TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 609

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

 Chapter 609


Raon chewed on his lip, mulling over Denning Rose's words.

"You mean he's an assassin right now?"


Denning Rose nodded with a calm expression.

"The agent we sent there after your information request is a former assassin. Quite skilled, I might add."

If she considered them skilled, then they must have been a retired assassin who had made a name for themselves before retiring.

"That agent mentioned detecting the scent of assassins from the man who appears to be Juvel and some others."

"The scent of assassins…."

Who would be the best at identifying an assassin?

Many would say the escorts (bodyguards), but that's not true.

Assassins have their own unique way of behaving, so the people who are best at identifying and recognizing them are their fellow assassins.


Raon exhaled a short breath and leaned forward.

"So the former assassin agent said that Juvel is an assassin?"

"Yes. He's working there as a gatherer, but he said he looks like an assassin. Of course, it's just speculation, so it's not certain."

Denning Rose didn't blink even as she said it was speculation. It meant it was certain.

"You also said that the people around Juvel are assassins?"

"Yes. Not all of them, but I heard that a considerable number of them are assassins."

She nodded, saying it wasn't just one or two.

"So, it means there are people they need to kill there."

Raon sighed, touching the steaming teacup.

"That's right. There's no other reason for them to be there."

Denning Rose nodded in agreement.

"The place where Juvel stays is the village of Raven near the Sran tribe. It's not big, but it's not small either, it's a medium-sized village. He's been in the village for over a year, so he's said to be like a local now. He's even become friendly with the Sran Tribe and gets invited by them."


Raon tilted his head, looking at the gently swaying tea.

"If he's an assassin, he's supposed to change his appearance, so it's surprising that he didn't do it."

Assassins rarely reveal their true appearance, so it was strange that Juvel was using his true appearance, except for his name and identity.

"I guess you don't know much about the Sran tribe."

"I only know it's where the Beast Union’s shamans reside."

"That's right. They live there. But some of them have unique abilities."

"Unique abilities?"

"Yes. It's called mind’s eye."

Denning Rose continued, sipping her tea.

"Mind’s eye?"

"The eye of the mind, and it's said to be able to see the true heart of others."

"Are you saying they can read minds?"


Wrath widened his eyes in surprise.

'Why are you so surprised? Do they have that kind of thing in Devildom?'

W-what are you saying? Actually, the King of Essence may have had that ability!

He wasn't saying he did have the ability, but rather that he could have.

Whether it's because he's not good at lying or because he's a cowardly demon king, his boasting is quite strange.

"I heard that there were really shamans who could read minds hundreds of years ago, but now they can only see what's real on the outside. That means he can't hide his appearance."

Denning Rose shook her head, saying that mind reading was just a legend.

Ahem! That's right.

Wrath rolled his eyes and nodded.

Of course humans couldn't have such an ability! There wouldn't be such an ability in the Devildom either, so where would humans like that read minds...

Raon ignored Wrath's rambling and looked at Denning Rose.

"Then Juvel..."

"Yes. He probably went with his original appearance to avoid the shamans using their mind’s eye on him. And then he was found by us."

"I see."

Raon nodded briefly. Now he understood the whole situation.

'It's even more certain now.'

In assassin's terms, staying in a village like Juvel and gaining the people's trust is called 'layering'. (laying the groundwork.)

It was clear that he was going to use the layering to gain their favor and then kill someone from the Sran tribe.

'Of all things, an assassin...'

Judiel’s life was like mine in my previous life.

Being leashed to a trashy master and forced to do unwanted tasks.

However, the fact that she had blood relative was better than me, and the fact that she couldn't escape because of that blood relative was worse than me.

Even though Judiel acknowledged that he had helped her a lot, his special treatment of her stemmed from seeing his past life reflected in her current one. Learning that her brother was living as an assassin brought to mind Derus Robert, making his blood boil with anger.

'It could become a dangerous situation.'

If I intervened at the wrong moment, I could be mistaken for an assassin or get involved in an assassination plot.


