TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 143

 C 143

Raon swallowed, his mouth dry.

‘Damn it.’

A real demon king had appeared.

It was the assumption he had made after hearing Wrath’s confident declaration, and it actually came true. The monster slowly walking towards them was a demon king at the same rank as Wrath—the Monarch of Sloth.

As if he were proving that he was a true monarch, the dark sky and ground distorted each time he took a step. The tremendous amount of demonic energy that was spreading around him naturally was shattering the space.

“Wh-What the hell is this…?”

Milland’s hand that was holding his sword was trembling as he noticed Sloth’s presence. Even for a Master like him, the existence of a demon king was literally shocking.

No, he was even more shocked because he was powerful. His image as an iron man crumpled like tree bark.

It’s not as much as in Devildom, but he managed to gather a fair amount of power.

Looking down on the approaching Sloth, Wrath laughed in amusement.

That’s pretty good for a sleepyhead that does nothing but sleep.

‘Why is there a demon king here? Weren’t you the only one that came to the human world?’

Wrath did sometimes talk about the other demon kings, but he never said that they existed in their world. Raon couldn’t understand why Sloth was there.

There’s no reason for me to tell you why he is here, but it’s also pointless to tell you.

‘Pointless? You love to be condescending, don’t you?’

It’s true. You wouldn’t understand even if I told you, not with your current abilities.


Raon clicked his tongue. Because Wrath never lied, that meant that he actually wouldn’t understand even if he told him.

‘Why is he coming here?’

Because you guys woke him up from his slumber.

Wrath’s frightening eyes skimmed over the soldiers that were standing on the castle walls.

Sloth has been sleeping at the top of that mountain. Even the King of Essence didn’t realize it at first, since he was dead silent. However, he kept waking up during the battle in the valley, the wave, and the assault from the crazy bastards wearing helmets.

‘Then, the sleepyhead that fell back asleep was…’

Yes, it’s that damn bastard. He fell back asleep, befitting his title of the one that sleeps the most in Devildom.

Wrath had called him an idiot that did nothing but sleep for an entire month, and he was apparently talking about a demon king.

That loafer completely woke up from the noise of doppelganger’s explosion and the presence of black magic.


He was spreading an intense pressure that could kill them merely because he was awakened from his slumber. It was such a ridiculous reason to kill people.

It’s not just sleep. He is the freakiest of the freaks. He pretty much became a demon king because of his slumbering.


Let me tell you an interesting story.

Enjoying the Sloth’s presence as he approached them, Wrath’s blue eyes sparkled.

Sloth used to be a devil that did nothing but sleep in Devildom. How do you think he managed to become a demon king?

‘No way…’

Considering the situation, Raon could figure out the reason.

It looked like you realized it. Yes, it’s because he killed everyone that picked a fight with him.

Wrath’s mouth curved into a crescent moon, brimming with murderous intent.

Devildom is the land of battle and desire. Sleeping in a world like that is pretty much asking to be killed. However, he survived instead, killing all of the devils that attacked him.


He killed anyone that picked a fight with him, anyone that attacked him, and anyone that disturbed his slumber. Once that continued for thousands of years, he became a monarch of Devildom.

Probably because of the urgent situation, Wrath’s story about Devildom didn’t sound boring for once.

‘Then, right now…’

Yes. He is currently moving in order to erase everyone that kept waking him up.

‘Damn it!’

The more he listened, the less he could figure out a way to stop Sloth. How could he stop a demon king that came to take his revenge for them disturbing his slumber? Glenn Zieghart was the only person that could potentially stop him.

How to stop him? There are two ways of stopping Sloth in his current state. A powerful person or a sacrifice. And none of those exist here.

Wrath pointed at Sloth, who was crushing the white land as he approached.

‘A powerful person?’

Yes. Sloth will avoid fighting if someone like your grandfather or the King of Essence existed in this castle.


It’s because he can’t sleep if the fight lasts for a long time, whether he wins or not.


The more he learned about him, the crazier he sounded. The demon king named Sloth was even crazier than Wrath.

“It’s cold… I’m sleepy… It’s annoying… But those who disturb my slumber have to…”

Raon got goosebumps from the sentence that kept getting cut off. His voice had a tremendous amount of power in it.

“Huh? Uhh…”

Cold sweat ran down Terian’s back as he noticed Sloth’s existence, enough to drench his clothes. His eyes lost focus.

“Wh-What is that monster…?”


“W-We can’t win against him…”

The stronger ones among the swordsmen and knights also dropped their weapons, overwhelmed by his striking energy. The resolution left their eyes. They fell to their knees, as if they couldn’t even think about fighting him.

‘Damn it.’

Since the ones with better perception were the first ones to sense Sloth’s energy, the powerful people were the first ones to fall into despair. And the situation would only get worse as Sloth approached.

“I’m sleepy… I’m too sleepy… But it’s cold…”

Sloth was only repeating that he was sleepy and cold as he approached.

