RDM (Novel) Chapter 428

C 428

"Cough! Run away!"

Mibu's henchman shouted from the ground.

The man's name was Tarap.

He was a skilled fighter.

Not just any martial artist, but a true master.

Though he led a disgraceful life as a thief beside her, he had once ruled the western area with terror.

During Tarap's heyday, no one could withstand his attacks for even ten seconds. Mibu had never seen Tarap with such a terrified look on his face.

It wasn't just Tarap.

All of her subordinates, who had been furiously chasing the guards, were rolling on the ground as well.

Their faces, contorted with horror, looked as if they had seen a ghost.

It wasn't just them.

Even the guards of the Great Pearl Merchants and the warriors of the Ghost Sword Manor had similar expressions on their faces.

Their faces and eyes were filled with disbelief. It was as if they had witnessed something that shouldn't exist in this world.

All their eyes were fixed on one man.

The man who caught everyone's attention, no matter which side they were on, was none other than Pyo Wol.

When the guards were about to be wiped out by the bandits, Pyo Wol stepped in. The reason for his involvement was simple.

He was temporarily employed as a guard.

The bandits the guards were fighting were quickly dealt with by Pyo Wol.

In the blink of an eye, Pyo Wol's skills surpassed their imagination, as he managed to subdue nearly a hundred bandits.

Do Yeonsan also helped to subdue the bandits. However, the shock that they had received from Pyo Wol was so great that he went unnoticed by them.

"Is this even possible?"

"Did I really just see that?"

The guards' eyes bulged, as if they were going to pop out at any moment.

The moment Pyo Wol intervened, everything ended.

The bandits' resistance was futile.


Each time Pyo Wol waved his hand, the bandits fell one by one.

It was so surreal that it seemed like a dream.

It took Pyo Wol only about a minute to kill all the bandits.

The greatest challenge was Tarap.

Tarap was too strong to be considered a mere bandit.

He was so strong that even two of Seo Gun-hwi's subordinates couldn't handle him. Pyo Wol quickly overpowered Tarap.

Tarap felt like he was in a nightmare.

'I didn't know that there was such a warrior...'

He knew that Mibu was strong.

But she was no match for Pyo Wol.

The martial arts prowess of Pyo Wol, which they had witnessed first hand, was far beyond their imagination.

Tarap shouted again to Mibu.

"Run away... Cough!"

But he couldn't speak any more.

A spear had pierced his shoulder.

Tarap couldn't speak any more because of the terrible pain and just opened his mouth wide.

His jaw was shaking in agony.

Pyo Wol stepped onto Tarap's back and looked at Mibu.

Mibu's face was as stiff as a stone statue.

"I didn't know such a skilled martial artist was hiding here. May I know your honourable name?"

"Are you remnants of the Xiaoleiyin Temple?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

Mibu tried to answer calmly, but Pyo Wol couldn't miss the slight trembling in her eyes.

The reason Pyo Wol suspected that Mibu and her group were remnants of the Xiaoleiyin Temple, was because he had fought them before.

Having faced the Blood Buddha of Xiaoleiyin Temple, the highest ranking Blood Monk, and their main force of Mara Blood Monks, Pyo Wol was familiar with the characteristics of Xiaoleiyin Temple's martial arts.

Though they cleverly tried to hide it, Tarap's martial arts were clearly those of the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

For hundreds of years, Xiaoleiyin Temple had reigned as the undisputed king of the west.

Although they had been wiped out overnight by Pyo Wol, not all of the remaining members who had been outside had been exterminated.

He believed that they were either those who were outside or those he had not found.

He put more pressure on Tarap with his foot and spoke.

"The Blood Buddha, the Blood Monk, the Mara Blood Monks, they all died by my hand."

"So you're... the Reaper?"

Mibu's last word was almost a cry.


What he saw in her eyes was an intense feeling of fear.

As Pyo Wol suspected, she was a survivor of the Xiaoleiyin Temple,


Mibu's real name was Haran.

She was one of the main forces of the Xiaoleiyin Temple, a Mara Blood Monk.

Tarap, who was subjugated by Pyo Wol, was one of the Mad Blood Monks.

At the time Xiaoleiyin Temple was destroyed by Pyo Wol, they were on a mission outside.

As a result, they were able to avoid the catastrophe.

When they returned from their mission, all they saw was the devastated landscape of the Xiaoleiyin Temple, a land of death.

In just a few days, the Xiaoleiyin Temple they had known all their lives had been destroyed, and the Blood Buddha and the Blood Monks they had worshipped like the heavens had lost their lives.

It was later learned that the destroyer of Xiaoleiyin had been a single person.

His nickname was the Reaper.

In a matter of days, Haran and Tarap lost everything. But they couldn't even dream of revenge.

Their opponent was a monster who had single-handedly wiped out the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

The nickname Reaper was more than fitting for the man.

They didn't have the confidence to take revenge on such a man.

So they wandered for a while. They decided to become bandits as a result of their wandering.

They subjugated a bandit group operating on the outskirts of Sichuan and made them their subordinates.

It was a lifestyle fit for a queen.

No one could stand against her, who had risen to the rank of a Mara Blood Monk in the Xiaoleiyin Temple.

She was one of the top Mara Blood Monks out of three hundred. She possessed martial arts skills that could rival those of the Blood Monks who were the direct subordinates of the Blood Buddha.

However, even she did not dare to face Pyo Wol, and was completely broken.

Her fighting spirit was completely broken when she learned that he was the Reaper.

The same was true for Tarap, who was trampled by Pyo Wol.

"Ru-run away. Ugh!"


In an instant, Tarap's spine was shattered.

Pyo Wol had crushed it with the force of a thousand pounds.

Haran screamed.

