TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 232

C 232

The Gambling Monster furrowed his brow while watching Raon gobble down the White Dragon as if it was water.

‘There’s no way this is right.’

Even a large monster would throw up the undiluted White Dragon because it was such a strong alcohol.

No matter how outstanding a Master’s stamina and regeneration were, it wasn’t a liquor that a human being could tolerate—and yet, the young man was casually pouring the White Dragon into his throat as if he were drinking tea.

‘What the hell is that bastard…?’

He could understand his gambling skills, since he could’ve learned them from some expert living in seclusion on the continent. It was rather unbelievable, but he could compromise somehow.

However, the pure White Dragon wasn’t something he could handle with luck or skills. He couldn’t believe that the youngster who didn’t look like he had ever had a drink before was drinking even better than himself.

“Are you not drinking?”

Raon grinned at him after easily clearing his bucket.

“It’s your turn now, Sir Gambling Monster.”

“I know.”

The Gambling Monster ground his teeth and picked up the bucket. He poured the liquor into his mouth, suppressing his boiling emotions.


It was so strong. The liquor was supposed to be taken slowly after diluting it, yet he was drinking it pure—and quickly. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience at all. It was simply painful.

He wanted to give up, but his pride wouldn’t let him back down. He forced himself to stiffen his trembling hand, then kept draining his bucket.

“Kuah! I-It’s your turn!”

The Gambling Monster put down the bucket with a strange smile on his face.

“You don’t need to tell me. I was going to drink anyway.”

Raon emptied his bucket with a composed smile on his face, just like when he was gambling. His soft smile made it look like he wasn’t experiencing any pain at all.

‘He’s not using aura to erase it, either.’

Raon’s aura wasn’t moving at all, just like when he was gambling. It was staying still inside his energy center as if it were sleeping, yet he didn’t even look tipsy. He looked like he was just drinking water.

“Hiee! How does liquor smell so strong?!”

“The scent alone is giving me pain. How are they even drinking it?”

“Augh, I don’t even want to get close.”

“They are both so tough!”

The spectators couldn’t even endure the two people’s breath after drinking and had to step back.

“You are pretty good at drinking, too. What kind of liquor do you usually enjoy?”

The Gambling Monster asked Raon in order to catch his breath.

“I don’t drink.”


“This is my first time drinking.”

Raon smiled cheerfully while filling his bucket with liquor.

“The way it warms up my throat doesn’t feel too bad. I can understand why people like to drink.”

He easily emptied his bucket once again, as if he was trying to prove what he said.

“Huh? Huuh?”

The Gambling Monster’s feigned composure was ruthlessly shattered.

‘First time?’

Did he just say it was his first time?

He couldn’t believe that he was drinking White Dragon so easily when it was his first time.

‘No, he’s telling the truth…’

He could tell since he’d been gambling with that monstrous guy until a moment ago. He must’ve been telling the truth when he said it was his first time.

‘What the hell is this monster?’

Monster wasn’t even enough to describe him. He was more like an unknown being.

‘Even so, I can’t lose here! I’ll never lose!’

The Gambling Monster’s pride spoke up, since he didn’t lose to anyone when it came to gambling and drinking. He couldn’t allow himself to be defeated by someone who was drinking for the first time.

“Bring one more pot of liquor!”


The Gambling Monster suppressed the pain from his stomach, which felt like an internal injury, and glared at the second pot that immediately came out. Since his pride was at stake, he needed to endure with sheer willpower.


Raon frowned slightly upon seeing the second pot.

“Don’t tell me you are scared now.”

“No way, but…”


“I don’t think this is going to be enough, so let’s prepare an extra pot.”


The Gambling Monster’s chin was trembling violently. The bastard must’ve been insane beyond imagination. He could feel the intense trembling of his hands, but he couldn’t show weakness.

“Y-You’re right about that. Alright! Bring one more!”

“Th-That’s all the White Dragon we have.”

“Bring something else then! Bring the strongest liquor you have!”


The subordinates were way too obedient for some reason. They could’ve brought some moderate alcohol, but the even larger pot they brought contained a liquor with a similar percentage of alcohol as the White Dragon.

“Let’s resume the match.”


It was almost irritating how easily Raon was emptying his cup.


The Gambling Monster barely managed to empty his cup, clenching his teeth while looking at Raon.

‘I’m never going to lose! I won’t be defeated, even if I have to die!’


* * *


Raon suppressed his laughter while looking at the Gambling Monster.

‘He looks like he’s going to die.’

The Gambling Monster was completely wasted, and the focus was almost gone from his eyes. He was barely fighting off the intoxication with his willpower, but he didn’t look like he would last for much longer.

“It’s your turn now. Drink.”

He couldn’t even articulate properly. It looked like he’d reached his limit.

‘That’s pretty amazing.’

The White Dragon and the liquor brought out after that both had high enough alcohol percentages to make people drunk from the scent alone. It was amazing that he could maintain his consciousness after drinking them like water.

“D-Drink it, dude.”

Considering he was calling him dude, his consciousness must’ve been hanging off a cliff.


