TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 171

 C 171


Vulcan clicked his tongue as he made his way back into the workshop after taking a round through the village.

‘I guess there’s no way the Golden Shard exists around here.’

Forging equipment with Golden Shard was like a dream for blacksmiths. Even if someone in the village had some at some point, they would’ve already used it to make something.

“What shall I do, then…?”

Vulcan sighed as he looked at his workshop.

‘I can’t use something average for his sword.’

Raon was special as a swordsman, since he could freely use both fire and frost attributes. In order to amplify both energies, it was necessary to forge a sword with Golden Shard alone or combine two different metals and then use Golden Shard as a connector.

Since that Runaan girl said that she would give him the Cold Blood, there were enough metals to use… but the amount of Golden Shard was too insufficient.

‘It’s complicated.’

Because of his personality, he’d rather die than forge some lackluster blade by compromising. He was the type of person that needed to make the best swords, the ones that fit their wielders at all costs.

“Hmm… Should I join an auction or something?’

Golden Shard could possibly appear in the underground auction of the merchant city Cameloon.

‘I’m sorry for the boy, but it would be better to make a proper sword, even if it takes more time.’

He opened the workshop door while deciding that he would tell Raon to leave, then call him back once he acquired the Golden Shard. 


Vulcan frowned. Although the workshop should’ve been empty because he had locked the door, a tall, golden-haired man was standing inside.

“I don’t know how you got inside, but we are closed right n… Gasp!”

Vulcan was about to tell him to leave, but he knelt with a bewildered expression on his face as soon as he saw the man’s face.

“G-Greeting the Destructive King of the North!”

He was so surprised that his voice was trembling. The man standing alone in the workshop was the master of the land, Glenn Zieghart.

“It’s been a while.”

Glenn nodded slightly, then a gentle energy emerged from Glenn and made him stand.

“Such excessive greetings aren’t necessary.”

“Th-Thank you.”

Vulcan bowed. He had seen Glenn multiple times before, but he couldn’t help being nervous whenever he met with him.

“I came to visit because I heard that you started wielding a hammer once again. I’m jealous, since you seem to have regained your youthful passion.”

Glenn’s eyes shone as he stroked the steel pieces filling the table and walls.

“Your praise puts me to shame. I just remembered my true desire after getting so old.”

“If you remembered your true desire, that’s good enough. Something like age doesn't matter. Congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

Vulcan bowed once again.

‘Did he become even stronger?’

Glenn’s nature itself had grown softer than before. It looked like he managed to transcend another wall.

‘I can’t even assess what level he’s at anymore.’

Even though he’d witnessed countless powerhouses in his life, he still couldn’t feel Glenn’s level. He seemed to have reached the end of heaven, surpassing all the clouds.

“Since it’s been so long, I came to have you take a look at my sword.”

Glenn offered him the black and red scabbard that was hanging around his waist. It was the Heavenly Tremor that Vulcan had personally forged, sword and scabbard alike.


Vulcan swallowed nervously, then drew the Heavenly Tremor.




The jet-black blade looked like a piece of darkness, displaying its frightening sharpness. Its completion was nothing short of being the best in the continent. That sword was Vulcan’s greatest masterpiece, the Heavenly Tremor.


Vulcan swept over his own masterpiece with his eyes.

“You’ve overcome your distress.”

Glenn nodded, watching Vulcan examine the Heavenly Tremor.

“You are looking at the Heavenly Tremor with different eyes.”

“I had that feeling as well.”

He used to be too ashamed to look straight into the Heavenly Tremor before, but he was now able to confront it, just like during his youth.

“How is it?”

“It’s perfect. Since the entire blade is made of Golden Shard, there’s no damaged parts, either.”

Vulcan picked up some silk and slowly scrubbed the blade from bottom to top. The sword was nothing short of perfection, even when he looked at it again.

“Actually, the reason I managed to get over my distress was thanks to the lord’s grandson.”




“Despite suffering from coldness, that boy visited the charcoal kiln every day and endured the cruel heat. He didn’t yield in front of heat that even blacksmiths wouldn’t be able to endure, despite spending their entire lives with a furnace.”

