RDM (Novel) Chapter 378

C 378

It was difficult to get on the ship, but once on the deck, there was nothing to worry about.

The Blood Ant Chamber's martial artists were far more numerous.

Taking advantage of their numerical superiority, they overwhelmed the martial artists of the Je-won merchant group.



One by one, the martial artists of the Je-won merchant group fell, spewing blood.


Jang Jin-sam, the person in charge of the ship, looked around with bloodshot eyes.

No matter where he looked, only his subordinates were dying.

When did the Blood Ant Chamber become so powerful?

Although they were said to be a force in the underworld of Poyang Lake, they were insignificant compared to the Je-won merchant group.

That's why the Je-won merchant group didn't hesitate to suppress the Blood Ant Chamber. However, the power that the Blood Ant Chamber was now displaying was beyond that of a mere underworld organisation.

The martial artists of the Blood Ant Chamber who boarded the ship were like real bloodthirsty ants.

As they swarmed around and killed the martial artists of the Je-won merchant group, they resembled blood ants.

The martial artists of the Je-won merchant group were cornered.

Half of their forces were already dead. The rest were desperately holding on, but their situation was extremely precarious.

One of the martial artists from the Blood Ant Chamber, who looked particularly ferocious, stepped forward.

"Ha! Spit!"

He deliberately spat phlegm onto the ground and glared at Jang Jin-sam.

It was an act of provocation against Jang Jin-sam, clear to anyone who saw it.

"Oh, the noble escort warrior of the Je-won merchant group. What do you think? Do we, the Blood Ant Chamber, still look like a joke to you?"

"Do you think the Blood Ant Chamber can get away with such behaviour?"

"Heh heh! What if they don't? Don't you know the world has changed?"


"The world has changed? You're just talking nonsense."

"You're the one who should have your eyeballs plucked out if you still think that the Je-won Merchant Group is so great when the world has changed like this."

The martial artist from the Blood Ant Chamber taunted Jang Jin-sam.

Jang Jin-sam was angry, but he couldn't lunge out recklessly.

If he did, the barely holding line of defence would collapse.

The martial artist of the Blood Ant Chamber, Lee Gu-yeol, continued to speak.

"Heh heh! I've lived long enough to see this day. Indeed, one must see and experience many things in life".

Lee Gu-yeol's eyes were bloodshot with excitement.

He had been hiding in a dark house to avoid the pressure of the Je-won merchant group.

He couldn't sleep for fear of being caught and killed, but now the situation had changed.

The Blood Ant Chamber was no longer weak.

The current situation was proof of that.

While they were talking, two more martial artists from the Je-won merchant group were killed. The last line of defence was about to collapse.

"Indeed, one must choose one's allies well. Rain Mountain Manor has taken our side."


A cold voice rang out.

It was one of the martial artists from the Blood Ant Chamber. However, Lee Gu-yeol's expression froze.

"Watch your mouth. We have nothing to do with you."

"Ah! I apologise. My words slipped out."

"This ship was seized by the power of the Blood Ant Chamber alone. We have no connection with Rain Mountain Manor. Do you understand?"

"Of course. Hehe!"

Lee Gu-yeol laughed bitterly.

Many of the martial artists from the Blood Ant Chamber who attacked this ship were supported by the Rain Mountain Manor.

The head of the Blood Ant Chamber, Deung Cheol-woong, immediately sought out Jang Ho-yeon and the Rain Mountain Manor when he heard that they had entered the area.

He boldly offered to negotiate with Jang Ho-yeon.

He promised full cooperation if they would help defeat the Je-won merchant group.

At first, Jang Ho-yeon was stunned and wanted to kill Deung Cheol-woong. But on second thought, having someone to clean up after them in this place didn't seem like a bad idea.

Although the area was not far from Hebei Province, where Rain Mountain Manor was located, it was not their territory.

They needed people to do the dirty work.

The Blood Ant Chamber fit the bill perfectly.

In the end, Jang Ho-yeon accepted Deung Cheol-woong's proposal.

The warriors of Rain Mountain Manor disguised themselves as the martial artists of the Blood Ant Chamber and attacked together. Without their help, it would have been impossible for the martial artists of the Blood Ant Chamber to capture the large ship alone.

Their participation had to be kept secret.

If it became known that the Rain Mountain Manor had intervened in the battle between the orthodox and dark factions, their reputation would plummet, and it could invite interference from other factions.

In a situation that was already a headache due to the clash between the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall, further deterioration would make it impossible to rectify.

That's why the martial artists from Rain Mountain Manor tried to keep their involvement a secret.

One of the martial artists from Rain Mountain Manor said

"Tsk! Because of your loose tongue, everyone on this ship could have been killed, understand?"

"I apologise."

"If the word 'rain' comes out of your mouth, I will kill you all. Remember that."

"Yes! I'll remember that."


Lee Gu-yeol bowed his head and replied.


It was then.


"How shameful that Rain Mountain Manor is interfering in the power struggle of Poyang Lake."


Jang Jin-sam, who had overheard their conversation, shouted loudly.


The martial artist from Rain Mountain Manor clicked his tongue.


"Tsk! You're eager to die. We didn't even want to spare you..."


"You will be punished by heaven."


"Heaven's punishment? Hilarious! Did you think Heaven had so much free time?


The martial artist from Rain Mountain Manor openly mocked Jang Jin-sam.


"Heaven may not have the time, but I do."


A cold, piercing voice reached the Rain Mountain Manor martial artist's ears.


