RDM (Novel) Chapter 379

C 379

"I sincerely thank you for your help, Grandmaster Pyo.


Jang Jin-sam hugged Pyo Wol and expressed his gratitude.


His eyes were full of awe and fear as he looked at Pyo Wol.


It was because Pyo Wol had easily taken care of those who had cornered them so badly.


It was shocking that the martial artists of Rain Mountain Manor had disguised themselves as members of the Blood Ant Chamber, but Pyo Wol's martial prowess in effortlessly subduing them was even more shocking.


After all, Rain Mountain Manor was one of the top three martial arts sects in the world.


This meant that they possessed a power that ranked among the top three of countless martial arts sects in the world.


However, Pyo Wol had easily subdued the elites of Rain Mountain Manor.


Seeing his inhuman martial prowess, the members of the Blood Ant Chamber collectively flew off the ship and fled.


There was no loyalty or camaraderie among the members of the Blood Ant Chamber.


Their lives were the most important thing to them, and they swam away without looking back.


Jang Jin-sam wanted to hunt them all down and kill them, but he couldn't because of the extensive damage.


There were already more than a dozen dead on the ship.


A considerable number of them were martial artists from the Je-won merchant group.


It was Jang Jin-sam's responsibility to take care of their bodies.


Pyo Wol said, "It seems that the situation is not good.


"Honestly, it's not that good."


"When did it become like this?"


"It happened after you disappeared, Grandmaster Pyo Wol. It started when the martial artists from Rain Mountain Manor entered Poyang Lake."


"It seems that I was their target from the beginning."


"Yes! They asked around about your whereabouts. Then they found out that our sect was connected to you and began to pressure us."


Although the Je-won merchant group had considerable influence in Kangho Province, they were no match for Rain Mountain Manor.


Eventually, Nam Gung-Wol and others stepped up due to their pressure, and the situation escalated due to the problems with Golden Heavenly Hall and Silver Lotus Hall.

Jang Ho-yeon brought in nearby martial arts sects influenced by Rain Mountain Manor, while the Je-won merchant group and Silver Lotus Hall called in their allies to counter them.

The situation quickly deteriorated like a well-orchestrated play, and a sense of war enveloped Poyang Lake and the entire Kangho Province.

The problem was that the situation didn't seem to end here.

Jang Ho-yeon's Rain Mountain Manor, Nam Gung-Wol's Thousand Kingdom School and Yong Ha-sang's Dragon Mountain Manor were all renowned martial arts sects in Kangho.

Their clash meant the involvement of Rain Mountain Manor, Thousand Kingdom School and Dragon Mountain Manor.

A collision of the full power of the three sects would be a disaster in itself.

It would be like the beginning of a great war in Kangho.

As the situation worsened, many martial arts sects turned their attention to Poyang Lake.

For martial artists, Poyang Lake was a dangerous place harboring the sparks of great chaos.

The eminent figures of the Kang Ho Clan watched the situation in Poyang Lake with a mixture of concern, and a lot of young martial artists came to the area.

The young martial artists wanted a battlefield where they could make a name for themselves. For them, Poyang Lake was not a concern, but the only way to quench their thirst for glory.

"At present, many martial artists have entered Poyang Lake. They are drawing lines according to their interests, and I'm worried that a war might break out. I know your martial prowess, Grandmaster Pyo Wol, but please be careful."


"For now, I'll go back to the Je-won merchant group and report on the situation."

Jang Jin-sam looked at the corpses of the martial artists scattered on the deck with a dark expression. Especially when he looked at the bodies of the martial artists from Rain Mountain Manor, his expression became even darker.

Those corpses were proof of Rain Mountain Manor's direct involvement.

Having proof or not making a world of difference.

This gave the Je-won merchant group a justification to actively resist Rain Mountain Manor's invasion.

What worried Jang Jin-sam, however, was that he couldn't predict how far the situation would would escalate.

This matter is out of my hands. All I can do is pray that it will be resolved well somehow...'

