RDM (Novel) Chapter 359

C 359

Yong Ha-sang didn't care that Pyo Wol was sitting in front of him and freely fondled the courtesans' breasts.


The courtesans didn't seem to mind Yong Ha-sang's actions, as they snuggled closer with a playful nasal sound.

The courtesans next to Pyo Wol also flirted and served him food.

Pyo Wol didn't bother to refuse the courtesans' attention, but his gaze never left Yong Ha-sang.


Suddenly, Yong Ha-sang slammed his drink onto the table. The alcohol splashed everywhere, but he didn't care.

Pyo Wol kept drinking even after boarding the ship, but there was no sign of drunkenness on his face.

Yong Ha-sang looked at Pyo Wol and asked, mymtlnoveltranslations

"I'm curious about what master Pyo thinks of the Golden Heavenly Hall."

"Why is that?"

"You must have seen Jang Mugak, the new grandmaster, in person. I'm curious to know what you felt about him."

"His ambition is quite large."

"How large do you think?"

"Probably larger than yours, at least."

Yong Ha-sang's face stiffened at Pyo Wol's unexpected response.

He glared at Pyo Wol with frightening eyes and asked,

"Why do you think so?"

"Because he doesn't care about your opinion, but you care about his. That's the difference between the two of you. That gap is quite large."


Yong Ha-sang bit his lip hard at Pyo Wol's blunt words.

His pride was hurt, but it was hard to argue back.

It was, after all, Pyo Wol who said it.

His influence in Kangho was not small by any means.

"Tsk! You're making my heart ache."

"Because it's true."

"Fine! If it's true, I must accept it. I'll ask one more thing. What do you think will happen to the Kangho in future?"

"Why are you asking me?"

"I want to know your thoughts."

"Are my thoughts that important?" mymtlnoveltranslations

"I think they are important. Whether you like it or not, it's clear that you're the mainstream of the current Kangho."

"Mainstream? Hilarious! What's so great about a mere assassin like me……."

"I told you, didn't I? Even if you don't want it, the Kangho thinks so. Ever since you appeared, the flow of the Kangho has changed significantly. That's why I'm asking."

Yong Ha-sang's eyes shone intensely.

Yong Ha-sang's eyes shone brightly. Pyo Wol could read the enormous ambition within them.

Yong Ha-sang was never one to be under someone else's control.

Pyo Wol honestly shared his thoughts.

"People like you will emerge."

"What's the basis for that thought?"

"The peace has been too long."

"Is that it?"

"Long enough for the patience of the ambitious to run out."

At Pyo Wol's words, Yong Ha-sang nodded.

His thoughts were the same as Pyo Wol's.

The Dragon Mountain Manor had survived in the martial world for quite some time.

At first, it had been a member of the Ten Clans. However, after suffering a great loss, the Ten Clans collapsed and became the Three Clans.

They had been cautious, watching the rise and fall of Kangho, refraining from intervening in major events and choosing to remain passive.

For them, it might have been an unavoidable choice, but for ambitious warriors like Yong Ha-sang, it felt like nothing more than heavy shackles. mymtlnoveltranslations

He eagerly sought a chance to break free from the shackles. Nam Gung-Wol's proposal was incredibly sweet to him.

It seemed like a legitimate opportunity to break free from the shackles, which is why he put everything aside and came to this distant place.

Although he met Nam Gung-Wol, there was one thing that bothered him in his heart.

It was Nam Gung-Wol's temperament. His temperament was subtly different from his own, and while it was only a slight disagreement at the moment, he couldn't predict how wide the gap would grow in the future.

That's why he couldn't easily decide on Nam Gung-Wol's proposal and kept wasting time.

Drinking alcohol and indulging in the courtesans' company did not easily resolve the conflict, and that's why he asked Pyo Wol.

Now, Yong Ha-sang's thoughts began to organize.

'The time when ambitious people's patience runs out. The chaotic era is about to begin.'