‘I guess he wants to sleep, but… Cold?’

Raon couldn’t understand why a demon king would feel cold.

‘What is he saying that it’s cold?’

The King of Essence told you before. His alias is the Receiving One. He receives everything, including coldness, heat, and attacks. That’s his strength and weakness at the same time.

It sounded like an annoying ability, but apparently there was something positive about it.

‘Then, can’t he just move somewhere warmer?’

He is the monarch of Sloth. He is too lazy to even think about something like that. Don’t expect common sense from that idiot.

He was crazy in a different way than Wrath. It seemed like being crazy was a requirement for becoming a demon king.


“I-It’s a monster! Monster!”

“I-It’s crazy. How can we…”

The average knights and swordsmen also started to sense Sloth’s pressure. They lost their will to fight and bowed down on the ground.


Raon breathed heavily and lowered his posture. The pressure he felt was increasing exponentially, and his mind was going hazy.

There are two choices you can make right now.

‘Two choices?’

Offer your body to the King of Essence to stop him or be massacred without doing anything.

A clear light wavered in Wrath’s eyes. He was certain of his victory.

There is no other way those humans can survive except with those two methods. I guarantee it.


Raon clenched his fist. Just as Wrath said, it was the worst possible situation. He couldn’t find any way to get out of it.

There’s pretty much a barrier from that mountain up to the castle walls.

‘A barrier? I didn’t feel anything like that.’

It’s a barrier of blood created by the monster and human blood, as well as the resentment that has piled up over hundreds of years.

‘So what?’

The moment Sloth destroys the castle walls and takes a step inside the castle, the mediator lizards and those that surpassed the boundaries like your old man will rush here.

Wrath pointed at the castle wall, which was starting to fracture.

And once the great war ends, there won’t be a single bone left of the average people.

‘But if such a fight occurs, even Sloth will be unable to sleep.’

I told you already. He doesn’t think about what will happen later. As long as there’s no one as powerful as the King of Essence in the castle right now, he can’t be stopped.

Wrath smiled, telling him he’d better give away his body before it was too late.

‘Where’s the guarantee that they will survive just because I give you my body?’

I’ll do my best. I’ll be out of control at first, but I should be able to manage after that.

‘Are you going out of control?’

I’ve spent a long time without a body, with my soul connected to you. Since I’m too far away from my body right now, it can’t be helped that I’ll go out of control at first.

‘Damn it.’

He couldn’t stop himself from swearing. Once Wrath went out of control to clash against the irritated Sloth, it was obvious that the whole castle would blow up. He couldn’t do something crazy like that.

‘I need to manage somehow.’

It was a matter he needed to solve with his own power.



“Th-That thing over there! What is that?”

“It’s a monster…”

Even the soldiers could feel the Sloth’s energy at that point. They either immediately fainted or started foaming from their mouths because of that tremendous power.


Milland was still standing at the front when he called him. His voice was trembling, but his mind was unwavering.

“Come over here.”


Raon forcefully straightened his back and walked up to Milland, who was standing on the castle gate.

“Thank you.”


“I managed to evacuate all the citizens thanks to your warning. You are the best lucky charm that has ever come to Habun Castle.”

He was smiling slightly. Despite the situation, he still had no intention of withdrawing.

“Take the others and run away. I’ll stay here to buy time.”

Milland raised his sword. The astral energy emanating from the blade became a blue torch to erase the darkness. It was a heat created by scorching his soul.


“I’ve lived long enough and accomplished many things. However, it will be a waste if you and the others die here. Your era hasn’t arrived yet.”

He was smiling despite knowing that his end was coming. He was a stubborn commander that had been living with a single purpose, and Raon didn’t want to let him die like that.

“He is too much to handle on your own.”


* * *


Raon raised his sword, remaining right next to Milland. He resonated the rings of fire and gathered the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s aura. The flower came into a full bloom on the silver blade, creating a flash of hope to burn away the darkness.




The blazing light bursting from the two blades began to sever the darkness.

“This is…”

“C-Commander! Raon!”

“The two of them are pushing back the darkness!”

The collapsed people, who were grasping their chests, felt the auspicious light and stood back up.

“Escape the castle now! It’s the commander’s order!”

Raon shouted Milland’s order, increasing the intensity of the light he was emanating.

“What does that…”

“W-We can’t leave!”

“We will stay until the end…”

“Who are you trying to help when you can’t even stand? Leave already!”

Milland shouted without looking back. He was breathing heavily. Raon was the only one that could see, as he was right next to him, that vitality was leaving his face.


“We are escaping! Stand up and climb down the castle walls! Open the southern gate!”

Terian bit his lip and went down the walls. It was more difficult for him than anyone else to make that decision, but he understood Milland’s feelings better than anyone.

“Y-Young master!”

Dorian shouted ‘Young master’ for the first time in Habun Castle.

“Dorian, you shall leave first. I’ll follow you soon enough, so go ahead!”

