Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound (Novel) Chapter 14


C14: Solo Feast (1)

The practical evaluation was over.

The competitive behavior of the hunting dogs continued.

Usually, the hunting dogs divide the flesh and organs of their captured prey among themselves according to their rank.

The children of Baskerville were no exception.

They obtained shields, swords, necklaces, and other items made from the bodies of the demons they had captured during the practical evaluation.

Through this opportunity, the young hunting dogs grew even more agile and their bodies and minds became stronger.

The intense tension that had persisted until the written exam ended seemed to disappear once the ranks were determined. Surprisingly, the children became even closer than before.

Perhaps it was due to the experience of being together for a long time in extreme situations, a strange sense of brotherhood began to emerge throughout the class.

Of course, there were still siblings who didn't get along, but most of them either made amends during the practical exam or died without anyone noticing, so internal conflicts within the class hardly occurred.

In this way, after the practical evaluation ended, a relaxed atmosphere settled over Baskerville, lasting for a few days each year.

Family boss's room.

Hugo Baskerville, the family boss of Baskerville, was receiving a report from the butler, Barrymore.

"...Who caught what?"

It was almost unheard of for someone in the ranks of the Sword Masters to doubt their own physicality.

However, at this moment, Hugo was clearly doubting his own ears.

Barrymore, unable to hide his excitement, read the report again in a steady voice.

"Vikir Baskerville, an 8-year-old student. During the practical evaluation, he 'accidentally' crossed the boundary and entered the forbidden zone of the uncharted mountains. He successfully hunted down a Cerberus with an A+ danger level. That's all."

Although it was the second time he heard the report, it still thrilled him.

An 8-year-old child ventured into the forbidden zone of enemy and black mountains and returned alive.

In fact, just this alone is already quite remarkable.

Being able to hear evidence or draw a map that can speculate about the terrain and ecosystem outside the forbidden zone is a significant achievement.

But this unprecedented 8-year-old not only survived entering hell but also managed to capture the hellhound Cerberus!

"...Cerberus is a high-ranking demon that even the guardian knights of the family find challenging to confront."

Hugo stroked his beard with a bewildered expression.

However, the detailed report that followed was even more astonishing.

Hugo corrected the report and put on reading glasses with a puzzled look.

"You lured Cerberus into a trap and stabbed it with a spear? Do you think this makes sense?"

"The individual was originally injured by savages, and there is also a mention of applying poison to the spear, my lord."

"Even if it was an injured individual, is the poison powerful enough to dispatch Cerberus? And where did he obtain it?"

"Well... there was no other record of that in the hunting journal. I intended to ask the young master, but he said he was tired and went straight back to his quarters."

Upon hearing Barrymore's words, Hugo momentarily had a blank expression before bursting into laughter.

"The youngster is already so cunning. Well, information is power, and power is value. One must raise and protect their own value."

Hugo turned his gaze back to the report.

Not only was it impressive that they didn't immediately disclose the type of poison used to capture Cerberus, but it was also commendable that they concealed the corpse of Cerberus until the end of the practical evaluation by burying it in the ground, rather than taking it straight to the working dogs.

Barrymore, the butler, was impressed.

"Your patience, my lord, is truly remarkable. When I was 8 years old, I would do anything to receive praise from adults and admiration from my siblings. If I had captured Cerberus at that age, I would have immediately presented it to the guardian knights. It was for the sake of receiving praise and attention."

"Hehehe. In that case, you would have ended up like the old Santiago."

The old man mentioned by Hugo is a fisherman who appears in ancient legends.

He went out to the distant sea and caught a massive monster fish. However, while he was dragging the caught fish tied to his boat, he encountered a swarm of sharks that devoured all the flesh, leaving behind only the massive bones. He returned home empty-handed.

"If that Vikir boy had boasted about capturing Cerberus and dragged its massive corpse around, he would have become a target for countless siblings. Not only would his achievements be stolen, but he could also have been killed."

Upon hearing Hugo's words, Barrymore felt a chill run down his spine, realizing the harsh atmosphere of the Baskerville family.

"To be honest, I was quite surprised. Among the young lords with the middle name 'Le' or 'Ra,' it's unexpected to see such talent among those with Van's middle name."

"You know nothing, butler. I am different from the previous family bosses. I do not place much importance on bloodlines when raising hunting dogs. Even among good bloodlines, there are inferior individuals, and among humble bloodlines, there are excellent ones. Whether it's a son from a royal woman or a son from a street prostitute, I don't care. As long as they have enough talent and determination."

As Hugo murmured in a low voice, his gaze was directed towards the distant turrets outside the window.

The second son.

Barrymore realized that Hugo was thinking about his second son, who was currently undergoing training at the top of the turret.

"Among good bloodlines, there are inferior individuals. Do you understand?"

"...I apologize."

Hugo clapped his hands.

"It's okay. It would only be my loss if I were to be angry because of that foolish son of mine. However, I suppose I need something to change my mood."

His gaze shifted towards the report this time, falling outside the window.

Upon realizing his master's intention, Butler Barrymore nodded respectfully.

"I will summon Lord Vikir."

It was several hours later when Vikir stood before Hugo.

Hugo still showed no interest in the fish's head and tail.

He only brought up matters concerning the body.

"How did you capture Cerberus?"