It was a feeling he had experienced while leaving The Dragon Mountain Manor and coming all this way.

On the surface, it seemed peaceful, but signs of chaos were evident everywhere. He couldn't be sure of his feelings until now, but after talking to Pyo Wol, it seemed more certain.

The chaotic era had already begun. mymtlnoveltranslations

It's just that people didn't know it yet.

His course of action regarding Jang Mugak became clear.

If his ambition was so great, he would never stand on the same side. It was clear that his ambition would be swallowed up by Jang Mugak and disappear.

The only remaining method was to join forces with Nam Gung-Wol to organize the Anti Golden Heavenly Hall.

By doing so, he would solidify his position.

Once he organized his thoughts, his mind felt much clearer.

It was difficult to make a decision, but once it was made, there was no hesitation.

"Master Pyo! No, brother Pyo!"

Yong Ha-sang changed his address. The title "master" seemed too distant.


"Join me."


"Join the Anti Golden Heavenly Hall. I want to entrust you with the position of leader. Please lead us." mymtlnoveltranslations

Pyo Wol noticed Yong Ha-sang's intentions.

'Entrust the position of leader? He means to use me as a shield.'

Anti Golden Heavenly Hall hadn't even been organized yet. The very idea of entrusting the position of leader in such an organization was laughable.

Pyo Wol wasn't foolish enough to fall for Yong Ha-sang's wordplay.

"I refuse."

"Would you reconsider?"


"If that's what you want, I won't force you."

Yong Ha-sang backed off at this point.

There was no point in saying more, as it would only hurt their feelings further. He knew better than anyone that making an enemy of someone like Pyo Wol would be a headache. akhi buy me a coffee

He had lost to Pyo Wol before, because he hadn't given it his all.

He was confident that if he gave it his all, he would never lose to him. But he also didn't want to be enemies with him.

Now is the time to maintain a reasonable distance and friendship with him.

Yong Ha-sang raised his glass again and spoke to Pyo Wol.

"Forget what I said before. Let's just drink and have some fun today."

He downed the drink in one gulp, and the courtesan shoved an appetizer into his mouth.

Yong Ha-sang deliberately created a more playful atmosphere to liven up the mood.

The courtesans responded to him.

Some courtesans filled their mouths with alcohol, kissed Yong Ha-sang's lips, and passed the alcohol from their mouths to his.

After tasting the alcohol and the courtesans tongues, Yong Ha-sang moaned.

"Ah, that's good."

His eyes had become bloodshot. akhi buy me a coffee

Pyo Wol watched silently as the courtesans approached him as well.

"Master Pyo Wol, please look at us too."


The courtesans tangled in his arms.

Pyo Wol entrusted himself to them and thought to himself.

"In this troubled era. Can Nam Gung-Wol really control this situation?"

Pyo Wol was genuinely curious.

The future of the Anti Golden Heavenly Hall was uncertain.

How long the alliance between Yong Ha-sang and Nam Gung-Wol would?


Pyo Wol opened his eyes.


A hand, as white as a trout, caressed his chest.

The hand next to him belonged to the courtesan lying beside him.

The courtesan was sleeping soundly, naked.

The drinking party that began on the ship moved to another location.

Once Yong Ha-sang was somewhat drunk, he took two courtesans with him and disappeared into another room. 

Pyo Wol spent the night with the courtesans lying next to him.

But, it wasn't just a physical relationship.

The night was long, and there was much to discuss. The courtesan who had fallen for Pyo Wol told him everything she knew, and thanks to her, Pyo Wol gained a clear understanding of the situation around Poyang Lake.

That alone was a big win for him.

Pyo Wol got up and dressed himself. The courtesan was still asleep. Pyo Wol left her and went outside alone.

It was still early in the morning, so the brothel was quiet.

