TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 231

C 231


Rimmer unconsciously screamed in a strange voice.

“He won! Raon won!”

He raised his tightly clenched fist while looking at the 3,000 gold coins piled up in front of Raon.

“Hey, guys! He’s our Raon! My student did it!”

Rimmer placed his arm around the shoulders of the spectators that he’d never seen before and started to dance in a circle.

“Raon! Raon! Raon!”

“Raon! Raon! Raon!”

As he kept calling Raon’s name, the other spectators in the gambling house also started to shout his name.


Rimmer looked like he was crying and smiling at the same time as he wept.

‘It wasn’t just a mere victory, it was a landslide victory!’

Rimmer had never once won against the Gambling Monster in his countless challenges, yet Raon had discovered all of the Gambling Monster’s tricks and tricked him in return. That boldness filled him with amazement.

“If I’m lucky…”

Rimmer licked his lips.

‘I might become rich once again.’

There was a bet on the counter a moment ago about who was going to win, Raon or the Gambling Monster. Rimmer had bet on Raon’s victory in all three of the matches using all of his hidden money, and he had even borrowed money from Dorian to do so. He was filled with anticipation, as he would become rich once again at that rate.

“Raon! Defeat him! Show them the power of Zieghart’s Light Wind Squad! I believe in yooou!”

Rimmer shouted Raon’s name until his throat started to bleed.


* * *



Raon licked his lips while observing Rimmer’s shabby appearance, which even a beggar would have tried to avoid.

‘I don’t know about the Light Wind Squad’s power, but you are showing everyone the Light Wind Squad’s shabbiness.’

He was pretty amazing in a way, since he didn’t seem ashamed of himself at all despite his miserable state, even though he was the leader of one of Zieghart’s armed organizations.

‘Judging from what he’s doing, he must’ve bet on me.’

Rimmer’s eyes were filled with greed as he cheered for him. Raon was certain that he’d bet on his victory with money he’d been hiding somewhere.

“I didn’t expect my words to come back to bite me.”

The corners of Gambling Monster’s lips rolled up on the sides. As a gambler, he was trying to manage his expression—but the card pile in his hand had already turned into dust. He must’ve felt unbearably upset.

Raon smiled faintly while looking at the fluttering pieces of card.

‘I never liked how he was holding his card, but he crumpled it on his own.’

He’d been disliking the way the Gambling Monster was swaying the card between his fingers, and it felt so nice to see him crush it on his own accord.

Hmph! Stop being so proud of yourself!

Wrath frowned in displeasure.

It’s all thanks to the King of Essence, who told you about that ogre man’s hand!

‘Of course. I know that. That’s why I was thinking about what ice cream I should buy to make you happy.’

Raon nodded at Wrath, who had turned grumpy from the lack of attention.

R-Really? In that case, is there anything more you want from the King of Essence? Tell me, whatever you want!

Wrath nodded, telling him to make any request.

Raon simply smiled at Wrath’s behavior.

He really was the Giving Wrath, after all.

Four boxes of ice cream for ordering a demon king around was crazy cheap. Such efficiency shouldn’t exist anywhere else in the continent.

‘It’s okay now.’

After all, it looked like the card game was over.

The Gambling Monster wasn’t a fool. Since he realized Raon was cheating, there was no way they would continue with the poker game.

“My words came right back to bite me. I’ve never experienced such humiliation before.”

The Gambling Monster grinned pleasantly. Even though he was completely irritated, he was barely expressing it on the outside. He was a natural gambler indeed.

“Let’s stop with the cards and I’ll make my decision.”


“Yes. My decision to acknowledge you.”

“I thought it was already over, though?”

Raon tilted his head. He thought the game was obviously over, since there weren’t many gold coins left on the Gambling Monster’s table.

“Of course not.”

The Gambling Monster clapped his hands, and the spectators made way for the dealers to come and pour the gold coins on the table. It was roughly as much as the 3,000 gold coins he’d won so far.

“This is 3,000 gold coins. Let’s use that to finish the gamble between you and me.”

“I guess we aren’t using cards, right?”

“Of course not. There’s no way I’d walk straight into the unknown trap of a cheater.”

“It’s not an unknown trap. It’s justice.”


Since that was what he’d said, his face twisted as if he had chewed on rotten food.

“The method is simple.”