Raon slowly lowered his eyes. Even after more than 20 years, Derus' evil deeds still came to mind as if they had happened yesterday.

Even if I have exacted my revenge, the things he did to me will never be forgotten.

That's why I didn't want Judiel and her brother, who were like me, to go through the same thing.

'I'll never live like him.'

I must protect those under my command.

Raising his eyes, he vowed to live differently from Derus, who thought of his subordinates as disposable.

"Lady Judiel hasn't been spotted anywhere yet. She may not have arrived at Raven Village, or she may be disguised or hiding outside."

"That's possible."

Raon nodded. Judiel had received spy training, so she was weak in combat but skilled at killing her presence, and she had a cautious personality. She wouldn't get caught easily.

"But who are the assassins targeting?"

"We don't know."

Denning Rose sighed and shook her head. It was very rare for her to say that she didn't know.

"I'd like to simply say it's the Sran Tribe leader (chief), but we have too little information. We don't even know which faction of assassins they belong to. I'm sorry."

"No, that's enough."                                          

He shook his head. He was already very grateful that she had gathered this much information in such a short time.

“Are you leaving?”

“Of course I have to.”

Raon finished his tea and stood up. An unwavering flame flickered above his eyes.

“It's my duty as her master.”

*   *   *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

After finishing his preparations to leave for Raven Village, Raon left his room.


As he headed towards the entrance, he encountered Encia and Siyan passing through the corridor.

“Where are you going, Sir Handsome Raon?”

Encia came forward and bowed her head.

“S-Sir handsome Raon!”

Siyan also approached, calling him “handsome” after Encia.

Are they siblings who were separated when they were young?

Wrath shook his head at Siyan and Encia, who seemed closer than real siblings.

'Could be.'

Raon took a deep breath and approached the two.

"I'm going to train outside house Zieghart for a bit."

"As expected, it's training."

Encia smiled as if she had expected it.

“But Sir Raon.”

She took another step closer, pursing her lips.

“Can we continue writing your biography?”

“My biography….”

Raon frowned as he looked at the unfinished book they were holding.

“We're going to publish two more volumes by separating the Dragon Slayer part and the Savior of Seipia part.”

Encia smiled, saying that she had already finished the outline and that she was going to make a new cover for the book.

“You're going to do it even if I don't allow it.”

Encia or Siyan's level of action in this area was akin to Merlin's, it was clear they would proceed regardless of whether he allowed it or not.

“No, I won't do it if I don't have your consent.”

Encia nodded, acknowledging that the permission of the person involved was the most important.


“Of course.”

“Then don't do it.”



As soon as he said not to do it, Encia and Siyan's faces turned pale and hardened. They looked at him with faces like the world was falling apart.


Raon couldn't meet their eyes and shook his head.

“Do whatever you want.”


“Thank you! Sir Handsome!”

The two were so excited that they rushed to where the study room was.

You'll regret it.

Wrath glared at Raon with a look of envy rather than regret.


He chuckled and left the annex building, and Sylvia was standing in front of the stairs of the entrance.

“Where are you going?”

Sylvia approached with a bright smile.

"I'm going to train for a bit. It'll take a few days."

"Okay. Take care."

She waved her hand as if to encourage him.

"Give my regards to Judiel."


As soon as he heard Judiel's name, Raon turned back.

“What do you mean…”

"Ever since I told you Judiel took a vacation, you seemed off. Do you think mom wouldn’t notice that?"

Sylvia smiled, saying that he should stop trying to fool his mother.

“That child was strange from the moment I first saw her. She was calm, but she looked like she was being chased by something. She looked better after she became your attendant, but she's getting anxious again. Is she in a dangerous situation?”

“…I don’t know until I see her.”

Sylvia seemed to know the situation to some extent, so he didn't lie to her.

"Be sure to bring her back safely. I'll make some delicious food for you."

Sylvia smiled, asking him to bring Judiel back safely.

Delicious food?

