RDM (Novel) Chapter 427

C 427

 Everyday life at the martial arts school was boring.

Apart from learning martial arts and training, there was hardly anything else to do. Thanks to his father, Seo Mun, the school had expanded. But the unique atmosphere of tranquillity was unavoidable.

There was also little interaction with the outside world. Seo Gun-hwi's life was therefore bound to be monotonous. That's why he secretly looked forward to going to Kangho.

He dreamed of meeting young martial artists his age, competing and exploring Kangho. But the reality was different.

Life with the trading group was just as monotonous as the martial arts school. Pyo Wol, who seemed to be his equal, did not interact with him at all, as if he had built a wall between them.

As a result, frustration was building up in his heart.

In this situation, the bandits came.

A smile appeared on Seo Gun-hwi's lips.

"I dare not ask for more. Heaven is helping me."

At first glance, the speed of the approaching bandits was extraordinary.

He wondered if the warriors of the trading group would be any match for them.

At that moment, Ji Moo-hyeong shouted.

"All guards, come forward, and the temporary guards, protect the merchants."


The guards replied and jumped forward.

Tension showed on Ji Moo-hyeong's face.

Have there been any bandit activities here?

There were no bandit groups operating in this area, according to the information he had gathered beforehand. Nevertheless, he had hired temporary guards just in case.

He was not happy that his preparations turned out to be correct. The best result would be to get through without any conflict.

At least with the warriors from the Ghost Sword Manor, the worst won't happen.

He looked at Seo Gun-hwi and his companions.

Each of them was an exceptional martial artist.

Just the thought of them together made his heart feel safer.

Thump, thump, thump!

The sound of the horses' hooves grew louder.

The bandits were getting closer.

Ji Moo-hyeong's eyes focused on the leader.

A woman?

The one leading the bandits was clearly a woman.

A beautiful woman in her early to mid thirties.

She commanded the bandits with her black hair fluttering.

The bandits spread out left and right as the woman gestured.


As she shouted, some of the bandits drew their bows and aimed at the merchant group.

"What is that?"

"They're shooting arrows?"

Ji Moo-hyeong and the merchants' guards were astonished.

Shooting a bow while riding a horse was not an easy task, even for skilled martial artists.

You had to know how to ride and also be able to use a bow.

The Kangho despised the use of archery.

Those who used long-range weapons such as bows or concealed weapons were despised as cowardly attackers.

As a result, there were not many martial artists in Kangho who used archery. It was even harder to find someone who knew both archery and horsemanship.

However, a mere bandit group demonstrated both riding and archery skills.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Arrows flew all at once.



The guards, standing unprotected in front, were hit by the arrows and fell.

"Damn it! Everyone find something to take cover."

Ji Moo-hyeong shouted.

At that moment, the bandits shot their arrows again.


The arrows hit the guards.

The archery was so accurate that it was frightening.

To be able to hit targets so accurately from a galloping horse was proof of their outstanding archery skills.

In an instant, half of the guards were hit by arrows and incapacitated.


Ji Moo-hyeong couldn't hide his frustrated expression.

Thud thud thud!

The bandits circled the convoy on both sides. Whenever they saw an opening, they shot arrows.


"Everyone, hide behind the wagons."

The uninjured guards took the injured and hid behind the wagons.

If the guards kept dodging their arrows, no matter how skilled the bandits were at riding and archery, they would eventually have to give up their bows and engage in hand-to-hand combat.

Their prediction was correct.


At the woman's command, the bandits dropped their bows and dismounted.

They intended to fight hand-to-hand.



The bandits charged at the guards with a frightening momentum, leaping over the carts.

"You bastards!"

"Block them!"

The guards, who had been hiding from the arrows, drew their weapons and faced the bandits.

Clash! Clash!

The sounds of colliding weapons and screams echoed throughout the area.

Ji Moo-hyeong also drew his sword and rushed towards the woman.

'I will kill their leader in one fell swoop.'

Once their leader was defeated, the bandits would scatter like a group of minions, no matter how extraordinary their skills.

Ji Moo-hyeong's sword glowed with energy.

He had the skills that made him worthy of being the chief guard of the convoy.


Ji Moo-hyeong swung his qi-infused sword at the woman who was still on her horse.


For a moment, the woman's face showed a hint of irritation.

"I must have looked easy to you."

She extended her white palm towards Ji Moo-hyeong and a powerful energy emanated from it.


The energy collided with Ji Moo-hyeong's sword.


It was Ji Moo-hyeong who suffered the damage.

With a stifled groan, he was thrown backwards.

At that moment, the woman swung her hand again.

A wave of red energy hit Ji Moo-hyeong's chest.



Ji Moo-hyeong screamed as he was thrown away.

At least when the red energy wave hit him, he raised his sword to protect his chest and spread the impact. This saved his life, but the crushing feeling throughout his body left him unable to move.

The woman incapacitated Ji Moo-hyeong in an instant, but her expression remained unaffected.

Although she had incapacitated Ji Moo-hyeong in an instant, the woman showed no particular emotion. Ji Moo-hyeong was no match for her from the start.

Although she now lived as a bandit, she was once the object of much admiration.

She had lost everything and turned to banditry. But her martial arts skills were still formidable.

It was beyond the capabilities of a guard from a mere merchant group.

The woman tried once more to finish Ji Moo-hyeong with another attack. But her attempt was in vain.


Someone had intervened.

"Enough of this."

The one who intervened was Seo Gun-hwi, the young master of the Ghost Sword Manor.

The woman's eyes lit up at the sight of Seo Gun-hwi.

