TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 606

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 Chapter 606


"I share the same sentiment."

Rimmer raised his left hand while leaning his back against the pillar.

"When I said Raon was fit to be the king before, it was somewhat biased. But now, I believe Raon is more than qualified to be a candidate for Zieghart's successor."

He looked at Glenn with a serious expression, unlike usual.


Roenn chuckled lightly.

"Indeed, his shoulders and back have broadened. It doesn't seem like he’s not lacking in the ability to carry the family on his back."

He nodded as if agreeing with Aris' words.

"What you all say is correct."

Glenn simply showed a calm look as if he was stating a fact.

“His strength that allowed him to become a Grandmaster at the age of 21, his achievements in successfully completing many missions, and the harmony and reputation he has spread throughout the continent. He is more than qualified.”

He couldn't help but curl the corners of his mouth as he praised Raon.

"And if what the envoy testified today is true, he also lacks nothing in terms of mental strength."

Glenn swallowed dry saliva as he recalled Siyan's words.

'I never thought he would say such things.'

He thought that Raon only held affection for the Light Wind and the annex building, not particularly attached to Zieghart itself.

But that boy said something he never even thought of.

'Wherever I am, that is Zieghart...'

That statement is something that can only be said by someone who holds affection for Zieghart.

Feeling that Raon's thoughts about Zieghart had changed, warmth spread in one corner of his heart.

‘However, it's a bit regrettable.’

I'm so disappointed that I didn't witness him saying those words firsthand.

I should have seen Raon saying, 'Where I am, that is Zieghart,' and witnessed the surprised expressions of the warriors of South-North Union. It's truly regrettable that I wasn't there.

‘...Is there no way?’

Shall I try catching a dragon?

'A dragon skilled in magic might be able to use time reversal magic, so I could catch one and threaten... no, ask for its cooperation.'

'The possibility is very low, but maybe...'


While he was contemplating which dragon to catch, Aris waved at him.

“You seem to be lost in thought, Father. Is something the matter?”


Glenn cleared his throat and sank his back deep into the throne.

"Anyway, according to what you've just said, it wouldn't matter if Raon became a candidate for successor, right?"


Glenn shook his head firmly.

“He has the qualities. But he lacks the qualification.”

"Are you talking about the direct line again? There is no law that a successor or a candidate for successor must be a direct line."

"That's not the problem."


"Raon still has a life-and-death duel with the Axe King. Nothing can proceed until that event concludes.”


Aris seemed to have nothing to say on that matter and just sighed.



Rimmer stepped forward at Glenn's call.

"Is it certain that the Axe King has grown?"

“Since he admitted it himself, it's certain.”

Rimmer nodded, letting out a short sigh.

"It seems like he gained some mental enlightenment and grew, and it seems like Raon was the catalyst for that."

"It seems like the life-or-death duel was the spark that ignited it."

Glen seemed to understand the implication and savored his words.

“In that case, it'll be difficult for the current Raon to win.”

"Then should I go and slit his throat then?”

Aris turned her wrist lightly, as if she was cutting off a chicken's neck.

“Hehehe, wouldn't I be better suited for that?”

Roenn bowed his head with a chuckle.

"Even if he's gotten stronger, it's still possible to assassinate him."

He gestured with his finger as if it were only a matter of time.

"It's not a bad idea, but..."

Glenn shook his head at the serious eyes of the two.

"Just as the Axe King has grown, this life-or-death duel will be a stepping stone and chance for Raon's growth. Let's wait and see."

He showed a smile of complete trust in Raon, unlike before.

"Ah, that's boring."

Aris shook her head, frowning.

“Now that Raon is back, he should either stay and have some fun or leave….”

As she was about to leave the audience chamber with a sigh, a knock sounded at the door.

“Who… hmm? Raon?”

As Aris opened the door, Raon peeked his face in.

“What's the matter?”

“I remembered something I didn't give.”

"Oh? Come in!"

Aris brought Raon in as if it was her room.

"Thank you."

Raon bowed his head and walked to the center of the audience chamber.

“What did you not give?”

"It's alcohol."


“Yes. It's elven fruit wine. I remembered that you mentioned alcohol before, so I brought it.”

He took out a brown wooden bottle from his spatial pocket as he spoke.

"D, did I talk about alcohol...?"

Glenn asked, his lips trembling.

"Yes. Didn't you talk about whiskey and wine before?"

"You remembered that?"

He simply mentioned it in passing. No, he wanted it, but it was from a long time ago.

His heart almost stopped when he realized that Raon remembered it all this time and brought a precious elven fruit wine.

“Yes? Yes. It's not the alcohol you desired, but it's not easy to come by, so I thought of you, my lord.”

Raon bowed his head and carefully held out the bottle of wine.


Glenn covered his mouth with his hand, trembling.

‘I-I didn't expect something like this….’

His heart was pounding so fast that his head wasn't functioning properly. He didn't even know what to say.

"Then shall I take it instead?"

Aris stepped forward, smacking her lips.


Flames flickered in Glenn's eyes. He almost let out killing intent towards his daughter before managing to stop himself.

"Oh, I get it. I was just kidding. Kidding!"