Vulcan smiled slightly while thinking about the small Raon.

“From seeing that boy’s passion and efforts, I remembered my past self and the objective I had. I managed to overcome my distress because of him. Since I’ve witnessed countless swordsmen, I can say this for certain: that boy will reach a high place.”

“We won’t know until that happens.”

Glenn replied coldly, as if he weren’t interested, but it was a bit strange. The corners of his mouth, which had remained low so far, twitched slightly.

‘I never thought he would make that expression.’

It was Vulcan’s first time seeing Glenn’s mouth curving into a slight smile, as Glenn’s face had always been as immobile as steel.

“It’s finished.”

Once Vulcan finished wiping the Heavenly Tremor, he put it back into its scabbard and returned it to Glenn.

“Thank you.”

Glenn buckled it around his waist. All he did was put it on, but he looked so elegant that Vulcan couldn’t take his eyes off him.

“I shall make the payment, then.”

“N-No. I wouldn’t dare ask for payment!”

Vulcan said no payment was needed, quickly shaking his hand.

“Don’t make me into a shameless person.”

Glenn drew a line in the air with his finger and the space was severed with a golden light. He put his hand in there, taking out a wooden box that was slightly bigger than his hand.

“This is…”

“I don’t need this, so please accept it.”

“Th-Thank you.”

Vulcan bowed gratefully and accepted the box. It was unexpectedly heavy.

“Can I see what’s inside?”


“Then… Gasp!”

Vulcan’s hands trembled violently, even more surprised than when he had seen Glenn.

“G-Golden Shard!”

The box contained a piece of Golden Shard, one that was even bigger than the one he had.

“Why are you…?”

Even though he currently needed it, he couldn’t accept such a precious item as repayment for just checking the sword.

“I told you earlier, I don’t need it.”


Vulcan caught his breath while looking at the Golden Shard.

“I wouldn’t have accepted it normally, but I actually need it for something right now.”

“You needed it for something?”

“It’s nice, since I needed some Golden Shard to forge Raon’s sword. Since Raon should be returning soon, this should be gifted to him as the head’s present…”

“I just picked it up along the way.”

Glenn replied bluntly. Picked it up along the way? Vulcan felt like something had gone wrong with his ears.


“I just picked it up along the way, so I don’t want to boast about it.”

“No, what does…”

“I picked it up along the way.”

“Even then…”

“I said, I picked it up along the way.”

Glenn frowned for the first time. Vulcan finally understood that he was telling him not to tell Raon about Glenn giving him the Golden Shard.

“I-I see. Th-Then, I’ll keep it anonymous.”

“Take this as well.”

Glenn gave him another small box.

“What is this now…?”

“It’s a small elixir that revitalizes the body. It’s easy to take, you can just swallow it.”

“I can’t accept something like this!”

Vulcan tried to return the wooden box, but Glenn was already outside the workshop.

“See you again later.”

He simply waved his hand and disappeared from the spot like an illusion.


Vulcan gasped, looking at the Golden Shard and elixir in his hand.

“I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.”


* * *



The red dragon turtle roared and stomped on the ground. The mountain trembled and the wall of raging fire that was surging up from the ground spread out into the surrounding area.




Raon struck out with his sword in a cross-shaped strike to sever the flames that extended towards him, gaining visibility.

‘It’s pretty hot.’

The heat was intense enough to affect him despite his Fire Resistance. It wasn’t the power of any red dragon turtle that he knew of.

It’s obvious. Why are you so surprised?

Wrath scornfully clicked his tongue.

The fact that the geothermal heat has been abnormally low so far signifies that the turtle has been absorbing the heat with its snout to the ground.

‘Is that even possible?’

His body would normally explode from containing too much heat, but he managed to overcome that and evolved. He is pretty much a low-rank mystical creature now.

‘Low-rank mystical creature…’

Since even your sword isn’t going to work against that turtle’s body, good luck fighting it.

The way Wrath was giggling while his head protruded from the bracelet looked so hateful.

