Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound (Novel) Chapter 15

 C15: Solitary Feast (2)

The Archive of Ten Thousand Forms.

Located deep within the nature of Baskerville, a massive library that competes for the top spot even within the Empire in terms of scale.

"Come to think of it, this is my first time actually entering."

Vikir passed through the entrance guarded by several knights and entered the restricted area.

When Hugo presented the access card personally signed by him, no one blocked their way.

Some knights even saluted with a faint smile.

Finally, Vikir stood in front of the passage leading to the depths of the Archive of Ten Thousand Forms.

This library, which was directly carved into the black cliff, was deep and vast like a giant monster's throat.

The books, densely packed throughout, seemed to gaze down at Vikir, arranged like large teeth.

"I should hurry a bit."

Being alone all the time, he found himself talking to himself more often.

Vikir considered the remaining time and turned around.

His mind was in a rush, but his footsteps and gaze moved slowly.

The distinct feeling of old books, the scent of ink and dust.

However, he didn't feel particularly cozy or anything like that.

Books discussing techniques of handling cold weapons, methods to kill enemies using the shortest route, efficient and logical theories of murder.

And the shelves full of those books.

Countless generations of swordsmen who existed in the history of Baskerville engaged in silent debates, leaving behind only their theories in this place.

But why?

Instead of entering a library, it felt like walking through the corridors of a prison where ruthless and cold-blooded killers were imprisoned.

The sword manuals, arranged like teeth, seemed to pierce with their gazes.

And Vikir accepted all of this familiarly.

Step by step, the sound of footsteps sinking into the abyss of the corridor.

As he ventured deeper into the library, older volumes began to appear.

"Fang of Severing" sword technique, "Crushing Fang" sword technique, "Stabbing Fang" sword technique, "Double-Striking Fang" sword technique, "Lying Molar" sword technique...

Familiar sword manuals, or those he had longed to learn in a past life, and even more powerful sword manuals that he had never dared to dream of, were neatly lined up like teeth.

Locks, solidly locked, to prevent theft or unauthorized reading.

Even if a magic practitioner or an exceptional talent had abundant mana and practical experience, it would be difficult for them to learn beyond the 4th form of sword technique.

Direct heirs would learn at least up to the 5th form of sword technique, while among the direct heirs, the elites would master the 6th form, and the family bosses and sub-bosses would learn the 7th form.

Hugo Baskerville had mastered the 7th form of Baskerville and the seven fangs he depicted made him a Sword Master who was within reach of a handful of individuals on the continent.

Considering the rivalry between Hugo Baskerville and Morg, the family boss of the Seven Circles known as a Grand Magus, their strength should be somewhat similar.


Vikir paused his steps.

Within the vast library, a sea of books where one couldn't discern which book was placed where.

Among them, he saw the book that Hugo had subtly indicated.

It was a precious tome, with several layers of locks securing the bookshelf.

Hugo matched the key given to him and revealed the hidden book inside.

"Baskerville Style (六式), The Double-Edged Fangs."

The book contained a noble sword technique, so refined that one could never have dreamed of it in a past life.

Vikir picked it up and quickly skimmed through it.

The book depicted various ways of wielding a sword, slashing, stabbing, parrying, smashing, cutting, and grinding, each method intricately described according to the shape of the fangs drawn by the trajectory of the sword.

Furthermore, this swordsmanship manual discussed the techniques of drawing a total of six fangs.

Naturally, Hugo would have thought it impossible for an eight-year-old Vikir to memorize them all in a single day.

So, with a certain degree of favor and superficiality, he would have allowed Vikir to read the book on the art of the double-edged fangs.

However, Vikir was an experienced swordsman who had lived on the battlefield for over 40 years in his past life, an elite who had even survived the Age of Destruction, the pinnacle of the Baskerville family.

He had already mastered swordsmanship theories ranging from levels one to four, without formal training.

He had even guessed and established the theories of level five, which he hadn't officially learned.

He had spent countless hours honing his skills at level four, but he was unaware of the path to transcendence beyond it, resulting in a stagnant period.

It was a formula he had yearned for, thirsting for social elevation.

