IBRV (Novel) Chapter 1

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Did someone say life is about trying new candies you haven't tasted every day?

I wholeheartedly agree with that statement too.

A year ago, I fell asleep while reading a novel to pass the time, locked in my room as always. And when I opened my eyes in the morning, a landscape resembling medieval Europe filled my view. I was in a soft bed that didn't match my room, which was dark and contained things that someone else had used.

Do you think there's a lack of context?

Yes, most things in the world happen without context, don't they?

Anyway, even in such an absurd situation, I got up and looked around the room. Then suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head. The intuition of a reader of Rofan for several years was telling me something. I had transmigrated into someone else's body.

"I transmigrated..."

I've read hundreds of fantasy romance novels, but I never thought I would transmigrate.

"What? Sounds strange?"

A kind 23-year-old woman who suffered discrimination and persecution from her family but recently managed to become independent and go to college on a scholarship using her skills.

If you're curious about who I am, then that's the answer!

I had suddenly possessed someone, but my soul is the same!

There's only one truth!

The fact that I am Cha Miso!

...Never mind.

Out of nowhere, I had become a four-year-old girl in a strange world. Did I transmigrate into a child's body? Yes, I did!


It's been a year since I denied reality.

"Does this make sense?"

As a result of diligently gathering information while denying this absurd reality, I was able to learn a shocking fact. This was something I had read before...

Or, to put it bluntly, it was in a novel titled "I Thought I Was Adopted, but I Was Wrong!"

How did I find out?

I didn't want to know either.

However, it's a novel I've read dozens of times, and there's no way I wouldn't know about it. There's no way I wouldn't know the description and backgrounds that consisted of repetitive topography.

The dragon decorations hanging everywhere and the seals that resembled dragons confirmed my doubts. More determinative was the fact that the name of this family was "Etham."


The reason I remember this trivial name is...

First, because this place was the setting of the novel "I Thought I Was Adopted, but I Was Wrong!"

Second, because the notoriety and the various idiotic acts committed by the Etham family were too cruel and outrageous in the novel.

Would it be understandable if I said it's for ages 16 and up?

"I Thought I Was Adopted, but I Was Wrong!" commonly known as "Adopted," is a story about a heroine who lived hidden with her mother. In her moment of despair after her mother's death, the Duke suddenly appeared and said, "I've finally found you. I've been looking for you for a long time."

It was a story about pampering the heroine by bringing her into his family.

However, in the process, the heroine mistakenly thinks she was adopted by mistake and prepares to leave the house on her own, but the male family members who notice it start panicking.

Like all heroines in novels, the heroine of "Adopted" also caused a lot of pain to readers with her unmistakably innocent and calm manner while preparing to leave home.

Not only that, like many novels, this family had a sad secret.

The members of the Etham family inherit dragon blood, so they are born with healing abilities, strength, and senses much stronger than ordinary people. However, as powerful as it is, there were, of course, side effects.


The Etham family suffered from a chronic disease called "Berserk," a phenomenon in which mana goes out of control and urges them to commit murder. The darker the blood, the more severe the "Berserk" phenomenon.

And the heroine even had the ability to calm this madness. Does the bright heroine, who is rare in such a harsh family, even have the ability to calm the family's annoying frenzied fire?

There's no reason for this family not to love the heroine.

In other words, "Adopted" was a story about a girl with keywords that made you happy just by looking at them, like misunderstandings, parenthood, life lessons, and a skilled heroine.

Of course, it later turns into a reverse harem battle.

Moreover, it's about the strongest family full of armed lunatics who are warm to the heroine but cold to everyone else who isn't the heroine.

There couldn't be a more dangerous combination.

The story was obvious as if I had seen it a million times, but it was still enjoyable enough to memorize the whole story. Of course, only in the early days when it was about raising.

Because the further it goes, the more they die...

Hmm, I don't want to say more.

Anyway, I really liked the heroine of this novel.

Unlike me, the heroine, who is loved by everyone, was enough to immerse myself too much in the novel.


The person I possessed is not the main character of "Adopted."

If you ask me what her role is...

She was a side character. An illegitimate half-born outside of marriage. Yes, normally in this kind of material, side characters aren't important.

Also, this Etham family was established by Betard Etham, who imprinted with the black dragon, drank its blood, and even made a contract with it.

The Dragon family.

Someone called Etham that.

Their descendants were also precious, as if they resembled dragons even in terms of difficulty reproducing.