The Gambling Monster picked up the gray cup that was placed in front of him. He poured the liquor inside on the ground, then slammed it on the table.

“I’ll place three dice in this cup.”

He extended his hand, and the dealer on his right side placed three white dice inside the cup.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

The Gambling Monster shook the cup like a bartender before slamming it on the ground. Once he picked up the cup, the dice had different numbers of spots—3, 5, and 6—facing the sky.

“It’s a dice game where you guess the numbers on the dice inside the cup. This is my favorite gamble, since it’s simple and intuitive at the same time.”

That dice game was popular throughout the continent, and Raon had already played it in Cameloon’s underground casino.

“Let’s continue until one of us guesses the correct answer.”

The Gambling Monster pushed 3,000 gold coins to the center of the table, suggesting that they would see the end of it.


Since there were three dice, the number went from 3 to 18. It was almost impossible to guess the correct answer on the first attempt, but he wouldn’t get a second chance. He was certain that the first attempt was going to be his final one.



Wrath returned to his wrist after examining the cup and the dice.

The cup and dice are all ordinary.

He shook his head, saying that there was no trick to them.

‘So, he’s counting on his skills.’

Since the Gambling Monster was unable to cheat nor figure out Raon’s tricks, he must’ve been planning to finish it with his own technique.


“The dice are the best finishers!”

“It’s simple, yet it’s so heart-wrenching.”

“I’m looking forward to finding out whether the Frostfire Sword of Valor’s gambling skills are going to work with the dice or not.”

“I wonder if he’s going to accept the match.”

“Of course he will. He can’t continue with the Promise of Three if he doesn’t.”

The spectators were watching them in anticipation, expecting him to accept the gamble.

“Alright. In that case, let me suggest something.”

Raon nodded, then looked at the Gambling Monster sitting beyond the mountain of gold coins.

“You have a suggestion?”

“Since you chose the game, let me call the number first and raise the cup. Is that possible?”

Those two suggestions were one of the few methods to stop an opponent’s tricks.

“Oh! That’s nice.”

“He’s gotta accept it.”

“Yes. Since the Frostfire Sword of Valor accepted the game of dice, he’s entitled to make such a demand.”

“Indeed. The Gambling Monster is the one shaking the dice, after all.”

The spectators nodded in agreement with Raon, saying that the Gambling Monster had to accept the conditions.

“Alright. However, you should take off all your artifacts beforehand.”

“That’s fine with me.”

Raon nodded, then gave all of the equipment and artifacts that he had equipped to Dorian. He pushed forward the 3,000 gold coins he’d won, filling the entire table with golden waves. The nervous gulping sounds of the people around them could be heard from all around the table.

“I’ll shake the dice now.”

The Gambling Monster separated the three dice on the table, then shook the cup to take them in one by one.

The sound of dice hitting the cup was like the majestic ensemble of an orchestra, and it suddenly stopped when the Gambling Monster stopped his hand.

“It’s your turn, just like you wanted.”

He completely took his hand off the cup, implying that it was all up to Raon.


Raon exhaled faintly, then sat back in his chair.

This has to be the King of Essence’s turn once again.

Wrath got ready to fly like a reliable eagle.

‘No, this is my turn.’

What? How are you planning to see that?

He asked, then added that Raon didn’t even have time to differentiate between the sounds like last time.

‘I have the thing you gave me instead.’

That I gave you? What are you talking abou…Ah!

Wrath’s jaw dropped.

N-No way…

‘Yes. The Evil Eye of Wrath.’

Wrath cursed him with his eyes, and Raon took out his anger from the bottom of his soul while looking at his eyes.

‘I have a see-through ability now, you know?’

He couldn’t maintain the Evil Eye of Wrath during the poker game because it lasted for a long time, but it was possible with the dice game since there was only one round.


He expected that the dice inside the cup wouldn’t be in an ordinary state. It was necessary to confirm with his own eyes.


The Gambling Monster felt strange and frowned, but he only tilted his head since he couldn’t exactly grasp what was wrong.

‘So, he can’t feel it after all.’

The angry emotion must’ve been the only thing he’d sensed. Raon felt relieved and drew the wrath into his eyes. Enduring the pressure in his eyes—which felt like they were going to explode—he focused his gaze on the cup.


The steel cup opened up, and the insides were revealed.


Raon gasped.

‘That’s pretty smart of him.’

