The Tragedy of The Villainess (Novel) Chapter 23

Chapter 23

 Seria raised her glass, looking at him as if giving a warning.

“If you come too close, you will die.”

Until a few days ago, he was still her fiancé. It seemed Kalis understood exactly the message in Seria's gaze.

She no longer wanted to make eye contact with him, so she quickly turned her head and took a step. She had been the one caring for Kalis's mood, but she didn't expect that position to be reversed all at once. It was ironic.

She diverted her gaze to the giant clock on the wall, thinking that if she stayed here, she would have a staring contest with Kalis for a long time, and she wanted to be alone.

Moreover, not dancing with Kalis was an unknown experience in its own way.

Until a few days ago, she thought she was going to be the Marchioness of Haneton. Although she once said she didn't know what life had in store for her and thought that if she had married Kalis and spent each day with him, she would probably have lived the rest of her life happily.

“There are some futures in this world that are predictable, aren't there?”

But right now, she felt betrayed. He was serious with her, but also with the heroine. If she hadn't fixed his arm in the first place, would they have hated each other as in the original story?

Maybe it would have been better. They probably wouldn't end up like this. No matter how much she fought to avoid the original story, it was useless. She believed Kalis loved her, but he couldn't get rid of Lina as predestined. The idea that everything else might develop the way it was supposed to slowly grew in her mind. She really didn't want to think that way. But living, surviving, the fear she had deliberately turned her back on, which she had kept hidden, left its mark like mud.

She shook her head slightly, shaking off the lingering emotions.

Suddenly, she remembered the sound of Kalis grabbing her and shouting urgently.

“I’m divorcing Lina, please marry me again.”

She was so angry at that moment that she didn't have time to think about it properly, but now that she thought about it, other questions filled her mind.

‘What’s the point of marrying like that? If Lina longs for something again, he would go to her, wouldn't he?

If Kalis had another chance, would he go to the temple and swear to give her all his lands and title?

She should have been angrier with Kalis.

‘Actually. I should have said something like this back then.’

Why did it never occur to her when they were fighting, but it did later? Why didn't she go there and slap Kalis in the face and shout like that?

That would turn Berg Castle upside down, and in a few days, the words would spread through the social circles of the entire empire. Her downcast mood improved a little as she laughed at the thought of the improbable.

When she finished her glass of champagne, she called a passing servant.

“Hey, you there.”

“Shall I bring you another glass of champagne, my lady?”

“No, it’s fine. Thank you.”

She handed him the empty glass and walked toward the stairs. Sitting there for a long time wasn't a good choice, so she left the table for a while. Of course, leaving the grand banquet hall was a stupid idea.

It would seem like she was running away because she couldn't stand the pressure of the rumors.

And she decided that the best place to escape was the “Grand Duchess’s Terrace,” which had a great reputation in Berg Castle.

Just like the royal family's rest room at the imperial banquet, it was said that this terrace was available only to the Grand Duchess of Berg (Lesche’s mother) and her guests for generations.

It had more symbolic meaning than the other terraces, as it had to be reached by climbing a flight of stairs, and rumors said that the moonlight fell on it beautifully.

Since Lesche wasn't married, the Grand Duchess’s terrace also had no master. It had been closed for a long time, but now Linon insisted that it should be kept open as was customary.

Seria refused to be a burden, but Linon said he worked hard all day for Lesche, and convinced her that she wouldn't regret seeing the magnitude of it.

The truth was that Seria was completely deceived by his words. She had no words to describe how hard he worked to decorate this place and prepare the banquet. And he barely made it in time to decorate the High Priest’s pavilion the next day.

In fact, Seria wanted to visit this unknown place where even the royal family of the Glick Empire couldn't ask first.

When will I have this opportunity again?

As she approached, the well-dressed maid skillfully drew back the thick green curtain.

The vest he wore had a large pattern of Berg embroidered in blue, meaning he had temporary permission to enter the terrace for certain reasons.

“Why don’t you put on the cloak and go out? It’s very cold outside.”

The servant said.

She looked at the foot of the stairs before stepping onto the terrace. Several nobles were watching her, but they quickly turned away.

Lesche, who was much taller, was surrounded by other nobles, but Seria could see his face.

His silver hair shone with the reflection of the light. Lesche Berg was a striking man. For being such a good guy, he stood there looking annoyed. He seemed to be trying to control his facial expression. What an unexpected life for a powerful man.

