Return of Mount Hua Sect (Novel) Chapter 1654

Chapter 1654. It's a Beautiful Day (4)


A heavy sound, as if in pain, came out of Hyun Jong's mouth.

Of course, it should have made sense, but he forgot about it. But it wasn't because he was stupid. It was probably because the Wudang sect was very far from the turbulent political situation.

"But in this situation?"

Hyun Jong asked as if he didn’t understand. Jaegal Jain responded with a severe expression.

"The situation is not as important. What matters is the trend."


"Yes. Looking back, Jang Ilso's movements were always the same. It’s because he always targets places where his power is not concentrated. Like a wolf constantly watching the sheep that stray from the flock."

Everyone nodded at this.

Jang Ilso and the Evil Tyrant Alliance were like that. When Kangho was divided into South and North around the Yangtze River, they first targeted Hainan (the southern island), which was isolated on a deserted island. And when the forces of the Central Plains focused on the Yangtze River, they targeted Sichuan, which was isolated deep in the periphery.

In the process, strategies that cost many lives were used, but from a broad perspective, Jang Ilso's behavior seems quite simple and clear.

"What the Chief said makes sense. The most isolated person right now is Wudang. After defeating Wudang, they will be able to isolate all the remaining Shaolin. From the point of view of the Evil Tyrant Alliance, this is the most appropriate move from a military strategy perspective."


"We must help Wudang, Maengju-nim! We have already lost Kongtong and the Peng Family. We cannot lose them too."

Hyun Jong slightly frowned at Jaegal Jain’s words.

"Wudang.... What do you mean they are really going after Wudang?"

Despite Jaegal Jain's strong assertions, Hyun Jong seemed unhappy about something.

Wudang sect?

It's not that Jaegal Jain's words were untrue. But strangely, there was something that bothered him, and he couldn't understand it.

If Jang Ilso was targeting the Heavenly Comrade Alliance now, the Heavenly Comrade Alliance would have to take a great risk. This is because the newly formed organization still had to work to its full potential.

But Jang Ilso wasted this opportunity and targeted Wudang?

Not someone else, but that Jang Ilso?


And at that moment, Im Sobyeong opened his mouth. As if he understood Hyun Jong's feelings.

"I don't think we can see it that way."

"What do you mean?"

Jaegal Jain's expression hardened as he looked back and asked. However, what that look contained was more confusion than discomfort.

"Of course, Jaegal Gaju-nim’s reasoning makes sense. It cannot be denied that Jang Ilso usually shows such 'trends'."

"Then why?"

"If it were Jang Ilso before dealing with Shaolin in Hubei, yes."

Jaegal Jain was surprised to hear those words.

"That is...."

"In dealing with Shaolin, the movements of the Evil Tyrant Alliance are very different from before. In the past, the Evil Tyrant Alliance, or rather Jang Ilso, tried to lure the opponent to the place most favorable to him and force his opponent to make a unilateral sacrifice. But what about this time?"

Jaegal Jain, who remained silent while biting his lip, then nodded. He realized something from Im Sobyeong's words.

"It is.... different. Indeed...."

"Yes. Jang Ilso no longer avoids danger. When facing Shaolin, he no longer directs the enemy to the place that benefits him most. Instead, he accepted many losses and jumped into the most dangerous place."

Those who knew how the war was going nodded their heads.

"Just because he has saved his life so far, there is no guarantee that he will save it until the end. Jang Ilso is someone who should not be predicted randomly."

"Then Commander... Do you think Jang Ilso has another trick up his sleeve?"

In response to Jaegal Jain's question, Im Sobyeong nodded sharply. And he opened the fan in his hand.

"I think so."

"Then what is he after?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

Im Sobyeong responded immediately as if there was nothing else to think about.

"It's us."

"U, us?"

Jaegal Jain was stunned, like a man who has been struck. However, for a moment, as the Gaju of the Jaegal Family, he quickly understood the situation and his face hardened.

Im Sobyeong covered half of his face with a fan.

"It's easy to face an unprepared enemy. But isn't it easier to face those who are unprepared and drag them to where he wants?"


"If I were Jang Ilso, I would use Wudang as bait to lure the Heavenly Comrade Alliance. Then they would try to devour it. It would be easier to trample on those who rushed to help than those who were ready and waiting."

It was an undeniable statement.

It didn't matter if Jang Ilso was really after the Heavenly Comrade Alliance. What mattered was that when the Heavenly Comrade Alliance made their move, Jang Ilso would surely seize the opportunity.

Just thinking about what would happen if they rushed to help gave them goosebumps.

But at that moment, Jaegal Jain realized something again.

They understood the enemy's goal, which was where the Heavenly Comrade Alliance could be in the most dangerous situation. But the problem was that there was no way to overcome it.

They couldn't leave Wudang alone, could they?

If they went to save Wudang, the Heavenly Comrade Alliance would be in danger, and if they tried to ensure the safety of the Heavenly Comrade Alliance, then Wudang would only be trampled. What should they choose in this situation?

"You don't have to worry too much about that."

"Hmm? What does that mean?"

