TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 144

 C 144

Fighting against the urge to sink to his knees, Raon straightened his back. He needed to hold out until the end for the sake of people behind him.

Sloth, who was trying to destroy the castle, stopped moving for the first time. He halted his steps and stared at Raon.

“This land belongs to the esteemed Wrath, the monarch of Wrath! This is no place for someone like you!”


Sloth’s eyes, which used to be pretty much closed, appeared like an evening moon. However, he didn’t seem to completely believe him, as signs of distrust could be seen in his lazy eyes.

Why would this gutter be the King of Essence’s domain?

‘I’m not done yet, so please shut up.’

Y-You damn bastard!

Contrary to the respect he treated him with on the outside, he scolded Wrath on the inside.


Just as Wrath managed to notice Sloth’s existence from afar, Sloth should have also been able to feel Wrath’s presence once he got angry.

“Are you… the vessel…of Wrath…?”

“Yes. The esteemed Wrath is currently angry at you who trespassed into his domain. He said you don’t know your place when you are just a sleepyhead.”


Sloth shuddered as soon as he heard the word sleepyhead. It was a relief that Wrath had told him about Sloth.

However, his doubts still remained. And Raon needed to completely get rid of his doubts.

Don’t listen to him, Sloth! This is not the King of Essence’s domain, and this guy isn’t the King of Essence’s subordinate either! He is an enemy!

‘He can’t hear you, so stop talking.’

What was conveyed to Sloth wasn’t his voice, but the anger emanating from his body.


Raon slowly exhaled. Letting out the dirty energy from the fight, he filled his lungs with cold air. The view became clear thanks to the refreshing air and the taste of blood inside his mouth.

‘I accepted the emotion of wrath for this purpose.’

Wrath didn’t realize it, but standing in front of Sloth wasn’t the only reason he made the trade to accept wrath.

He did it to convince Sloth using the 15 points of wrath he received, in addition to the original 10 points.

‘I need to show my wrath.’

It was obvious what he needed to think about.

Raon recalled the face of Derus Robert, clenching his fist until his bones started creaking. The pain of his nails burrowing into his skin felt pleasant in comparison.




The 25 points of wrath he had gotten from the trades pierced through his reason and started to eat away his brain. Feeling the flame of wrath filling up his brain, Raon's mouth curved into a deadly smile.

“This is the power of Wrath… You are… really Wrath’s…”

The laziness in Sloth’s dead eyes became crystal clear. He finally realized that the monarch of Wrath was with Raon.

“I’ll convey the esteemed Wrath’s words to you. ‘You must have a death wish for trespassing into the King of Essence’s territory. Take one more step and you shall be unable to sleep for eternity, you damn sleepyhead.’”

Th-The King of Essence never said such a thing! You crazy bastard!

Obviously, Wrath never said such a thing. Raon was just imitating his tone using the information he had gotten so far.

“Erm… I-I won’t be able to… sleep…”

However, it was super effective. Hearing that he wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore, Sloth’s eyes started to visibly tremble.

“E-Esteemed Wrath! Please suppress your anger!”

Raon bowed towards the ice flower bracelet.

Wh-What are you trying to do now? Stop it! Immediately!

“That bracelet…”

Sloth’s eyes grew even wider upon seeing the flower bracelet around his wrist.

‘I knew this would work.’

When Wrath transformed into a flower bracelet the first time, he said that it was his preference. Raon expected him to wear a similar accessory in Devildom, and he was right.

“Please don’t advent right now! You didn’t gather that power to fight against Sloth! It was in order to make the continent submit under your feet!”

Raon gave Wrath, who was just standing there dumbfounded, a serious look.

Continent? What are you talking about?

“What? You aren’t planning to fight, just follow him to make him unable to sleep? Esteemed Wrath, that’s just evil…”

Raon’s eyes widened as he looked down on the flower bracelet.

You are really insane! The King of Essence never said such a thing! I’m losing my mind because of you!

Wrath grasped his head, shouting that it’s so frustrating.

“He will… follow me… and stop me from sleeping…? Wrath is doing… such a thing?”

Sloth was shocked by what he heard, starting to stagger.

“Esteemed Wrath! You have to suppress your anger! Please, think about the future!”

Shut up already!

“I’m sure that will be annoying for Sloth, but the conquest will last even longer!”