‘Let’s see if it works or not.’

Raon gathered the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and dashed towards the red dragon turtle.


The red dragon turtle was probably enraged at having its meal disturbed. It opened its long snout, a crimson flame bursting from its bottomless pit of a throat. It was Flame Breath.




Although Raon could’ve easily endured it if it had been an ordinary red dragon turtle’s breath, the heat coming from that monster’s breath was so intense that it was difficult to breathe.


Raon stomped the ground and thrust his sword. The energy from the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation imbued in his blade rotated in a spiral to form into a crimson saw blade. It was the Ten Flames, Revolving Sky.




A huge explosion occurred between Raon and the red dragon turtle, creating a whirlwind of heat.


Raon briefly clicked his tongue. Its tremendous power matched his full power Revolving Sky.

‘But it’s sloppy.’

Likely because it had gained power in a short period of time, it wasn’t able to control it properly. Raon bent the Revolving Sky to distort the direction of the breath, then used River Footwork.




His left foot extended through the flame wall. The red dragon turtle’s side could be seen in that short instant.

He used the momentum of his body to slash down immediately. A fierce blow that could even destroy a boulder struck the red dragon turtle’s side.




The raging blade slashed, created a shallow cut through the red dragon turtle’s flesh and scattering red blood around the area.


The red dragon turple screamed in irritation, extending its snout. Raon dodged the flame coming from its mouth, then tried to strike it again.

The red dragon turtle’s body turned red, and the injury from the cut a moment ago recovered, as if it had been stitched by a thread.

“I-It’s hardening! You shouldn’t hit it! Your sword will break!”

Harren’s voice could be heard from behind him.


Hardening was one of the red dragon turtle’s characteristics, a defensive ability that allowed it to create a hardness similar to its shell on its skin.

‘I still have to attack.’

If he didn’t attack, he wouldn’t be able to tell how sturdy it was. Raon filled his blade with the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s fire and attacked.




The sword bounced back because of its powerful defense. It felt like he was hitting tempered steel instead of flesh. It wasn’t just the power—it also had a defensive ability that had become incomparable from before.


It was apparently still painful, since the red dragon turtle stomped the ground while glaring fiercely at him. The ground was mercilessly cracked apart, and flame walls surged from the fissure.




The red dragon turtle continuously breathed fire, and the grass and trees of Skellei Mountain ignited despite being somewhat resistant to fire. An inextinguishable forest fire was going to occur if it continued.



Runaan didn’t need him to say any more than that. She grabbed Harren by his collar and stepped aside, gathering her ice.


The silver ice poured out like snowflakes, erasing the spreading fire.

The King of Essence told you before. That turtle is an irregular, just like you. You won’t be able to defeat it so easily.

‘That’s even better.’


‘It’s a perfect target for practice.’

Raon smiled and charged towards the right side of the red dragon turtle.


Flame gushed from the red dragon turtle as it roared. Raon deflected it, then removed the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and started using Glacier. He imbued his cold blade with the principles of speed.




The silver strike managed to pierce through the red dragon turtle’s skill a little bit more, but it was still pushed back before it could finish breaking through its hardening.


The red dragon turtle squirmed in anger, its tail swinging. The flame that surrounded the tail became an iron mace, blasting the land.

‘Its attacks are too simple.’

Although the heat and strength were powerful enough to block attacks, the trajectory was too simple. It was just chasing after him with its eyes. Raon pushed the exploding wall of flame back and turned to the red dragon turtle’s back.




He made a new combination of principles of his quick sword, striking a second time. The smooth line of coldness emerging from the blade charged at the red dragon turtle’s skin, which was glowing from the heat.




A strike that surpassed the red dragon turtle’s cognition pierced into its flesh a bit deeper. The wound was extremely small when compared to its huge body, but it apparently didn’t agree with that.


The red dragon turtle raised its heavy body and started to swing its tail like crazy.


Slam! Slaam!


Whenever the burning tail reached the land, the mountain trembled like it would collapse. Raon gradually grew cornered, the stable pieces of land disappearing.