And I am the illegitimate daughter of one of the descendants of Etham...

It's considered that I am, but I'm probably a complete stranger.

My father...

It seems that the collateral person who was mistaken for that was a really bad person.

"I don't know how I ended up here..."

There was no part where I didn't have accidents, from alcohol and drugs to problems with women.

In plain terms, the Etham family, who usually doesn't discard their blood relatives, couldn't help but tremble with anger and expel him. At least, I was still young and didn't know anything, so I was left behind because the descendants of the family Etham were quite rare.


I'm fake.

How do I know?

First, I'm not an ordinary human, and second, I'm a Lizard Suin.

And in the novel, I will be used as a device to illustrate the harshness of the Etham family when being kicked out of the house.

It's because I transformed into a lizard at an important New Year's gathering that all family members participate in every year, and a blood analysis was conducted.

Amidst the wait for the blood analysis, I'm expelled due to an accident. In fact, it would have been obvious without looking at the test results.

Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that I'm finally getting expelled anyway!

"...I'm only five years old right now, what the heck am I going to do outside?"

Thinking about it bothered me quite a bit.

Why am I talking about this again?

...Because tomorrow is the long-awaited day.

And who am I?!

Aren't I a professional Rofan reader and a true fan of "Adopted"?

So, following the steps of numerous parenting books I've read my way through for a year, I also tried to score points with the Duke.

Telling him about the dangers of the Duke's family, how to cure someone who will die later, and the infiltrated spies.

If there's a problem...

"I've never seen one..."

I couldn't even see the Duke's family, let alone the Duke himself. I wanted to score points, but I didn't have the opportunity.


Now that I think about it, the many possessions I've seen were ultimately novels with another title where a person transmigrates into a main character.

"Oh, my lady, why are you sitting here? It's very cold."

My lady-in-waiting came running towards me as I sat on a long bench in the garden, reminiscing about last year, which passed through my mind like a kaleidoscope.

"Yes... Because living in this world is difficult..."

"What...? Pftt, oh, what's so difficult for my lady?"

"Tomorrow, I'll be a year older, so I'll have to fight..."

"Oh, my lady is turning five years old. I know, when you get a year older, you feel restless, don't you?"

No, it's pounding.

It feels like my heart is about to burst.

My small and feeble life is like a lamp in front of the wind...

"You must be in a lot of pain. What can I do to ease my lady's heart?"

Mayla gently caressed my cheek with a voice mixed with laughter, not even knowing what I was thinking.

Of all the things I was given in this miserable foreign land, Mayla was the best.

Of course, Mayla wasn't friendly with me from the beginning.

She was quite annoying, but I couldn't pretend not to know, should I say I felt compelled to?

So, I worked pretty hard.

"Mayla! If you eat this, your headache won't hurt anymore!"

When Mayla was sick but couldn't go to the doctor's because she didn't have money, I used the knowledge I had accumulated as a plant enthusiast during my time at pharmacy school before transmigrating and told her about medicinal herbs...

"Mayla! Don't go to the temple tomorrow! Don't you always go to the temple?"

I helped her avoid the mysterious terrorist incident that happened at the capital's temple, which I knew about in advance through the novel.

"Mayla, this is my gift for you! It shines! Isn't it beautiful?"

Originally, the heroine found and presented a millet-sized piece of gold, which served as an opportunity to gain points with the Duke.

It was really small, so even if Mayla sold it, the money wouldn't have been much. Moreover, how insignificant it must have been to the Duke.

However, the scene where the heroine handed the item to the Duke was also a scene that made quite a few readers cry.

"...Of course, I was one of them."

However, no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn't speak such clear words, and those words to Mayla were the limit.

"Because I'm not the main character."

Still, after so many tear-filled efforts, Mayla became a reliable support.

Although that will also end tomorrow.

I've been procrastinating for the past year, saying, "Let's do it tomorrow," "Let's do it tomorrow," "I still have plenty of time, so let's take a few more days off..." and postponing the work.

It was an escape from reality.

And as a result, sooner or later, I'd be thrown out penniless.

As much as I sided with Mayla, she wouldn't leave the house with me.

"Do I have to find a new home like in other novels?"

Thinking about it, I sighed deeply.

"Then should I gather information about my new home?"

However, at this moment, I didn't know.

The fact that I would encounter one of the 5 main characters from "Adopted" who should have never been there.

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