Return of Mount Hua Sect (Novel) Chapter 1668

C1668. Because There Will Be a Future. (3)

"Don't retreat! You idiot...!"


It was like the leaves falling in autumn.

Normally, using this phrase on this pine-covered mountain would be inappropriate, but now, it fits perfectly.

Those surrounding the cliff on the steep slope were rolling and falling like leaves in the wind.

The sword of Wudang, the softest and most elegant in the world. With an added cruelty that didn't exist in the past, it was impossible for a common warrior of the Evil Faction to handle it.


It's not fast, but it is. It's not sharp, but it is.

The sword of Wudang, which encapsulates these two contradictory concepts at its tip, devastated and mercilessly cut down the enemies climbing the slope.


Another scream burst out, and a warrior of the Evil Tyrant Alliance, with his throat pierced, fell. Those climbing behind him also rolled down, dragged by his body.

"E, this..."

It was at that moment.


The swordsmen of Wudang, who suppressed the enemy as softly as flowing water, transformed into a waterfall, attacking the warriors of the Evil Tyrant Alliance on the slope.

"These bastards!"

Facing the enemy from below without turning their bodies and jumping straight up, isn't that madness? They were exposing their legs to the enemy. Though Wudang is strong, no one here is a scarecrow who would fall for such a reckless charge. With blood-filled eyes, the warriors of the Evil Tyrant Alliance threw their swords and spears, aiming at the legs of the Wudang swordsmen, intending to pierce them.

But at that moment...


Just as the spear was about to reach the leg, the body of the descending Wudang Swordsman stopped in midair. No, it actually floated.



The sword that moved in the air gently pushed the spear aside. Taking advantage of the space created, the sword shot forward like a flying swallow.

Sherrr! Sherrr!

A shiver was felt as the chest was split open. The warrior who had thrown the spear widened his eyes and looked at the Wudang swordsman landing gracefully.

Seeing that impassive face, a name crossed his mind.

"Je, Je Yun..."

Before he could finish speaking, blood redder than the sunset gushed out. His eyes rolled back. In his last moment, he saw the disciples of Wudang descending the slope, rising like clouds.


Je Yun Jong (梯雲縱).

Also known as the Heavenly Ascent.

It is the Martial Art of Wudang that rises and falls in the air as if riding a cloud. It is an unrivaled technique for ascending and descending, comparable only to the Yunlong Daebalshik of Kunlun.

He displayed his power on a mountain as steep as Wudang.

"Uh, uh..."

Despite seeing numerous deaths, the warriors of the Evil Tyrant Alliance climbing the mountain began to show signs of despair.

That sword was on a completely different level than their own skills.

How could they face those who wielded such swords and climbed and descended the mountain at will?

They are strong. The reason why Wudang, along with Shaolin, competes for the pinnacle of the world can be understood just by seeing this scene.

They also understood how senseless it was to face them.

"E, this..."

When the blood heating their heads cooled down, they began to realize their surroundings. Those surrounding the slope were blocked by the Wudang swordsmen, unable to advance. Those climbing the cliff could only scream as they were blocked by rocks and stones.

Can they really break through this defense? Maybe they should retreat now and go around the opposite ridge...


Then, a sharp scream echoed.

Although on the battlefield it's normal to hear screams everywhere, this particular sound drew attention because it came from behind, not the front.

Instinctively, they looked back and saw a warrior of the Evil Tyrant Alliance falling, spraying blood from his back. He was killed as an example for showing hesitation.

"Keep climbing."


"Right now!"


Everyone clenched their teeth. They suddenly remembered.

There is no retreat. Those who choose to flee and descend the mountain will face a much more miserable end than death on the mountain.



They screamed until their throats tore as they charged forward.

They already knew. They knew how to face the strong. They knew how to confront those they couldn't overcome with skill.


The sword of a warrior of the Evil Tyrant Alliance fiercely attacked a Wudang Swordsman. Not one, but three swords.

Even at that moment, another sword followed the same trajectory, aiming at the same spot.


The Wudang swordsman didn't flinch.

The sword, perfected to the extreme of softness, doesn't fear the enemy's force. The stronger the enemy's force, the more this sword can do.


The sword moved gently and pushed the tip of the swords aside. The flying swords tangled in the air.


The swords attacking together tangled and became a mess in the air. At that moment, the Wudang swordsman quickly launched his sword.

But at that moment.

The warriors of the Evil Tyrant Alliance dropped their swords and threw themselves at him with their entire bodies.


The sword pierced the heart of a warrior of the Evil Tyrant Alliance.

It was a truly cold strike, giving not the slightest chance. It didn't give them time to grab the sword, not even a moment to grasp the hem of their pants.

But something unexpected happened at that moment.

Blood dripped down the Pine Pattern Ancient Sword that pierced the heart.

Normally, when a sword pierces, the muscles contract, and there isn't much bleeding until the sword is pulled out. However, things don't always happen as expected, and blood isn't always something to pay much attention to.