As Pyo Wol left the brothel, the servants inside bowed their heads in greeting. Pyo Wol left the brothel and headed to his lodging, the Southern Heaven Pavilion. akhi buy me a coffee

The Southern Heaven Pavilion was bustling with guests from early in the morning. 

When the guests saw Pyo Wol, they were surprised. They recognized him. There was no one among the commons or nobles around Poyang Lake who didn't know Pyo Wol. That's how famous he had become.

Then, a young nobleman approached Pyo Wol from inside the inn.

"You're here. I've been looking for you for a while."

He was Jo Seolpung, the leader of the Je-won merchant group.

Pyo Wol asked, "Have you found what you were looking for? It looks like you've had some success."

"Yes, please sit down." akhi buy me a coffee


The two of them sat in a corner of the inn.

"I haven't been able to find the people you were looking for, but I found out who was hiding them."


"Blood Ant Chamber."

"The gang that recently grew like poisonous mushrooms around Poyang Lake?"

"I see you're aware. That's right, we've captured circumstantial evidence that the Blood Ant Chamber's hiding them."

"Hmm, really?"

"Yes, they disgustingly killed one of my subordinates when they realized we were tracking them."

Jo Seolpung's face was filled with anger.

It wasn't difficult to find the people who killed Gu Changhae. 

The Je-won merchant group was ruthless enough to oppress the slums. In the end, they found the inn where Gu Changhae had last visited, and by torturing the innkeeper, they were able to find out the truth.

"The inn was connected to the Blood Ant Chamber. The people you were looking for also stayed at that inn. We found out that Blood Ant Chamber was behind all of this. Unfortunately, they realized we were tracking them and went into hiding."

"You said the leader of the Blood Ant Chamber is very cunning."

"How did you know that?"

"Someone told me.”

It was the courtesan he had spent the night with.

She referred to the Blood Ant Chamber's leader, Deung Cheol-woong, as a fox wearing a bear's disguise.

From the outside, it looks like he will only rush forward, but in fact, he has a good brain, is quick to calculate, and is cunning.

Therefore, if you think he is dull based on his appearance, you will be greatly disappointed.

"The reason why the blood ant chamber helped them is not yet known, right?"

"Yes, but it won't take long to find out."

There was confidence in Jo Seolpung's voice.

It was true that the Blood Ant Chamber controlled the shady areas along the shores of Poyang Lake. The poor and powerless merchants dared not speak of their whereabouts for fear of retribution.

For fear of repercussions, they had no choice but to protect and cooperate with the Blood Clan, and even the sects that viewed the Blood Ant Chamber as a nuisance were unable to do anything about it. However, it was different for the Je-won merchant group.

The Je-won merchant group had been establishing their stronghold even before the Blood Ant Chamber settled in Poyang Lake. Also, they spent an enormous amount of money every year for the common people, according to the will of Noh Tae-tae.

Most importantly, they had the ability to protect their people from the Blood Ant Chamber's retribution. They were also able to offer substantial financial compensation.

So far, the Je-won merchant group had not seen the blood ant chamber as a problem because they had not caused them any harm.

However, since the blood ant chamber killed one of the members of Je-won merchant group, they couldn't just leave it alone.

Although they were a small faction, killing Gu Changhae was a challenge to the Je-won merchant group.

He didn't know what else to do, but he couldn't just keep sitting around.

"Currently, elite warriors from the Je-won merchant group, including those from the shadow cutting squad, are all mobilized to find the blood ant chamber. No matter how well they hide, they will eventually be found."

It was not groundless confidence.

Jo Seolpung and his shadow cutting squad had that much ability.

In fact, at this very moment, there were screams coming from the businesses associated with the Blood Ant Chamber.

They may try to shut their mouths and endure, but there was no business that could withstand whipping and torture.

Jo Seolpung lifted his index finger and said.

"Just one day. If you wait one day, I will capture all the heads of the Blood Ant Chamber and hand them over to Lord Pyo , at your disposal."

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