Aris also stepped back, waving her hands as if she was scared of the look in his eyes.


Raon tilted his head, looking at Glenn and Aris.

"Ahem. I will drink it well."

Glenn reached out his hand, which was still trembling, and took the bottle of wine.

"Didn't you bring that for the Gambling Monster as well?"

Rimmer asked as he looked at the bottle.

“I intended to bring it for both the Gambling Monster and the lord, but I gave it to the lord first.”


Glenn made a sound that could be either laughter or a cough and held the bottle tightly.

'I won.'

He was glad that this time he was the first one to get the wine, unlike before when Raon always got the Gambling Monster the alcohol first. He wanted to run out and boast to the Gambling Monster immediately.

"Nephew. Don't you have any for me?"

Aris leaned her head on Raon's shoulder, putting her arm around him.

"Of course there is."

Raon smiled faintly and handed Aris a bottle of wine as well.

"As expected of my nephew!"

Aris hugged Raon tightly and raised the bottle of wine to Glenn.

“How about that? I have one too!”


Glenn made a mocking face, unable to hide his annoyance.

“What's with that expression? Are you feeling upset about something?”

Aris furrowed her brows as she looked at Glenn's dismissive gaze.


Rimmer approached Raon and stretched out his hand.

"Do I get one too?"


Raon stopped as he was about to hand Rimmer a fruit wine.

"Ah! My lord."

As if something came to mind, he immediately called Glenn.

“I have one more thing to tell you that I couldn't mention earlier.”

"What is it?"

“When I finished the three-moves duel, the division leader gave the Axe King the new nickname Bural….”

Raon informed Glenn that Rimmer had given the Axe King the nickname Bural.


Aris couldn't help it and burst into laughter, lying on her stomach.

"Bural! That's insane!"


Unlike Aris, who was enjoying herself, Glenn's eyes were coldly fixed on Rimmer as if he was going to kill him.

"I see. I'll handle it, so go away and rest."


Raon grinned and offered Rimmer a bottle of wine as well, and left the audience chamber.

"Oh, I…I remembered something urgent, so I'll take my leave now.”

Rimmer was about to leave the audience chamber with a hehe smile, but Roenn blocked his way.

"Excuse me….Could you please move aside?"


"I need to leave."


"I'm serious!"


Roenn chuckled mercilessly, refusing to move aside.


Rimmer trembled as he looked at the red lightning bolt rising in the air.


Glenn struck a lightning bolt tinged with red, hitting Rimmer squarely.

"I'll pour that wine on your grave."

*   *   *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian:

Raon sighed in relief as he walked down the lord’s manor corridor.

'I should thank Lady Reyran.'

When he asked Reyran if he could get a bit of fruit wine, he only wanted two bottles, but she provided him with ten bottles.

Even after giving some to the Gambling Mosnter, there were still plenty left, enough to host a party in the annex building.

Forget about the alcohol! Let's go home quickly!

Wrath popped out of the bracelet and thrust his face forward.

I'm sure mom prepared delicious food!

He sniffled, longing for a proper meal instead of just jerky and bread.

It seemed unusual for him to cry, but Raon had seen all sorts of things, so he just went along with it and left the lord’s manor.

"I'll make you something delicious if you come to the the annex building!"

Yua was smiling brightly among the elves. It seemed like a talent beyond music to always show a bright face, no matter who the other person was.

"Did you finish everything?"

Siyan approached, blinking rapidly. Despite speaking confidently without stuttering at all in the audience chamber, she began to stumble over her words again. She was a strange person.

“Yes. It's over now. Let's go.”

Raon nodded and guided the elves towards the annex building.

As they walked, listening to the laughter of Yua and Heylin, they suddenly arrived at the front of the annex building's garden.

“That's Zieghart's annex building over there.”

The garden of annex building, which had passed the cold winter and welcomed spring, was now dressed in green.

“And over there is Sir Raon's birthplace!”

Siyan pulled out a notebook from her pocket and started scribbling incomprehensible words and drawings like mad.

Now quite accustomed to this sight, Raon nodded and gestured towards the annex building.

As he tried to open the annex building's door and enter, they heard voices from the direction of the lake where Sylvia and the maids were. When he turned that way, he saw that everyone was cleaning up around the lake.

"Huh? Young master!"

Helen blinked as she looked their way. "Raon?"

Sylvia ran over with wide eyes, as if she hadn't heard of his arrival.

“When did you arrive!”

"I just arrived."

“Why didn't you tell us in advance… hmm?”

Sylvia smiled brightly but then widened her eyes at the elves behind Raon.

“W-Who are these people?”

“They are envoys who came with me from Seipia.”

Raon stepped aside and introduced Siyan and the elves.

"You must be Sir Raon's mother!"

Siyan approached briskly and took Sylvia's hand. Shyness vanished, replaced by an odd confidence that seemed to fill her mind.

"Yes? Ah, yes..."

"Thank you! Thank you so much!"

"What are you thanking me for?"

Sylvia also raised her eyebrows, flustered.

"Of course, for giving birth to Sir Raon! You are the light of the world!"