Seria smiled at the sight of him, but of all people, her gaze met Lesche’s. She immediately erased her smile and lowered her head slightly. She could feel the gazes of the gathered nobles toward her as Lesche responded to her look.

She turned around and whispered to the servant who was still walking through the curtains.

“Can you do me a favor?”

The servant’s eyes seemed to widen and he immediately nodded.

Seria then stepped onto the unknown terrace with a light cloak the servant brought her. The terrace was overwhelmingly beautiful. The fantastic moonlight seemed to accumulate and shine like mirrors. The white marble railings looked like a work of art.

A single high chair was placed a bit in the center of the terrace and a woolen rug on the floor. She could see why Linon was so confident about it. The rumors were not exaggerated at all.

She took her time to admire the terrace.

The Grand Duchess’s terrace was half a floor higher than the highest terrace of the Grand Banquet Hall. As she looked around, she saw quite a few couples enjoying secret meetings on the terrace.

‘It really is a special place. I can see firsthand all the rumors.’

Somehow she had the feeling that this terrace was not just for relaxation, but was also used for social and political purposes.

She leaned against the sturdy railing and looked at the sky. The full moon was exceptionally large and bright. The sky was speckled with more stars than she could count. It was an ecstatic scene, but as the maid had said, it was terribly cold, she shivered a bit.

However, the cold air cleared her head and she closed her eyes, enjoying the refreshing sensation. How long did she do that?

Suddenly, the sound of a door opening with a small bell reached her ears. She opened her eyes and turned around, there stood a person she half-expected.

“How did you get in here?”


“Did the servant not stop you from entering without my permission?”

“I know, but I politely asked how Santa.”

“What’s the point of asking? I didn’t give you permission. Do you know that the traditions of Berg Castle are so strict that even if you are a duke, if you enter here without permission, you will have to live as a slave of the Grand Duchess of Berg for a week?”

“Huh? Well…”

Lina, who looked at Seria with astonished eyes, struggled to respond.

“But, Seria, I… told Kalis I wanted a divorce.”

She clasped her hands tremblingly and uttered a few words. And Seria responded instantly.

“I see.”


Lina looked perplexed, perhaps because Seria's response was too calm. Maybe she thought Seria would be surprised by the news.

“Lina, is that all you have to say?”

Lina hurried to stop Seria from calling the servant.

“Seria! According to the priests, the divorce of Stern is as complicated as marriage and we cannot divorce immediately, but we will! So… I’ll give back what I took from Seria…!”

Give me back what you took from me? Did I hear her correctly?

Seria was momentarily speechless at Lina’s condescending attitude. She spoke in a cold voice.

“Lina, I think you misunderstood something, but even if you divorce or stay with Kalis, I have no desire for him. So if that’s all, please leave.”


She frowned as Lina’s voice grew louder.

The banquet terrace was meant for secret meetings. Therefore, it was common sense to speak in a low voice, but Lina’s voice was now so loud it defied common sense. The nobles on the terrace would surely be watching them.

Her head began to ache.

“What do you want, Lina?”

“What do you mean there’s nothing like that! I, I…”

At the same moment, a small bell chime was heard at the door.

Lina cried out in a tearful voice.

“I’m not even the main character, in fact, I’m like a strange object caught between the two of you.”

‘Strange object? Main character?’

That’s what Seria had told Lesche before their first dance. Obviously, Lina heard it.

She looked at Lina in a strange mood.

Lina. The heroine of this world. Seria knew Lina’s character well, having read the original story.

Lina was basically a heroine with a good character, but she wasn’t the type to present the so-called bringer of anguish. She defeated the villains who bullied her because of the supporting characters in the original story with a distinctive comeback.

Seria raised her hand and gently placed it on her cheek. It was still slightly swollen.

These were the signs of her desperate efforts to protect the heroine. Even though Seria’s anger was not well controlled, she managed to gather it patiently and hit her own face instead of Lina’s.

She had never bullied the heroine. She wasn’t a villain yet.

But why would Lina copy exactly what she said at this moment of all times?

She had asked the servant to ring the bell if anyone tried to enter. So, when the bell rang, she knew. Who would dare to step onto the Grand Duchess’s terrace…?

Obviously, the only people she could think of were Lina and Kalis. The others who were focusing all their attention on this place would think the same.

Lina was already on the terrace, and since the bell rang again a moment ago, it could be deduced without difficulty that Kalis must have reached the door.

From what part, to what extent of the conversation did Kalis hear?

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