Return of Mount Hua Sect (Novel) Chapter 1652

Chapter 1652. It's a Beautiful Day. (2)

"Are they moving?"

"The Evil Tyrant Alliance?"

"Where to?!"

"Did Jang Ilso make the move himself?"

Words erupted almost simultaneously from all directions. The bustling atmosphere in the conference room changed completely in an instant.

In the midst of the stares, Im Sobyeong nodded heavily.

"Yes. He led the action personally."

Several people swallowed hard. Yoon Jong also clutched his chest unconsciously.

An indescribable pressure filled the air.

Jang Ilso moved to take the initiative. Was there anyone here who didn’t already understand the implications of those words?

"Where is he heading?"

"The destination is uncertain. However, judging by the northern direction he took..."

Im Sobyeong's expression became somewhat stiff.

"It seems his target is Henan."

"Henan? Why?"

Tang Gunak shouted in surprise.

"It's obvious that we are here, why would they go to Henan, which is like an empty mountain without guards?"

"Henan is not an empty mountain."


Im Sobyeong shook his head firmly.

"Did you forget? They already attacked Mount Song once. But they realized they were outnumbered and retreated. This means they have a clear desire to eliminate the remnants of Shaolin."

Those who went to rescue Shaolin nodded in agreement.

'Blood Palace.....' (Hyeolgyo, one of the 5 outer palaces, joined the Evil Tyrant Alliance)

Baek Cheon's face stiffened at the memory of that moment.

If he hadn’t arrived in time, Shaolin might have ceased to exist. Fortunately, they managed to stop the attack once, but they couldn't let it go just because it was a target lost to the Evil Tyrant Alliance.

"So their target is Shaolin?"

"...Hmm. I thought their target would be this place." murmured Hyun Jong.

As Hyun Jong murmured, Im Sobyeong shook his head.

"Jang Ilso is not someone who targets the opponent’s strength. He constantly digs into wounded areas. It's impossible for him to attack a place where preparations have already been completed like ours."

Several people nodded. Given what Jang Ilso had shown so far, the argument made sense.

Shaolin was definitely the power currently suffering the most damage. Although there were other places almost destroyed, he wouldn't consider them in his calculations.

The most tempting place for Jang Ilso was, of course, Shaolin.

"Then, what should we do?"

"Why ask the obvious? We must help Shaolin. Are we just going to watch the Heavenly Comrade Alliance devour Shaolin?"

"But... Shaolin is..." murmured someone.

Jaegal Jain, who had been silent until then, opened his mouth.

"I know everyone here has bad feelings towards Shaolin."

Those who were murmuring fell silent.

"Even I... cannot say my feelings towards them are good."

Jaegal Jain slowly made eye contact with some people.

"But we cannot let Shaolin perish like this. It’s not just a symbol. The Shaolin monks who are currently silent are also an overwhelming force for orthodox sects. Losing those people is a very costly decision."


"If the Alliance is not just a place where some sects gather in small groups to show their strength, but rather a place for the world and Kangho, then we should put aside our old feelings and support Shaolin."

Jaegal Jain paused for a moment and was about to speak again when Hyun Jong slightly raised his hand to stop him. Then he slowly shook his head.

"You don’t need to say more."

"Maengju-nim, but....."

"I never thought we could leave Shaolin. Aren’t they also members of the great powers that must fight alongside us?"

It was an unexpected statement. Jaegal Jain’s mouth opened slightly as he tried to persuade Hyun Jong.

If he had to choose the person with the worst feelings towards Shaolin, Jaegal Jain would undoubtedly choose Hyun Jong and Chung Myung.

If we are discussing emotional intensity, Chung Myung might be at the top of the list, but when it comes to repressed bad feelings towards Shaolin, no one surpasses Hyun Jong.

However, Hyun Jong declared he would save Shaolin without hesitation.

Baek Cheon also spoke in support.

"What Maengju-nim said is correct. We’ve helped Shaolin once, so there’s no reason not to do it twice, right?"

"Ugh! Sasuk. Now that Beop Jeong is there..., why are we....."

"This is not the time to consider this or that condition. We are trying to fight against the Evil Tyrant Alliance, not trying to divide the Heavenly Comrade Alliance, right?"

"...That’s true."

Feeling that he had spoken unnecessarily and not even grasped the essence of what he had said, Jo Gul became sullen and lowered his head.


"Wait a minute. What do you mean you are going to help Shaolin now?"

Im Sobyeong asked Baek Cheon as if he had heard something incredible.

Baek Cheon tilted his head with a puzzled look.

"Isn’t it obvious?"

"Obvious? Did you say it was obvious a moment ago?"

"Yes. Isn't Shaolin in danger now?"

Baek Cheon looked around as if wondering if he was wrong. No one noticed or responded in particular.

"No, Deputy Sect Leader!"

Im Sobyeong’s voice rose in frustration.

"If we go to help Shaolin now, it’s not Shaolin that is in danger, but us, us!"

"...No. Why?"

"Did you forget how that Jang Ilso trampled on the Peng Family and the Kongtong Sect?"

When Baek Cheon heard those words, his mouth immediately closed.

"His target is the wavering command system. In other words, this means he is skilled at dealing with disorganized forces. But what about us now?"


Unlike before, Baek Cheon's voice lost its vigor and faded.

"The people who protested against Budangju were imprisoned today. It is said that the Peng Family and Kongtong Sect, which Jang Ilso treated like children, are no more chaotic than us."

Every word was true. Baek Cheon’s shoulders slumped slightly.

"Right now, if Budangju fought Jang Ilso while you were unable to properly control a single unit member, the results would be obvious even without seeing."

"Jang Ilso doesn’t know everything about our situation, right?"

