TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 172

 C 172

Raon’s first technique, Frost Pond, severed the pouring rain of flame. It even advanced one step further.




In his distorted vision, a thin stream of blood gushed from the red dragon turtle’s throat. Frost Pond had transcended the red dragon turtle’s cognition and cut through its neck.


The red dragon turtle tried to step back in its panic, trying to hide its wound, but it was pointless. Frost Pond wasn’t a technique that ended in a single strike.




A silver spiral dashed forward, following the blue trajectory. Glacier’s pure coldness followed the flow of Frost Pond to pierce the red dragon turtle’s neck.


The blade of coldness was also attributed with extreme quickness. Its speed didn’t lose to the first attack, and the red dragon turtle gave away its neck, unable to react.




The red blood gushing from the red dragon turtle’s neck extinguished the flames burning the land.




In the end, the red dragon turtle was unable to keep its balance and collapsed. The waterfall of ice that slashed its neck was the only thing remaining in the air.


Raon looked at the ice blade while soothing his burned skin with Glacier.

Frost Pond.

‘Pond’ referred to the pond under a waterfall. The first strike was from the falling water, and the second strike was from the water falling again after bouncing back up from the impact. Frost Pond was a technique that expressed those two falls.

It was quick and precise, while also having an attributed blade hidden behind it. Raon was sure that even a Master couldn’t perfectly block that attack, not if they were only at a beginner level.


Wrath let out a small groan, probably because he didn’t expect the fight to end so easily.

That stupid turtle! It didn’t know how to use its power because it got stronger too quickly. It should’ve hidden inside its shell instead! It just kept using its strength like an idiot!

‘You are right.’

Raon nodded. The red turtle dragon’s energy was comparable to a Master, but its fighting technique remained the same as before. The fight would’ve been a lot more difficult if it could use its power to its full extent.

Consider yourself lucky. If it could properly use that flame, you would’ve been burned up completely.

‘You should say that I was unlucky.’


‘I would’ve gotten even stronger if I fought something so powerful.’

You are really insane…

Wrath shook his head, murmuring that he was sick of him.

‘How did you like the technique?’

It wasn’t bad.


For a human. If you tried using a sloppy technique like that against the King of Essence, you’d be frozen in an instant…

While Wrath was trying to be annoying by belittling him, messages appeared in front of his eyes.


[You’ve created a new technique.]


[The title ‘Young Founder’ has been created.]


[You’ve defeated a mid-high rank monster.

All stats have increased by 2.]


The messages informed him that he had received stats from creating a new technique and defeating the red dragon turtle that rose to the rank of mystical creature.

What is this?!

Wrath violently shook his head in disbelief.

How could you get the founder title from making a sloppy technique that even a three-year-old child would be able to make?

Icy wrath crawled up from his shoulders.

Moreover! That red dragon turtle was a mid-rank monster at best! Some energy was all it had, and it wasn’t exactly a difficult monster to defeat!

Whether Wrath was angry or not, the system just gave what it came for and disappeared.

Ugh, I made the system too simple!


I made it so it would only consider the results to allow the user to get stronger quickly. I didn’t expect it to fire back at me like this.


Raon snickered, looking at Wrath as he ground his teeth.

‘I’m not sure what he means, but I’m grateful for that.’

He was getting stronger at an unprecedented rate thanks to Wrath. He felt nothing but gratitude towards the giving-doormat Wrath and the system.


Young Founder

Title given to the young warrior that created their own martial art.

Effect: Power is increased, and aura consumption is decreased upon using the martial art that was created by the title bearer. A more detailed observation of other people’s martial arts is possible.


Just like the name Young Founder suggested, the title enhanced the martial art’s power, which could be still lacking, and encouraged him to observe other people to learn even more.

Since Raon was still going to make many different techniques in the future, he was really satisfied with the ability.

Damn it…

Wrath gasped as he looked at the title.

‘I told you that I would gain a lot from this.’

Raon tapped Wrath while sheathing his sword.

You don’t deserve all that…

Wrath’s trembling shoulders made it look like he would have a seizure soon.


Runaan’s voice could be heard. When he looked around, Runaan’s eyes looked as blank as always and Harren’s pale face made it seem like he would start vomiting soon enough as they ran towards him.

“Y-You actually killed that…”

Harren swallowed nervously as he looked at the corpse of the red dragon turtle. He asked Raon how he managed to cut through it, a mind-blown expression on his face.

“There are different ways of fighting.”