The three dice inside the cup were piled up on top of each other like a tower, and there was only one spot facing the sky, which came from the topmost dice.

However, the tower of dice was extremely unstable. The topmost dice was touching the cup, and it was bound to collapse if the cup was removed straight up.

‘He made a double trap just in case I might figure out the number on the dice.’

The first trap was to pile the dice into a tower to create the number one, which was normally impossible to get, and the second trap was to collapse the dice upon removing the cup to create a new number in case Raon guessed one.

The Gambling Monster must’ve controlled the angle of dice so that they would fall into a number that he expected. His dexterity was truly amazing.

‘It’s pointless though.’

Raon smiled faintly. Since he figured out all of his tricks through the Evil Eye of Wrath, it was pointless against him. Personally examining the inside of the cup was the correct decision.

“Do you need more time?”

“I’ll go with one.”

Raon nodded lightly.

“One? Why is he calling one? It should be at least three.”

“I know right? Why is he doing that now? That’s crazy!”

“But it can be one if the dice pile up into a tower!”

“Do you really think that’s possible? It’s just impossible!”

“It’s completely possible if you take into account the Gambling Monster’s dice skills.”

“He’s not an average gambler, after all.”

The spectators swallowed nervously, wondering about the outcome.


The Gambling Monster scratched his chin while looking at the cup. Raon admired his nerve of steel that allowed him to maintain his expression even though he’d said the right answer. The Gambling Monster closed his eyes before opening them again, then nodded.

“I’ll go with twelve, then.”

He finished his calculation and raised his hands. He meant to say that he wasn’t going to play any tricks.

“I’m raising it now.”

Raon moved his hand towards the cup. Not a single breath could be heard, and he could feel that every gaze in the gambling house was following his hand.


He slightly tilted the cup to the left side as he raised it. He could feel the dice touching the right side of the cup being pushed to the other side.


Alongside the Gambling Monster’s agitated groan, the steel cave opened up and the dice were revealed. The three dice were forming a tower, and only one spot was facing the sky.


“It’s one! He really guessed right when it’s just one!”

“That’s insane! That’s crazy!”

“This is how you gamble!”

“Wow! He just won 6,000 gold coins with that number one!”

“The Gambling Monster just lost all of the money that he’s won here so far!”

The spectators burst into cheers as if they were the ones who won the gamble. They were excited by the fact that the underdog Raon had defeated the Gambling Monster, who was an absolute being when it came to gambling.


Raon furtively pushed the dice to make them form the number that they would’ve gotten if he didn’t pay special attention while opening the cup. The first and second dice fell on the ground to make up to twelve spots in total. As he expected, everything fell under the Gambling Monster’s calculations.

‘That’s a nice expression he has.’

Contrary to the shining gold coins, the Gambling Monster’s face looked like he’d just eaten shit. He must not have expected Raon to figure out both of his tricks.


The Gambling Monster’s face gradually turned red. He apparently stopped trying to hold himself back, since the bet was over.

“How did you even figure it out?”

“I just thought about it. About why you suggested this method, and what your plan would be.”

Raon picked up one of the gold coins filling the table, then continued.

“Since I humiliated you, you must’ve wanted to return the humiliation. Because you would be prepared for all scenarios, I thought you would make the number one for the dice, as that’s not something people would normally think of, and make the dice touch the cup just in case I did figure it out.”

Although he actually found out through the Evil Eye of Wrath, it was easy to make up a believable excuse. The Gambling Monster’s face gradually turned pale as he listened.


“Were they actually competing with tactics there?”

“I’m sure that they are both crazy. How did they even think about something like that?”

“Oh my god.”

The souls left through the gamblers’ eyes as they heard Raon’s explanation.

“D-Did you actually predict that?”

The Gambling Monster bit his lip tightly.

“Yes. I was counting on your gambling skills.”

Raon nodded calmly.

“I’ve been in the palm of your hand from start to finish.”

“I was just lucky.”


The Gambling Monster bent his body backward and shouted. The roar coming from his large body shook the entire gambling house.


The Gambling Monster exhaled deeply as he lowered his head. His face looked like he had lifted a weight off his mind.

“You are the first person to make me lose so much money and sanity.”

He nodded, then opened his big hand to point at the gold coins piled up on the table like an ocean.

“Take them. You deserve them.”

The Gambling Monster stood up, while saying that he acknowledged Raon.

