pain. Many warriors who were hit by the soul reaping thread so far proved this fact.

But the person now pierced by the soul reaping thread had no reaction.

It was as if they couldn't feel pain at all. But their eyes were strange.

There was no trace of human will or emotion that one should have.

It wasn't like Pyo Wol, who completely concealed his inner thoughts.

It was empty, as if it never existed.

They were like a soulless corpse rather than a living human.

Without realizing it, Pyo Wol spoke.

"A Jiangshi...?"

"More precisely, it's a living Jiangshi."

Gwak Nosaeng kindly corrected Pyo Wol's mistake.

"Living Jiangshi? You turned a living person into a Jiangshi?"

"It's my work. Hehe! How is it? Isn't it really amazing?"

"You're insane!"

"You can't create a masterpiece without being crazy."

Gwak Nosaeng laughed wickedly.

He was genuinely proud of his creation.

It wasn't completed yet. But it was true that the completion was just around the corner.

If he used the Fire Heart Herb and other medicinal herbs that Jang Sacheon and his subordinates had obtained, he could make it even more perfect.

Living Jiangshi were different from the Ghost King.

With good ingredients, his medical skills, and massive support, they could be mass-produced indefinitely.

It would be like forming a powerful army.

It was a terrible atrocity that abandoned humanity, but Gwak Nosaeng didn't feel guilty.

He had a cruel disposition, willing to slaughter thousands if it meant achieving his goals.


With a strange noise, those who had been lying on the stone beds got up.

Seeing this, not only Yong Seol-ran but also Jang Sacheon's subordinates were appalled.

"What is this?"

"Damn it!"

They knew Gwak Nosaeng's research had reached some level of fruition. However, witnessing it firsthand and experiencing it up close gave them a whole new level of shock.

Gwak Nosaeng shouted.

"My creations! Run wild. Kill all those who have intruded into my space without permission."


As Gwak Nosaeng's command fell, the living Jiangshi let out a simultaneous cry.

Those on the boundary between the living and the dead.

Their cries contained a mysterious power that shook the spirits of the living. The ones who were hit hardest were Jang Sacheon's subordinates.


"What, what is this?"

They covered their ears and crouched down.

The living Jiangshi simultaneously attacked Pyo Wol and Yong Seol-ran.

They didn't know how to distinguish between friend and foe.

Everyone who entered the underground space, except Gwak Nosaeng, was their enemy.


The living Jiangshi screamed and bit into Jang Sacheon's subordinates.


"Damn it!"

Jang Sacheon's subordinates tried to resist in panic, but it was useless. They had already been greatly affected by the living Jiangshi's roar.

The living Jiangshi were all martial artists.

Before they were abducted, they had been known for their strength.

Although they had forgotten all their martial arts after becoming living Jiangshi, their physical abilities remained intact.

They had no reason or fear.

In their heads, there was only the thought of executing their master's command.

"Oh, my goodness!"

Yong Seol-ran's face turned pale as she watched Jang Sacheon's subordinates being attacked by the living Jiangshi.

No matter how strong-willed she was, the sight of living people being bitten and killed by the living Jiangshi was inevitably shocking.

It was clear what kind of disaster would occur if the living Jiangshi were released into Kangho.

"We cannot let even one of them escape outside."

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