Jang Jin-sam looked at Pyo Wol.

He was filled with hope that the situation might change if this man actively intervened. However, He couldn't ask Pyo Wol directly.

Pyo Wol was not someone who moved under the pressure of others.

Forcing him to do so would only result in a clear dislike.


The moment Jang Jin-sam sighed, Pyo Wol's figure disappeared from the ship like a lie.

He had flown back to the Southern Heaven Pavilion without anyone noticing.

Jang Jin-sam shook his head and gave orders to his subordinates.

"Let's go back to the Je-won merchant group immediately."



Yoo Soo-hwan released his clenched fist.

It felt as if there were marks on his fist from how hard he had clenched it. He had been so tense.

It was because of Pyo Wol.

In a single breath, Pyo Wol's martial arts overwhelmed his opponent and shook Yoo Soo-hwan's heart. Pyo Wol!

An ordinary martial artist might have been intimidated by the sight of Pyo Wol's martial arts, but Yoo Soo-hwan was no ordinary martial artist.

He used to be a martial artist who belonged to the top five of the extremely powerful faction called the Martial Swords Allaince.

Although he had lost his martial arts, he hadn't lost his ambition. Watching Pyo Wol, Yoo Soo-hwan felt a burning ambition.

He didn't want to be ungrateful to the person who saved his life, but he wanted to compete with him at least once without any grudges.

I am still a martial artist.

He realised once again that he was a martial artist.

Born as an ordinary man, but raised as a martial artist.

As a child, he hated the fact that he had to live a life of bloodshed. So he distanced himself from the Martial Sword Alliance and lived quietly.

There were times when he thought he was happy not to use martial arts, but now that he had lost his martial arts, he realised the truth.

He wasn't happy, he was just pretending to be happy.

True happiness for a martial artist comes when he can practice his skills.

At that moment, Pyo Wol returned to his original position.

Yoo Soo-hwan composed himself and asked, "You've been working hard. Can you tell me what happened?"

He had seen Pyo Wol defeat their enemies, but he didn't know what had been said inside the ship.

"Rain Mountain Manor intervened in the dispute between the Je-won merchant group and the Blood Ant Chamber."

"Rain Mountain Manor?"

"I confirmed it."

"The problem has become serious. If the Je-won merchant group and the Blood Ant Chamber are fully involved in the fight, the situation won't be resolved at this level."

"Those with high ambitions will be pleased."

"Yes! The age of chaos will begin."

A shadow fell over Yoo Soo-hwan's face.

Some might be pleased, thinking it's an opportunity to expand their territory, but for ordinary people living in the Age of Chaos, it was no different from the Age of Despair.

He couldn't even imagine how many people would shed tears of blood.

Yoo Soo-hwan asked, "Do you have any plans to prevent the age of chaos?"

"No one person can stop the tide of an era.

"Can't you at least delay it to some extent?"

"How? By assassinating the leaders of both sides? Even if I did that, you don't think the problem would be solved, do you?"

"It would probably make the problem worse."

"To prevent an age of chaos, we need someone who can see the big picture and is willing to sacrifice himself. I don't want to sacrifice myself to prevent the Age of Chaos. The most important thing in the world is me. The world is only worth existing if I'm alive.

"I understand."

Yoo Soo-hwan nodded.

He had said it out of frustration, but he hadn't really thought that Pyo Wol would intervene.

Pyo Wol's temperament was far from the virtues a hero of chaos should possess.


Yoo Soo-hwan's worries deepened.

Pyo Wol left him alone and returned to his room.

His room was just as it had been when he left.


The innkeeper hadn't touched anything and had left everything as it was.

Pyo Wol lay on the soft bed and stared at the ceiling.

His body was tired, but it had been a night when sleep had not come easily.



A harsh groan came from the room.

It sounded like a boar breathing heavily, frightening the guards outside.

They didn't need to see it with their own eyes to know what was happening inside.