However, the reason this blood drew attention was...

"The blood... isn't it a bit diluted?"


At that moment, the warrior of the Evil Tyrant Alliance, who seemed to have died, grabbed the hand of the Wudang swordsman. It was a senseless act, full of regret.

When the Wudang swordsman tried to pull his hand away, the warrior, with his heart pierced, opened his mouth with difficulty.


His face was, somehow... strange. It was hard to describe, but he could sense that the feeling on that face was 'fear.'

The Wudang Swordsman tried to push him away and retreat quickly.


Suddenly, a red flame burst from the body of the dying warrior of the Evil Tyrant Alliance. The flames traveled along the sword embedded in his heart and quickly spread to the Wudang swordsman.


He had to drop the sword and retreat. That was the logical response.

But the teaching of the sect, which forbade dropping the sword under any circumstances, made him hesitate for a moment.

The result was that he could only pay with his body.


The flames traveled up the sword and rose up his arm in an instant. If it were normal fire, it wouldn't have spread so quickly.

He struggled to extinguish the fire on his arm. But before he could do so, something flew towards him. He saw a small sphere the size of a child's fist.

The sphere, flying through the air, contained something inside. Seeing the rippling movement, the swordsman widened his eyes, forgetting even the fire on his arm.

Poff! Poff!

The spheres that touched his body exploded, spraying a light blue liquid around. The blue liquid, when mixed with the flames, produced a huge fire in an instant.


The swordsman was engulfed in flames. He desperately swung his sword, but it had no effect. He threw the sword and covered his face with his hands. He emitted internal energy and rolled on the ground, but the fire on his body showed no intention of going out.


A sword pierced his neck.


Another death in the midst of battle. But this death was clearly different from the numerous deaths that had occurred so far.

"Softness Can Overcome Strength?"

One of the leaders of the Evil Tyrant Alliance, who carried a long spear, let out a bitter smile as he looked at the Wudang Swordsman, who continued to burn even in death.

Then, he brought a match to the cloth wrapped around the tip of his spear. The spear illuminated Mount Wudang, which was quickly darkening.

"Do you want an exhibition match?"

As if those words were a signal, other warriors of the Evil Tyrant Alliance wrapped their weapons in dirty cloths and set them on fire. The steep slope, still untouched by flames, gradually lit up.

The leader of the Evil Tyrant Alliance stuck his spear into a pine tree on the slope. The dry bark began to burn, emitting white smoke.

"Let me make it clear. This is war. And in war, there is no place for arrogant Taoists."

In a sword and blade fight, the outcome was already decided.

But Mount Wudang at that moment was not a place for such elegant duels.

"Throw them!"



As soon as the order was given, thin leather bags filled with oil were thrown forward.


The Wudang swordsmen, who had clearly seen what was happening, quickly repelled the oil spheres. But no matter how much they deflected them, they would inevitably fall nearby.



Countless flaming arrows began to fly toward where they stood.

The arrows shot from below upward.

Although the shooters were not professionally trained, by shooting dozens of arrows, at least one would fall near the Wudang swordsmen, and that was enough to fulfill its purpose.


Just as expected, the spilled oil on the ground ignited instantly.


"Over here!"

"Damn it, what are you doing! Put out the fire! No, cut it! Cut it along with the clothes!"

The Wudang swordsmen, with their pants on fire, retreated in fear. They quickly waved their hands and cut with their swords, but for some reason, the fire wouldn't easily go out once it started.

"What kind of trick is this?"

It wasn't fire, but glue. They had never heard of such a fire in their entire lives.

This wasn't normal oil. Definitely not.

And that wasn't the only problem.



While they were distracted by the fire, more bags of oil fell on some of the Wudang disciples and exploded.

"Ah... Aaaaaah!"

Those who didn't have fire on their pants managed to save their lives by retreating, but those who were already on fire faced a terrible fate.


The flames rose and engulfed people in an instant.

Screams of agony and the smell of burning flesh filled the mountain. As the mountain darkened, the scene became even more shocking to the eyes of the Wudang swordsmen.


"What are you doing? Help! Put out the fire! Quickly! Jin Myung! Jin Myung-aaaaaah!"

They couldn't die easily. The internal energy they had trained in kept their consciousness even while their bodies burned. They felt the pain of their flesh burning with full awareness.

While the Wudang disciples ran around trying to help their burning comrades, something else happened.

"They're coming again!"


Mu Jin hastily looked down. His eyes widened in surprise.

'Are those...'

Below the slope, men with outfits different from those they had faced so far stood in line.

With clothes different from those of the Central Plains, somewhat exotic facial features, and slightly darker skin. Additionally, a sun symbol was engraved on their chests.

Recognizing their identity, Mu Jin began to sweat coldly.

'Sun, sun...'



Below, countless bags of oil and flaming arrows rose. It seemed to fill the entire sky.


A scene they wanted to forget, that they hoped to have erased, appeared in the minds of the Wudang Swordsmen. And it overlapped with the present.

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