The red dragon turtle was apparently convinced of its victory. It grinned and used its flame breath once again.




The flame breath seemed capable of melting anything. Right before it reached Raon, he stepped on a piece of ground even smaller than his fist and advanced. The absolute footwork that allowed him to move anywhere as long as he could set foot on allowed him to dash through the burning land.


The red dragon turtle hurriedly stopped its breath, trying to swing its tail—but it was already too late. The extremely quick all-out strike had already reached it before it could even move its tail.




Since the tail was also affected by hardening, Raon couldn’t completely cut it off. However, the injury it created was visibly bigger than before, thanks to the quick sword technique that he had managed to advance to another level.




Red blood gushed from the wound.


The red dragon turtle quickly turned around, swinging its front foot. The pressure felt like a boulder was falling on him, and the heat seemed to be able to melt him to the bone.

‘This isn’t a big deal.’

Although the sword of coldness started to move later, it was the first one to connect. Raon deflected the blow before the red dragon turtle’s front foot managed to gain power and speed.


Its huge body was pushed back. It looked like being blocked by an extremely small human hurt its pride, as an intense killing intent appeared in its eyes.

“Don’t tell me this is all you’ve got.”

Raon smiled in excitement, breathing white steam from his mouth.

“I still have lots of things to try out.”

Each time he pummeled the solid body with the new quick technique, he could feel his sword getting faster and stronger. He could see infinite ways of making it stronger.


The red dragon turtle roared, looking at the sky. The flame burst from the land like a sticky volcano and engulfed its body.




The extreme firepower surging from the ground covered the red dragon turtle’s entire body. Its existence itself was raised to another level. That was apparently its true form after it had devoured so much geothermal heat.

It ate so damn much.

‘I know, right?’

The energy wave coming from it was almost at Master level from sucking so much heat from the land.

“D-Don’t go! You need to use at least astral energy to cut through a monster like that!”

Harren’s voice could be heard, trying to ruin the mood. Raon waved him off, claiming that there wasn’t a problem, and lowered his posture.

“I just gotta fight with what I’ve got.”

Raon violently kicked the ground, charging towards the red dragon turtle that had literally turned into flame.


* * *


The red dragon turtle swung its burning front foot. Raon deflected it by slashing it before it reached him. One principle sprouted in his mind.

He slashed upward towards the tail, which had an iron mace attached to it. The powerful shock crushed his shoulder, but he kept advancing. One principle was erased.

The fire burning on its shell became a rain shower, falling onto him. He poured all of the quick sword techniques that he’d been making so far into his attack. Two principles disappeared, and four principles mingled with each other.

The clash between fire and ice created a huge amount of steam, covering the entire area. He would be too slow if he relied on his vision. He focused on his senses, using the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation like an ocean of perception to control the blade of ice.

His focus increased to a frightening degree. He could feel the flow of everything, including his and his enemy’s breath, as if it were touching his skin.

He slashed at the flame, slashed at the iron mace, and slashed at the shell.

The more he swung his sword, the faster it got, and the coldness grew more intense. The principles mingled and mixed with each other, and he ended up forgetting what technique he was even using.


The red dragon turtle, which was huge enough to cover the sun, kept getting pushed back by the small and thin blade despite its size. Fear and terror appeared in the eyes of the monster that was moving with nothing but instinct.


The red dragon turtle roared and the entire land burst into flame. It pulled its head back, then pushed forward to breathe out all the flames it had accumulated so far.




As if what had happened so far had been nothing but a child’s play, Raon’s entire vision was filled with raging fire.




The rings of fire resonated with each other and slowed down the world.

The principles of the quick sword filling his head meshed with each other like cogs, and his mind was struck by lightning.

A single line severing the world. It was a flash of extreme quickness, faster than anything, capable of reaching its target before anyone else.

Raon’s hand moved before he realized it. A silver trajectory surged in front of the raging firestorm.

Raon Zieghart-style technique.

First Form. 

Frost Pond.

The green light glimmering from Raon’s blade severed through the crimson world.


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