"Damn! It's driving me crazy."

"I'm going to die."

The followers rubbed their legs and grimaced.

They were men too.

They had the desire to embrace a beautiful woman, but they weren't given the opportunity to fulfil their desires.

Instead, they had to listen to the sound of their leader indulging his desires from outside.

At that moment.

"Big, big trouble!"

Suddenly, the door burst open and someone burst in.

The dishevelled man who rushed in was none other than Lee Gu-yeol, who had attacked over the Je-won merchant group's ship.

A martial artist who was guarding Deung Cheol-woong's residence asked, "What? Why is your hair like that?

"Where's the leader?"

"Can't you hear?"

It was then that Lee Gu-yeol heard the loud moaning coming from the room and made a dumbfounded face.

"What? That's what he's doing now?"

"That's right."

"Damn it! He's doing this while his followers are being backed into a corner?"

"What can you do? The leader wants it."

At the follower's answer, Lee Gu-yeol shook his head in disbelief.

No matter how urgent his desires were, it was outrageous for him to be rolling around with a woman while his followers were fighting for their lives.

Despite his shock, he didn't dare interrupt Deung Cheol-woong's act.

He knew what fate would befall him if he spoiled the leader's mood.


Finally, the sound of Deung Cheol-woong finishing his act could be heard.

Only then did Lee Gu-yeol speak up hastily.

"Lee, leader! There's big trouble!"

"What's all the fuss about?"

A moment later, the door opened and Deung Cheol-woong came out, pulling up his trousers.

"Rain Mountain Manor..."

"What about those bastards? Have they caused trouble again?"

"It's not that..."

"Then what is it? Speak clearly!"

"Ev, everyone is dead."




"Everybody's dead."


"What do you mean? Everyone's dead?"


Deung Cheol-woong's face contorted.


"It's true."


"What about the ship of the Je-won merchant group? Didn't you manage to seize it?"


"With all the guys covering our backs dead, how could we seize the ship? It's a miracle I made it back alive at all."


"What happened?"


"Pyo Wol, everyone was killed by him."


"Pyo Wol? The Reaper? Didn't he leave Kangho?"


"He's back."


"Damn it! Why would he come back?"


Deung Cheol-woong was proud to call himself a lone wolf.


He prided himself on not being second to anyone when it came to stubbornness and revenge.


He had to return the favour to feel satisfied and never forgot his grudges. However, even he knew that there were some beings he couldn't afford to mess with.


They were the so-called absolute masters of Kangho.


His stubbornness and vengeance wouldn't work on them.


If they even lifted a finger, Deung Cheol-woong would lose his life.


He didn't dare stand up to such people.


The problem was that Pyo Wol was one of those people.


Although he entered Kangho late in life and wasn't that old, his martial arts skills were second to none among the absolute masters.


If anything, figures like Pyo Wol were even more frightening to Deung Cheol-woong.

Other absolute masters wouldn't deal directly with people like Deung Cheol-woong because of their pride. But Pyo Wol was different.


He didn't care about his reputation or the opinions of others.


"Is it really true that Pyo Wol has returned?"


"I clearly heard him talking to a martial artist from Rain Mountain Manor with my own ears. It was definitely Pyo Wol."


"Damn it!"




Deung Cheol-woong slammed the table and made a loud noise.


"How did he catch them... Let's go to the Celestial Hall."


Celestial Hall was the place where the martial artists of Jang Ho-yeon and Rain Mountain Manor stayed in Poyang Lake.


Originally, Celestial Hall was one of the secret bases that Deung Cheol-woong had prepared.


He had given the Celestial Hall to Jang Ho-yeon to secure the connection to Rain Mountain Manor.


"Do you think they will move to catch the Reaper?"


"They came here to catch him in the first place, so they won't stand still. Instead of being here, you should send people to watch the inn where he's staying."




"Damn bastards! I have to kill anyone who gets in my way. The Reaper? No matter what, I'll make sure I kill that bastard."


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