Her palm was throbbing.

The energy in Seo Gun-hwi's strike was impressive.

The woman dismounted and asked, "Who are you?

"I am Seo Gun-hwi of Ghost Sword Manor."

"Ghost Sword Manor?"

The woman frowned at the mention of Ghost Sword Manor.

She couldn't have been unaware of Ghost Sword Manor, one of the three great sects.

This is going to be a headache.

It wasn't that Seo Gun-hwi was scary.

It was his background in the Ghost Sword Manor that made the situation uncomfortable.

She couldn't ignore the power and influence of Ghost Sword Manor. Their areas of operation were different. However, it wouldn't be difficult for the Ghost Sword Manor to exert influence as far as Sichuan.

It seems that our banditry in Sichuan will end today.

Regardless of the outcome, it was dangerous to continue their activities here.

Although they had planned to lay low for a while after this operation, they now had to finish the job for sure.

That meant dealing with Seo Gun-hwi of the Ghost Sword Manor.

Seo Gun-hwi approached the woman and said, "I can hear the wheels turning in your head. But it's already too late. Now that I've intervened, there's no way out."

"Hoho! You have quite a sense of self-importance."


"I wasn't thinking about how to escape, but how to deal with you effectively."

"You're delusional! You dare to dream of defeating me, a mere bandit leader like you."

Seo Gun-hwi scoffed.

The woman's words had touched his pride.

He was determined to subdue the woman and teach her a lesson.

Even though he didn't know her true identity, defeating her alone would enhance his reputation.

Seo Gun-hwi stomped on the ground.

Using his qigong, he reached the woman in an instant.

Without hesitation, Seo Gun-hwi swung his sword at the woman's white neck.


It was a swift sword attack, faster than a bolt of lightning.

Seo Gun-hwi had no doubt that he had cut the woman's throat. But his belief was shattered in the next moment.


With a metallic sound, his sword was deflected.

A whip had appeared in her hand.


The black whip flew towards Seo Gun-hwi's chest like a poisonous snake.


Seo Gun-hwi gasped and bent his waist backwards.

As the whip passed by, it barely grazed his chest. But Seo Gun-hwi couldn't relax.

He knew that the fearsome power of the whip came not only from its impact, but also from its recoil.

As he expected, the whip that had just missed him turned around. It aimed for the back of his head.

Seo Gun-hwi performed a spinning move in the air and unleashed the Shooting Sun Sword Technique.

The Shooting Sun Sword Technique was a signature technique of the ancient Lotus Sect.

Its power was still deadly, even though it had become part of the martial arts of the Ghost Sword Manor.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Sword shadows filled the air.

The whip couldn't penetrate the sword shadows and was repelled.

"Hmph! You're quite skilled."

The woman sneered, swinging her whip horizontally.

Black Shadowless Whip.

That was the name of the technique she used.

The black whip targeted Seo Gun-hwi's vital points like a poisonous snake.

The surface of the whip was covered with tiny thorns, causing bones to break and flesh to be torn off with a single blow.

Boom, boom, boom!

As the whip and sword collided, the air exploded.


Seo Gun-hwi's face contorted.

The power of the whip was many times stronger than he had expected.

He had never faced an opponent with a whip before. It made it difficult for him to counter her attacks, even with his excellent martial arts skills.


He desperately unleashed the Shooting Sun Sword Technique. However, his attacks failed to make any significant impact on the woman.

She was cunning.

As Seo Gun-hwi's attacks intensified, she shortened her whip to protect herself, increasing the whip's rebounding power.

If Seo Gun-hwi had more experience, he could have penetrated the whip's defence without rushing. However, he struggled to find a way to break through her defences as it was his first time facing a whip.

The woman laughed at Seo Gun-hwi.

"Hoho! For someone who talks big, your skills are pretty average."

"How dare you!"

Seo Gun-hwi became furious and launched a fierce attack.

One after another, the ultimate moves of the Four Suns Swordsmanship were unleashed.

It was a legendary swordsmanship that was said to bring down the sun.

That's why it was called the Four Suns Swordsmanship.

With hundreds of years of wisdom accumulated by the Lotus Sect, the swordsmanship couldn't possibly be weak. However, due to his impatience, Seo Gun-hwi couldn't fully unleash its power. Mibu didn't miss the opportunity to take advantage of Seo Gun-hwi's weakness.


The whip lashed out violently, driving Seo Gun-hwi into a corner. But Seo Gun-hwi didn't just take the blows.

He gritted his teeth, waiting for the chance to strike back.

Enduring and enduring, Seo Gun-hwi finally seized the opportunity.

The moment Mibu's breath stopped and the power of her whip weakened noticeably, Seo Gun-hwi aimed to strike.


Suddenly, the bell tied to Mibu's wrist rang out with a clear sound.

The unexpected sound of the bell hit Seo Gun-hwi's eardrums.


Seo Gun-hwi screamed for a moment and stumbled.

It wasn't just the sound of a bell, but a sonic attack that hit his eardrums.

All his senses were thrown off for a moment and he couldn't stand properly.

"Co, cowardly... using a sonic attack..."

"Heh! You are such a noble disciple, aren't you? What do you care about the means? As long as you win, that's all that matters."

Mibu sneered at Seo Gun-hwi.

Her face was full of the serenity of a winner.

After the defeat of the most troublesome opponent, she assumed that her subordinates had taken care of the rest of the Great Pearl Merchants' fighters. She glanced around, expecting to see her subordinates victorious. However, her smile quickly faded.

All of her subordinates, except for her, had been defeated.

"What, what's going on?"

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