"...I see. After drawing the fourth fang, I should have interrupted the flow of mana. That's why I couldn't create the fifth fang!"

Vikir finally felt his mind clear.

Acquiring knowledge like drinking water, it took him only about three hours to understand and memorize the theory of the double-edged fangs.

Of course, it was thanks to spending nearly 20 years accumulating experience and leveling up only to level four.


Vikir, who had memorized the contents of the book, closed it.

Knowing the path from level four to levels five and six was good, but that wasn't the real purpose of coming here today.

Vikir returned to the entrance of the library.

It was a space where knights standing guard and servants cleaning the shelves could pass through.

"Oh, my lord. Why have you come out again?"

"What did you forget? We can bring it to you."

"If you're hungry, shall we bring you a meal?"

The servants kindly offered their assistance.

Looking at their respectful and apprehensive gazes, it seemed that rumors of the practical evaluation had already spread.

However, Vikir shook his head.

"I'm done here."

Upon hearing his words, even the guards who were on alert were surprised.


"You should have stayed a little longer."

"You still have plenty of time, don't you?"

Although no one said it out loud, they all had a disappointed expression.

Well, that's understandable.

To simply come out after spending a few hours browsing through the treasured swordsmanship manuals stored deep within the library of Baskerville.

Those were invaluable books worth risking their lives to access, so it was understandable that they would feel even more disappointed than Vikir himself.

Even Vikir before his regression would have felt the same way.

However, Vikir appeared indifferent.

"Before leaving, I plan to casually read some other books, so focus on your tasks."

At the same time, Vikir headed towards the shallowest floor of Baskerville, where miscellaneous books were collected.

Some knights who had been keeping an eye on him muttered as they watched Vikir.

"If it were me, I would have immediately read the swordsmanship manuals in the deeper sections. He must have memorized them like a madman."

"Does he not understand the value because he's still young? He'll regret this day for the rest of his life when he gets older."

"I should report to the other elders not to worry about him. He's wasting his time reading such insignificant miscellaneous books."

However, if they had seen the expression on Vikir's face as they spoke, they wouldn't have chattered so thoughtlessly.

Vikir was thoroughly searching through the miscellaneous books with an unprecedented determination.

It was an overlooked place where no one paid any attention. The dusty bookshelves were in disarray.

Vikir searched slowly and meticulously.

And eventually, after a few hours, he found what he had been looking for.

In a corner of the library, visible to everyone but easily overlooked by all.

There, an old book was tucked away.

It seemed to have gathered quite a bit of dust and appeared to be devoid of any preservation magic.


Vikir stood there for a long time, staring at the title of the book.

<Hidden Ambush>
A basic manual of level one (一式) that even the children of Baskerville wouldn't bother to look at.

An old book categorized as a swordsmanship manual based on its appearance.

However, who in the present world would know the value of this book?

Only Vikir, who had lived through the Age of Destruction, knew.

This book was truly a treasure worthy of being called the best in Baskerville!


Vikir pulled out the book.

It seemed to have been stuck in the bookshelf for a very long time and didn't come out easily at first.

After pulling out several books that were blocking its path and clearing the way, it finally came out with great effort, revealing itself to the world.

"......Hidden Ambush."

Having successfully extracted the book, Vikir cautiously ran his hand over it.

And he turned the pages.


The pages turned quickly.

And soon, the reason why this book was classified as miscellaneous became clear.

Torn pages were visible throughout the book.

Like missing teeth, the book had sporadic gaps.

Distinct torn marks were evident on important pages. Naturally, the content was abruptly disconnected and didn't flow smoothly.

As a result, no one could understand the contents of this book, and consequently, it was classified as a worthless miscellaneous book.


"...I know."

Vikir. Only he had memorized the contents written on the torn pages of this book.

Before his regression.

The memories of participating in the "Operation to Reclaim Torn Pages" or the "Operation to Restore Missing Teeth" were still vivid in his mind.

Having crossed numerous diagonals* at that time, Vikir, who had gathered each and every torn and lost page, was none other than Vikir Van Baskerville! (*:Missions, Quests)

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