Raon was calling him the ‘esteemed Wrath’, but he actually treated him as something worse than a dog shit.

“A-Are you saying that the fight is inevitable because he attacked your subordinates? O, esteemed Wrath…”

Raon looked like he was deeply moved as he bit his lips while looking at the flower bracelet.

“Ugh… so it was true…”

The corners of Sloth’s mouth drooped. He was apparently aware of the fact that Wrath treasured his subordinates.

Bullshit! It’s bulllllshittt! You fucking monster! What do you even have in your stomach?

“Esteemed Wrath, please trust me for now!”

You bastaaaaard!

Raon bowed at Wrath’s screaming flower bracelet, then stood in front of Sloth.

‘I feel like dying. My heart can’t handle this anymore.’

Raon was losing his sanity from putting up with the angrily Wrath screaming right next to him and the powerful Sloth right in front of him.

He wasn’t sure how he ended between those two demon kings, but he couldn’t stop there. He needed to take care of the situation, no matter what.

Curse you! Raon Zieghart!

Naturally, Wrath exploded in anger, and a tremendous wave of coldness and wrath stormed into his body.


* * *


‘I need to show this to him.’

Raon didn’t block Wrath’s attack like he usually did. Instead, he accepted his wrath as it was.




Wrath’s coldness and anger started to rise from Raon’s entire body.


Sloth frowned, lowering his chin.

“Allow me to introduce myself again. I’m the vessel of wrath, where the esteemed Wrath will advent soon enough.”


“I know why you came to this place. It must be because of the war and the black magic that woke you up.”

“That’s… right.”

Sloth nodded very slowly.

“But you picked the wrong opponent. Those that kept bothering you were a group called Eden, who wear monster helmets. We were only defending against their attacks.”

Raon endured the stabbing pain and calmly explained the situation.

“Ed…en… Where… are… they…?”

“I don’t know.”

“So… you are… unrelated to this…?”


“Then… I don’t need to… fight against Wrath…”

Sloth took a step back. He looked rather relieved.

“Sloth, where are you going?”

“I’m… returning… since you have nothing to do… with this…”

“Returning? What are you saying… Ah! Esteemed Wrath!”

Raon jolted in surprise and grasped the bracelet.

“Y-You have to suppress your anger! You shouldn’t come out yet!”

Huh? What?

“Ah, okay! I’ll convey it right now! Please, wait a moment!”

Raon kept bowing to Wrath, who was just standing there like an idiot.

“Sloth, where are you trying to go after attacking the King of Essence’s subordinates?”

“Wrath… I… didn’t know… you were here…”

“That's the problem. You would’ve killed the King of Essence’s belongings if I wasn’t here!”

Raon purposely took his time between the lines, pretending he was conveying what Wrath was telling him. He didn’t leave any room for doubt with Sloth.

The King of Essence never said such a thing! I’m frustrated! I’m so frustrated right now! I finally realize why humans have that anger disorder!

Wrath’s eyes started spinning like a top.

“You must also be aware of it, since you are a demon. The lives have to be repaid with your life.”

Raon pointed at the soldiers that had died in the battle against the monsters.

“I… didn’t kill… anyone… yet…”

“Stop trying to argue against the King of Essence. Your action caused the monsters to run away and kill the King of Essence’s subordinates.”


“You also tried to make unrelated people take responsibility for disturbing your slumber.”


Sloth shut his mouth, unable to say anything. Actually, his eyes looked like he was annoyed, and didn’t really care about reason or whatever. He just wanted to go back and sleep.

‘Now is the time.’

Since he finished the preparations, it was time to get down to business.

“I know that taking your life in return would be unreasonable.”


“The great King of Essence, the monarch of Devildom, is giving you a choice. You shall decide between giving up on the slumber you cherish so much, or handing over your ability to this guy. Since he will be the King of Essence’s… Huh?”

Raon’s mouth became wide open as he looked at the flower bracelet. Of course, Wrath wasn’t even there—he was just floating in the air.

“E-Esteemed Wrath!”

S-So, this was your objective! You devil!

Even though Wrath was the demon king, he kept shouting that Raon was the devil or demon or whatever, spreading his wrath.

“I don’t need such an opportunity. I only need the esteemed Wrath!”

Raon bowed until his head reached the ground. He bit his tongue and endured Wrath’s interference through the pain.