“Thank you.”

Raon nodded, then checked the mountain of gold.

‘6,000 gold coins…’

It would be difficult to use up that amount even if he lived in luxury for the rest of his life. It looked like he wouldn’t need to worry about money anymore.

‘Let’s start by expanding the annex building.’

Raon decided on the first expenditure and looked aside.


“Yes? Ah, yes!”

Dorian was just standing there, unable to close his mouth in astonishment. He hurriedly came to the table to pour all of the gold coins into his belly pocket.

“L-Let me help you too!”

Rimmer quickly came towards them and took the gold coins. He put half of them into Dorian’s belly pocket and the other half into his pants, but Raon didn’t say anything—he just needed to take them back later.

“The Frostfire Sword of Valor won the first match of the Promise of Three.”

“It’s been a really long time since the last time I saw Sir Gambling Monster lose a bet. I think it’s been over ten years.”

“I wonder if the Promise of Three will finally be conquered today.”

“That’s impossible. We’ve got the drinking match next. I’ve never seen him get drunk before.”

“You said that before the gambling match as well. We don’t know who’s going to win until it happens.”

The spectators licked their lips in anticipation for the second match.


The Gambling Monster, who’d been thinking about something while staring at the sky, kicked the emptied table. The large table destroyed the ceiling and flew away. Although he looked like he got a weight off his mind, he also looked extremely angry.

“Let’s start the second match now. Bring the White Dragon!”

Following the Gambling Monster’s hand gesture, a round table and a huge pot were brought out from the inner part of the gambling house. The pot was filled with liquid that was as transparent as water.

“This liquor is called the White Dragon. It’s so cool that it feels like your blood has been frozen.”


Raon narrowed his eyes, looking at the transparent liquor brimming inside the pot.

‘He brought a strong one.’

Just like the saying, ’deeper ocean is darker, and stronger liquor is more transparent’, the White Dragon was one of the three strongest liquors on the continent.

He really must’ve wanted to win, considering he brought that one out when the liquor was often called poison.

“You lose if you use aura or an artifact to remove the intoxication.”

“I’m aware.”

“I like your answer.”

The Gambling Monster filled a large bucket completely by scooping up the liquor from the pot.

“The side dish will be here soon. Let’s get started with the first shot!”

He poured the White Dragon in the bucket into his mouth without any hesitation.


The way he was laughing while showing his teeth after swallowing such a strong alcohol gave Raon goosebumps.


Raon sighed, then rotated the Ring of Fire. Feeling the heat inside his heart, he scooped up the liquor with a bucket and slowly gobbled it down.


It felt like a fireball was passing through his mouth and throat. It wasn’t tasty at all—it was just painful instead, full of the stench of alcohol.

He felt dizzy from drinking the extremely strong liquor at once, but the Ring of Fire resonated to disintegrate the alcohol’s poison in an instant.

‘As expected. I can easily last for a long time now.

The Ring of Fire was relieving the pain in his mouth and throat, on top of removing the intoxication. It was more than tolerable, since it could be considered training to increase the Ring of Fire’s proficiency.


Raon looked at the Gambling Monster sitting in front of him, who went ahead and scooped up with the bucket a second time. His eyes were wavering significantly, just like the liquor inside the pot, since he didn’t expect Raon to be so unaffected.

“A-Are you really okay?”

“It wasn’t too bad.”

Raon nodded after drinking all of the White Dragon inside the bucket.

“It’s your turn now, Sir Gambling Monster.”

Raon grinned and raised his hand.


The Gambling Monster scowled, then picked up his bucket.

“Fine! This contest isn’t going to end today until one of us collapses!”

He declared, then poured the liquor into his mouth from the bucket.

Raon smiled while watching his trembling throat.

‘I’m sorry, but the one who is going to collapse has already been decided.’

While intoxication had no effect at all on him, the pain and intoxication would keep accumulating on the Gambling Monster’s side, little by little. It was already obvious how the match would end.

However, there was apparently more than one person who had to collapse.

Kueeeh! It’s disgusting! It’s too strong! It hurts!

Wrath screamed while grasping his neck.

Why would anyone drink something like this? It feels like my tongue is burning!

He was rolling on the ground in pain, since he shared Raon’s sense of taste.

‘I’m sorry…’

Raon decided that he would buy everything Wrath wanted afterwards.

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