Wrath, who had been yawning as if he was bored, raised his head abruptly.

What’s the delicious food? Please tell me the menu!

“I'll be back.”

Raon bowed to Sylvia and turned around.

Hey, wait a minute!

Wrath ran to Sylvia and shouted.

What's the delicious food! Please, just tell me the menu!

*   *   *

In the center of a forest where trees stretched like poles and bushes as sharp as knives reached the sky, a wall made of monster bones stood.

A young man with brown hair, his forehead covered in sweat droplets, bowed his head in front of the wall of bones. Unlike his shabby clothes, his blue eyes sparkled brightly.

“I'm Philip! Please open the door!”

At the cry of the young man who called himself Philip, a human face popped out from above the wall of bones.

A middle-aged man, whose skin was darkened but whose features were clean-cut, seemed somewhat annoyed.

“Why are you here so early?”

“I have to keep my promise to the tribe leader like a knife.”

Philip scratched his head with a kind smile.

“I can't hate you.”

As the middle-aged man called the tribe leader waved his finger, the wall split open and a door wide enough for two people to pass through opened.

“Thank you.”

Philip bowed again and went through the door.

Small huts shaped like mushrooms were densely built, and in the center of the village, a bone tower that seemed to reach the sky stood tall.

The tower, which was dyed in black, gave the impression of being magnificent rather than bizarre.

“What are you looking at so curiously every day you come here? Come this way.”

At the tribe leader's gesture, Philip gasped and approached him.

"I feel like I'm being drawn into that tower every time I see it. It's hard to look away."

"You've got a keen eye. Our ancestors would have liked that."

“Is that the tower that was built after defeating the monsters that invaded the village?”

“Yes. They say there were over thousands of them. If it hadn't been for my ancestor, who were called the Four Kings, our tribe would have been wiped out.”

The tribe leader looked up at the tower and smiled faintly.


"Enough with the flattery. Bring out the goods."


Philip twisted his lips and opened the bag he was carrying around his waist.

It was filled with colorful herbs, poisonous plants, and flowers, but they were all so fresh that they seemed to be alive.

"Impressive enough to annoy me."

The tribe leader chuckled as he examined the herbs and poisonous plants Philip had brought.

"How is it that you, a mere outsider, manage to find better ingredients than our kids? Where do you even get them?"

“It's a trade secret.”

Philip grinned, placing a finger over his lips.


The tribe leader patted Philip on the head as if he was proud of him.

"I rate them all as top-notch."

He nodded and held out his pocket to Philip. The sound of gold coins clinking could be heard from inside.

“Oh, thank you!”

Philip bowed his head to the ground as he received the pocket.

“Why don't you stay here tonight? We got some good meat in, you won't regret it.”

"Um, I'm sorry, but today's the day I send money home."

"Ah, I see. You've already become like that."

The tribe leader nodded and patted Philip on the shoulder.

"Is your mother doing alright?"


Philip smiled without answering.

“Well, go then. Next time you come, I'll have food ready that you won't be able to refuse.”

“Thank you. I'll see you again!”

Philip bowed his head and left the village.


A young man from the Sran tribe, with eyes widened in astonishment, approached the tribe leader and sighed.

“He turned down the tribe leader's invitation. What a strange guy.”

“That's not surprising.”

"With his mother's condition weighing on his mind, he probably can't focus on anything else. Even though he's making a lot of money, he still dresses like that."

“His mother is said to have an incurable disease, so even though his body is here, his mind must be with her.”

The tribe leader clicked his tongue briefly as if he was sorry for him.

“You too, treat that child well when he comes.”

"Of course. I even gave him a meal before he left our house."

The young man shook his head, saying that he was doing well.


The tribe leader sighed as he watched Philip's back disappear into the distance.

*   *   *

After leaving the Sran tribe, Philip returned to the village of Raven, where he had been staying for over a year.

"Are you already back from work?"

"You're quite diligent."

"I wish our son was like you."

The villagers laughed and praised Philip. He seemed to have blended into the village itself.