“Are you really coming?”

“Do you think I’d die in a place like this?”

“A-Alright! You have to come! I’ll kill you if you don’t!”

He raised his clenched fist, then helped the scouts to climb down the wall. He was trustworthy at a time like this, despite the fact that he always complained about difficult situations.

Even though the soldiers were told to escape, they couldn’t easily make the decision to leave. They kept turning back to look at Raon and Milland.

“You should leave now as well. You can’t stay here anymore.”

Milland pushed him with his shoulder while his pale lips trembled.

“I’ll hold out a bit longer!”

Raon forced his convulsing fingers to stop and shook his head. His senses were telling him to leave immediately, but he didn’t want to.

It’s already too late.

Alongside Wrath’s blunt voice, the pressure weighing down on him grew stronger.

“It’s cold and sleepy… It’s because of you… That I’m here…”

Raon almost lost consciousness from the tremendous energy wave Sloth was emanating as he got close to the castle walls. The torch of aura that he barely managed to create was faltering like a candle in the wind.




The Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s flame was extinguished first under the increasing pressure.


Raon knelt, feeling like his legs were being crushed. He couldn’t even raise his head anymore against the pressure, which was strong enough to rip apart his organs.


It didn’t look like Milland would last long either. His legs were trembling like a leaf.




Once they started faltering, the escaping soldiers started to collapse once again.

I told you that you only have two choices. Make your decision now. Do you choose to die, or do you choose to give your body to the King of Essence?

‘Two choices…’

Raon shook his head, looking at Milland, who was holding out until the end. He couldn’t yield to Wrath’s temptation. The more difficult the situation was, the more important it was to keep his composure and think.

He had enough information.

He could smell death from everywhere, but it didn’t feel like there was no way to survive, unlike in his previous life.

He could probably save them if he somehow combined the information he obtained from Wrath. He wanted to save his comrades in war that had believed in him for the first time. 

Cold, sleepy, someone as powerful as him, time, annoyed, simpleminded.

Raon quickly combined the information he heard from Wrath in his head. At that moment, his brain was functioning faster than any other time.

The words that were spinning like beads inside a barrel systematically linked with each other to form an answer.

‘This should…’

It was a gamble, but he could save everyone and even benefit from it. However, the gamble required some assistance.


Have you decided? So, you are finally giving your body…

‘Let’s trade.’

What? Trade?

‘I’ll accept your wrath, so help me stand in front of that stupid demon king.’

Raon’s eyes were full of conviction as he looked at Wrath.

Why are you trying such a pointless thing?

‘You told me that there were only two ways for me to survive. This is a different method from those two.’

Nonsense! Nothing will change even if you stand in front of Sloth!

‘It will. So, are you doing it or not?’

There’s no benefit for me. Your body will belong to the King of Essence in the end.

‘No, it won’t.’

Raon adamantly shook his head.

‘I won’t give you my body even if I die.’


‘You should know by now. I don’t bluff, just like you don’t lie.’

Raon Zieghart…

Wrath ground his teeth.

‘Even if I give my body to you, those people are all going to die. If that’s the case, then I’ll also die with them here.’

Raon dropped the hilt he was holding on until the end, and the sword fell on the ground with a clank.

Y-You bastard!

Wrath’s eyes started wavering for the first time. It was proof that he was agitated.

‘If my method doesn’t work, then I’ll give my body to you right after. I promise.’


He ground his teeth, looking back and forth between Raon and Sloth, who had almost reached the castle.


Milland collapsed before Wrath made his decision. Even though it was a short time, he looked like he was twenty years older now as he breathed heavily on the ground. The way he was still holding his sword after fainting was an admirable sight to behold.




After he collapsed, the pressure weighing upon him felt like the sky was falling down on him. It felt like his shoulders were being crushed and his internal organs were bursting.


Damn it! You will pay a huge price for this.

Vitality returned to his powerless body. Energy was flowing from Wrath. At the same time, the emotion of wrath he received in return was seeping deep inside his soul.


However, Wrath didn’t give him that much energy. He had to give it his all and barely managed to stand.

‘What a stingy guy.’

Raon grit his teeth and resonated the rings of fire, used the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and unleashed Glacier. He even called on the power of his previous life to stand up.

His bones and muscles were screaming, and his heart and lungs were being crushed. He clenched his teeth.


Enduring the fear coursing through his soul and the pressure destroying his body, he stood on the castle wall.




He met the eyes of Sloth, who had finally reached the castle wall. A small ray of light was reflected in the demon king’s eyes, which used to be full of laziness.

‘I did it.’

Those eyes convinced him that he could make use of the situation.

“King of Sloth, you must have felt it by now.”

Raon twisted his bleeding lips.

“I’m the vessel of wrath that serves the Wrath.”

V-Vessel of wrath? Why would you be a vessel of wrath? What are you doing right now?

‘What a stupid question.’

‘I’m trampling on your arrogance and getting a second doormat.’

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