Raon smiled pleasantly, then easily emptied his bucket.


The Ring of Fire was still rotating and dissipating the strong intoxication that entered his body.

‘I’m killing two birds with one stone.’

He could only smile because of the strangeness of the situation. The proficiency of the Ring of Fire was increasing during the drinking contest against the Gambling Monster.

“Wh-What’s happening right now?”

“The Frostfire Sword of Valor doesn’t look like he’s drunk at all. He’s even smiling now!”

“Is this really his first time drinking?”

“B-But the Gambling Monster looks like he’s dying…”

“How is this even happening?”

“I didn’t even expect that this drinking session would last until morning.”

The spectators’ chins were trembling as they looked back and forth between the faltering Gambling Monster—who resembled a broken marionette—and the completely unaffected Raon.

“D-Did you just smile?”

The Gambling Monster barely managed to bring the liquor to his mouth with his trembling hand. He could only drink half of it since he was dropping the other half, but Raon didn’t really bother interrupting him. It didn’t even matter at that point.

However, there was someone else who was suffering as much as the Gambling Monster.


Wrath screamed like a dying pig and stuck his tongue out.

Please stop! Please stop already! You demonic bastard!

Wrath’s face had turned completely pale from the drinking contest, which lasted from evening to morning.

When is this torture going to end? I won’t eat any ice cream anymore! I won’t eat any food, either, so please stop drinking already!

He also went insane because of the strong liquor. Raon ended up unintentionally torturing Wrath.

‘Just endure a little longer…’

How long is that little? I’m really going to die! You really are a devil!

Wrath grasped his head and rolled on the table, saying that it was the worst torture he’d experienced so far.

“Kuh, i-is it my turn?”

The Gambling Monster scooped up the liquor with trembling shoulders.

“I’ll do it with you.”

Raon filled his bucket at the same time as the Gambling Monster, raising it.

“Shall we toast? Since we haven't done that yet.”

“F-Fine. Bring it on!”

Raon brought his bucket forward, and the Gambling Monster clinked the glasses with a trembling hand.

Raon easily drank the liquor, and the Gambling Monster’s hand violently trembled as he drank.


Along with the pleasant sound of shattering glass, the Gambling Monster collapsed onto his back. At the same time, Wrath, who was supporting his chin on the table, also fell to the ground.

“You devil…”

You devil…

The man and demon king murmured the same thing before closing their eyes. They both seemed to have fainted, since rough breathing was all that could be heard from them.


[Ring of Fire’s proficiency has increased.]


Raon put down the cup while reading the message. He nodded while smiling nonchalantly.

‘The second trial has been cleared!’

* * *

“H-He also won the drinking match…”

Dorian’s eyes widened as he looked at the collapsed Gambling Monster.

“Squad leader! Sir Raon has also won the second trial!”

Rimmer was just standing blankly next to him. Dorian grabbed him by his collar and started screaming.

“Why is he so good at everything?”

He’d just won against the Gambling Monster, who was famous throughout the continent for his gambling and drinking skills, by an overwhelming difference. Even though he was aware of how special Raon was, he’d never expected that to happen. He felt like he was dreaming.


Although he felt like he’d turned into Raon’s wallet somehow, he cheered for him because he got excited for some reason.


Rimmer’s clenched fist was trembling.

“It’s coming. It’s coming!”

“What? What’s coming?”

“My golden age is coming back!”

He slowly caught his breath while suppressing his excitement.

‘He just needs to win one more time.’

He’d wagered all of his hidden and borrowed money on Raon’s success at the Promise of Three. Since he was the only person who bet on it, the gain was bound to be tremendous if he won.


Rimmer gathered his hands while looking at Raon, who was just staring at the collapsed Gambling Monster.

‘Oh, my god of wealth! Please bestow on me the golden rain!’


* * *


While Raon finished removing the small amount of intoxication left in his body using aura, white steam was endlessly coming from the Gambling Monster’s body, which was lying on the ground.


An extremely powerful scent of alcohol covered the entire gambling house once that smoke spread out, and the poor drinkers among people collapsed at once. That was because the Gambling Monster was removing all of the intoxication in his body with aura.


The Gambling Monster sighed after just raising his upper body. He sighed a second time after slowly raising his head to look at Raon.

“I lost.”

He conceded his defeat with a scowl that suggested that he didn’t want to accept it.

“I even lost the drinking match after the gambling one. I honestly feel like I was possessed by a devil.”

The Gambling Monster looked up at the hole in the ceiling that he’d created himself. The sunlight was pouring in, as if it were stretching after the night.

“Let me ask you one question.”

“I’m listening.”

“Was that really your first time drinking?”

The Gambling Monster’s face was serious. He must’ve been really curious about that part.


It was my first time in my current life.

Raon honestly nodded.


Wrath raised his head while faltering.

It’s finally over! Uaaah!

He knelt on the ground and raised his open hands, just like a prisoner who managed to break out of prison.

“I never thought I would suffer an overwhelming defeat in gambling and drinking by an eighteen-year-old boy. I’ll admit everything.”

The Gambling Monster slowly raised himself. He gestured with his chin.