Frost Pond was a technique of with the water attribute, the ice that was purified by Glacier had a purity at the Continent’s level. Raon figured that even though the red dragon turtle had been enhanced from sucking on the geothermal heat, it wouldn’t be able to survive it.

“Th-Then you should’ve just used that technique from the beginning. Why did you take so much time?”

Harren was perfectly respectful as he spoke. He wasn’t treating him like a child anymore.

“I couldn’t use that technique earlier.”

“Sorry? What do you…?”

“The technique I used to pierce its neck was made just now.”


When Raon told him the truth, Harren’s lips started to tremble. He furtively turned his head to look at Runaan. Once she nodded, Harren ended up sinking to his knees.

“What the…?”

He pointed his finger at the red dragon turtle, his eyes wide.

“Does that mean that you were fighting him without a plan before that?”

“Well, I knew I could get stronger. If it didn’t work, I could just kill it by hitting it dozens or hundreds of times.”

It would have been okay if he hadn’t managed to complete Frost Pond. It would’ve taken more time, but he would’ve defeated the red dragon turtle in the end.


Harren shook his head from his spot on the ground. He looked like he was either admiring him, couldn’t understand him, or he had realized something.


Runaan pouted slightly, poking the red dragon turtle with her finger. She was apparently annoyed by the monster that kept breathing fire because she liked coldness.


Don’t casually call the King of Essence’s name.

‘Whatever. You said it was a mystical beast earlier, right? Does that mean it has something like an energy core?’

Once a monster or a beast transcended its race, an energy core was created in their body. It was a priceless treasure, as absorbing it increased the amount of aura or strengthened the body.

The King of Essence never said that it was actually a mystical creature, it was just pretty much one. Moreover…

Wrath sneered.

That turtle used all its energy to enhance its fire and shell. The only thing you can get from it is a hard shell.

He giggled, jeering that he couldn’t get it even with his luck. He must have misunderstood and thought that Raon was disappointed.

‘That’s enough.’

Raon shook his hand while smiling slightly. He created a new technique, gained a title, and even got stats. Since he could even get the red dragon turtle’s corpse as his spoils, he already had plenty of rewards.

‘It would be greedy to hope for mor…Huh?’

He went next to Runaan and put his hand on the red dragon turtle. The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation flared up, starting to absorb the powerful mana of the fire attribute inside the red dragon turtle.




As he absorbed the tremendous amount of mana, enough to make his hand tremble, exhilaration ran down his spine.


[The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation (Four-Stars) has absorbed the fire energy of the red dragon turtle.]


[The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s proficiency has increased.

All stats have increased by 5 from a large amount of fire energy.]


[Fire Resistance has been increased to four-stars.]


The messages appeared as soon as he finished absorbing all of the heat inside the red dragon turtle.


He clasped his trembling fist. Although most of it had been converted into stats, a significant amount of it still remained in his mana circuit. He could grow even further from absorbing all of that.

‘This is even better than an energy core.’

Wh-What’s going on? Why is it giving you more rewards? You already got rewarded! You received stats and title just now!

‘The one earlier was from my fight and victory, and this one is because the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation acted on its own…’

Shut your mouth!

Wrath punched the ground with his hand of ice.

Does the world have to be like this?! This can’t be true! The world shouldn’t be like this!

The desperate scream of the Demon King of Wrath echoed throughout the dim Skellei Mountain range.

Why does everything want to favor him so much?


* * *



Harren groaned, touching the dead red dragon turtle’s shell and skin.

‘So, he managed to cut through this.’

He could understand, since he’d been living as a blacksmith his entire life.

The durability of the fire turtle’s skin was equal to Black Steel. It was thick enough to require countless slashes unless one used astral energy, but that insane swordsman managed to cut through it with a single aura blade.

‘Well, it wasn’t just an ordinary aura.’

Aura of Water Attribute. Moreover, it was a crazy technique that slashed twice with a single swing, but it was still an aura blade.

He couldn’t understand how he could cut through the enhanced red dragon turtle with a mere aura blade.

Harren bit his lip as he looked at Raon, who was arranging the geothermal flow. Half of his clothes were burned up, and his entire body was scorched black.

‘He got stronger while fighting.’

He endured that awful heat as if it were nothing, only to get stronger while fighting and slaying the red dragon turtle. That fact was the most amazing part.

Although the burns should have been painful, he didn’t show any sign of pain on the outside. It was honestly his first time witnessing a monster like that.

‘I thought he was one of those sheltered geniuses…’

Because he had achieved such prowess at the age of seventeen, he thought Raon was just a plant in a greenhouse that was born and raised according to Zieghart’s program, but it wasn’t the case at all.

