RDM (Novel) Chapter 358

C 358

"Gu Changhae hasn't returned."

At his subordinate's report, Jo Seolpung raised his head and looked.

"Which area was he in charge of?"

"The slums in the west. They call it the Alley of Stray Dogs."

"Alley of Stray Dogs..."

Jo Seolpung rubbed his chin with his hand.

As the name suggests, the Alley of Stray Dogs was a derogatory term for the street where the poor lived.

Among the slums, the dirtiest and most humid place was the Alley of Stray Dogs. mymtlnoveltranslations

Gu Changhae, a martial artist of Je-won merchant group, went there to investigate.

Ordinary people were reluctant to approach the Alley of Stray Dogs, but Gu Changhae was born and raised there. That's why he could easily enter and investigate the area.

"What about the others?"

"Everyone else has returned. Only Gu Changhae hasn't come back."

"It's clear that he disappeared in the Alley of Stray Dogs then." mymtlnoveltranslations

Jo Seolpung's face hardened.

Gu Changhae was also one of his cherished subordinates.

Even though he went missing while carrying out his great-grandmother's orders, Jo Seolpung felt responsible for his safety.

"Summon the Shadow Cutting Squad."

"The Shadow Cutting Squad?"

His subordinate raised his head in surprise.

The Shadow Cutting Squad was one of the forces of the Je-won merchant group.

They protected Je-won merchant group's escort team in the shadows and recovered lost items, possessing immense martial power.

Therefore, it was rare to mobilize the Shadow Cutting Squad unless it was a big deal.

It wasn't unreasonable for the subordinate to be surprised. However, Jo Seolpung was determined.

"Summon them quickly. We're going to the Alley of Stray Dogs right now."

"Ah, understood."

The subordinate hurriedly went outside.

Jo Seolpung took his sword from the wall and went out.

As soon as he stepped into the training field, about ten martial artists appeared. They all emitted an extraordinary aura.

They were the Shadow Cutting Squad. 

An old man in his early sixties approached Jo Seolpung. mymtlnoveltranslations

He was the leader of the Shadow Cutting Squad.

"I heard you summoned us, sir!"

"Gu Changhae has disappeared in the Alley of Stray Dogs."

"Disappeared? The chances of him being dead are high."

"The longer we wait, the lower the chances of finding his body and clues." mymtlnoveltranslations

"Understood. Let's go."

The leader of the Shadow Cutting Squad nodded and started walking.

The entire squad was familiar with the geography of the area. They unfolded their Qigong and headed toward the Alley of Stray Dogs without hesitation.

People who saw Jo Seolpung and the squad running together murmured at the unusual atmosphere.

"Isn't that the Je-won merchant group's Master Jo Seolpung?"

"Judging by the fact that he's going with martial artists, something must have happened."

"It seems someone has messed with the Je-won merchant group. Tsk!"

Although not as well-known as River Clans, Three Gates, and the Three manors, people living nearby knew how powerful the Je-won merchant group was.

To them, the Je-won merchant group was a hidden giant. So when they saw the Je-won merchant group moving in full force, they felt a strong sense of crisis.

Jo Seolpung and the Shadow Cutting Squad entered the Alley of Stray Dogs in no time.



Seeing them, the poor people hid themselves, fearing they might be caught.

The leader of the group gave orders to his subordinates. akhi buy me a coffee

"From now on, we'll spread out and search for traces of Gu Changhae. We must not miss even the smallest clue."


"Leave it to us."

With their response, the group scattered in all directions.

Jo Seolpung quietly watched them.

There was nothing for him to do right now.

He trusted the group.

Although they weren't the strongest force in kangho, they exerted absolute power at least in this place.

They were well-versed in the local environment and knew how to efficiently search for people and objects.

All he had to do was wait here for the group to bring back good results.

His wait was soon rewarded.

"We found him."

The group brought the news he wanted to hear. mymtlnoveltranslations

"What happened to him?"

"It's not good."

"What do you mean, not good?"

"We found only part of his body in the sewer. It seems that the ones who killed him cut him into pieces to dispose of him."

Jo Seolpung's face hardened. akhi buy me a coffee

He had anticipated that Gu Changhae might have lost his life, but he hadn't expected the body to be mutilated so cruelly.

"I want to see it with my own eyes."

"I recommend you not to look at it......"

"He was my man. He met his fate while carrying out my order. Even if there's nothing left but traces of him, I have a responsibility to see it."

"If you insist......"

In the end, one of the group members led Jo Seolpung to where Gu Changhae's body was.

In the sewer where all the waste from the poor area gathered, there was a leg that was presumed to belong to Gu Changhae. 

The severed leg below the knee still had the shoes that the martial artists of Jo Seolpung's group usually wore.

They must have forgotten to take off the shoes in their haste to dispose of the body.

Holding Gu Changhae's leg, Jo Seolpung ordered the leader of the group.

"Find the ones who did this to Gu Changhae. There's a high probability they're the ones we're looking for."


The leader of the group gestured to his subordinates, and they scattered again in all directions.


"What's wrong?"

Soon after, screams began to erupt from various parts of the slums.


"So you're saying that the person we've been hiding is the man from Jo Seolpung’s group?"

"That's right."

"Of all people......"

Deung Cheol-woong's expression twisted at Oh Shin-Pyung's report. akhi buy me a coffee

There was nothing that scared Deung Cheol-woong, but even he was hesitant to deal with Jo Seolpung's group.

"What about the body?"

"We hastily disposed of it for now."

"Are you sure?"

"We've cut it into pieces so that his identity cannot be recognized and scattered them around."

"Damn it!"

Deung Cheol-woong snorted.