“Let’s start the third trial. Follow me.”


* * *


Raon was standing at the open area behind the gambling house alongside Rimmer and Dorian.

“I know that you are a Master, but that’s not enough for me.”

The Gambling Monster slowly turned his wrists and ankles to warm himself up before the match.

“I want to ask you to win against me to pass this trial because of the humiliation I received in the drinking and gambling contests, but I shouldn’t ask you to do the impossible.”

He raised his thick finger.

“I’m going to first confirm if you have enough skills to compete against me in martial arts. Come at me. I’ll give you proper conditions if you manage to land an attack on me, or if I like your strike.”

“Are you really going to be okay when you’ve just regained consciousness?”

Raon tapped his scabbard with a faint smile on his face.

“Ugh, I didn’t fall unconscious. I was just resting for a moment.”

The Gambling Monster frowned and shook his head. Raon could perfectly read his expression after having been with him since the afternoon of the day before. The Gambling Monster was really embarrassed about it.

“Alright, let’s say that was the case.”

“I’m not just saying it. It’s true!”


While the Gambling Monster complained, Raon placed his hand on the hilt and lowered his posture. It was the sword draw position.

“You are rather conservative, even though you are young.”

The Gambling Monster chuckled, pointing his sword forward. Despite his size, the sword wasn’t much bigger than Heavenly Drive.

‘He thinks that I’m going for a sword draw.’

He was just preparing to block a swift strike. He must’ve thought that Raon was obviously planning for a sword draw.


Raon briefly exhaled.

‘This is a good opportunity.’

He was planning to use the martial arts of sound instead of the sword draw. It was his new technique that could tear apart his ear with the principles of extreme swiftness.

Raon lightly grabbed the hilt. He kicked the ground while enjoying the pleasant cold sensation filling his hand.

The aura that had become sturdier after passing through the middle energy center dashed through the mana circuits all around his body. The silver blade became a tempest and soared, all while grazing the end of his scabbard to create an intense sword resonance.


The real part was only getting started. Raon added the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s energy to the sound spreading through the atmosphere. Even though the sound was bending like lightning, he delicately controlled its direction to strike the Gambling Monster’s ear—more specifically, the vestibular organ inside of it.


The sword wind exploded inside the Gambling Monster’s ear, but he only faltered instead of collapsing. However, his widened eyes almost looked like they would pop out in astonishment.


Raon noticed his opening, then used Supreme Harmony’s second step. The moment he soared like a flower petal carried by the wind, the Gambling Monster quickly collected his mind and thrust his sword towards Raon. His energy, undulating in the air, looked like it would crush the sky.


The sword strike was so powerful that a storming sound could be heard from the aura. Raon twisted Heavenly Drive to deflect his sword, then slashed with Sword of Insanity.


The Gambling Monster retrieved his sword in an instant and pummeled down right after. The pressure felt like a mountain was falling down on him, and the Gambling Monster apparently had no intention of going easy on him.


Raon’s sword swayed in the shape of the moon and created an arc in the air. The wave of astral energy spread to push back the Gambling Monster’s sword, creating a small cut on his sleeve.


Raon and the Gambling Monster were pushed back at the same time by the following collision between the swords.

“I-It’s not an aura blade, but sound? Is this a martial art of sound?”

The Gambling Monster widened his eyes, not caring about the cut on his sleeve.

“That’s correct.”

Raon nodded. He didn’t need to hide it, since it had already been discovered.

“Hmm, I never imagined you would use the martial art of sound.”

The Gambling Monster frowned while grasping his left ear, where the sound had exploded. He’d managed to defend himself at the last moment, but he still must’ve taken a decent amount of damage.

‘I guess he would, since I hit his vestibular organ.’

The vestibular organ was an organ that dealt with one’s sense of balance. Since it was too close to the nervous system and could cause dizziness, it was impossible for the Gambling Monster to show his normal performance after getting hit there. If Raon hadn’t used the martial art of sound as his first strike, he would’ve been defeated from the second clash.


The Gambling Monster clicked his tongue while looking at his severed sleeve.

“It looks like I underestimated you once again.”

He closed his hand and opened it before he nodded.

“I apologize. Gambling, drinking, and martial arts. You are qualified to clear the Promise of Three.”

“That was a very fast acknowledgement.”

“That’s because I never thought someone like you would exist in the world.”

The Gambling Monster chuckled, then raised both of his hands.

“Let’s start the last exam now.”

He extended his sword in a reverse grip.

“The last exam is an escape.”

“Escape? Where am I escaping from?”

Raon looked around. He couldn’t understand what kind of escape he was talking about when they were in an open area.

“From here.”

The Gambling Monster pointed at the ground with his sword in a reverse grip and pointed at the sky with his fingers joined together.

‘That posture…’

Raon’s jaw dropped, because there was no way he wouldn’t recognize the posture.

“Sword Field Creation.”

The Gambling Monster’s voice resounded from all directions.

“The Black Blade.”

The Gambling Voice’s shrill voice could be heard as the world was covered in darkness, not giving him any time to escape.

“Try to escape from my world.”

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