"Oh no, I still have a long way to go."

Phillip laughed warmly and headed towards his house on the outskirts of the village.

The moment he opened the door and stepped inside, his expression hardened to the point of coldness.

"I told you not to come during the day."

He furrowed his brow at the white-haired middle-aged man sitting in the right chair.

"You can't say that to your superior, no.196."

The middle-aged man called Phillip by his code name, 196, and narrowed his eyes.

"What is it?"

"How's it going with the Sran tribe?"

"I've been invited to events and to their homes."

"Well, it's been about a year, so you should have built up that much rapport."

He nodded, muttering that he had worked hard.

"What about the location?"

"I've completed everything."

Philip said this and handed over the paper he had been holding.

The paper showed the location of the Sran tribe he had just visited, and all the places where traps and spells were set up were marked.

"Shall we start the operation now?"


Philip widened his eyes in surprise.

"Why? Are you nervous?"

A cold light flickered in the middle-aged man's eyes.

"You're an assassin. Connections and emotions mean nothing. The Phillip here is a fake."


Philip did not answer, but pursed his lips tightly.

"Don't you want to see your sister? Juvel."


His brow furrowed deeply as his real name, Juvel, and the word sister were mentioned.

"This is your tenth mission, you know. If you complete it properly, you'll get to see your sister."

"You said the same thing on the fifth one, but you didn't even show me her face!"

"Ah, but this time it's real."


"Then do you want to see her as a corpse? Or I could send your corpse to your sister. Choose."


Unable to answer, Juvel trembled.

"Is my sister doing well?"

"Of course. She's living comfortably in a wealthy household, so there's no need to worry."

The middle-aged man shook his head, telling him not to ask obvious questions.

"Lately, there have been some suspicious eyes, so it's better to finish quickly. You remember the target, right?"


Phillip nodded, chewing on his lip and bowing his head. His eyes, unlike when he entered the village, were dark and lifeless.

"Good. The operation will start tomorrow, when there's no moon."

The middle-aged man waved his hand and walked out of Philip's room.

Philip stood there like a statue for a while.

*   *   *
On a hill overlooking Raven Village.

Judiel bit her lip while watching Juvel greet the villagers through Encia's binoculars.


It was Juvel.

His skin was much more tanned and he had matured since she last saw him, but she was certain the moment she laid eyes on him. That child was undoubtedly her one and only brother, Jubel.

More than anything else, the scar on his forehead was still there.

'That scar was caused by me.'

It was a scar Juvel got when he stumbled and grazed his forehead on a rock while running away with her. It was a scar engraved by her mistake, one she could never forget.

'I'm glad you're doing well.'

Even though she couldn't hear exactly what was going on or what was being said because she was watching from a distance, she seemed to be getting along well with the villagers.


Judiel bit her lip as she looked down at Juvel.

'Why are you here?'

A few possibilities came to mind.

Perhaps Karoon had sold Juvel, or Juvel had run away, or perhaps being there was Karoon's order.

No matter what happened, she was happy just to see her younger brother alive.

The sight of the brother she thought was dead laughing so lively filled her heart with warmth.

But after watching him for three days, a small worry began to grow within her.

Just as she entered the annex building as a servant because of her younger brother, Juvel might also be doing something there because of her.

If so, she couldn't bear it.

Judiel took out a small piece of paper from her pocket and wrote down her name, Juvel's name, and the last words they exchanged before parting ways. Then, when night fell, she descended from the mountain.

She carefully entered the village, wearing a robe and suppressing her presence. Perhaps because it was a village where outsiders often came and went, no one seemed to look at her suspiciously.

It was just when she was about to slip the piece of paper she had brought with her under Juvel's house window using the stealth technique she had learned from spy training.

As she carefully opened the window, a man in night clothes and a black mask suddenly popped out from inside.

The moment she met his blue eyes, she knew who this man was.


Just as she was about to call out her brother's name, a dagger flew out from under the masked man's hand towards Judiel's forehead.



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