Jaegal Jain couldn't believe what he was hearing and narrowed his eyes at Im Sobyeong's unexpected words. He had told him all the things he was worried about, and now he was saying he no longer had to worry.

"Are the Wudang stupid? No, the Wudang are basically a very intelligent sect. They must know what's going on."


"If they find out that the Evil Tyrant Alliance is advancing, of course they will retreat and make plans for later. We just have to join them without rushing."

"Uhm. Do you think that Wudang will go to Shaolin?"

"Well, I'm not sure about that. I don't know how close they are to Shaolin. No, even if they are closer to Shaolin than I anticipated, given the current situation in Shaolin, there is a possibility that they will go somewhere other than Mount Song."

Im Sobyeong raised the fan that covered his mouth a little higher.

"Anyway, the most important thing now is that Wudang will give us time. We just have to keep up with Wudang's actions."


Along with Jaegal Jain, Tang Gunak and Moyong Wigyeong also nodded.

"If it is Wudang.... If they had a cool head like Heo Dojin, they wouldn't try to act hastily."

"I think so too."

A sigh escaped Tang Gunak's mouth.

He wondered if they were at their worst, but fortunately, the situation was not so desperate. At this rate, if they could find a way to enter Henan through a safe detour to make things difficult for the Evil Tyrant Alliance.

If so, this could actually be a blessing in disguise. There was a possibility that Wudang, which opened the bongmun, and CheonWuMaeng could form an alliance with them.

"Thank goodness!....

Tang Gunak, who was about to sigh in relief, was momentarily surprised.

'Wait a minute. Where did this conversation start?'

Tang Gun'ak's head turned. His eyes followed someone's expression. The facial expression of Chung Myung, who was calmly observing this urgent situation.

Tang Gunak opened his mouth.



"What do you think?"

Chung Myung slowly turned his gaze to Tang Gun'ak.

It was then that Tang Gun'ak saw it.

The two eyes of Chung Myung, Hwasan GeomHyeob, had a cold aura that was enough to send chills down his spine.

As soon as he saw that expressionless face, Tang Gunak sensed something was wrong. Chung Myung slowly opened his mouth.

"Wudang will retreat...."


"Do you think that will happen?"

"Well, of course, how could they not retreat? Heo Dojin is not that stupid. To be honest, the leader of Wudang is considered the best among all the leaders of the Ten Great Sects."


"Of course, Heo Dojin has resigned from his position as sect leader, but that doesn't mean his influence has disappeared. No, still, Heo Sanja, who is in charge of Wudang's current temporary position, is also smart. You probably know that."

"No one in this world always acts rationally."


"And no sect is completely rational."

"....What do you mean?"

"Sometimes people forget things, right? Even if they always say it, they don't really think that way."

"What does that mean?"

"This sect does not operate solely based on the will of the sect leader. Especially in a situation like this."


Tang Gun'ak's eyes trembled. It seemed that he knew what he meant.

"Heo Dojin was not the only one who lost his honor and fell into the abyss in the disaster of the Yangtze River. No, Heo Dojin could choose. Instead, those who lost the most were the Wudang swordsmen who had to bear the stigma of being cowards, regardless of their personal wishes."


"I wonder if Heo Dojin understands the meaning...."

Chung Myung paused and looked east. Towards Wuhan, where Heo Dojin and Wudang were.

"What, what did you just say?"

Heo Sanja looked confused at the people in front of him. His face was a mix of embarrassment, anger, and fear that he couldn't hide.

"They said everyone here will stay."

"You guys, you guys.... Eh, these guys!"

Heo Sanja's hands trembled.

Swordsmen that could easily surpass 200 people lined up in front of him, each emitting a brilliant blue chill. Those who were willing to give their lives for the honor of the Wudang Sect gathered at the word "advance."

There was no way their message and Heo Dojin's that the lives of several people were needed to save their face was misunderstood.

It means that everyone gathered here disobeyed the sect leader's order to flee from the enemy.

"Heo Gong, you bastard! What are you thinking?"

"I don't understand what you are talking about, sect leader."


"Didn't you say that those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the honor of Wudang should gather?"

"Heo Gong!"

"I dare to say, sect leader."

There was a deep blue chill in both eyes of Heo Gong, who was holding the Ancient Songmun Sword.

"In this Mount Wudang.... There is not a single person who would not give their life for the Wudang Sect."


"No one runs away in fear of the approaching enemy, and most importantly....."

His teeth bit into his lower lip.

"No one has to endure the humiliation of surviving by bowing to the enemy twice. Sect leader, please do not insult your disciples."

A grim expression appeared on Heo Sanja's face.

"Heo Gong..."

"Be the enemy Jang Ilso, Myriad Man Manor, or Evil Tyrant Alliance! Whether they are a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand enemies!"

The cold energy emanating from the air spread everywhere.

"I will fight. Until the moment my life ends! This will prove that our sacrifice was not in vain and that Wudang is not a coward."


As soon as he finished speaking, the Wudang disciples who were marching raised their swords and pressed them against their chests.

The meaning of this action was clear.


Heo Sanja groaned unconsciously. His face turned pale.

'Sect leader. No, Sahyung....'

Everything turned chaotic and hopeless.

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