She and Tarap were the only surviving members of the Xiaoleiyin Temple, and now he had lost his life.

Now Haran was the only survivor of Xiaoleiyin Temple.

"There was no need for that, was there? He didn't even have the will to resist, so there was no need to kill him..."

"You? Would you have spared us?"


"If you had succeeded in looting, would you have spared us?"

"I-I didn't intend to take your lives."

"Your lies are clumsy. All the bandits who attacked the Great Pearl Merchants used deadly force without hesitation. That shows how familiar they are with killing. Would such people spare survivors? That's nonsense even a dog wouldn't believe.

There was a strong smell of blood on the bandits' bodies.

That meant they had killed many people.

The bandits were so cruel that murder became routine. It was impossible for them to leave survivors.

If she was so defenceless, she wouldn't have survived until now.


Haran gritted her teeth.


Her eyes were filled with bloodshot redness.


All of her subordinates had been subdued, and her closest confidant, Tarap, had lost his life.


No matter where she looked, there was no way out.


Haran embraced Seo Gun-hwi, who had collapsed from her dark arts.


Instead of a whip, she pressed a dagger to Seo Gun-hwi's neck.




Seo Gun-hwi regained consciousness at the cold touch.


Haran shouted.


"Don't come any closer. If you move a single step, I'll slit his throat."


As if to prove that her threat was not empty, she pressed the dagger harder. Then Seo Gun-hwi's flesh split and blood flowed out.


With just a little more force, Seo Gun-hwi's life would have been lost.


"If you don't want your fellow swordsman to lose his life, back off."






"I don't care if he dies. He's no relation to me and just happened to be with me."


"Do you think I'd fall for such a lie?"


"Whether you believe it or not doesn't matter. My words are the truth."


Pyo Wol smiled.


The moment Haran saw his smile, she felt an icy chill run through her body, as if she had fallen into icy water.


He is serious.


She was also an experienced martial artist who had seen countless battles.


She could tell the truth just by looking at someone's facial expressions and listening to their tone of voice.

In her eyes, Pyo Wol was sincere.


Pyo Wol's notorious reputation in Kangho made Haran even more conflicted.


What should I do?


It was then.


Suddenly her ankle stung.


Haran looked down at her ankle.


Her face immediately turned pale.


 A snake with a bright red body bit her ankle.


The snake's head had a small horn, which was quite unusual.


"A snake?"


Her head spun around in an instant.


The poison that had entered her body through her ankle had reached her brain in an instant.




There was no way to defend herself.


If it had been any other poisonous snake, she would have used her internal energy to block the spread of the poison or expel it from her body, but the venom of the horned snake spread throughout her entire body in an instant.


The snake that bit Haran's ankle was none other than Gwia.


Gwia, apparently having completed her mission, returned to Pyo Wol at a leisurely pace.


Climbing up the ankle and onto the body, Gwia disappeared into his lap.




Those who watched the scene grinned slightly.


It was as if they had seen something they shouldn't have.


'The Reaper, huh...'


'What's that snake? Controlling a snake like a subordinate?


They couldn't even imagine that Pyo Wol, who had travelled with them, was the Reaper.


The memory of disregarding him as a temporary guard surfaced.

 Although they didn't despise him outright, they treated him as if he didn't exist and subtly ostracised him.


They were afraid of what would happen if Pyo Wol came to resent what they had done.




Haran knelt down and coughed up blood-stained foam.

The vomit contained disintegrated pieces of her internal organs.

It had only been a moment since she had been bitten by Gwia and her organs had already melted away.

"Ah, that evil creature..."

Haran waved her hand, but her movements soon slowed. She was at the end of her life.

After Gwia had bitten her, it had only taken a moment for her to lose her life.

There was no time to treat her and death came immediately after the bite.

Everyone was at a loss for words.

No one said anything, just looked at each other's faces.

Breaking the silence might lead to Pyo Wol's gaze, which they thought their hearts couldn't bear.


The one who broke the silence was Seo Gun-hwi, who had been taken hostage.

He coughed and knelt down.

"Are you alright?"


The martial artists of the Ghost Sword Manor rushed to Seo Gun-hwi's side.

He wanted to push their help away, but the shock of being captured prevented him from putting any strength into his arms and legs.

He barely raised his head to look at Pyo Wol.

"The Reaper?"

Although he was dazed by his capture, he had heard everything Haran had said.

He had thought that Pyo Wol was extraordinary, but he didn't know that he was one of the top martial artists in Kangho, the Reaper.

Ghost Sword Manor was limited to Yunnan, so information came slowly, but they knew of the nickname The Reaper.

However, there was a significant gap between the image he had vaguely imagined and the actual appearance of Pyo Wol.

That's why it took him a while to accept the truth that Pyo Wol was the Reaper.

Seo Gun-hwi bit his lip hard.

He felt ashamed.

As the young master of Ghost Sword Manor, one of the top three in Kangho, he had been defeated by Haran, but Pyo Wol had resolved the situation in an instant and killed Haran as well.

The contrast between the two men's power and skill was striking.

At most, Pyo Wol looked a little older than him.

They were similar in age, but the difference in their reputation and actual martial arts skills in Kangho was so great that comparison was meaningless.


At that moment, anger surged into his head.

Seo Gun-hwi lost consciousness and collapsed.

He had fainted.


"Quick, support him."

The martial artists of Ghost Sword Manor supported the collapsing Seo Gun-hwi again.

Pyo Wol looked at Seo Gun-hwi indifferently and turned his body. Then he saw Ji Moo-hyeong's face staring at him with a blank expression.

"Ah! Uh, temporary guard. No, great... hiccup!"

Ji Moo-hyeong stammered as their eyes met.

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