Siyan's blue eyes sparkled as if she was speaking from the bottom of her heart.


Sylvia looked towards Raon with a expression that seemed to ask what mischief he had caused.

Raon shrugged, muttering that he didn't know either.

"Thank you so much!"

Siyan bowed her head at a right angle to Sylvia. It was a bow she hadn't even shown to Glenn.


As she raised her head, a book fell out of her pocket. It was the biography of Raon.

"Ah, I'm sorry."

"Sir Raon!"

As Siyan picked up the book and stood up, the back door burst open, and Encia, with dirt on her face, popped out.

"Handsome Sir Raon has come… huh?"

Encia laughed warmly as she ran over, but her expression changed when she saw the book in Siyan's hand.

“Why are the elves here? No, why is the elf… holding that book?”

"Do you know this book?"

Siyan looked at Encia with a warm smile.

"Of course. Because I wrote it."

Encia tapped her chest, claiming to be the author of that book.

"I, I'm a fan of this book!"

Siyan screamed, hugging the book to her chest. Her hands trembled incessantly.


Encia approached Siyan and moved her lips as if testing her.


Siyan smiled brightly in response to the word that sounded like an exam question.


The two silently put their palms together.


As soon as Raon heard that sound, he closed his eyes tightly.

‘Two people who shouldn't have met, met...’

He sighed, but Wrath grabbed him by the hair and shook him.

Dinner isn't ready! Tell them to make dinner right away!

His head hurt. He just wanted to sleep.

*  *  *

"...That's how we all survived! If it weren't for Sir Raon, I wouldn't be here now!"

Siyan stood at the center of the large dining table set up in the garden and told Sylvia and the maids what had happened so far.

This was the second time in the audience chamber, but she didn't seem tired at all, and rather seemed to be getting stronger and stronger.

"Next, let me tell you how Sir Raon rescued the kidnapped elves!"


Encia cheered, kicking her feet on the table. Sylvia and the other maids also raised their hands above their heads and clapped as if they were looking forward to it.

Uh, one more....

Wrath raised his stiff finger, pointing to the nearly empty meat pie.

'That's enough now...'

I'm really going to explode.

At Wrath’s request, he had stuffed his stomach with almost five meals or more. He wouldn't be able to move if he ate any more.


Wrath shook his head, smacking his lips in regret.

Then make up for it with ice cream.

'We don't have any.'

Why not! Get ready quickly... ugh!

Raon pushed Wrath, who was grumbling, and quietly left the table.

Even though the main person was gone, Siyan and the members of annex building were busy with their own stories.

Raon shook his head and entered his room.

'I'm tired.'

Having to match Siyan and the maids' reactions, and eating according to Wrath's demands, was more exhausting than fighting a battle. He lay down on the bed.

'Life and death...'

As it became quiet enough to be bored, the life-and-death duel with the Axe King came back to mind.

In the present, the Axe King is definitely stronger than me. Even if I use the sword field and Wrath Unleashed, the chances of winning weren't that great.

If I stay like this, January 1st next year will be the last day of my life.

'The only solution is training.'

If there's a mission, do the mission. If there's no mission, then train. There was no other answer but to become stronger.

There were still martial skills that had not been perfected, so he had to polish them as much as possible.

Do you need the King of Essence’s help?

Wrath yawned and shook his head.

The King of Essence can crush that liar with just a snap of his finger.

He was in a good mood, so he offered to help if Raon would simply surrender his body.

'No, I have to handle it myself.'

I wanted to defeat him with my own strength.

'If I do my best, somehow it will work out.'

After organizing his thoughts and closing his eyes, he heard three knocks on the door.

"Come in."

Raon got up and looked towards the door.

Judiel entered with a small tray carrying fragrant tea.

"I brought tea to aid digestion because you seemed to have overeaten today."

"Thank you."

Raon awkwardly smiled and nodded. He had eaten all the food on the table because of Wrath, and it seemed like Judiel had noticed.

"I didn't see Karoon, where did he go?"

"He went on a mission. It's to the south, so it may take a while for him to return."

"I see."

He nodded and drank his tea. Maybe it was because of the gentle aroma. It seemed like his upset stomach was calming down a little.

"I heard you clashed with the Axe King, are you okay young master?"

"I'm fine. He showed mercy."

"If you call that mercy...."

"He let me live."

Raon sighed and put down his teacup.

"If he had been serious, I would have died."


"Don't worry. There's still over half a year left. If I train hard enough during that time, I'll manage somehow."

Raon looked at Judiel with a worried expression and nodded.

"Was there anything wrong here?"

“…Yes. Nothing happened at all.”

Judiel smiled lightly and nodded.

"Thank you for always working hard."

"No young master, thank you. You must be tired, so I'll take my leave."

She bowed her head, closed the door, and left.


Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the door Judiel had left.

Why is she acting like that?

'Something about her smile seemed a bit off.'


'Yeah. Just like in the old days...'

Thinking it was strange, he was about to take another sip when he felt a faint presence near the window. When he turned his head, Glenn was already approaching.

"My lord!"

Raon got up and opened the window.

"Come out."

Glenn gestured calmly with a gentle gaze.

"I have something to give you."


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