He trusted Oh Shin-Pyung's thorough work, but since their opponent was Jo Seolpung's group, he couldn't help but feel anxious. He knew how persistent they could be.

It was at that moment.

"Sir, sir! We have a big problem."

One of his subordinates rushed in, shouting.

Deung Cheol-woongfelt his heart drop, and his premonition turned out to be right.

"Jo Seolpung's group has found the body of the martial artist we killed in the sewer." akhi buy me a coffee

"Damn it!"

"They're turning the slums upside down right now. If a little more time passes, it will be clear that we're the ones responsible."

The Blood Ant Chamber had only used force to suppress the slums and ruled through fear. 

There was no loyalty from the poor people towards the Blood Ant Chamber.

For now, they were keeping quiet out of fear of the Blood Ant Chamber, but if Jo Seolpung's group kept pushing like this, it was only a matter of time before they revealed everything.

Deung Cheol-woong spoke to Oh Shin-Pyung.

"Tell everyone to stop their activities and hide. They may be furious and searching everywhere now, but it won't last long. Once their anger subsides, we'll resume our activities."


"Also, contact those guys." akhi buy me a coffee

"Which guys?"

"The ones who started this mess. They said they would stay here for a few more days. It's their mess, so they should clean it up."


Pyo Wol sat on a large rock, looking at Poyang Lake.

He had a great view of Poyang Lake from where he sat.

Despite the late hour, numerous pleasure boats were out on the lake, with guests and courtesans enjoying their wine.

The red lanterns on the boats painted the surface of the lake a deep crimson. The red-stained water was breathtakingly beautiful.

A small red snake slithered between Pyo Wol's fingers. Gwia seemed to consider his fingers as a sort of playground.

Pyo Wol didn't mind Gwia's playful antics, as he was a good companion to pass the time.

Pyo Wol played with Gwia, following his movements with his fingers.

The duo enjoyed their time together, but their peace was short-lived.

One of the pleasure boats on the lake approached where Pyo Wol was sitting.

Gwia, seemingly displeased with the situation, flicked its red tongue a few times before curling around Pyo Wol's arm.

Pyo Wol looked up at the approaching boat.

Someone appeared on the boat, which was adorned with red lanterns.

"Could it be Master Pyo Wol?"

The man who revealed himself was none other than Yong Ha-sang.

Pyo Wol frowned slightly and replied, "Yes!"

"Ha ha! It's so dark that I wasn't sure, but my eyes didn't deceive me."

Yong Ha-sang burst into hearty laughter.

His shirt was half-unbuttoned, revealing his chest, and courtesans clung to his arms on either side.

It was evident that he had noticed Pyo Wol while having fun with the courtesans and decided to approach him.

"Who is that?"

"Oh my! Look at his face!"

"No way!"

The courtesans marveled at Pyo Wol's face as they saw it up close.

There were four more courtesans aboard the ship, in addition to the one with Yong Ha-sang.

Each of them was as beautiful as a fairy.

They were all famous for their beauty on the shores of Lake Poyang, and Yong Ha-sang had swept them up and brought them aboard.

This caused the guests to complain, but the courtesans and their host paid them no mind.

Yong Ha-sang had a very masculine appearance and was extremely generous. He spent his money freely, and the courtesans fought to be on his boat as a result.

Thanks to him, the boat he boarded was always filled with the laughter of courtesans.

Yong Ha-sang spoke to Pyo Wol.

"Would you mind joining us? I'd like to treat you well tonight."

Yong Ha-sang's gaze was intense as he looked at Pyo Wol.

Seeing his clear, sober eyes, Pyo Wol nodded.


"Ha ha! I knew Master Pyo Wol wouldn't refuse my invitation. Come on board."

Pyo Wol leaped lightly from the rock.

Although the boat was still ten meters away, he boarded it in one swift motion.

As Pyo Wol landed on the boat, the courtesans gasped in awe.

"How can he be so handsome..."

"Look at his skin! I think it's even better than mine."

The courtesans gazed at Pyo Wol with rapturous expressions.

They had met many men in their lives, but they had never encountered anyone as beautiful as Pyo Wol.

They had just discovered the euphoria of simply looking at someone so attractive for the first time today.

The courtesans began to argue with each other, each wanting to sit next to Pyo Wol.

"I'll serve him."

"Sister, please give me a chance today."

"I've found the love of my life."

Watching this scene,Yong Ha-sang had an incredulous expression on his face. 

Just a moment ago, the courtesans were arguing with each other over who would serve him. But as soon as Pyo Wol appeared, they changed their tune and began to fawn over Pyo Wol instead. 

The sight was both amusing and ridiculous, which made Yong Ha-sang laugh involuntarily.

Yong Ha-sang offered Pyo Wol the seat opposite him.

"Please sit here."


As soon as Pyo Wol took his seat, the courtesans who were eagerly looking for an opportunity quickly sat on either side of him.

"Hehe! I'll serve you."

"I'm called Wol hyang."

The courtesans sat close to Pyo Wol on both sides and flirted with him.

Pyo Wol didn't even glance at the courtesans and looked at Yong Ha-sang instead.

Yong Ha-sang picked up the bottle of alcohol and poured a glass for Pyo Wol, then spoke.

"I'll pour this drink as an apology for my previous rudeness."

In an instant, Pyo Wol's cup was filled with alcohol.

Without a word, Pyo Wol stared at the glass. Then Yong Ha-sang chuckled and said,

"I already know that you don’t drink. This is merely a symbolic act of apology, so you don't have to drink it. I just want to put everything aside and have a sincere conversation with you today. Isn't it true that men become closer in such settings?"

Yong Ha-sang's eyes were shining more intensely than ever.

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