He could tell from his serious eyes and that intense battle just then. He must’ve been walking a deep, heavy, and muddy path.


His heart was pounding for the first time in a long time. He wanted to make the monster wear the equipment he forged, and he wanted to see him reach the Continent’s peak with it. He felt like his lost passion was bursting from him.

“Let’s return, then.”

Raon walked up to the red dragon turtle. He raised his left and right hands at the same time, taking it by its neck.

“H-How are you lifting it?”

Even though it had suddenly shrunk after death, it was still bigger than the average eight-horse carriage. His strength was also beyond human limits, just like his swordsmanship.




Raon started to pull on the red dragon turtle. He was apparently intending to carry it like that. It was amazing that he managed to lift it, but the fact that he decided to carry it around was even more shocking.

“W-Wait! We should call people to carry…”

“It’s okay.”

Raon signaled Runaan with his eyes.

“Runaan, please help me.”


They raised their hands at the same time to spread ice on the ground. Smooth ice covered the ground from the mountain ridge to all the way down.

“Uncle, get on.”


“We are going to ride it down, so get on the turtle—just like Runaan.”

“Huh? L-Like a slide?”


Raon pointed at Runaan, who was sitting on the turtle while holding on to the shell. Although her expression hadn’t changed, considering the fact that she was blushing slightly, she was looking forward to the ice slide.


Harren swallowed nervously, then climbed on the red dragon turtle to take a seat.

“Let’s go.”

Raon went behind it, pushing the red dragon turtle to the icy path. The huge monster, one that was pretty much the master of the mountain, turned it to a sled as it glided down.


His mouth automatically opened, a scream falling from his lips because of the violent wind.

‘H-He’s crazy! He’s really crazy!’

Harren resolved himself while feeling the harsh wind. He would never offend the crazy young bastard behind him.

‘But I lost the bet!’

‘I’m screwed!’


* * *


The mountain ridge could be seen from the hill that Raon had abandoned.

With his arms behind his back, Glenn was looking at the red dragon turtle as it slid down.

“Heavenly Blade division leader.”

One person walked out from behind the trees upon hearing his call.

She was a swordswoman with thin eyes, purple hair tied behind her head, and a sword on her back. With a small build, her young face made it look like she was in her twenties, but she was the Heavenly Blade division leader and had been with Glenn for dozens of years.

“How was he in your eyes?”

“I can understand why that slob cherishes him so much.”

The Heavenly Blade division leader nodded, looking at Raon as he rode down on the red dragon turtle.

“He has amazing talent. In particular, the last blow seemed like one that he created himself.”

“Yes. The battle against the red dragon turtle was apparently a practice run for that technique.”

“It’s my first time witnessing someone create a technique before becoming a Master. He has the potential to become a Founder.”

The Heavenly Blade division leader had admiration in her voice as she looked at the trajectory of ice that still remained in the air.

A warrior needed to be at least a Master to create a martial art, yet Raon managed to make his first technique while being at the highest rank of Expert. She would’ve been lying if she said she wasn’t surprised.

“Moreover, he even had an ability to absorb the heat remaining inside the red dragon turtle. Was that the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation ability that you mentioned before?”

“Yes. The developed Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation absorbed the heat from the red dragon turtle.”

“He’s amazing in many ways. He’s not just using his talent, he’s also capable of getting through crises. He’s going to do his share in any situation.”

“Well, he’s not that special. He’s just decently excellent.”

Glenn’s mouth secretly curved into a small smile as he looked ahead, attempting to avoid being noticed by the Heavenly Blade division leader. His expression suggested that he was pleased that Raon had even managed to make the Heavenly Blade division leader admire him, despite her being famous for her composure.

“It looks like he’s halfway to the point of surpassing the master’s wall. The hard part starts from there, but it looks like he will be able to break through the wall at around the age of twenty.”

The Heavenly Blade division leader’s eyes became even narrower as she watched Raon sliding all the way down.

“The youngest sword master in Zieghart’s history will be…”

“Hmm, he will manage before twenty.”


“I’m saying that he will become a Master in his teens.”

“But even a genius can’t get over the wall in front of him quickly.”

“I’m not saying that just because he’s a genius.”

Glenn turned around with a slight frown on his face.

“It could be even more difficult for him to break through the wall because he became faster too quickly. I’m sure my lord is also aware of that fact.”