Startled by the unfamiliar voice, he looked up.


A man was standing high on the mast.


The moment he saw the man, the Rain Mountain Manor martial artist felt his blood run cold.


"Pyo... Wol?"


He immediately recognised Pyo Wol.


It was because he had seen Pyo Wol's face before in Yeonam.


"Shouldn't... you have left Lake Poyang?"


"What is Rain Mountain Manor doing in Poyang Lake? Have you been following me?"




The martial artist from Rain Mountain Manor couldn't say a word.


At this point, Pyo Wol was sure that his hunch was correct.


It was highly unusual for such a large force to move into a region without any connections.


Mobilizing so many troops without a clear purpose could damage their finances.


That's why many factions were extremely reluctant to send a large number of martial artists into an unrelated area. The fact that they sent so many troops meant that there was a clear objective for Rain Mountain Manor.


In Poyang Lake, the only connection to Rain Mountain Manor was Pyo Wol himself.


Although it was said that Nam Gung-Wol had organised the Silver Lotus Hall, it was not yet a known fact. So Nam Gung-Wol and the Silver Lotus Hall couldn't have been the original target.


In the end, only Pyo Wol himself was left.


It was clear that they had followed him here.


Pyo Wol asked.


"Did Jang Ho-yeon come in person?"


"Shut up!"


Instead of answering, the martial artist from Rain Mountain Manor ordered his subordinates to attack.




The subordinates moved as they replied.


The giant martial artist in front lifted his axe and chopped down the mast. The huge pole was cut down in an instant and fell.


At that moment, Pyo Wol kicked the mast and soared into the air.

"Now is the time."

The martial artists of Rain Mountain Manor, who had hidden hand axes in their waists, pulled them out all at once and threw them at Pyo Wol.


Dozens of hand axes flew with a mighty force.

It was impossible to change direction in the air unless you had mastered air movement.

Before coming here, they had thoroughly analysed the martial arts of Pyo Wol, which was known throughout Kangho. They had concluded that the most effective strategy was to attack him in mid-air.

For this very reason, they had brought hidden throwing axes.

Although they hadn't learned professional throwing techniques, they were all martial artists who had reached the peak of their skills. Hitting a target within a dozen metres was something they could do with their eyes closed.

Especially hitting a martial artist floating in the air was not a difficult task.

The axes they threw flew close to Pyo Wol in an instant. At that moment, Pyo Wol released his soul reaping threads and swept the air.


Dozens of hand axes were tangled in the soul reaping threads.

The martial artists of Rain Mountain Manor were shocked by this incredible feat.

Pyo Wol swung the soul reaping threads around and then stabbed at the Rain Mountain Manor martial artists.


The axes fell like a rain of steel.

The result was devastating.



The hand axes were embedded in the Rain Mountain Manor martial artists themselves.

The sight of them falling with fatal wounds from the axes they threw at themselves was terrifying.



The martial artists of the Blood Ant Chamber froze as they watched the scene.

The distance was too great for them to even consider fighting, let alone dare to do anything.


In an instant, Pyo Wol, who had been taking care of the martial artists of Rain Mountain Manor, landed silently on the ground.

The leader of the Rain Mountain Manor martial artists widened his eyes.

Pyo Wol walked silently towards him.

As he approached, the leader of Rain Mountain Manor retreated.


However, his body soon hit the railing.

His face twisted as he realised that there was no room to retreat. He couldn't believe that he had been pushed back by his opponent's energy.


But now he bitterly regretted how foolish that thought had been.


He couldn't feel Pyo Wol's presence approaching.


It was like a shadow without substance coming closer.


Nevertheless, it felt as if his nerves were burning and shrinking.


He had never experienced such a feeling before.


If Pyo Wol had shown an aggressive presence and put pressure on him, he might have tried to resist, but the quiet approach only brought overwhelming fear.


He felt overwhelmed by Pyo Wol's strange face and atmosphere, as if he were not a person of this world.


Damn it!


He felt like he would end up kneeling before his opponent without any resistance.


The martial arts leader bit his lip hard.


His flesh tore and blood flowed.


The sharp pain brought him back to reality.




He roared and lunged at Pyo Wol.




The sword drawn from his waist took the shortest route to Pyo Wol's neck. But his sword never touched Pyo Wol's neck.




Suddenly he felt a burning pain behind his knee and his body bent forward.




A fountain of blood gushed from behind his knee.


In an instant, Pyo Wol had sliced through his knee tendon with a ghost blade.


His tendons and muscles were torn apart, and his leg dangled below his knee.


"How, how did you do that?"


The martial arts leader's eyes widened as if he couldn't believe it

Pyo Wol had cast the demonic shadow exchange to deceive him and then cut his knee. From the victim's point of view, it was like being bewitched by a ghost.


That was how the martial artist leader felt right now.


To shake off his fear, the martial artist leader shouted viciously.


"You bastard! What kind of magic did you use? Do you think you'll get away with it?"


"The same!"




"Everyone says the same thing, that it's magic, or that they're not safe. Just the same words."


Most of the people Pyo Wol had met so far had the same reaction as the person in front of him.


If they couldn't understand, they would claim that it was magic and then threaten that their sect wouldn't let it go.


The martial arts leader was no different.


Though his eyes were filled with fear, he threatened Pyo Wol, looking like a scared, barking dog.


Pyo Wol crouched down in front of him and asked.


"I'll ask you again. Did Jang Ho-yeon come here in person?"




The martial artist leader clenched his teeth and his eyes were filled with fear.

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