It was Jo Gul who helped Baek Cheon and protested. Im Sobyeong’s gaze rested on him.

"Why do you think he doesn’t know?"


"What do you think he doesn’t know? We can clearly see how they move, but do you think they can’t see us?"


"Perhaps Jang Ilso’s current actions are the conclusions he reached after observing our situation. If he rushes to Henan now, it would be like putting his head in a tiger’s mouth."


Tang Gunak, who was immersed in concern, made a somber sound.

"It’s not very pleasant, but... what the Nokrim King said has some truth."

"I believe him because he has experience dealing with that gang of scum."

Hearing Meng So's words, Tang Gunak smiled bitterly. Then he asked Im Sobyeong.

"Then, what do you think we should do?"

"We need to buy some time, even if it's just a few days. Until the conclusions reached today are conveyed to all members of the Alliance, until they are fully alerted and realize the current situation."

"If it’s just a few days....."

"If not, at least three more days. That’s the minimum."

"Three days is enough time for the Evil Tyrant Alliance to trample Shaolin."

Im Sobyeong snorted.

"Why?" asked Im Sobyeong.

"Hmm? What’s the 'why'?"

"They won’t be trampled, right? Send a message to Shaolin and tell them to flee Mount Song immediately."

Tang Gunak’s mouth opened slightly.


"The enemy is approaching, but the person obviously waiting there is stupid. If the target is obvious, shouldn’t they just avoid it?"

"Would Shaolin do that?"

"If they don’t, it’s their own fault. It’s not our responsibility."

Tang Gunak fell silent and stared at Im Sobyeong. No matter what he said, he must feel it at times like this. Should he say his way of thinking was different?

The typical free-spirited ideas of the Evil Faction were difficult for Tang Gunak to follow.

Im Sobyeong was even more stubborn than usual.

"Anyway, it’s impossible. That damned Jang Ilso has destroyed Shaolin, Kongtong, and the Peng family by disrupting their command system. And repeating the same thing after seeing that is something only the stupidest people in the world would do."


"Shaolin has also tasted bitterness once, so they will obediently retreat this time. Right?"

Im Sobyeong looked at Hye Yeon and Baek Cheon with a gaze that seemed to force them to agree.

Baek Cheon nodded unconsciously.


Unlike the strict Beop Jeong, Hye Bang was the one who somehow found a way to avoid the enemy.

"What are you doing! Send a message quickly! Now that things have turned out this way, we must use the time wisely in the coming days while the bastards of the Evil Tyrant Alliance waste their trip to Henan! Budangju and Dangju, please gather the unit members immediately and control them thoroughly."

Everyone nodded as if hypnotized, but the person who had been silent all this time finally spoke up.

"I don’t understand very well."


Chung Myung continued.

"What are we talking about now?"

Those present looked at each other. This was because they couldn’t easily understand what Chung Myung was saying. In the end, Hyun Jong, their representative, had no choice but to ask.

"..... What are you talking about, Chung Myung-ah?"

"The conclusion is that they will target Shaolin, so all we have to do is tell Shaolin to flee?"


"And if they don’t flee?"

Hyun Jong looked at Chung Myung with confused eyes. Why is this guy bringing up the topic again?

But Chung Myung asked another question.

"Why do you think Shaolin is the target?"

"Isn’t that what we were talking about before?"

"That’s why. Why would the conclusion be 'the Evil Tyrant Alliance is targeting Shaolin'?"

"Well, it is said that they traveled to Henan, and Henan has....."

At that moment, Hyun Jong couldn’t continue speaking as a flash of thought passed through his mind. The others also seemed to have tense expressions.

The sect representing Henan was, of course, Shaolin. However, for those who belonged to Kangho, no... Even those who didn’t know Kangho well knew something.

Shaolin was not the only sect in Henan.

There were famous and powerful sects there comparable to the Shaolin Sect.



Chung Myung looked at Hyun Jong with a grim expression.

"To go to Shaolin from their position, they have to pass through Wuhan. It’s impossible for them to leave Wuhan intact."

"Wait a moment. Right now, they are bongmun...."

"You don’t think they’ll leave it alone just because the sect is in bongmun, do you?"

Chung Myung said in a cold voice.

"No, before that. Even if the Evil Tyrant Alliance did that, do you think... 'he' would simply let it go?"

Hearing those words, everyone showed expressions of regret.

Of course, there was more than one sect that held a grudge against the Evil Tyrant Alliance. However, if we choose not just a "sect" with a grudge, but a "person" with the deepest hatred towards the Evil Tyrant Alliance and Jang Ilso himself, there was a person who could not be ignored.

That "he" was now in Wuhan.

"If it were Shaolin, they might be able to escape. But 'they' will not flee. Even if it could happen once, it will never be possible twice."

A person who lost reputation due to the activities of the Evil Tyrant Alliance.

A person who had survived until now with the goal of avenging the Evil Tyrant Alliance.


"Sect Leader..."

A person dressed in a neat military uniform carefully called the person sitting in the seat of honor.

But the long-bearded Taoist, like a government official, even flinched when a voice called him.

After thinking for a moment, he assumed that the old Taoist was listening and conveyed the news.

"Evil Tyrant Alliance... They say Paegun is coming to Henan."

At that moment, the closed eyes of the Taoist slowly opened.

The Taoist’s gaze, which had been so empty that it seemed colorless and transparent, began to resemble the cold snowy wind of the north.



The Taoist nodded so slowly that it was difficult for others to notice.

"Well, now is the time to recover what was lost."

The Taoist murmured in a low voice and stood up.

The world called this Taoist, who exuded an aura cold as a sword, Heo Dojin of Wudang.

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