Sloth! Kill him! He only brings harm to the world! Just swing your hand!

“Slumber… or give him my ability…? That’s an easy choice…”

Sloth nodded slowly. His expression was saying that it was needless to ask.

N-No! Don’t do it! You idiot! You are getting tricked by a human worse than a devil! Stop it!

Wrath kept screaming while flailing his hands, but Sloth raised his finger to point at Raon.




The dark energy coming out from his finger pierced through Raon’s heart. No, it wasn’t his heart but a part of his soul, where a tremendous amount of energy got engraved.


[A portion of ’s ability is seeping into your soul and body.]


[The ability will be activated once the adjustment is done.]


It felt like a searing iron was pressing on his back. However, the pain allowed him to keep his sanity.

Th-The King of Essence is dying… He is dying from an anger disorder. Ahh…

Wrath was lying on the ground, his whole body trembling.

“Then… I will… return… I’m too… sleepy… I need to… sleep…”


Raon raised his hand to stop Sloth, who was about to leave.

“It’s not over yet.”


Murderous intent appeared in Sloth’s eyes. It looked like he would fight anyone if they tried to stop him from sleeping any longer.

“I have a gift for you.”

Raon unwrapped the black cloth he’d been carrying, taking out the goblin king’s magic stone. The heat coming from the magic stone melted his fingers, which were frozen stiff from the coldness and his nerves.


Sloth’s eyes widened upon feeling the magic stone’s heat.

“Take this magic stone.”

Raon didn’t hesitate to throw it at him.

“It’s warm… I… can… keep sleeping… with this…”

The murderous intent and irritation disappeared at once from Sloth. He stared at the magic stone in bewilderment.

“But… why… are you… giving this… to me…?”

“Don’t come down here anymore, no matter what sounds you hear. And if a large number of monsters start moving, you shall control them adequately and stop them.”

Raon didn’t want to be the only one to benefit from it after what everyone went through. He was planning to prevent the waves from happening in the future by using Sloth.

“It’s annoying… but it’s not… a difficult… request…”

After staring at the magic stone in ecstasy, Sloth turned his gaze towards Raon.

“Is this… Wrath’s… request…?”

“No. It’s a trade unrelated to Wrath, so you won’t come here again.”

“Trade…? It’s a trivial matter… compared to… this item… That’s why…”

After looking over the magic stone, he raised his finger again.

The black stream coming from his finger surrounded his wrist, right next to the flower bracelet.


“Don’t… worry… It’s the remainder… after the trade…”

Just like he said, there was no malicious intent in the black light.




Along with a sound of metal colliding with each other, a black flower bracelet was created on his wrist, slightly different from the ice flower bracelet.

“What is this?”

“It… will… help you… in the future…”

“But why is it a flower bracelet…?”

“I… made it… according to… your master’s… preference… So that he won’t… bother me again…”

With those as his final words, he turned around and started walking towards the mountain.

The darkness started to fade as he moved away. The impenetrable night finally ended, and the sleeping sun woke up.


Raon exhaled with difficulty.

‘I’m really going to die at this rate.’

He wanted to collapse right away, but he couldn’t do that yet. He needed to hold out until Sloth disappeared completely. The fortunate part of the situation was the fact that Sloth was walking way faster than before, pleased by the goblin’s magic stone.

‘It had to be a flower again, Wrath. This bracelet…’

Krrrr! R-Raon you son of a bit…

Wrath was unconscious, probably because he really did develop an anger disorder. Foam was coming out from his mouth.


Raon laughed bitterly and swept his hair up, drenched in cold sweat.

‘But It’s now over… somehow.’

That was really close. If he didn’t have the information about Sloth, or if Wrath refused to trade with him, or if there was anyone conscious inside the castle, he wouldn’t have been able to use the method he had just used.

When Sloth’s back started to become faintly visible, messages appeared.


[You’ve competed against a transcendental…]


[Your soul level has increased…]


[The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s…]


[Coldness of Frost and Glacier…]


[The trait Sloth…]


[Upon sleeping…]


There were many messages, but he couldn’t read them properly because his vision was blurry.

Raon closed the message, and put every last ounce of his strength on his faltering legs. He protected the castle walls alone until the monarch of Sloth disappeared into the mountain, and the golden sunlight eventually erased the darkness.

That was how the nightmare of a single night came to an end.

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