“Although I can understand why that slobbish gambling addict keeps praising his talent and ability, I still believe that he’s still far away from becoming a Master.”

“Raon has not even once skipped daybreak training since he started training. If the training ground was closed, he trained in the annex building. Even during missions, he went on a night watch to practice his swordsmanship. He managed to reach his current position thanks to his efforts and talent.”


The Heavenly Blade division leader’s jaw dropped. It was the first time she had heard Glenn speak so much, especially when it concerned another person.

He looked like an over-doting grandfather that was arguing because someone nitpicked at the grandson he was trying to boast about.

“I’m certain. I expect him to reach Master level next year at the earliest, and in two years at the latest.”

“B-But you just said he’s not that special…”

“Ahem. It’s later than I thought. Let’s return.”

Glenn simply kicked the ground after looking up to the dim sky. His body floated to the sky, then rushed towards Zieghart.


The Heavenly Blade division leader tilted her head while looking at his back.

“Why does he feel similar to that gambling addict…?”


* * *




In the evening at Mirtan village, where small sounds of hammering was all that could typically be heard, a huge trembling sound resounded throughout the village—a contrast to the peaceful appearance.

“Wh-What’s happening?”

“An earthquake?”

“The geothermal heat has been weak recently, and we are even getting an earthquake now!”

The villagers that were having late dinner hurriedly came running out when they felt the vibration.

“I-It’s not an earthquake.”

One of them swallowed nervously, pointing further down the village.

“What? What would it be if it’s not… Gasp!”

“Wh-What is that?”

“Aaaah! A red dragon turtle!”

“Why is that monster in the village?”

“I-I’ve never seen such a big one before…”

People stepped backward with their mouths wide open at the sight of the huge red dragon turtle. Some of the blacksmiths were about to run away.

“You idiots. It’s not alive!”

The first person to figure it out pointed to the lower part of the red dragon turtle. A golden-haired young man, his clothes completely burned up, was dragging the red dragon turtle.


“D-Did he seriously kill that?”

“Who the hell is he?”

“It’s that boy! The one the previous village chief said he’d forge a weapon for!”

“Huh. Apparently, the previous chief didn’t go senile, since he managed to slay such a monster…”

“H-He’s so strong. How is he carrying something of that size?”

The blacksmiths admired Raon, watching him carry the red dragon turtle.


Raon smiled slightly, looking at the long line of blacksmiths on both sides. They looked like children watching a circus parade.

“W-Wait! How about selling that corpse to me? I’ll pay nicely!”

“How dare you cut in line? I’ll buy it! I’ll pay 500 gold and 10 pieces of equipment!”

“I’ll pay everything in gold. How about 2000 gold?”

Once he got halfway to the peak, a bunch of blacksmiths and merchants came together and stopped him to ask him to sell the corpse.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

As Raon was trying to shake his hand, Harren—who had been pushing the corpse with an unnoticeable amount of strength—stepped forward and pushed the merchants and blacksmiths away.

“500 gold? 2000 gold? Who are you trying to scam with such a small amount of money? Don’t you realize he’s my father’s client, huh?”

“No, that’s…”

“Keep doing that if you want to stop trading here.”

The merchants and blacksmiths stepped back a little upon hearing that. Some people tried raising the price a little, but they lowered their hands when Harren glared at them fiercely.

“Let’s go!”

Harren pointed at Vulcan’s smithy at the peak, as if he were a butler.

“Thank you.”

Raon snickered, dragging the red dragon turtle up the hill. Thanks to Runaan, who froze the ground slightly from the rear, he managed to drag it to the top.


Vulcan was waiting outside, probably because he also felt the vibrations. He examined the red dragon turtle from top to bottom with stunned eyes.

“W-Was that the problem?”

“Yes. I killed it because it was sucking on the geothermal heat.”

“It’s my first time seeing a red dragon turtle of that size. I was surprised—I thought it was a hatchling.”

“It wasn’t just the size! It was also stupidly strong!”

Harren extended his arms.

“It’s like this because it shrunk, but it was even bigger before. Old man should’ve seen it.”

He murmured that it was regrettable and sighed.

“Since I’ve fixed the part where the geothermal heat went awry, it will stabilize either tomorrow or in two days.”

Raon dusted off his hands after placing the red dragon turtle in the open area in front of the workshop.

“Huh. Just like before, you never do anything ordinary. That's all you have to say after killing a monster like this.”

Vulcan exclaimed, looking at Raon’s peaceful eyes.


He pointed inside the workshop, smiling slightly.

“I’ve also finished my preparations.”


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