"I coated the trident with chocolate to capture it."

Vikir's response was just as straightforward.

Direct, concise, and to the point.

There was no fat or greasiness in the conversation between Hugo and Vikir.

The light in Hugo's eyes seemed childish.

"Chocolate, huh?"

"For monsters like Cerberus, chocolate is a poison."

"I see. So that's why you asked for chocolate before."


Vikir replied briefly.

After a brief moment of contemplation, Hugo opened his mouth again.

"If it's true, then the value of this information is quite significant. It would be useful in subduing the monsters. It would also bring many advantages in enhancing our achievements on missions and in trading with the Information Guild."

"I think the same."

Hugo's lips curled slightly at Vikir's casual response.

Hugo asked in a somewhat cold voice.

"I heard that you didn't provide a proper answer about the Cerberus hunt when the butler asked."

"That's correct. Because I am not the owner."

"The owner?"


"Then who is your owner?"

Once again, Vikir responded nonchalantly to Hugo's question.

"I belong to the family, so wouldn't the family boss be my owner?"

Hearing that, Hugo finally nodded and smiled satisfactorily.

"Well learned. The corpse of the monster you captured will belong solely to you as a reward."

Cerberus, a monster with an A+ danger level. Its corpse was truly valuable.

The fangs and claws served as weapons, the organs and flesh as nourishment, and the bones and skin as armor.

There was nothing to discard from the corpse of a high-level monster.

Receiving it all intact was a great reward.

Moreover, Hugo bestowed another reward upon Vikir.

"You ranked first in both written and practical exams, so the family has high expectations for you. If you have any desires, let me know."

"Didn't you already hand over Cerberus' corpse?"

"That's my plan. I want to hear your thoughts."

Vikir widened his eyes slightly.

Hugo's words were somewhat unexpected.

Until now, he had never asked his children for their thoughts.

He only gave commands to the hunting dogs. Who would ask a dog for its thoughts?

But such variables were always welcome.

Thinking that things would be easier, Vikir expressed his opinion.

"I want to enter the Mansang Library."


Hugo's eyes narrowed at those words.

The Mansang Library, located deep within the Baskerville family's fortress, was a massive library that rivaled Morg's library, which was considered the largest in the world.

Hugo stroked his chin and pondered for a moment. It was a rare occurrence.

"Hmm... the Mansang Library. That place can only be accessed by the family boss, subcónsuls, and selected bloodline members. Did you know that before asking?"

Vikir's eyes widened at his words.

He acted as if he had no idea. But in reality, he truly didn't know.

"I had no idea. If it's something I can't do, then I'll give up."

Vikir accepted the fact gracefully, even though he had no intention of giving up so easily.

Vikir quickly tapped his foot. Well, it didn't matter. It would be enough if he could slip in during the commotion.

But the task turned out to be easier than expected.

"You can go in."

Hugo's decision was quick.

Before Vikir could even form a blank expression, Hugo spoke.

"I can't give you much time. Would ten days be enough?"

"One day is sufficient."

There was no need to make Hugo suspicious by staying in the castle for too long.

Hugo looked down at Vikir with a faint smile.

"You think you can read a book in just one day?"

"I learned about 'Family History' during the general education class and wanted to know more. As a member of the Baskerville family."

Though Vikir simply blurted out any book, Hugo seemed to be quite pleased with his response.

"Family history, huh? That's good. Studying the honorable history of the family and having pride in it is a good thing."

It seemed like Hugo was talking about pride that wasn't even mentioned.

Moreover, Hugo even recommended a book worth reading directly to Vikir.

"In the depths of the library in the sixth control zone of the Mansang Library, there's a swordsmanship manual called 'Baskerville Style, Sixth Form.' Take a look at it."

Vikir doubted his ears upon hearing those words.

The renowned Hugo recommending a swordsmanship manual?

Going beyond the limit of the Fourth Form, which is the highest level attainable for Van, to the Sixth Form?

Baskerville's Carnivorous Style.

This swordsmanship, which allows for the depiction of six fangs, is only taught to elite members within the family, including high-ranking and direct descendants.

Hugo has granted Vikir permission to access it, even if only for a brief viewing.

Considering that the present Hugo can produce seven fangs, and the previous Hugo, before regression, could create nine fangs, this treatment from Hugo is truly remarkable.

Compared to the Four Form that Vikir learned before regression, the Carnivorous Style was a vastly superior and formidable swordsmanship.


As someone who has other intentions, Vikir doesn't feel particularly inspired.

"...Just the Carnivorous Style."

A thought so audacious that it would make others faint if they heard it.

But Vikir is not foolish enough to reveal such thoughts.

"Thank you. I will definitely read it and live up to your expectations."

Vikir bowed his head and expressed gratitude to Hugo.

Externally, it was a flawless, humble, and polite gesture.

Of course, if Hugo knew what sinister intentions were harbored beneath the surface, he would likely prevent Vikir from accessing any of the secret manuscripts in the Mansang Library, even if it meant burning them all.


Hugo, who thought he had finished all his business, simply turned his head absentmindedly.

Having obtained access to the Mansang Library, Vikir bid a polite farewell before turning around and leaving the presence of the family boss.

And then, perhaps heading towards the most valuable treasure within all of Baskerville, he began walking straight ahead.

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